I have foolishly started collecting some stuff again

I owned lots of this in the past

Will update this - has done well since tarted reallymysteriously considering some more stuff

Currently buying up all the cheap stuff i can


If extra big fancy versions of these came out would be nice
UK6 All That Glitters... ** remember cover thats it
Might get better copies of D1-2 and some of S4

OA1 last oriental adventures module with map
Im hoping gazeteers become POD and a few of the realms books
-glantri, shadow elves,mithanrod guilds all good i have none right now
Forgotten Realms FR series
- 1 3 4 6* 11 13

Deities and demigods but with cthulhu and elric (have seen but low priority)
DA1 Adventures in blackmoor
AC4 The Book of marvelous magic
Ravenloft denizens of darkness or monster compendium
AD&D 2nd Edition Historical References Series (Green Books)
-A Mighty Fortress

-The Crusades Runequest/Glorantha
Gloranthan Classics vol 1-4
RQ3 gods of glorantha box died from too much use
Glorantha Second Age Mongoose ed

-8115 - The Clanking City
-8124 - Dragonewts: Guide to the Eravsshar
-8130 - Elfs: Guide to the Aldryami
-8148 - Dwarfs: Guide to the Mostali
-8149 - Ruins of Glorantha
-8159 - Ralios

Atlantis - a good read
Magic Items books
Martial arts
Space atlas 4
Transhuman Space
-fifth wave
-orbital decay

Traveller stuff - i have core book
Prime Directive core book - have two sourcebooks i got cheap
Ice Age/Dinosaurs

BRP/Call of Cthulhu
Dead Reckonings

Age of Cthulhu
-I death in luxor
-II madness in londontown
-III shadows of leningrad
-IV horrors from yuggoth
Terror From The Stars - low priority all reprinted but theron marks section

Blood Bros 1&2 - swapped mine away...
The Cairo Guidebook
The Dreaming Stone - dreamlands
Taint of Madness
Before the fall - insmouth
No Mans Land - ww1
Dead Reckoning
Day of the beast - have two older version but this has 50 pages more
Beyond the mountains of madness
New Tales of the Miskatonic Valley
More Adventures in Arkham County
Terrors From Beyond

ux In Tenebras

-Fronti Nulla Fides-Heroes and Heroines of the shadow war
Goblin on Bourbon Street
Harlem Unbound

Cthulhu britannica london and nineveh books
New version of orient express
Lux In Tenerbras
Masks of Nyarlathotep Companion
-kingdom of the blind
-Mysteries of sudan and congo book
-Spirits and dreams of the viking age
-Ravanar saga
-the pastores
-the abbey
-Malum Umbra,
-Extrico Tabula

-Caligo Accedendum-The gods hate me,
-haunted house 1 & 2
-kingdom of the blind
-once men
-end times

Other Games

Gamma World 
-Gamma World Machines and Mutants 6th ed hardcover
Gamma World Out of the vaults 6th ed hardcover

-Gamma World Cryptic Alliances and Unknown Enemies 6th ed hardcover
-any modules G3+
-Cyberventure Mission File #2 - Death Game 2090

-Cyberventure Mission File #3 - CyberSkelter
CthulhutechDarwins world
-bunch on way will update
-rotten to the core
-earth cybertech book
Marvel Superheroes
-Advanced set
-Secret wars 2
-any spare maps possibly get some heroclix ones

-need to check this as i have 4 books now, colour players would be nice
Cthonian stars was nice complete game
Worlds of Wonder box set - saw but didn't get it...
Big Pendragon Campaign as i only had the old one the boy king
Hollow Earth books - regret not getting on sale. core book and the surface one

Top Secret/SI box set
Wasteworld stuff
-stardrive alien compendium 1 and 2
-dark matter
-dark matter arms and equipment guide
-dark matter xenoforms

- swords and sandals
- wine dark void
Dark conspiracy proto dimensions
-fantasy stuff after basic books & valley of pharaohs
-mechanoids book with whole trilogy
Ancient kingdoms
- Mesopotamia
Anomalous Subsurface environment, both books
Star Frontiers hardcovers are tempting + Frontier Space
Castles and Crusades
- celt, viking, slav, egypt, german books hardcover
-they are very good and up to date

Cthulhu monster Minis - especially cthulhu wars or other board games plastic best
1/72 SAS, some old zoo and tarzan sets have animals
egyptian/norse/greek game pieces from
Mars Attacks - burning cows and wheelchair/civilian set

The Red Box/Dark Alliance - fair quality

RB72082 English Sailors in Battle 16-17 century
RB72079 Turkish Sailors in Battle 16-17 centry

RB72063 Landsknechts (Heavy Infantry) 16th century
RB72041 War of the Roses 2. Town and County Levy
RB72005 Japanese Warrior Monks (Sohei)
RB72004 Afgan Warrior 1890
RB72088 Osman Eyalet Infantry 16-17 century
RB72089 Osman Yeniçeri Infantry 16-17 century

ALL72046 Centaurs
ALL72048 Nomads. Set 1
ALL72045 Mummies
ALL72014 Heavy Warriors of the Dead Cavalry
ALL72012 Heavy Warriors of the Dead
Caeser - very good quality
H025 Conquistadors
HO26 Inca
HO27 Maya
H028 Aztech

- fair quality, great range

Set 8071 WWI ANZAC Infantry
Set 8127 WWII German Motorcycles
Set 8126 WWII German Motorcycle with Sidecar
Set 8194 British Camel Corps

- often a bit crude but good specialist content
Set 130 Ancient Christians
Set 127 Crusader Transport 2
Set 132 Roman Transport 4
Set 131 Roman Transport 3
Set 909 Norman Army Camp
Set 172 Arab Uprising
Set 138 Roman Senate 2
Set 911 Stamford Bridge
Set M118 English Men-At-Arms 13th-14th Century
Set M077 Spartacus Army

- mostly good sets

Set 8040 Russian Strelets Infantry
Set 8059 Medieval Peasant Army
Set 8114 Renault FT-17 with Hotchkiss Machine Gun

- good quality

Set 02555 Indians
Set 02554 Cowboys
Set 02568 Conquistadors
Set 02569 Aztecs
Set 02553 Celts (Gauls)

Reviews, Game Scene, Philosophy

I dont do lots like this but i have done some.
Also ppl mentioned here I am no longer in contact with so warning

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