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Magic Jerks You Meet In Taverns

When adventurers in Shadelport visit to go drinking and decide to try a pub in wizard district you might meet these guys. Perhaps in any other tavern, you might meet one or two, three tops. Now players who want a wizard fast might get one of these odd guys. Growing up in a wizards house does not help. All will go on an adventure just for a chance to be jerks. They also might populate magic schools, markets, wizard conferences and seedy underbridge sly magic shops. Perhaps you might hold interviews for a party wizard and pick one of these guys.

Magic Jerks You Meet In Taverns
01 Wants the first choice of all potions and drugs from monsters for treasure share but really wants more drugs by any means. Needs to borrow more money for fresh drugs. I would love to join you. CanI borrow a few pieces of gold? Are we going to have a party before we go"
02 Wants the first choice from non quest scrolls and documents and is looking for occult lore to impress his fellow demon cultists "I am just a humble scolar seeking lost lore"
03 Wants to help cripple a dungeon so he can take over after boss killed and stay "Exploring fell places full of foul fiends is my dream come true"
04 Wants to get out of town because is secretly a were creature provably a rat, bat or wolf "When do we leave"
05 Wants to get out of town as is a cannibal and in need of flesh of intelligent beings flesh and an opportunity to get some. "If we are going from civilasation towards hidden places I will join you"
06 Wants to charm a few monsters as slaves them head home "Will their be monsters?"
07 Wants to charm, polymorph and then make out with monsters, probably leaves quickly "Will there be monsters"
08 Just wants exotic monster body parts to sell to other wizards and checks guts of every monster well was a thief for a few levels "I'm very good at finding lost treasure"
09 Wants to kill monster bosses then lead monster workers to rise up against monster nobility and unite all races in killing the rich "i would love to explore a dungeon or ruin to fight evil"
10 Want to find outsider loner wizards to kill and steal magic books instead of paying for them from stingy masters and schools. "If we may find outlaw wizards to slay I am with you"
11 Flatulent from eating boiled eggs and beans 3 meals a day and farts in dungeons ruining the surprise and increasing encounter odds. "Stinking cloud is my favourite spell"
12 Sneezes lots and is allergic to monsters. Flighty and scared and just learned fireball last week. "I know many deadly spells to destroy our foes"
13 Drunk who drinks while in the dungeon getting slower and stupider and angry. If his drinking mentioned he accuses who brought it up of paranoid abusive stuff and stomps off alone. "I'll join you lets have a beer or two to celebrate"
14 Is very theatrical, wearing fancy clothes, perfumed and attractive. Just research for plays and illusion ideas wants to run a theatre. Thinks all adventurers are murder hobo rock heads "Why yes I would like to see for myself what transpires on these adventures you speak of"
15 Makes long-winded threats and occult theories about everything, nothing is mundane or an accident and he talks about it constantly with old fashioned words. "By the azure maze of Zubulon and the scarlet vault of Azerzax I shall join you"  

16 Tells you about some other great wizard he learned of or how good a parent wizard was. Stories get more wild and impossible. "I'm not as great as certain other wizards but I will join you"
17 Loves fires and likes to start fires and burn stuff "I will show your foes hellfire"
18 Constantly using pipe in the dungeon unless told off and sometimes has a huge water pipe shaped like a skeleton wizard has a floating eyeball familiar. He coughs and nods off lots. "Sure man dungeons are cool"
19 Wants to adopt every monster child and claims party obligated to pay for the baby monsters upkeep. Will eventually go off in a huff with charmed monster babies and cause trouble later taking characters to court for costs. "I would like to see some wild monsters"
20 Wizard loves puns and bad old jokes. Wishes he wasn't so academic and if parents wanted they would have gone to bard school like friends did. likes to smack talk monster and sure they have a high charisma "I cant wait to meet some monsters and tell them what is what!" 
21  Wants revenge on evil priests and cults in the area but any will do. Blames everything on secret cults and conspiracies. Describes lurid things they assume enemies are up to. I just want to find and kill cultists"   
22 Mentions they serve a secret master and cannot say their name, then goes on and on about their mighty demon and every tedious detail with enthusiasm of a 7 year old dinosaur fanatic. Every topic gets turned into how their master would decide what to do. "I have a higher purpose but I cannot tell you" 
23 Talks about mysterious secrets beyond your reckoning but eventually more blatant about demon gods, hallucinations, hears voices from another dimension. "Your mortal minds cannot comprehend the secrets I have known"
24 Has been seeking elder lore of the old aeons and plays with his magic looking disc that puts them in contact with a horrible planar entity. While with the party he keeps finding strange forgotten relics of the old ones with terrible consequences for using. "I'm just looking for old trinkets, it's a hobby"  
25 Looking for planar portals to report to more powerful superior. Search every arch, wardrobe, well, mirror or painting needs a check. "I love exploring old ruins"
26 Seems interested in history and adventure but really looking for items on a quest from an evil god and dreams led here. "Im just hoping to find some ancient scrolls and nicknacks"
27 Wizard of law wants to blast chaos lots. "Why wouldn't you chase chaos on sight and kill it?"
28 Chaos wizard babbles mysterious stuff like a madman and will lick or taste and pull levers and mashes buttons found in dungeon compulsively "What does that do?"
