Thursday, 27 August 2020

2-Part Ruin Encounters


This is an idea ive had for a while but seems best suited for exploring ruins. Each encounter has a hook and a conclusion. Usually, you see the first part and might not react much at the time. Later you see the second part.... Players could get involved obviously or make a connection with a person in the event. it also enforces the idea that stuff happens in the world when camera is watching the players characters. These can act as hooks for mysteries too.

Broken Hill book update on Patreon 118 pages now.
Just a few maps and art replacements and it is done.
Will be on lulu a bit later...cos I want one

The first draft of this vanished...No3 and others based on dads wartime kid stories 

d10 Quick Types
01 Rubble people
02 Wildlife troubles
03 Rampant growth
04 Urban war zone
05 Contamination
06 Horrors of ruins
07 Monster trouble
08 Synthetics
09 Cult Freaks
10 Infestation

d100 2-Part Ruin Encounters
01 Several friendly old drunken prospectors are drinking beer in a ruined shopfront
Later they have all been killed, blood everywhere
02 Children are playing in the ruins chasing giant rats with sticks for fun
Later parents are searching the area for them
03 Children are poking something in a drain with sticks and wires
Later unexploded bomb goes off injuring children
04 Charity serving gruel to wretched poor and mutants
Some maniac shot at them so now hiding undercover, soup pot and food left in open
05 Adventurers digging what they thing is a bunker door
Later door open and adventurers gone inside
06 Some battered old swagmen preparing BBQ pit in a pothole
Later they are cooking a raider corpse on a spit waiting hungrily 
07 Settlers selling fruit and vegetables want ammo
Later a gang are threatening them with force to hand over food
08 Old kindly tinkerer collecting scrap with a donkey loaded up
Later donkey being eaten by a gang who have tinkerer tied up
09 Kids playing talking about strange singing in the drains
One child left crying that they were too scared to follow others missing for hours
10 Some locals with buckets pulling up water from a sinkhole
Later buckets and water containers and rope left in street and locals gone
11 Lots of herd animals in area grazing
Later a tribal band of hunters are cooking a meal
12 A wounded mercenary left a trail of blood dragging self into a car wreck
Later several huge feral sabretooth mutant cats circling the car  

13 A mutant morlock demands you answer a riddle and give him food
Later if ignored he returns laughing and sets a pack of dingos on party
14 Huge magpies follow squawking for food
Later if fed magpies warn you of war hogs attempting an ambush on party
15 An old swagman setting up camp under a coolabah tree
Later just a patch of blood and his pack left, drop bears in trees
16 Hear distant thunder
Later storm breaks and areas flooded, water encounters everywhere
17 Herd of grazing animals in area warily, some aggressive males protect the herd
Later some hunters shoot at them causing a stampede
18 Hear dogs howling around city
Later a huge pack of feral dogs control streets attacking anyone they can reach
19 Ferals dancing to bongos smoking weed
Later drums and drugs left, plus earthen mounds and burrows everywhere
20 Old woman with a trolly of cat food tins being harrassed by a cowardly gang
Later giant feral cats eating gang members while she makes sa pot of tea
21 Setlers are herding some thri-frond plants to pens 
Later a few wild plants joined the herd and blinded the farmers and led farmed plants away
22 Adorable gumnut babies being chased by a huge goanna 
Later tiny remains of their clothes and sap left in area
23 Beggars found some strange huge seed pods they try to open for food
Later beggars have been infected and turned into wicked banksia men
24 Strange luminous fog over area
Later lots of locals mysteriously pregnant with odd psionic children with a group mind
25 Cloud of spores settle over the area where prospectors digging
Later giant rapidly growing shrooms, fungi and puffballs sprung up and growing fast
26 Prospectors camping near overgrown building having drink, some hacking at plants
Later replaced by pod plants with plant human simulacra, act eerie
27 Settlers planting seeds they bought from a robot
Later area overgrown with viscous blood-drinking vines
28 Settlers looking pleased by new super crop seeds growing fast
Later huge mantrap plants thriving in the area and no settlers
29 Settlers testing flamer on some plants hope to clear out plants in ruin
Later vegetal eyeless dog-like creatures terrorising settlers trying to escape 
30 Scavengers trying to open crashed ecobot pod in the rubble
Later area overgrown in stinging grass and scavengers now living compost monstrosities
Anti mutant supremacist preacher on a crate with armed followers
Later the preacher is shot and followers sweeping area killing mutants
32 Gang members taunting each other from barricades
Later shooting and killing each other in a warzone
33 Anti mutant supremacists photographing each other with kills
Later mutant mob have the hunters bailed up in a building and setting ruin alight
34 Warlord's enforcers questioning drunks about gang activity
Later enforcers in battle with a gang in the street
35 Prospectors following a spy drone they have been trailing for days
Later are all pinned down by a sniper agent from a secretive bunker
36 Loud rival prospectors arguing over a ruin
Later the gangs having a street battle in the rubble
37 A gang are repairing a damaged vehicle, wary of anyone watching
Later the gang is fighting a rival gang after the vehicle
38 Hippy feral preaching brotherly love has a small crowd
Later a vicious gang warzone and the preacher in hiding in a hole sobbing
39 Slavers selling a tribal child while a crowd looks on  
Later tribe has killed most slavers and onlookers, last slavers holed up in a ruin
40 Two men argue offer a broken robot, one seeks to repair, the other says its holy
Later two cults fighting over robot, one pro-tech the other only worship tech 

