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d100 Magic Guild Demands

So wizards also carve out domains, many like them in wilds and far from anyone to live with just a few servants and squads of orcs. Others like the city around the university and magi guilds. Some live like knights and incorporate an estate with a village & land and resources but include the obligations of warrior nobility. If you roll a task not quite suited to your wizard feel free to reroll entries or a whole type of demands. Your followers and students can often help.

As part of polite legal wizardry, you are usually a member of a guild. As you will have followers and students the guild operates schools and universities and participates in academic life. This includes conferences, being made to teach (a great honour and fame enhancing) or sharing research and experiments for peer review. There may be rival guilds of every element with their own history and founding masters. Still, often these will form an alliance and start a shared library or institution to form a mega guild - a force to be reckoned with that may even own cities or town councils. 

Many outsider wizards even if independent will act like a guild structure for students and followers and share spells. They may still trade with a guild and abide by some of its mandates to avoid conflict and to be left alone. Guild students might even be sent to these wizards if they can't pay reasonable tuition fees or to get rid of them.

I may need to do a table like this to cover dungeon bosses and wild warlords, This would be better for all sorts of adventurers beyond the frontier and not part of their class roles in polite society. Like for powerful rich murder hobos.

d10 Magi guild demand types
1 Money
2 Students
3 Research
4 Property
5 Crown 
6 Academia
7 Guild
 The mob
10 Planar