29 Slowly turning zombie wizard smells worse and attracts more flies, likes necromancy, gets scruffier as curse gets worse, "I don't talk much" 
30 Plans to run a chaos war party, ready for helping a cult start apocalypse, needs new spells, "I crave the lore of wizards old, so I may plunge into the bussom of chaos" 
31 Wants all the cursed items and has a magical sack for holding them. Sells them to gladiator owners to help rig fights and other dirty rotten uses "I know someone who needs this"
32 Will stay with party until they help him subdue a dragon for own use and will travel with you. Plans to polymorph self and charm the dragon. "I will swear to aid you but if we have the chance to catch a dragon you must aid me"
33 Wants to observe monsters mating preferably in the dungeon or will capture monsters and lock them in a box to breed. "All in the name of natural philosophy, yes that's it"
34 Thinks monster babies are adorable and hopes to set up own dungeon to raise the critters in "Look at lil mr gwumpy pants, he wants to fight us"
35 Terrified of germs and slimy icky bugs or vermin, wear big boots, goggles and gloves and apron "That looks Icky I'm not touching that except with eldritch fire"
36 Teases demihumans for lack of propper jobs like human, dwarf isn't a proper job
37 Judges potion poppers as useless cheating addicts who deserve to be robbed, monsters drink potions because all monsters and demihumans came from bad potions especially if pregnant "You don't drink potions do you? what about you know the side effects and addiction"
38 Pretty sure all gods are demons duping stupid people, tells people this unpopular theory "gods, all demons decievers I tell you, clerics are a scam"
39 When law wins all destiny will be revealed and the world will be paved over into the perfectly flat infinite unchanging world in eternal stasis, "It will be great, no more suffering"
40 Talks about doing everything in the name of neutrality. Swears and makes oaths to powers of neutrality. Senses the neutral presence and other such gibberish. Pilfers loot, selfish and greedy too, it's the neutral way. His own clan he treats as human, everybody else is second rate. "The neutrality is strong in this one"
41 Very thorough. Likes to check for secret doors and traps always. Cut open every monster checking for gems. Likes to make maps with lots of detail, very patient. Forgets about wandering monsters in calculations, "The monsters have appointed rounds we should be safe for 40 minutes"
42 Paranoid about traps and ambushes, "don't move I see a trap!" 
43 Surrender in combat if threatened with a weapon. Cowardly and fast at running. Once was grabbed by a monster and shat himself so now needs a new party as old one calls him wizard shitpants and joke about him constantly. He wouldn't mind getting a new party to kill old one, "I've never been in a real adventuring party before!" 
44 Wants to just camp outside dungeon a few days killing everything coming and going, burry some entrances, use siege methods, anything he can dream up to avoid tight spaces, "let's smoke them out by rabbits"
45 Likes to attract monsters with a horn, best to kill all the wandering monsters first thing to make life easier later, "Sooner we fight the better, then its easier just looting the place, trust me!"
46 Hates monsters and wants to kill their helpless elderly and children and burn their villages. Came from frontier and family killed by humanoids. Likes to praise god lots while murdering, "Thank the lord for helping me murder these minions of evil, help me scourge all their kind from this world"
47 Collects monster teeth and fingers and ears to sell rick noble youths to pretend they fought monsters. Knows lots of dodgy monster part dealers. Also knows human corpse dealers and a few necromancers. Always hustling and excitedly butchering monsters, "pineal glands are big this week" 
48 Wants to cook and eat monsters in the most fashionable manner. Only eats the best gourmet food. "I long to roast monster flesh and beat evil then enjoy a victory feast"
49 Believes various monster body parts are aphrodesiacs and kinda sleazy "Hey any chance to score some sweet monster glands Im in". Sells fake magic potions to rubes
50 Hates all humanoids want them all dead. "If you are fighting those damned goblinoids and orcs and kobolds I will slay with you"
51 Experienced adventurer, very friendly and saves spells for worst case events or to kill own party on way home when injured so can rob them. "Aye youll not live to regret employing me"
52 Hopes to build a dungeon one day so looking for ideas about traps and organisation. After a few adventures will elect to remain in dungeon to take it over. "I love dungeons"
53 Tries to torture any captured enamies just in case, really likes torture and wants to collect torture stuff for home torture cell in basement. "I will join your cause! I will cause your foes unbelievable pain and torment" 
54 Attractive charming friendly but a lycanthrope and not aware yet. At sometime will turn into a monster next full moon and kill anyone they can find "I fear no horrors of the dark, they should fear me"
55 Loves to stab and throw daggers and pretty good. Likes to field disect dead for signs of chaos taints and lays out organs methodicly and likes to scrawl chalk graffitti occult signs nearby. Good at first aid and sewing wounds. Wants own flesh golem one day. "Im not just a brilliant wizard, Im great with a dagger, killing monsters is great!"
