Wednesday 23 February 2022

Draconic Oaths & Gifts

Draconic Templars serve ancient dragons as gods. A former empire now a few pockets weakened city-states remain and the surviving dragonlords have been less warlike for generations. Dragon priests and templar orders enforce the will of their draconic overlord. Dragons especially hate necromancers or the templars of death in their corpse citadels because they made undead dragons and used them against their living kindred. The death templars and the dragon templars have fought for over a thousand years and both were once great powers once. Giants are another ancient enemy from the dawn age.

Dragons have been in decline and when the last of the dragon ziggurats or castles fall the age of draconic overlords will be gone forever. Dragons hope to hold on until the next great spawning of the aeon so they may influence the next generation. Some dragons are benevolent despots compared with the ones that demand meat and gold and squeeze their people too hard. Some dragons say without this link to the next generation dragon culture will be diminished and broken and dragons will live like dumb beasts in caves.

Obviously, dragons can use these and draconic beings or indeed any creature seeking a breath weapon might choose this path.

In the next age this code and cult breaks down and leaves younger dumber dragons across the world.

d12 Common Draconic Oaths
1 Hoard your material wealth as treasures
2 Sleep with your treasure
3 Groom an hour a day to get your best look
4 Sleep in your spare time at least an extra hour a day
5 Seek to possess the brightest gems and treasure
6 Gorge yourself on at least an extra meal a day
7 Take command of lesser beings
8 Demand tribute from fallen enemies
9 Study elder draconic cosmic mysteries an hour a day
10 Indulge in bodily pleasures as often as possible 
11 Count your treasure daily to ensure it is all there
12 Punish those why try to steal your treasure

d12 Rare Draconic Oaths
1 Only eat live food
2 Lay waste to enemy property
3 Destroy works of Necromancy and undeath cults
4 Accept worthy challenges of one to one combat
5 Protect all baby dragons and eggs
6 Toy with enemies before killing them
7 Slay giants before they try to slay you
8 Sacrifice 10% of your treasure per year to your ancestral celestial dragon
9 Exalt dragonkind above all other beings
10 Make your fleeing enemies know your name
11 Spare rivals dragons or mortals who swear you fealty
12 Make a pilgrimage to the dragon spawn pits of your clan at least once

Gifts Per Level
1 Bonus zero level cantrip spell from: smoke, ignite, candle or cauterise
2 Bonus zero level cantrip spell from: detect magic, clean, evil eye or wizard mark
3 Gold coins gift 2d6gp per week from the celestial ancestor's hoard
4 Breath weapon, 2d6+Lv range 3 one use per day agility save halves
Bonus 1st level spell from: burning hands, identify, history or elemental burst spell
Bonus 1st level spell from: magic missile, chromatic orb, illusions, comprehend languages
7 Psychic link to your treasure pile, know if touched or disturbed or anything missing
 Breath weapon, 2d6+Lv range 6 range 30-degree cone one use per day agility save halves
Bonus 2nd level spell from: invisibility, acid arrow, elemental ray or knock 
10 Bonus 2nd level spell from: esp, magic mouth, blur, or missile shield 
11 d3+6 Level fanatic priest follower to help lead your cult
12 Breath Weapon, 3d6+Lv range 9 30-degree cone 
Bonus 3rd level spell from: steam breath, telepathy, acid cloud, suggestion
14 Bonus 3rd level spell from: fireball, lightning bolt, spectral force, dispel magic,
15 Teleport to your hoard once per day
16 Breath Weapon, 3d6+Lv range 9 60-degree cone
Bonus 4rd level spell from :polymorph self, magic mirror, mirage, burrow
18 Bonus 4th level spell from: wall of flame, cone of cold, charm monster, ice storm
19 can tell where any wizard marked item from your horde is unless mark removed
20 Breath weapon, damage as per your HP pick on of the following breath shapes
Range 12 line or Range 6 area 3 cloud or Range 6 30 degree cone

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