d100 Magi Guild Demands
01 Guild demands your support in gathering material components of spells
02 Guild requests you shake down a frontier wizard for guild fees
03 Guild asks for help locating a regular supply of a spell component
04 Guild offered to place a statue of you in the university for 10000gp
05 Guild offer to make your student book a standard text for only 10000gp 
06 A school of wizards akin to your school require cash to thrive vs rival schools
07 Guild offer you some expensive magic items they think you are worthy and rich enough to wield
08 Wizards guild seeds gems urgently, generous backers will receive a new spell 
09 Offered a job as an advisor for the crown or a noble, a few thousand should help your application
10 Offer to sit on a certain committee for the guild or school 10000gp 
 A dozen zero-level students are sent to you to train in your ways
 A guild sage is sent to copy some of your records and library for the university
 Library requests a donation of cash or books, you also get to attend a VIP dinner
14 Your students are having a fued and might form factions without intervention
15 One of your students is dabbling in some other magic in secret
16 One of your students sold some proprietary spells in an unauthorised spell-sharing deal
17 One of your students has been teaching commoners for money on the side outside guild control
18 Sent a posh student for a year related to nobility, they expect superior treatment and one on one teaching time from you
19 Some of your students have become drunken rakes, getting into fights, flaunting their otherworldly cantrip powers and having wild parties. Other wizards mutter about your students being undisciplined jerks
20 One of your students has a former vindictive master who bares a grudge against you and demands the student or compensation (perhaps some spells)
21 A wagon load of ancient texts has been sent for you to translate for researching your next spells
22 The scrawls on an ancient haunted cavern are required to decipher a puzzle in a research project for your next spell
23 Have a lead on a d4 alchemical 
formula for potions you need to spend a d4 week to gain
24 Have 
a lead on a d4 alchemical formula for a magic item you need to spend a d4 week to gain
25 Need to visit a distant library and recover a text long lost in local sources
26 Need to raid the library of a cult to find important information for your next spell
27 Need to spend d4 weeks in an observatory studying the stars for your next new spells
Need to spend d4 weeks in an alchemical laboratory for your next new spells 
29 Obtain student books of your rivals to get new cantrips for your school
30 Ancient script on the walls of a ruined temple are required for your next spell research project
31 Your building requires some repairs and maintenance
32 Gawkers and unwanted visitors and animals require a wall and possibly a gatehouse
33 Magical research is altering the landscape and causing minor mutations in small critters, if not cleaned up eventually may contaminate local water and expand to bigger animals and people
34 Your building attracts unusual weather d4 1=mist 2=lightning 3=rain 4=cold
35 You find a work of art or object is actually a transpacial portal to a pocket reality from magical field activity
36 One of your buildings seems haunted by d4 1=spirit 2=imp offering cheaper tuition at the black university of hell 3=fairy creature in animal form 4=diminuitive common house troll
37 Giant rats trying to infest your property ate magically contaminated food
38 Some neighbour makes a complaint in court about d4 d4 1=black rites of evil 2=mutagenic pollutants in runoff water 4=some mutant creature based on your land you keep secret
39 Neighbors complain about funny lights and noises scoring their children and livestock
40 Students and followers demand better living conditions
41 Local lord demand you pay them tax when you already have an arrangement thanks
 Local lord considers you to be on land they want and tries to cause legal problems and slander
43 Local lord requests you make than a magic item and will be enraged if you will not
44 Local lord consults you for advice at least monthly, time wasting but also an opportunity for influence
45 Local lord offers you a d4 talented bastards to be students in your school as a favour
46 A knight accuses you of a crime and wants to fight you or one of your followers, if you don't kill them the family might be grateful
47 Knight on a quest seeks your advice from you and your library for a month
48 Local nobles request you put on a magic show at an important feast please on a certain date
49 A noble wants you to identify a bunch of magic items as a favour 
50 A noble needs your help solving the puzzle of a magical treasure map
51 Asked to speak at a wizard conference
52 Asked to host a committee of wizards in your estate for a week
53 Asked to submit papers to a scholarly journal publication
54 A librarian wants to swap information and suggests each send the other a scribe to copy the other library
A new chancellor will be appointed with good pay and you are a contender, bribery, threats and duels with rivals help your position. You might need to stop some jerk from getting power even if you don't want it
56 You have been requested to teach a graduate course for a semester at a school or university and you get an office
57 Have a d4 guest lectures to give undergraduates over the semester
A wizard has refuted one of your papers but you can duel them rather than bother writing a new paper
59 Students of a rival wizard want to defect to you as their master is a vindictive psychopath. The 2d4 students have injuries and d2 have mutations
60 Tenureship teaching position at the university comes up and wizards are battling in an arena for the top job
61 A student damages a few thousand gold value of your laboratory equipment oops
62 A guild wizard offers you highly paid work making magic items for the crown
63 A guild wizard tells you a formula of a certain portion if you make them some
Young wizards are up to no good pranks with the old guild masters and the guild thinks you can solve the shenanigans at a school and punish the guilty 
65 A wizard you know has been kicked out of the guild for their bad behaviour and they visit you to complain and possibly get your support. They just need more evidence from some god-awful location like the sewers of hell
66 Students pelted a guest guild lecturer with rocks for their poor rhyming verse in a mathematics lecture, you have a lecture with the same crowd coming soon
67 You have to test a number of 4th-level wizards to see if they are qualified guild journeyman status and then advance to having their own students. Bad wizards hurt the school so don't just accept their bribes
68 Mark exam papers for a school, far away so you are supposed to be objective
69 Called to guild for a panel of experts to assess a relic, book or strange corpse
70 Called on to help revise the filing system for part of the guild library, very tedious but might find some spell fragments
71 Require a new craftsman specialist for a domain, hire one or get a follower to learn
72 Famous smith requires help making a fine object magic
73 Require expert craftsman assistance and need to find one
74 Guild requests you help make some minor magic items for the crown
75 Require a rare ingredient or creature to complete a project
76 Require a rare magical metal for a project
77 Follower discovered part of a legendary artefact that could be found and rebuilt or somebody will want the part
78 Several everyday objects in the wizard's tower come to life and will take some training to behave 
79 An apprentice error discovers a new potion formula requiring documentation
80 Non-humans wish to swap a spell or some formula
81 Angry mob of locals believe wizard has somehow cursed their crops or livestock
82 Mob blame wizard for local mutants and want it to stop
83 Faction of local zealots call the Inquisition to investigate the wizard for demonology
84 Cult is spreading slander and leaving also clues of your involvement in their crimes
85 Rival wizard sent bards to slander the wizard and mock their administration skills and safety
86 Mob believe there is a Hellgate or a portal to the black library of hell in your property
87 Mob believe your wizardry is upsetting faerie folk of the wilderness and increasing their pranks and tricks
88 Mob blame the appearance of a monster or band of mutants on the wizards
89 Mob believe wizard create an army of orcs or abhumans to make commoners obsolete 
90 A enemy nation has sent agents to slander you and your domain to commoners and the court
91 Take some students on a brief trip to an elemental plane
92 Open a portal and plunder a transpacial tomb hidden in a painting
93 Help locate an escaped planar being summoned by a cult that the mob will blame on the guild if not caught
94 Negotiate with beings on another plane for a guild to make a series of new summoning spells
95 Negotiate with non-human species in the underland realms for lost magic
96 Bring some elemental beings to inhabit our world to study
97 Open and explore an ancient gate discovered by the guild 
98 A dangerous cult has been opening a portal and releasing monsters in your area
99 An elemental node has been discovered with elemental creatures guarding it and the guild wants to control it
100 A wizards tomb on another plane has been discovered and the guild wants an expert to investigate

coming soon
d100 famous city wonders in the age of bronze

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