BRP RQ Cthulhu

Have made a separate page for murder highway so this is for my history and cthulhu Basic Roleplaying and Runequest Stuff

BRP Mods

One Table for BRP based on MSH RPG
Universal table game aid

Booster Cards using standard card deck
Old Version
New Version

Portraits 1
Portraits 2
Portraits 3
Portraits 4
Loot for robberies
Encounters Docklands
Encounters Slumlands
Traumatic Investigator or NPCs

Party Loot 2017-18
Running Masks for 7th ed with 2nd ed

Cults in Space

game notes for space session - asteroid hab map
Initial ideas
High House in the stars
Lotsa adventure ideas and space location table
Space Wreck Loot
Updates and colony generators
FTL WARP Accidents and Mishaps
Colony Cult Problems
Dark Colony Secrets

Cthulhu Metropolis mash up

World setting of decopunk future
Upper city
Under city and catacombs

Babylon Dreamlands

Dark Secrets

Last Notes for con
Background option cards
Image Dumps

Cthulhu Super Heroes

Quatermass and the pit
as a COC setting

60 AD Rome in the Age of Nero

1490 AD Darklands Game

Character Sheet (flawed)


890 AD Vikings Game Byzantium
Second Campaign featuring kids from first - was meant to last a few weeks went for a few months

1750 BC Babylon
Rome vs Babylon
PC Gen notes
Sheet + prep

The Great Weird War

Gods and game logs
World notes
World Notes
Character Sheets
RQ6 and my version of BRP
Spell list

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