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Supernatural animal CE Morale 8
AC +4 Immune to non magical fire
HD 6
MOV 16 ground
Att Butt 2d4 or Trample 3d4 or Special

Bonnacon is a monstrous bull like beast with inward curling horns and a horse like mane. It will often butt opponents and will knock over human size targets on a natural roll of 18+. With a move 6 run up charge it can do double damage. It enjoys trampling downed foes brought down by it's butt or special attack and has +4 to hit prone targets.

Its special attack is to emit a 30 degree range 4 cone of burning feces from it's rear end inflicting 2d4 fire damage on any in area. Any who fail a save are on fire and take a extra d3 per round until they make a save by rolling in the ground or some other means like jumping in a river. 
The fire is considered a non magical effect. The bonnacon loves to trample victims on fire trying to roll on the ground to put out the fire. They love to trick foes into chasing them. 

The area ignited will continue to burn for a turn and any passing through the fire take a d4. A bonnacon might try to cut off escapes or encircle defenders with fire. They delight in burning dwellings and human farms. They especially enjoy eating rotten cabbage and other food. They dont even like each other except to breed which they do infrequently. Demons and devils apparently breed them in their evil realms keeping them in herds.

1in6 are young with only 4HD and only fire their special attack once every turn
1in6 emit a stinking cloud instead 1in6 of these can choose fire or stench
1in6 emit sticky caustic acid like dung instead of fire, harder to stop inflicts a hp dam per round for 2d4 rounds, 
1in6 of these can choose fire or caustic attacks
1in6 can leave a line effect of burning excrement behind them while running rings around foes for the entire round instead of the blast effect
1in6 explode on death for 6d6 in a 4 area circle save for half damage
1in6 have 12 range cone feces attack instead of 4
1in6 are larger with 8HD
1in10 are as smart as a human and more cunning and malicious and can talk
1in10 are a mated pair and 1in6 have a calf
1in10 can make a rocket propelled leap usually to escape or overcome a obstacle once a turn MOV 6 in one noisy leap

1 A strange cow is hanging out in the top paddock and a herder wants help catching it

2 A burned out village of corpses has been found find out what did it
3 A terrible odour is keeping people away from the trade routes find out why
4 Several workers have been found burned and crushed what did it?
5 A strange calf has been found and locals are exited, it seems to fart lots but a lucky find
6 A whole valley has become a wasteland of ash, toxic soil and foul odours 
7 A wicked farmer sold his soul for a new cow and received a bonnacon
8 A bandit raised a bonnacon and it obeys his every command
9 Something has dug up a farmers jars of sauerkraut and eaten it all, who would do that?
10 A evil imp riding a bonnacon holds a village to ransom

Thursday, 13 December 2018



Supernatural Animal Lawful Morale 9
AC +4
HD 5
MOV 16 ground 12 water
Att Clawx2 Bite d6/d6/2d4

Alphyns are hybrid animals akin to griffons and Enfields. It is also known as a wolf-dragon,  "chaser" and "judge" and is used on heraldry for it's ferocity and moral temperament. Alyphyns have a body much like that of a wolf with the front legs and belly of a dragon, long pointed ears, a long thin tongue, and a knotted tail. There are many common variants. It's long tongue helps it track like a bloodhound. Colour can vary from blue-black to sea green.

Often they hunt and kill oathbreakers and criminals but some laws they serve are not human and so they may persecute persons who don't even know what ancient laws they transgress. 
They do not value wealth and cannot be distracted with food. They will retreat if necessary and try again later. Atoning to a priest might keep one away until oath broken again but this can only work once.

They seldom operate in a groups. Some might dwell in faerieland when there are no laws to break and elves think highly of them. Faerie even use them to determine who is criminal and for executions. While a cunning animal they have uncanny instincts to determine law and oath breakers and liars. Humans cannot tame them and mostly avoid them. Some lawful knights might have one as a companion but this can cause problems if they waver in adherence to law.

1in6 require iron or silver or +1 or better weapon to harm
1in6 breath fire 4d6 range 6 once every 4 rounds save for half
1in6 can heal all damage in a 4 hour rest with a meal
1in6 are intelligent and speak and read, will state what laws have been broken
1in6 are amphibious and can stay underwater for a turn
1in6 have goat hooves instead of dragon claws
1in6 also have horns which it can use instead of bite vs bad tasting foes
1in6 sense invisibility within 6
1in6 can detect lies
1in6 has 3 fear aura that effects chaos, liars, oath breakers and criminals
1in6 immune to fire and dragon breath
1in6 sense chaos within 9 and drives alphyn berserk
1in10 are chaotic aberrations made to mock the alphyn that instead kill law makers
1in20 have dragon wings

1 A bishop who was a bandit in youth is being stalked by a alphyn wants help

2 A new heir of clan with a alphyn on crest is being stalked and wants it killed
3 Several hunters have been killed by a monster while exploring forest, why and why?
4 King wants trial moved to near forest lair of alphyn but wants escort just in case
5 A good sect brought their initiates to a place frequented by alphyns but all were killed, what went wrong?
6 A ferocious alphyn has been growling around a village scaring people but some thin it wants people to follow it
7 Wicked noble hunts and kills alphyns and has captured several, why?
8 A local alphyn used to keep bandits away but it has gone missing 

9 An evil wizard breeding manticores which he sets on the local alphyn
10 An intelligent but non speaking alyph challenges travellers to a game of chess, to the winners he gives a treasure if they are lawful and if they lose and worthy of judgement it eats them. A illuminated scroll sealed on a rock explains the rules

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Supernatural animal CE Morale 7
AC +4
HD 2
MOV 6 ground 24 air
Att Constrict d6 or Bite d6+poison

Amphitere are flying bat winged snakes which can at times swarm in large colonies and are associated with evil and darkness. Big enough to constrict a person but not swallow an adult. Able to get into tight spaces and can fold wings well enough to crawl in drains. Their venom is fatal in one ten minute turn, but a slow poison spell or a skilled healer can treat a victim for an hour can keep them alive. They can hover around a person and snap at them or grapple then on following rounds either constrict each round for a d6 or bite them with a +2 to hit.