Robed mutants with smelly brazier chanting while local abuse them
Later same locals come down with the plague, the robed cultists are rat abhumans
42 Scavengers taking turns to hit a metallic pod with a biohazard symbol
Later pod broken open and scavengers are undead ghouls
43 Scavengers trying to open armoured cargo containers
Later container open and full of leaking glowing drums, scavengers became screamers
44 Scavengers found a crate of purified water very pleased
Later have become formless spawn, water left by androids scientists
45 Trader selling filthy tainted water to beggars
Later beggars developing minor mutations, trader a secret mutant preacher
46 Prospectors smashing hole in a building
, green light comes out of hole and prospectors bleeding and lost hair
47 Gang having killed some ferals, about to enjoy street drugs they have stolen
Later, gang screaming insane berserks fighting each other but will turn on strangers
48 Sick beggars asking for medicine for an unconscious friend
Later parasitic worms crawling from exploded corpse and beggars trying to fight off
49 Men have found some fancy helmets with radios & gasmasks
Later those wearing helmets now cyborgs killing former friends
50 Prospectors examining a metal canister
Later all unconscious from nerve gas with memory loss
Scavenger looking for missing dogs in the area
Later several Formless spawn hounds are standing over his corpse merging with it 
52 Gang laughing at prospector being absorbed by a tentacled horror
Later the horror has grown and gangs faces on its skin screaming
53 Gang drinking and laughing around a fire
Later their heads are severed and a headless horror lumbers out of the ruins 
54 Hear distant screaming and see flashes of green light
Screamers walking the streets hunting for victims
55 Prospectors exited to find disease control centre truck or vehicle possibly with drugs
Later streets roaming with revived hungry undead
56 Hunters have caught something in pit trap
Later the thing has escaped leaving bloody trails and hunter corpses
57 Beggars eating cured meat and sausages they found on some mutants in sewers
Later they have dragged up blue morlock corpses from sewers, meat is human
58 Settlers setting up a camp and building walls and defences
Later all missing with warm stew pot and dinner plates left out, morlocks took them
59 Prospectors found a vault sealed on the inside, trying to trick timed lock
All are dead and bloodless, awakened a sleeping vampire
60 Mutant has zombies pulling a cart using meat on a stick to steer them
Mutant corpse on street and undead are free now
Man selling manticore urine a repellant versus monsters he claims
Later several manticores battling settlers, the trader is dead in the street
Settlers preparing to hunt a monster in area
Later wounded survivors recovering, some family members sobbing
63 Wealthy merchants with a gang on monster safari
Dismembered bodies of unters in the street, most missing organs
64 Raider gang with fast zombies in a cage they plan to misuse for a trap
Raiders are dead, cage open. Bodies twitch and arise as undead when party close
65 Settlers found huge dead mutant creature in a rubble mound
Later it awakens killing everyone
66 Beggars found huge egg sac, they are getting a fire going
Later street covered in webs and hundreds of coconut size spiders loose, beggars dead
67 Prospectors strapping bomb vest to zombie for some stupid plan vs a monster
Later, after bomb went off, fools and the monster undead from breathing vapourised zombie 
68 Prospectors find crashed orbital shuttle wreck
Later slime zombie astronaughts have killed them and await corpses to awake as undead
69 Mechnts have found crate of catfood tins of fish and preparing a feast
Later all dead and giant mutant goanna eating the fish
70 Purists on a mutant hunt
Later aggressive cassawarriors eating their corpses
Raiders with sex android getting drunk 
Later she has murdered them all, covered in blood and smiling with a knife
Settlers trying to revive muscular man they found in ruins
Later the man now half flesh missing is an exterminator killing settlers
73 Some techies repairing a robot they found
