4 Sale and Swap items on bottom

I have foolishly started collecting some stuff again
I owned lots of this in the past
Will update this - has done well since tarted really
mysteriously considering some more stuff

My Gurps List and DnD and budget my main priority
Currently buying up all the cheap stuff i can

POD is stuff available print on demand as option

DnD Stuff Wanted

If extra big fancy versions of these came out would be nice
UK6 All That Glitters... ** remember cover thats it
Might get better copies of D1-2 and some of S series

X4  i liked running as a kid and had good monster art
OA1 last oriental adventures book i need - good sandbox

Im hoping gazeteers become POD and a few of the realms books
-glantri, shadow elves,mithanrod guilds all good i have none right now
Forgotten Realms FR series - 1 2 3 4 6 10 11 13
-FR6 Dreams of the Red Wizards (1e)

2nd ed the green books history ones - got vikings one
Still want deities and demigods but with cthulhu and elric
(have seen but low priority)

Other Games

Gamma World 
-Gamma World Mutants and Machines 6th ed hardcover
-Gamma World Cryptic Alliances and Unknown Enemies 
6th ed hardcover
-Gamma World Out of the Vaults 6th ed hardcover-any modules G3+
Darwins world stuff
2300  earth cybertech book
Marvel Superheroes Deluxe City Campaign Box Set
Marvel Superheroes Advanced set
Marvel secret wars 2
-any spare maps possibly get some heroclix ones

Have cthulhutech mortal remains but would like more
Cthonian stars was nice complete game
Worlds of Wonder box set - saw but didn't get it...
Big Pendragon Campaign as i only had the old one
Hollow Earth books - regret not getting on sale. core book and the surface one

Top Secret/SI box set
Wasteworld stuff
Alternity sf and horror - i have sf setting book
Dark conspiracy dark races compendium, proto dimensions
-fantasy stuff after basic books and mechanoids & valley of pharaohs
-beyond supernatural
I might nab some good dragon issues

Gloranthan Classics vol 1-4
RQ3 gods of glorantha box died from too much use

Cthulhu monster Minis - especially cthulhu wars or other board games plastic best
1/72 landknights, SAS,
egyptian/norse/greek game pieces from

I has PDF but want Nu Hardcopy

Anomalous Subsurface environment, both books
Star Frontiers hardcovers are tempting + Frontier Space
Castles and Crusades - celt, viking, slav, egypot, german books hardcover
-they are very good and up to date

Atlantis - a good read
Magic Items books
Martial arts
Space atlas 4
Transhuman Space

Prime Directive core book - have two sourcebooks i got cheap
Auto duel later edition i have 1st possibly the aada atlases

BRP/Call of Cthulhu

Am currently grabbing lots online....

Age of Cthulhu I, II, IV, VI, X+
Terror From The Stars - low priority all reprinted

Blood Bros 1&2 - swapped mine away...
The Cairo Guidebook - low priority not much content
The Dreaming Stone - dreamlands
Taint of Madness
Before the fall - insmouth
No Mans Land - ww1
Dead Reckoning
Day of the beast - have two older version but this has 50pages more
Beyond the mountains of madness - a update of this would be good
New Tales of the Miskatonic Valley
More Adventures in Arkham County
Terrors From Beyond

Lux In Tenebras - rome
Goblin on Bourbon Street
Harlem Unbound

Cthulhu britannica london and nineveh books
New version of orient express
Lux In Tenerbras
Masks of Nyarlathotep Companion
-Mysteries of sudan and congo book
-Spirits and dreams of the viking age, Ravanar saga, the pastores, the abbey
-Malum Umbra, Extrico Tabula, the gods hate me
-haunted house 1 & 2
-kingdom of the blind


$10+Post $Aus in AUS or NZ or $US outside ANZAC countries

Good Condition

$50+Post $Aus in AUS or NZ or $US outside ANZAC countries

Good Condition

$50+Post $Aus in AUS or NZ or $US outside ANZAC countries

Plastic Wrapped Mint

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