They can work in packs and will coordinate their attacks by instinct rather than design. They often guard locations sacred to darkness or exotic resources. Some live alone but groups even large swarms are not unheard of.  They hate Ibis and will avoid them due to some instinct. Some countries keep many Ibis and you can almost never see a Amphitere in such places

Some say they are spawn of the great serpent of darkness and chaos Apep enemy of the gods. Their attraction to places of evil, darkness and magic attest to this. They have been known to attack light sources and can see with heat sensors without light. They often are used as guards but don't actually accumulate or hoard wealth on their own.

1in6 are runts with only 1HD and do only d4 damage and poison only does a d4
1in6 shed wings yearly for several months usually in most inactive season
1in6 have venom that inflicts 2d6 necrotic damage the next round save for half
1in6 have a venom that with each failed save victim becomes weaker losing d4 stat points which take a hour per point to recover, at zero STR they fall unconscious
1in6 have venom that inflicts a HP damage per round until death if save fails
1in6 have acis venom that burns for a point a round for 2d4 rounds
1in6 have a poison that when the victim dies their bones then flesh liquefy
1in10 require silver, iron or magic weapons to hit
1in10 spit blinding venom range 2 instead of use poison
1in10 have venom that renders victim unconscious in a round and dead in a turn
1in10 are intelligent and 1in6 of those have clerical or wizard abilities with a d4 levels
1in20 can turn invisible for a turn every hour
1in20 can breath firebolt or lightning or frostbolt for a d6 damage with a range of 3
1in20 can produce a size 2 circle of darkness for a turn a day
1in20 are huge loners that eat their kin and have 4HD and have a d8 damage

1 Several Amphitere have got loose in a house and need removal
2 A merchant has discovered cinnamon trees on a island guarded by Amphitere 
3 Each night people are found dead and children and pets have vanished
4 A evil high priest rides a huge Amphitere surrounded by multiple small ones and terrorises locals from a old ruin
5 A farmer recently drove away an ibis colony and now the area rampant with Amphitere, go find some ibis, prices on pet ones have gone up
6 Witches have a formula to create them, find and stop them
7 A cult of the snake cult of darkness have been spreading these fiends
8 A swarm is led by a intelligent queen with spells stop her and stop the swarm
9 A wizard had a breeding pair in his menagerie that escapes, find and kill them
10 A healer wants to make a antivenom potion and needs a live specimen

A note on all the random roll for varient breeds

-you can just pick some or roll till you get something you like
-they are for when you get jaded or not surprised by common variety
-some mutualy complimentry or exclusive, you decide
-give you room to make them weaker or stronger

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Stymphalian Birds

Stymphalian Birds
Supernatural animal CE Morale 6
AC +6
HD 2
MOV 3 ground 24 air
Att Clawx2 +Bite or shoot d4/d4/d4 or d8 range 9

Stymphalian birds have bronze beaks, iron feathers and are size of a stork but ibis like with a straight beak. They establish colonies and make a nuisance of themselves attacking people and scattering poisonous dung everywhere killing trees and crops. By nesting in swamps well armed hunters find it hard to confront them. They will migrate if the colony is threatened. They are often sent as a curse by the gods and are the pets of gods but they may aid mortals confronting them. A small colony is 6+d6, medium 12+d12 and a large 20+d20 with mega colonies of a hundred forming rarely. They will soften up victims from air with missiles before risking close combat and although vicious will flee to fight another day.

1in6 are weaker specimen with d4HD and a single d4 damage melee and missile attack
1in6 shoot 4x shots of d4 each instead of normal amount
1in10 are huge specimens with 4HD ground move of 9 with d6 claw and bite and live alone

1in10 require magical weapons to harm them
1in20 are in fact women cursed by the gods and they live in caves or isolated refuges from humans in human form but with bird feet. As birds they are savage and have no control over their activity. Only by night are they human but they are shunned as witches and cursed by commoners. They are tragic and pitiable, meloncholic at their plight

1 A village is being destroyed by a colony and need help or the will flee

2 A colony of birds has moved into the area and locals fear for a band or orphan girls who have moved into a cave in area
3 A wealthy man has offended the gods and the birds daily raid his estate 
4 A colony nests in a ancient ruin and has kept treasure hunters away for centuries
5 A potential trade route has a colony and merchants want them cleared off
6 A noble wants some birds captured to use their feathers as arrowheads
7 A blacksmith has noted the birds eating bog iron nodules and wants them cleared away from a potential fortune
8 A wicked man has tamed them and uses them to assist his evil deeds
9 A villain has a magic rattle that he uses to drive a colony to areas of his choosing
10 A lamia has a colony to guard her lair for centuries where she keeps her male slaves, now she has charmed a noble youth

Monday, 10 December 2018

Imdugug the Lion Bird

Supernatural Animal N Morale 10
AC +8
HD 8
MOV 6 ground 24 air
Att Clawx2 +Bite d8/d8/d12

Imdugug the Lion Bird appears on standards of cities and nations. Often associated with the warrior-hunter monster killer god Ninurta. All descend from the earlier Anzu bird who stole the tablets of destiny from the ruler of the universe and had most gods afraid. The common beast born of the divine ones blood can be tamed by heroes as a mount or guardian. They will terrorise and eat other animals or people in their territory. They often live in mountains in hard to reach nests. They are kings of beasts of the earth and sky. Some hoard treasure in their hard to reach mountain nests.

