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Fantasy Chase Obstacle Tables (Post 1999)

Karl the Viking Comics in print again

This is post 1999
I will try to do something for no 2000

But For now this

When chasing someone or running away you often come across some obstacles on the run. These are for various situations you might find in a game. I will focus on fantasy for now then sf/horror later. 

I break chases into segments and have both sides roll vs obstacles to work out who catches who. One of these per segment is good. If they go too long make fatigue saves. I have a flee skill in my game that wizards love.

d12 Fantasy Chase Table Zones
1 Busy Streets
2 Rooftops
3 Docks
4 Sewer
5 Forest
6 Beach
7 Mountains
8 Desert
9 Cave 
10 Volcano
11 River
12 Jungle

Busy Streets
1 Pushcart 
2 Livestock
3 Beggars or drunks 
4 Sewer workers
5 Pushy salesperson
6 Boxes, Barrels & sacks
7 Fragile old people
8 Exited children
9 Priest with followers
10 Militia patrol
11 Criminal gang
12 Grumpy spellcaster

1 Weak roof pitfall
2 Slip-on broken roofing save or fall off
3 Attacked by d4 1=angry birds 2=wasps 3=rats 4=cat 
4 Criminals who don't want witnesses 
5 Jump to another roof
6 Climb to another roof
7 Balance on a wall or roof
8 Swing on a structure
9 Angry workers
10 Militia chasing criminals
11 Child chimney sweeps having a rest smoking pipe
12 Witches or cultists having ceremony

1 Crates, barrels and fish nets everywhere
2 Slimy wooden decking save or fall
3 Angry drunken workers
4 Harbour patrol 
5 Walkway raised for boat to pass
6 Ship sailors on shore leave
7 Pirate crew
8 Rotting woodwork
9 Goods from cart to crane to boat
10 Criminal gang
11 Armed sex workers
12 Maritime cultists (its probably fish hybrids)

1 Balance on a slippery walkway
2 Weakened walkway
3 Climb a ladder
4 Climb scaffolding
5 Climb through a hole or drain
6 Swim across cistern
8 Flmable stinking gas
9 Pit hidden under sewerage
10 Swarm of rats or giant maggots
11 Criminal gang
Bear size mutant rat or worm 

1 Sudden depression or chasm
2 Avoid branches
3 Climb a slope or tree
4 Cross a stream or pond
5 Startle deer or boar
6 Startle wolf or wild dogs
7 Cross a bog or river
8 Guarded bridge
9 Pass maze of thorn bushes
10 Hunters trap 
11 Lone hunter on path
12 A forest spirit in the unusual form in the path

1 Sharp coral reef or sargassum
2 Wooden wreckage blocks way
3 Hidden current or undertow
4 Stinging jellyfish in water and on beach
5 Stonefish or pufferfish or stingray hidden under sand
6 Shark or seasnake near the shoreline
7 Plesiosaurus or pterodactyl attack
8 Fishermen with boats and net
9 Smuggler cut throats on the beach
10 Angry marine abhumans
11 Giant hell crabs!
12 Kelpie or nymph or selkie seeks lover

1 Climb to a ledge
2 Leap a gap
3 Swing across a ledge
4 Slide down a slope
5 Rockfall
6 Trail crumbles
7 Balance narrow walkway
8 Cross crude rope or wood bridge
9 Steep slippery stairway slope
10 Severe weather
11 Mountain ram or goat
12 Hungry troll or ogre

1 Sinkhole
2 Blinding winds
3 Snake or scorpion
4 Loose water supply
5 Crippling heat
6 Blindings sun
7 Confusing mirage
8 Followed by hyena or wolves or baboons
9 Thorny desert vegetation
10 Sandstorm
11 tribal cultists
12 Ancient wandering hungry undead

1 Flowing water
2 Flooded chamber or tunnel
3 Bat caves deep in guano
4 Chasm to leap
5 Cliff to climb
6 Squeeze through hole
7 Break mineral barrier
8 Pass hidden pit
9 Climb down a sinkhole
10 Gigantic worm or bug
11 Pool of a dangerous creature
12 Underground humanoids

1 Cloud of smoke
2 Rain of hot ash
3 Fire snake
4 Leap over lava vent
5 Poisonous gas
6 Climb slope of hot rubble
7 Avoid a lava flow
8 Angry giant fire lizard
9 Earthquake
10 Exploding hot lava bomb
11 Firenewts
12 Salamanders or firenewts

1 Surprise current
2 Rapids
3 Strike rocks
4 Run aground
5 Hit by boat or log
6 Avoid flipping over
7 Giant river beast (turtle or frog or fish)
8 Ambush from trees or shore
9 Temporary obstacles blocking water ahead
10 Boat hull or steering or power damaged 
11 Waterfall drop in waterway
12 Nixie clan decide you look fun

1 Snakes or bugs
2 Pool quicksand
3 Swing over chasm or in trees or over water
4 Slippery stream
5 Climb a muddy slope or wade through bog
6 Sinkhole drops into flooded cave 1in6 with ruins
7 Disturb wild deer or pigs or cassowaries
8 Giant constrictor snake in pool or trees
9 Crocodile or dinosaur infested pool
10 Balance over a log across the river
11 Large river with strong current surrounded by cliffs
12 Angry tribal cultists

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