Later the robot and techies fighting androids
74 Prospectors uncovering a robot from rubble excitedly
Later robot has killed prospectors and grinding them up for it's biofuel plant
75 Scavengers have killed some androids and looting their strange cases
Later scavengers skeletonised and a swarm of nanobots attack any in street
76 Tinkerers working on a radio pleased at the progress
Later all dead and a killdrone is perched on the roof watching the street
77 Scavengers smashing up an android for fun
Later squad of androids finishing off scavengers and will target any newcomers
78  Gang beating a service robot for fun
Later someone killed the gang with lasers and robot gone
79 Prospectors found a wrecked military bot and fixed antenna
Later see a flying defence borg flies over area killing the prospectors and taking the robot
80 A replicant android looks human begging for help from enemies
Later androids have shot everyone and carrying replicant away for reprogramming
Gang giving beer to beggars with friendly smiles, beer is drugged
Later gang of cannibals eating beggars and cleaning skulls for their collections
 Settlers in ruin preparing defences, seen a gang scouting them
Later most settlers have gone but many skinless corpses hanging from the ruin
83 Cult in robes driving slaves to build something
Later a shrine to some wasteland demon cult is here with crucified slaves around it
84 Find a bloody altar and cult graffiti 
Later cult returned with fresh sacrificial victims
85 Two different cults argue over an unwilling new member they both want
Cults waging open battle in the street and the "new" member has been cut in half
86 A cult preacher warns settlers they must join or be judged
Cultists are rounding up the settlers and driving them into an underground passage
87 Cultists are tinkering with a sophisticated device
Later they repaired the psychotronic weapon, all in area confused, some killing
88 Cultists giving away drugs to beggers
Later the beggars are all high and gullible, following cultists to their lair
89 Mutant cultists baptising beggars into a barrel of mutagenic ooze
Later mutant beggars here aggressive to non mutants
90 Cultist offering beggars eternal life
Later undead beggars hungrily roam the streets
91 Old man has some kind of chem burn on arm needs help
Later man has become a meat slime horror hungry for flesh, more in area 
92 Locals ask if strange twittering sounds heard in area?
Later giant ants infest an area and carrying of survivors into the burrow
93 Lots of 20cm locusts hopping about and some prospectors catching them to eat
Later a swarm comes through leaving prospectors skeletons and a few bugs 
94 Some settlers gathering bricks in a cart eating a meal on a break
Later area covered in a swarm of sewer roaches eating their remains
Scavenger fishing in a drain 
Later has been taken by brain parasite worm, walks odd, tries to get close to the party
96 Huge colourful moths swarming locals gathering and cooking
Later locals radiation poisoning and radioactive moth dust everywhere 
97 Hundreds of seagulls in the streets and sky, locals eating some
Later dead seagulls with parasitic worms crawling from burst open bodies 
98 Rat catchers with a wagon load of dead rats
Later rats and catchers have gone leaving the cart and an open manhole cover
99 Scavengers cooking a giant ant, smacking their lips, seem pleased
Later giant ants roaming streets, some dragging away scavengers 
100 Local campers scratching and complain of fleas
Later naked screaming survivors trying to burn off fleas swarming everywhere


  1. This is an excellent format

    1. yes and easy to write
      might be good for my war zones and hell stuff

  2. I love this idea, and often do this myself, but this is way usable at the table.

  3. I love this! I do this manually a lot in my games, but I love this for helping out in play at the table.

    1. cheers
      i will do more
      a stone age one i could use now
      dads dau here so my gamers trapped at home with kids cos thats what a dad wants most besides socks


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