They often grab a victim and fly off tearing them apart or might drop from a height. Several together might grab and tear up a victim together.

They are favored by the gods, all who slay it save or are cursed. It is best to consult with gods and clergy and plan to appease them to avoid the curse. Often the curse is to be hated by all flying creatures or to scare away game or to spoil meat on touch. Often a scapegoat is used to do this so proper people are not cursed.

1in6 wild ones have a mate and 1in6 of those have a d4 eggs or chicks
1in6 are larger with 10HD
1in6 have iron feathers +12 AC and can shoot them for a d8 damage range 6

1in6 have a greater curse that lasts for seven generations and is harder to break
1in6 can breath fire or steam once per turn for 4d6 in a 3 range cone (save halves)
1in6 are intelligent and can speak
1in6 intelligent ones can cast spells d6+3 Level caster
-as d4 1=wizard 2=cleric 3=druid 4=sorcerer
-lightning and weather magic common. 
shocking grasp+claw attack is common

The great Anzu bird of course can eat cities, grant wishes and snacks on whales or elephants has at least 50 HD and is a 20th level spell caster. It is more bird like and could fight a god.

1 Beast holds a mountain pass hostage and needs destroying by a state
2 Beast is intelligent and has stolen something or someone valuable
3 King desires one to make city famous, capture a chick-cub to be trained
4 King desires the pelt of such a beast and has heard of one in distant mountains
5 A god is angry and demands a 
temple sacrifice of such a beast
6 Beast guards a forgotten entrance to a predeluvian ruin unknown to the beings within
7 Beast has fabulous knowledge and must be consulted and appeased with gifts
9 A villain has been riding a beast terrorising a region and must be stopped
10 The blood of the Anzu bird is needed to prevent a great curse but experts say the blood of a Imdugug will do, kill or convince one to provide the holy blood

Sunday, 9 December 2018

Arms Skill List Part 1

This is more specific but based on previous post
This is basically the first half of the arms skill descriptions for specific weapons
The second half are more like exotic fighting feats mostly for fighters
Im willing to consider corrections and additions in comments
Part 2 will be like similar lists ive done in past but more streamlined and better named and less overall skills. Also designed to be less minmaxable vs my old lists.

Weapon Codes
A=Armour Piercing
 if skilled
B=Black Powder misfire on natural roll of 1 or more if wet or raining
C=Close Reach
 if skilled, win initiative vs longer weapons if close
E=Entangle on natural 20
 if skilled
F=Fumbles on natural roll of 1 hits self or ally

H=Hack damage Shields or chop hafts if skilled
I=Ignores Shield
 if skilled due to articulation
L=Long Reach
 if skilled, hit targets in second rank, win closing initiative
, double damage if charged by skilled user
S=Slow, always comes after other non slow weapons
T=Set vs charge if skilled

1H one handed
1H+ one handed but can be used 2H for +1 on minimum damage
2H requires two hands

Mov & Range scores = 3m per point indoors and 10m per point outside

Weapons and skills

d10 2H 1/4R Range 3/12/24 BR ENC4
Large heavy cranked crossbow, assistant can speed by one round

d10 2H 1/T Range 3/10/20  ENC4 ABR
Large long arm gun with stand required to operate

Axe , Battle
d8 1H+ ENC2 H
Large bladed axe

Axe, Hand
d6 1H 1/T Range1/2/3 ENC1 CH
Small axe can be thrown or used hand to hand

Axe, Poled10 2H ENC3 HLS

d3 2H 1/R R2/4/6 ENC2

Usualy poisoned

Blowpipe, Small
- 2H 1/R R1/2/3 ENC0 
Usualy poisoned

2d4/d4/1 2H 1/T Range 1/2/5 B
No range effects is a scatter gun, M or L range can hit d3 targets in a 1 area circle

d4 1H+ 1/R Range 1/2/3 ENC1 CEFI
Stones linked by cord thrown but usable as a close melee weapon

Bow Compasite

d8 2H 1/R Range 6/12/24 ENC1
Bow waist high, bone and sinew bow

Bow Long
d8 2H 1/R Range 8/16/32 Range ENC3
Bow head high, bulky long range bow

Bow Self
d6 2H 1/R Range 5/10/20 ENC1
Bow waist high, standard common bow

Bow Small
d4 2H 1/R Range ENC1
Small bow as long as fore arm, bow and quiver weigh ENC1

Brass Knuckles

d3 1H ENC0 C

Variable 1H ENC0 C
Monks d4 Fighters Dwarves Abhumans Giants
d3 Halflings Rogue Cleric 1pt Wizard Sorcerer Tako Gnome

d4 1H ENC1 C
Armoured spiked gauntlet


d6 1H+ 1/R Range 1/2/3 ENC2 CEFIL
Length of chain 2-3m with weiighed balls on ends

d6 1/R Range 2/4/6 ENC2/1
Circular metal edged disc 30cm

d6 1H 1/R Range 1/2/3 ENC1 C
Thick heavy wooden carved weapon or iron bar

Crossbow, Hand
d4 2H 1/R Range 1/2/3 ENC1 
Pistol configuration crossbow, often poisoned
Can be fired one handed once loaded

Crossbow, Heavy
d8 2H Range 3/10/20 ENC3

Crossbow, Light
d6 2H 1/R Range 4/8/16 ENC2
Can be fired one handed once loaded
Available in repeating variety with 10 shot hopper 2/R ENC3 needs both hands to fire


d4 1H 1/R Range 1/2/3 ENC 2/1 C
30cm to fore arm length blade

d3 1H 2/R Range 2/4/6 ENC 4/1
Small throwing darts 30cm to a foot long,
often carry handful in off hand or in quiver

