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Exilon Hex 0051

Richard Fejdasz submitted this Hex. More Welcome!

A reminder anyone welcome to try this and submit a hex using but not limited to assets provided here and in previous posts. Blank form is here to make your own.

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Richard Fejdasz submitted this Hex. More Welcome!

A reminder anyone welcome to try this and submit a hex using but not limited to assets provided here and in previous posts. Blank form is here to make your own.

Hex 0051:

Climate: Tropical
Terrain: Lush Grasslands

Hex 1:
Shrine With Attendant, Naga Clan Shrine. Shrine of the Sacred Water Naga. A small white washed wall ringed building, surrounding a small ziggurat style building. Inside is a pool of sacred water with a female water naga. She is kept pleased and feed by a series of comely youthful male attendants and maidens who are required to serve at the Shrine for a month after their coming of age. Gifts of food and cosmetics are left on holidays.

Medium Village, Shrine Town:
Population: 40 Permanent Inhabitants
Leadership: Leader Appointed By Assembly: Headman Narshugu
Town Features: Ten Foot High Walls, A Watchtower, Signalfires, and Guard Geese,
Quality Spellcaster( 7th Level Cleric) Arzakda, a local hero has returned from Sakassis as a fully fledged Naga Clan Hero, she has 6 attendants and guards and spends much of her time conversing with the Sacred Water Naga,
Famous Food or Drink: Sacred Water Draught,
Impressive Great Hall; ,
Attractive Local Seeks a Mate: Azurda, a local youh who has been a requested attendant of the Sacred Water Naga for an unheard of full year has recently been discharged of his services and is considered to be the most attractive young man for miles around, his family seek an advantageous union which could bring some money and prestige to them.

Hex 2:
Ancient Necropolis:Village of the Dead.
Population: 20 Barbarian Warriors waiting to kill any ancient evils that happen to arise
Builders: Reptilian Empire Buildings 5 (86 Colosseum, 55 Work House, 100 Processional Way, 57 Mint, 11 Throne Hall,)
Condition: Each of the buildings mostly consist of walls, with much of the interior picked away by time and looters. However each contains the remains of corpses placed there in death as they were in life.

Colosseum: A round stone building with a few out structures, the Colosseum Propper contains the remains of animals, humans, and various Reptilians both in the center and on the stands. One out building contains the remains of Gladiators and the occasional piece of kit (15% chance of a find per hour of search)

Workhouse: This building contains the remains of hundreds of Lesser Lizardmen as well as indications that this was some sort of textile mill.

Processional Way: The remains of a well made road leading from the edge of the Village to the Throne Hall.

Mint: This building contains the remains of Serpentman Experts, fine roads and even currency dyes. This place is thoroughly picked over (5% chance of a valuable find per hour)

Throne Hall: A Massive Structure mimiccing a palace complex. The remains of dozens of mummies and relics of a Serpentman royal family, their attendants, and royal guard were once located here, but have long been removed by the Sakassis Archeological Society. (5% chance of a valuable find per hour)

Barbarians: Giant Tribe
Wear Cap Helms, Gloves, Trousers, have Body Tatoos.
Weapons are of Stone, Bone and Animal Teeth. Best Primary Weapon: Battleaxe. Secondary: Warclub or Throw Sticks. Best Armor: Scale Vest, Helm and Shield.
They Have a Traditional Enemy in Serpentmen and are Obligated to Kill Them.
They Have an Ancestral Fragment and can Commune with their Ancestor Once per Month in Ritual
They Have an Ancient Crown that the evil Serpentmen Want (Worth 500GP)

Hex 3:
Modern Monument:A Great Brick Ziggurat, picked out with Bas Reliefs Depicting a Great Serpent King of Sakasis and several companions, aided by Gods and Genies, rescuing his Serpent Queen from Evil Orcs.

Hex 4
Military Outpost: Chariot Warrior Camp
Population: 40
Leader: Commander Essarnadon
Defenses: Stone Wall, Watchtower, Signalfires and a Large Gate
Extra Features: Granary with Extra Stores
Detailed Forces: The Soldiers here are a group of Charioteers and their attendant Chariot Runners. There are 5 Onager Driven War Cart Style Chariots, each with a crew of two armed with bows, javelins, and axes. Each chariot is followed by 6 light skirmishers with javelins hatchets and clubs. Essarnadon's Chariot has an extra pair of Onagers yoked to it, and is staked out with the hides of lions he has slain.

Hex 5:
Ancient Ruins Exposed:
Builders: Beast Lords
Condition: BarelyVisible, Mostly Burried and Worn, though the Looters are working to unburry it.

Collosal Statue: The only structure so far unearthed is the massive head of a bronze statue of some sort of Ram headed Beastlord. It is possible the Collosus is hollow.

Hex 6:
Modern Stone Monument: A Free Standing Stone Statue Depicting a Bearded Horned Hero and his Lizardman Companion smiting a horde of Serpentmen. The Stone is glazed to resemble the skin tone of the heroes and villains with gold work added as well.

Hex 7:
Military Outpost: Lizardfolk Mercenary Camp
Population: 100
Leader: Honored Chief Zenninnkil,
Defenses: Stone Wall, Watchtower, Signalfires, Moat with Crocodiles
Extra Features: Bathing Pool and Several Sunning Rocks
Detailed Forces: Zenninnkil's people fight in close order, with spears and stone headed mauls. Zenninnkil himself is armed with a mighty warhammer of Star Metal. They wear striped kilts, bronze and gold torcs, armrings, headbands, and bangles on their tails as well as feathered plumes. They march beneath a feathered serpent banner.

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