4 Sale and Swap items on bottom

I have foolishly started collecting some stuff again
I owned lots of this in the past
Will update this - has done well since tarted really
mysteriously considering some more stuff

My Gurps List and DnD and budget my main priority
Currently buying up all the cheap stuff i can

POD is stuff available print on demand as option

DnD Stuff Wanted

If extra big fancy versions of these came out would be nice
UK6 All That Glitters... ** remember cover thats it
Might get better copies of D1-2 and some of S series

X4  i liked running as a kid and had good monster art

Im hoping gazeteers become POD and a few of the realms books
FR6 Dreams of the Red Wizards (1e) POD

Complete warrior, thief mage priest books of 2nd ed, possibly the green books
Still want deities and demigods but with cthulhu and unearthed arcana
(have seen but low priority)

Other Games

Gamma World 
-Gamma World Mutants and Machines 6th ed hardcover
-Gamma World Cryptic Alliances and Unknown Enemies 
6th ed hardcover
-Gamma World Out of the Vaults 6th ed hardcover-any modules
2300  earth cybertech book
Marvel Superheroes Deluxe City Campaign Box Set
Marvel Superheroes Advanced set

Have cthulhutech mortal remains but would like more
Cthonian stars was nice complete game
Worlds of Wonder box set - saw but didn't get it...
Big Pendragon Campaign as i only had the old one
Hollow Earth books - regret not getting on sale. core book and the surface one

Realms of Crawling Chaos (Labyrinth Lord)
Top Secret/SI box set
Wasteworld stuff
Alternity sf and horror
Dark conspiracy dark races compendium, proto dimensions
-fantasy stuff after basic books and mechanoids & valley of pharaohs
-beyond supernatural
I might nab some good dragon issues

Gloranthan Classics vol 1-4

Cthulhu monster Minis - especially cthulhu wars or other board games plastic best
1/72 landknights, SAS,
egyptian/norse/greek game pieces from

I has PDF but want Nu Hardcopy

Anomalous Subsurface environment, both books
Star Frontiers hardcovers are tempting + Frontier Space
Castles and Crusades - celt, viking, slav, german books hardcover

Atlantis - a good read
Magic Items books
Martial arts
Space atlas 4
Transhuman Space

Prime Directive core book - have two sourcebooks i got cheap
Auto duel later edition

BRP/Call of Cthulhu

Am currently grabbing lots online....

Tales of the Miskatonic Valley - wanted for a while
Age of Cthulhu I, II, IV, VI, X+
Terror From The Stars - low priority all reprinted

Spawn of Azathoth (one book version my box set broke)
Blood Bros 1&2 - swapped mine away...

In the Shadows - is really good product - might just print up my legit pdf for my use
The Cairo Guidebook - low priority not much content
The Dreaming Stone - dreamlands
Taint of Madness
Before the fall - insmouth
No Mans Land - ww1
Dead Reckoning
Day of the beast - have two older version but this has 50pages more
Beyond the mountains of madness - a update of this would be good
New Tales of the Miskatonic Valley
More Adventures in Arkham County
Terrors From Beyond

More Adventures in Arkham
Tales of the Miskatonic Valley
ux In Tenebras - rome
The Island of Ignorance

Goblin on Bourbon Street
Harlem Unbound

Cthulhu britannica london and nineveh books
New version of orient express
Raiders of Rlyeh when gets cheaper
Rubble & Ruin brp apocalypse flawed but some good spots
Lux In Tenerbras
Nameless Horrors
Masks of Nyarlathotep Companion
-Jovian Nightmares and other sf stuff
-Mysteries of sudan
-Spirits and dreams of the viking age, Ravanar saga, the pastores, the abbey
-Malum Umbra, Extrico Tabula, the gods hate me
-haunted house 1 & 2
-kingdom of the blind


$10+Post $Aus in AUS or NZ or $US outside ANZAC countries

Good Condition

$50+Post $Aus in AUS or NZ or $US outside ANZAC countries

Good Condition

$50+Post $Aus in AUS or NZ or $US outside ANZAC countries

Plastic Wrapped Mint

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