Flail, Agricultural 

d10 2H ENC3 IL
Long pole with single link articulated head

Flail, Light
d6 1H+ ENC1 EFIC
Wooden billet with chain or rope link with second stick

Flail, Military
d8 1H+ EFI
Spiked metal ball on chain with handle

d6 2H ENC0 C
attack from behind by surprise or a brawling attack,
victim then inflict a d6 per round after initial hit

2d4 1/2R Range 
1/2/3 1H+ ENC1 B
Cast Iron ball with fuse, light one round requiring 2H then throw with one
Explodes over 1 area circle, save by diving flat for half damage before blast

d6 1H 1/R Range 1/2/3 ENC1 AC
30cm long hammer with spike and blunt head

Hammer, Great d10 2H ENC3 AS
1+M long heavy hammer with long spike or blunt head

Hammer, Ward8 1H+ ENC2 AC
60cm-1m long hammer with spike and blunt head

d8 1H+ 1/T Range 2/4/6 ENC1 AB
Basic matchlock pistol
Smaller d6 version Range 1/2/3 ENC2/1 or d4 version Range 1/2/3 ENC4/1
Multiple barrels available each doubles cost

2d4 1/2R Range 
1/2/3 1H+ ENC1 B
Ceramic or glass bottle with flamable oil with fuse
Light one round requiring 2H then throw with one
Explodes over 1 area circle, save by diving flat before blast

If fail burn for 1hp a round until make a saving throw
Some formulas burn even if wet

d6 1H 1/R Range 3/6/9 ENC2/1
Light throwing spear

d3 1H 2/R Range 1/2/3 ENC4/1 C
Small under 30cm blade

d10 1H+ ENC3 ALMST
2H on foot or 1H if mounted or in chariot

nil 1H+ 1/R Range 1/2/3 ENC1 ELS
Mostly used to entangle a foe which it does instead of damage snaring limb or head
If tied to running horse may pull victim over and inflicts a d6 per round

d8 1H+ ENC3 AC
Heavy spiked morningstar or flanged headed

d10 2H  ENC3 ALS
Heavy weighted spiked club

d8 2H 1/T Range 3/5/10 ENC2 AB
Standard portable long barreled gun
Can affix dagger to barrel for d6 hand to hand
smaller d6 version ENC1
Multiple barrels available each doubles cost again

nil 1H+ Range 1/2/3 ENC1 EIL
Common fisherman or gladiator net
Hooked version does d3 but weighs ENC2


d10 2H ENC3 LST

d3 1H+ Rate 2/1 Range 1/2.3 ENC4/1 C
Common rock thrown or used to bash

Scythe, War

d8 2H ENC3 LS
Fighting version of common farm tool, less crooked

Sheild. Buckler
d3 1H ENC1 C
Size of dinner plate +1AC vs melee

Sheild. Small
d4 1H ENC2 C+1 vs melee & missile covers forearm

Sheild. Large
d6 1H ENC3 C+1 vs melee +2 vs missile can crouch behind it

Sheild. Seige
d6 1H ENC4 CS +2 vs melee +4 vs missile two can stand behind it

d8 1H+ ENC2 A
Standard sword over a meter long

Sword, Great

d10 2H ENC3 HLS
Large sword mans height long

d6 1H ENC1 C
Standard small sword usually 60cm


d3 1H 2/R Range 1/2/3 ENC10/1 
Small throwing darts 30cm to a foot long, often carry handful in off hand or in quiver

d4 1H ENC2/1 C
Curved agricultural blade for harvesting used by peasants or for rituals

d4 2H 1/R Range 2/6/12 ENC0
d3 clay or stone bullet 20/ENC
d4 lead or heated clay or silver or large stone bullet

Sling, Staff

d6 2H 1/R Range 3/6/12 ENC2 Sd8 heavier half brick missile half range rate 1/2,
or hurl incendiaries or other objects, assistant loader help with fuses
Normal ammo ENC 4/1 heavy ammo 2/1

d8 1H+ 1/R Range 1/2/3 ENC2 LT
Common fighting spear,

d6 2H ENC2 CL
Common quarterstaff, slightly flexible wooden

Staff, War

d8 ENC3 LS
Iron shod often spiked staff

d4 1/R Range 1/2/3 ENC2/1 C
Small rods often used two handed or can throw into legs to trip, also common walking stick

d8 1H+ 1/R Range 1/2/3 ENC3 L
3 points fork has 2 these offset penalties for attacking in water good for fishing
Lighter version has d6 damage with ENC2
Same skill as spear, light version as a javelin, preferred by mariners or cults

d3 1H ENC1 EL
Common bullwhip 

Weapon Groups
Fighters can spend two initial arms skill slots on a school of 4 weapons but specialist fighting arts like expert only apply to a single weapon still. These are based on families of weapons or cultural weapon groups. The non human ones are for those raised or trained by non humans.

Sword, Small Sword, Dagger, Knife


Dart, Javelin, Lance, Spear

Club, Mace, Maul, Stick

Battle Axe, Hand Axe, Pole Arm, Pole Axe

Composite Bow, Long Bow, Self Bow, Small Bow

Lance, Mace, Sword, War Flail

Horse Nomad

Composite Bow, Lasso, Small Sword, Spear

Man At Arms

Light Crossbow, Spear, Sword, Hand Axe

Battle Axe, Self Bow, Small Sword, Spear

Cestus, Net, Small Sword, 


Blowpipe, Dagger, Garrote, Small Sword 

Javelin, Pike, Spear, Small Sword 

Club, Javelin, Small Bow, Stick

Dagger, Great Sword, Long Bow, Staff

Dagger, Club, Handgun, Small Sword

Dagger, Grenade, Musket, Small Sword

Blunderbuss, Dagger, Small Sword, Whip

Agricultural Flail, 
Club, Sickle, Spear

Dagger, Longbow, Spear, Sword


Battle Axe, Hand Axe, Heavy Crossbow, Small Sword

Dagger, Dart, Rock, Small Sword

Saturday, 8 December 2018

EMO PC Sheet + Alignment dialed up to 11

I did have option of no alignment in old games
now im forcing everybody into a choice
one from each column or one from one column
Law is cosmic order and societal obligation and consistency
Chaos is entropy and personal freedom and deceit and incongruity
Good is pro sharing and kindness and pro living 
Evil is selfishness and sadism and pro murder
Balance is pro harmony between cosmic forces for the best life
Neutral is "id rather not worry and focus on living and on my own business and avoid cosmic extremes like good or other alignments who seem to just get into fights"

d10 Random
1 Law
2 Chaos
3 Good 
4 Evil
5 LG
6 LE
7 CG
8 CE
9 Balance
10 Neutral

I did have a system where if you took a oath per level you could get extra spells for being an alignment fanatic. Tempted by this again

Could tick boxes at 1st lv or zero and gain in play or spend WILL bonus on alignment ranks

these levels might be independent of normal levels
you could go fanatic at 4th lv and when you reach 8th might be 4th level in alignment

possibly neutral and balance get druid spells and are reincarnated on death
good and evil get cleric become upper or lower planar beings on death?
law and chaos get wizard become elemental beings on death?
Compound alignments

Require possibly 2 sets of oaths for compound alignments?
or alternate them or one or 2 lots of benefits? 

Possibly develop both alignments separate?
To gain benefits need to keep chosen alignments higher than ones you don't want but no idea on how much yet. curses might give unwanted alignment and shut down your powers

Lv    0    1   3   4
1      1

2      2
3      3
4      4
5      4     1
6      5     1
7      6     2
8      7     2
9      8     2
10    8     2    1
11    9     3    1
12    10   3    1
13    11   3     1
14    12   4     2    1
15    13   4     2    1
16    14   4     2    1
17    15   4     2    1
18    16   5     3     2
19     20  5     3     2
20     20  5     3     2

Possibly a bonus arms or art or language skill every 4th level

Lots of people claim to be non neutral

Possibly "cult" a better term than alignment

Entities will be evoked by the character

Also items might alter alignment or require a specific alignment

Enemy alignments are murdered in name of these beings
No need for paladins now...

Rethinking Weapons

Probably as big a topic as spells but lots of special info on this will end up under skills
I considered i might make roll low to hit to be a jerk

Melee Weapon Damage
Great Weapon d10 ENC 3 Most 2H Pole Arm, Great Sword, Pike, Maul
Hand Weapon d8 ENC 2 Most 1+H Mace, Spear, Sword, Battle Axe,
Short Weapon d6
 ENC 1 Most 1H Club, Small Sword, Hand Axe, javelin
Small Weapon d4
 ENC 2/1 Most 1H Dagger, Stick
Tiny Weapon d3
 ENC 4/1 Most 1H Knife, Cestus, Rock, Whip

 Weapon Damage
Arbelast, Arquebus d10 ENC 3
Heavy Crossbow, Musket, Handgun, Spear, Long, Composite Bow d8 ENC 2 
Light Crossbow, Javelin, Hand Axe, Hammer, Chain, Self Bow, Chain d6  ENC 1
Hand Crossbow, Dagger, Stick,  Small Bow, Sling, Bola d4 ENC 2/1
Knife, Dart, Shuriken, Rock d3 ENC 4/1

20 Arrows, Bolts or Ball & Powder Shot in Case or Quiver 1 ENC

Special Weapons

Net, Garrote, Whip

Fire Rate

Arquebus, Musket, Handgun 1/10 (1/9)
Arbelast 1/4 (1/3)
Heavy Crossbow 1/2 (1/1)
Light Crossbow, Hand Crossbow, Spear, Javelin, Hand Axe, Hammer, Chain, Dagger, Stick, Longbow, Composite Bow, Self Bow, Small Bow, Sling 1/1 (2/1)
Knife, Dart, Shuriken, Rock 2/1 (3/1)
*Black powder skill halves time
Quickload skill increases by to amount in brackets

Other Spot Rules?
Might do lots of these and build into skill system so mostly fighters use fancy moves

Use a 1H weapon with 2H +1 minimum damage
Small bow and quiver on belt 1 ENC - d4 covers smaller bows of kobolds, kids

Longbow ENC 3 man height, self bow is waist high 2 ENC small bow is forearm size
Crossbow variants
- stonebow shoot stones or bullets bump to lower damage dice
-repeater crossbow
Skill to use edged weapons as blunt bump to lower damage dice
Flail, Chain  can get a skill to ignore shields and entangle and get a fumble chance
Small races don't use great weapons and hand weapons are 2H for them
Will be some skills that allow a extra attack once per fight/turn
Some skills to resist armour
Might change combat times to segments

Probably will under skills describe all weapons as skills plus list skills each weapon can be used with....


Buckler ENC1 d3 +1 vs melee size of dinner plate
Small Sheild 
d4 ENC 2 +1 vs melee & missile covers forearm
Large Sheild d6 ENC 3 +1 vs melee +2 vs missile can crouch behind it
Seige Sheild d6 ENC 4 +2 vs melee +4 vs missile two can stand behind it

Light Armour Suits
Cloth +1 ENC 1
Hide +2 ENC 2
Leather +3 ENC 3

Armour Suits
Ring +4 ENC 4
Chain +5 
Scale +6 ENC 6

Armour Suits
Plate +7 ENC 7
 halves sensory checks
Full Plate +8 ENC 8
 halves sensory checks

Piece Armour* 
Girdle or Hero Harness +1 ENC 1 (Max+4)Cap Helm +1 ENC 1 (Max+6)
Cloak +1 ENC 1 (Max+6)
Greaves and bracers +1 ENC 1 
Chain Shirt +2 ENC 2 (Max+7)
Full Helm +2 ENC 2 (Max+8) halves sensory checks
Brigandine Coat +2 ENC 2 (Max+8)
Chest Plate +3  ENC 3 (Max+8)
*can be targeted at weakest armour point with aimed blow

Girdle +1 Cloak +1 Greaves & Bracers +1 Cap Helm +1 = +4
Cloth suit + Cap + Chest Plate +3 = +5
Leather Suit +3
 Greaves & Bracers +1 Cap Helm +1 = +5
Chain Suit +5 Brigandine Coat +2 = +7

still messing with all this

Friday, 7 December 2018

EMO Basick Rules: Sorcerers and Druids

Still some inconsistencies and rewrites will be happening still. Will start a book while im in sydney and make more uniform hopefully to play in new year. Think I will go back and replace previous cantrips that need 4 not three.

Another Spot Rule Unarmed Combat Damage
Same damage can be with a thrown rock

  • 1HP = Wizard, Sorcerer, Druid, Gnome, Bard, Outsider (Alien)
  • 1d2 = Cleric, Rogue, Elves, Tako, Mutant, Changeling
  • 1d3 = Fighter, Dwarf, Abhuman, Halflings, Giant, Robot (Golem), Mystic (Psion)
  • 1d4 = Monk
Summary of Taxable Land Units and Population
Hide is a area of farmland supporting a family 5 (2-10) typically over 30 acres
-Supports a family of five a well off extended family might control 2-5 hide
-supports a working ox or a meat cow a year or ten smaller animals like pigs and goats

-6 Hide support a poor noble family and a knight or equivalent
-12 Hide support a comfortable family
 and two knight or equivalent
-60 Hide support a rich noble family and ten knights or equivalent
-600 families per six mile hex on good irrigated land

-300 families per six mile hex of mediocre non floodplain land
-200 families per six mile hex of frontier woods and mountains
-100 herder families 
per six mile hex in wastes

A city surrounded by six rich farmland hexes could support 3600 people
More hexes of herdsmen around that could raise this again

Leveling Up & Followers & Land

At 5th Level and every 5th more +1 on a attribute
As of 6th level you get a follower per level and you can teach and train recruits
-a animal or pet possible with some classes
-a adventurer apprentice d4 Lv or a d4 zero level followers
-They go up a level when you do
At Tenth Level you are granted property
-d4 hides of land or common city blocks
-or a small merchant ship
-or take over a dungeon 
-ca establish a school, tower, manor or castle
- some one wants you beholden to them


Prime Requisite: Charm; high score grants additional spells
d6HD/1 /
(Average 4)

Arms 2/4 Arts 4/2 Languages d4/2
No Armour
-4 unskilled weapons +1 to hit every 6 levels
Staff d6, Dagger d4, Crossbow Small d6+1, Sling d4, Knife d3, Club d6, Stone d3, Dart d3, Hand axe d6, Short Sword d6, javelin d6, Club d6, Flail d6, Whip d3, Short Bow d6, shuriken d3
Start Equipment: narcotics, incense, mirror, fancy robes, costume jewelry, hookah or pipe, hooded cloak, common robe, 
wine skin, lamp, lamp oil, sack, d8 days good rations, flints, hat, scribe se
t, idol or medallion dedicated to source of power, 3d6x10gp
Prerequisite Charm Bonus provides extra spells +1= extra 1st +2= extra 1st +3= extra 2nd

Sorcerers Magical Abilities

Spell casting abilities made by pacts or sharing blood with supernatural beings
-May deal with entities when gaining new spells through visions
-four starring cantrips and one first level spell plus prerequisite bonus
-Gain a new spell each level and can swap a previous one
-Can cast any known spell known on the fly with spell energy
-Enter a trance, perform sacrifices, get high and dream for 8 hours once per day to recover

d6 Source of Pact

1 Born with blood line of planar beings blood is an inborn pact
2 Initiated into cult of a planar being entered a pact in a ritual with the master
3 Contacted by planar being when alone in trouble and made a pact
4 Contacted planar being in dreams and made a pact
5 Found book or script dedicated to planar being made contact then a pact
6 Met a familiar spirit or imp sent by a planar being who initiated the pact

1 Draconic Cultist Subclass
Arms - Shortsword, Short Bow
Arts - Dragon Lore, Bluff, Carousing, Numeracy
+1 Incendiary +2 Focus +3 Evil Eye
Typical Starting Spells

-Zero Level Smoke Puff, Ignite, Spark, Candlelight
-First Level Magic Missile, Sleep, Burning Hands
-Second Level Fire Shuriken

Dragon scale or tooth or claw medallion, dragon tattoos, map to dragon lair
Minor reptilian or draconic mutation might be applicable also

2 Demonic Cultist Subclass
Arms - Dart, Dagger
Arts - Occult Lore, Intimidate, Torture, Demonic Lore
+1 Alchemy +2 Black Powder+3 Handgun
Typical Starting Spells

-Zero Level Smoke Puff, Ignite, Animate Smoke, Candlelight
-First Level Monster Summoning, Darkness, Burning Hands, 
-Second Level Stinking Cloud

Demon scale or tooth or claw medallion, demon tattoos, map to demon cult lair
Minor demonic or chaos mutation might be applicable also

3 Sepentine 
Cultist Subclass

Arms - Small Sword, Shortbow
Arts - Occult Lore, Poison Lore, Disguise, Animal Handling
+1 Focus +2 Hypnosis +3 Shoot Into Melee
Typical Starting Spells 

-Zero Level Sting, Smoke Puff, Sound, Whisper
-First Level Magic Missile,Fog Cloud, Mask
-Second Level Web

pet d4 snakes, snake tattoos, antivenom pill, book on dinosaurs in serpent folk glyphs
Minor reptilian mutation might be applicable also

4 Law Cult Cultist Subclass

Arms - Small Sword, Javelin
Arts - Holy Lore, First Aid, Numeracy, Scribe
+1 Focus +2 
Weapon Expert +3 Critical Strike

Typical Starting Spells 
-Zero Level Spark, Wizard Hand, Disrupt Dead, Candle Light
-First Level Magic Missile, Bless Weapon, Fiery Eyes
-Second Level Wizard Lock

Scale, hooded robe, sundial, medallion of law, 20m rope, donkey, tattoos of holy scriptures, book of law, manacles, crowbar, box of candles, scribe set
Minor holy or lawful mutation might be applicable also

5 Chaos 
Cultist Subclass

Arms - Flail, Shuriken
Arts - Occult Lore, Looting, Poison Law, Evil Eye
+1 Sword +2 
Weapon Expert +3 Critical Strike

Typical Starting Spells 
-Zero Level Spark, Candle Snuff, Scare, Stun
-First Level Magic Missile, Chromatic Orb, Monster Summoning 1
-Second Level Smoking Form

Hooded robe, tattoos of chaos cult, book of chaos scriptures, sword
Minor chaos mutation might be applicable also

6 Diabolic 
Cultist Subclass

Arms - Dagger, Small Sword
Arts - Occult Lore, Bluff, Kingdom Lore, Evil Eye
+1 Sword +2 
Dodge +3 Critical Strike

Typical Starting Spells 
-Zero Level Coin, Whisper, Phantom Pen, Smoke Puff  
-First Level Magic Missile, Burning Hands, Charm Person
-Second Level Burning Sphere

Hooded robe, tattoos of devils names, book of hell, d4 references from corrupt officials
Minor diabolic mutation might be applicable also

7 Fire 
Cultist Subclass

Arms - Dagger, Small Sword
Arts - Elemental Lore, Incendiary, Alchemy, Black Powder
+1 Craft Fire +2 
Blacksmith +3 Handgun

Typical Starting Spells 
-Zero Level Ignite, Candle light, Snuff Light, Smoke Puff  
-First Level Burning Hands, Fiery Eyes, Magic Missile
-Second Level Fire Shuriken

Hooded robe, tattoos of fire elemental creatures, scroll of elemental names, d4 incendiary potions, d4 smokebombs, string of d100 firecrackers
Minor elemental mutation might be applicable also

8 Water Cultist Subclass
Arms - Javelin, Dagger
Arts - Elemental Lore, Swim, Hold Breath, Alchemy
+1 Navigate +2 
Sailing +3 Trident

Typical Starting Spells 
-Zero Level Icicle, Snowball, Ink, Acid 
-First Level Swim Like Fish, Fog Cloud, Jump Like Frog
-Second Level Acid Arrow

Hooded robe, tattoos of water elemental creatures, scroll of elemental names, acid potion, ingested poison potion, bottle of holy water
Minor elemental mutation might be applicable also

9 Air Cultist Subclass
Arms - Shortbow, Dagger
Arts - Elemental Lore, Whistle, Hold Breath, Alchemy
+1 Bluff+2 Music 
+3 Shoot Into Melee

Typical Starting Spells 
-Zero Level Wind Gust, Fog Cloud, Whisper, Wizard Hand
-First Level Magic Missile, Feather Fall, Shocking Grasp
-Second Invisibility

Hooded robe, tattoos of air elemental creatures, scroll of elemental names, kite, air bladder, instrument
Minor elemental mutation might be applicable also

 Earth Cultist Subclass
Arms - Club, Hand Axe
Arts - Elemental Lore, Herbalist, First Aid, Farming
+1 Mining +2 Steward 
+3 Healing

Typical Starting Spells 
-Zero Level Dirt, Clean, Summon Tiny Animal, Grease
-First Level Mount, Floating Disc, spider Climb
-Second Bull Strength

Hooded robe, tattoos of water elemental creatures, scroll of elemental names, acid potion, ingested poison potion, bottle of holy water
Minor elemental mutation might be applicable also


Prime Requisite: Will; high score grants additional spells
d8HD/1 /
(Average 5)

Arms 3/3 Arts 4/2 Languages 2d4/2
Any light armour
-3 unskilled weapons +1 to hit every 4 levels
Staff d6, Dagger d4, Sling d4, Knife d3, Club d6, Stone d3, Dart d3, Hand axe d6, Short Sword d6, Javelin d6, Club d6, Flail d6, Whip d3, Spear d8, Sickle d4
Start Equipment: robes, d6 torches, 2d6 days preserved food, water skin, misstletoe, sickle, pot, flints, 6m rope
, bundle of firewood, tent, furs cloak, bedroll, 3d6x10sp
Prerequisite Will Bonus provides extra spells +1= extra 1st +2= extra 1st +3= extra 2nd

Holy Power: Animal Shapeshift
Change to and from a animal form once peer level per day
Limited to animals with HD equal to own level
One animal form can be chosen per level
At 4th level can use up to two attacks and one more every 4 more levels
-if animal has these potential number of attacks
Druids may learn animal languages

Druidic Spell Abilities

-can learn any spell of nature list through 8 hours of prayer once per day

Holy Druids - White Order Subclass
Act as healers and prophets in communities

Arms - Staff, club, dart
Arts - Natural Lore, Herbalism, First Aid, Healing
+1 Divination +2 Astrology +3 

Typical Starting Spells:
-Zero Level Cauterise, Sting, Healing Berry, Predict Weather,
-First Level Good Berry, Predict Weather, Fog Cloud
-Second Level Reflecting Pool

White robes, d4 healing potion, d3 healing herb, bandages, surgeons tools, gold torc and jewelry worth 3d6x5gp

Beast Druids - Brown Order Subclass
Work with wild animals 

Arms - spar, club, sling
Arts - Natural Lore, Beast Lore, Beast Handling, Beast Training
+1 Mimic Bast +2  Listen +3 Track

Typical Starting Spells:
-Zero Level Charm Vermin, Sting, Detect Animal, Conjure Vermin
-First Level Beast Summoning 1, Beast Speech, Charm Beast, Bless Fang
-Second Level 
Beast Summoning 2
Brown robes, d6 days animal feed, small pet d4 1=dog 2=goat 3=pig 4=deer, tiny pet d4 1=finch 2=squirrel 3=ferret 4=toad, beast mask, beast figurine

3 Blood Druids - Red Order Subclass
Blood letting aggressive defenders of wilderness
Arms - Short Sword, Dagger, Javelin
Arts - Natural Lore, Sacrifice, Butchery,
+1 Brawling +2  Weapon Expert +3 
Critical Hit

Typical Starting Spells:
-Zero Level Cauterise, Ignite, Sting, Trumpet
-First Level Good Berry, Produce Flame, Cause Fear, Elemental Burst
-Second Level Flame Blade

Red robes, bottle of blood, skin of wine, various exotic knives, wicker doll

4 Dark Druids - Black Order Subclass

Act as funery rite specialists and dealing with death
Arms - Spear, Short Sword, Club
Arts - Natural Lore, Occult Lore, Mortician, Poison Lore

+1 Scythe +2 Trap Lore +3 Weapon Expert 
Typical Starting Spells:
-Zero Level Cauterise, Scare, Sting, Trumpet, Ceremony
-First Level Cause Fear, Natures Secrets, Fog Cloud
-Second Level 
Dust Devil

Black robes, human skull, hourglass, scythe, sickle

5 Wood 
Druids - Green Order Subclass
Work with vegetation and wild plants
Arms - Spear, Sickle, javelin
Arts - Natural Lore, Plant Lore, Herbalist, First Aid

+1 Farming +2 Healing +3 Poison Lore 

Typical Starting Spells:
-Zero Level Vine, Sprout, Healing Berry, Fire Berry
-First Level Good Berry, Barkskin, Entangle
-Second Level 
Wood Servant

Green robes, bag of seeds, tiny potted plant, sickle

6 Stone Druids - Grey Order Subclass
Perform rituals in deep caverns

Arms - Club, Dagger, Dart
Arts - Natural Lore, Survival, Climb, Swim

+1 Herbalist +2 Blind Fighting +3 Beast Handling

Typical Starting Spells:
-Zero Level Vine, Flare, Ignite, Magic Mushroom
-First Level Spider Climb. Swim Like Fish, Faerie Fire
-Second Level 
Stone Servant

Grey robes, bag of dried mushrooms, 12m rope, d4 cave maps

7 Shore Druids - Blue Order Subclass
Serve coastlines and waters

Arms - Spear (or trident), Dagger, Net
Arts - Natural Lore, Swim, Fishing, Sailing 

+1 +2 Navigation +3 Hold Breath
Typical Starting Spells:
-Zero Level Create Drink, Predict Weather, Gust of Wind, Detect Animal
-First Level Swim Like Fish, Slow Poison, Create Water, Elemental Burst
-Second Level 
Warp Wood
Blue robes, d6 days of dried fish, 12m rope, d4 maps, 100m fishing line, fish hooks and lures, fish trap, hide boat with sail

8 Desert Druids - Yellow Order Subclass
Serve dry and batten wastelands

Arms - Short Sword, Dagger, Whip
Arts - Natural Lore, Survival, Beast Handling, Endurance

+1 Hold Breath +2 Survival +3 Scout
Typical Starting Spells:
-Zero Level Create Drink, Predict Weather, Animate Smoke, Purify Food & Water
-First Level Create Water, Elemental Burst, Run Like the Wind
-Second Level 
Dust Devil

Yellow robes, d4 maps, 12L urn of water, 4L waterskin, donkey or camel

9 Swamp Druids - Ochre Order Subclass

Serve marshes and wetlands
Arms - Spear, Dart, Net
Arts - Natural Lore, Swim, Fishing, Weaving

+1 Sailing +2 Poison Lore +3 Herbalism
Typical Starting Spells:
-Zero Level Predict Weather, Detect Poison, Detect Disease, Sting
-First Level Swim Like Fish, Slow Poison, Venom Bite
-Second Level Summon Swarm

Ochre robes, d6 days of dried fish, 12m rope, d4 maps, 100m fishing line, fish hooks and lures, fish trap, reed raft, pet frog, bundle of reeds

10 Chaos Druids - Bile Order Subclass
Aid mutants and chaos hordes

Arms - Club, Dagger, Dart
Arts - Natural Lore, Chaos Lore, Poison Lore, Disease Lore
+1 Survival +2 Track +3 Run Away  
Typical Starting Spells:
-Zero Level Smoke Puff, Animate Smoke, Scare, Sting
-First Level Alarm, Bless Weapon, Jump Like Frog, Fog Cloud,
-Second Level Fortifying Stew 
Bile robes, maps of chaos holy place, potion of lesser mutation, maggot ridden d4 days of food