56 Hairless wizard in leather, keeps muttering about how strange this world is and wants to go back to Xor where everything is made of meat. Collects meat and skin and glands for potions doesnt value gold. "If I can just get the right body parts I can call apon Xor my divine lord of meat to take me home"
57 Strange burned and warty wizard blind in one eye, seves chaos and frequents company of crones and hags. From another dimension and has no respect for anything. "Oh yes I seek the dread lore of secret dark places, many I have yet to see"
58 Likes spells to disguise and change mostly illusions and transformations, likes to steal treasure and run. Cheeky enough to change form and try same suckers again. "Oh yeah I can blow stuff up for money, when do we start, let me change my shirt first"
59 Balding greasy weasely wizard unfortunatley down trodden by his evil imp that tricked master into selling soul when in danger once. Now wizard follows Imp who is always offering adventurers miracles to solve problems with a quick soul contract with hell. Imp is actually pretty helpful with own abilities and master resents Imp is more charismatic. "I really really need this job and my familiar is pretty handy" 
60 Hunch backed googly eyed chubby wizard with goggles, specialises in water and air magic and is surprisingly good at jumping, seeing in the dark and catching flies with toungue. Despite being a toad hybrid he is pretty stoic and useful. Sells frog-weed and fog-grog with other followers and gets them hooked to raise cash for his home swamp frog cult village. "a bit of what you like cant hurt" (wink) 
61 Muscle bound wizard likes to damaticly take shirt off and exercise in camp. Aims to be the strongest wizard in land and likes arm wrestling. He likes spells to effect things at some distance or make self stronger or hard to hurt. Likes to use sling and has long beard and hair. Mocks puny wizards and flexes muscles for gestures of spells. "With a ripped wizard like me with you, there is no room for failure or weakness"  
62 Wears flaming robes and drinks exotic liquers from affar and smokes a hooka (pipe in dungeon). Loves burning the crap out of everything and explosions. "I am the god of hellfire!"
63 Penny pinching greedy skinflint. Haggles for pay quite a bit and tries to charge extra for services or casting spells at times. Tries to hold good treasure "just for now" and knows lots of investment schemes he sells to others in party during rests. Bites coins to test purity and has own abacus for counting. "Inviting me to join you was the best financial decesion you ever made". Will try and siphon extra money to self
64 Keen to join in preperation for the great war coming. Utterly convinced colamity and destruction just on the horison and anything could be a part of the great drama. Keeps finding clues, omens and great plots even in bpwl of tavern porridge. "I seek experience in battle to prepare myself for the apocalypse"
65 Dresses in fine robes and very snooty. Has at least a servant or familiar who lets master walk over them to get through puddles and other degrading acts. Thinks everyone greedy poor crettins, wants adventure to develop powers but loathes murder hobo rif raf. "I am willing to acompany you gentlefolk on any reasonable adventure"  
66 Robed bearded wizard with hood, devoted to cosmic law and hates chaos. Devoted to slaying chaos and aiding athorities and lawful churches. A bit preachy and moralistic hopes to be placed in stsis for eternity in the celestial temple of law. "Let chaos fly when our swords and flame clense them from the earth!"
67 Clumsy old robed wizard, loses things in his beard despite familiars best efforts. Gets tired and sometimes not ready in emergency and hesitates. Means well and is honest. "Oh yes a trip to kill some savage monsters, might be just what I need, I'll just grab my spectacles"
68 Sexy young caster wearing very little silk and lots of shiny jewellery. Heavily perfumed and thinks they are centre of the multiverse and others feelings not a big deal. Wants gems and gold mostly and experience. Likes to dance in spell gestures and covers self in shiny oil. Does tend to attract encounters with jingling of treasure and scent. "Wait till those monster see me!" 
69 Keen young up and coming wizard very pleased to come along. At some point will use the +2 beserker dagger he recently got in a fight and go int a beserker killing frenzy they cannot stop. "Why I would love to come on a quest. I think it is just what my life needs now. I just got this great magic dagger I'm keen to try" 
70 Seafaring wizard likes drinks, bar fights, carousing and seems entertaining. In dungeon likes to smoke, start fights, sing sea shanties to challenge monsters and offers terrible advice. "Id love joi join ye matey! I have lots of experience that is bound to come in handy"
71 Loves to gamble and tries to make a bet on each encounter on outcome or even which of two birds in a tree will fly away first. Cant resist gambling and a blabbermouth. WIll tell everything about party to a criminal enterprise. "I bet youll not regret asking me!"
72 Millitary vetran wizard retired, will come along and share old campagn stories and pretty handy. Will scold anyone for being slack, lazy or not pulling team weight. Former leader finds it hard not to be bossy until learns to respect leader. Confused by democratic parties. "I would like a last great challenge to streatch my skills again, will be like old times in the war"
73 Former adviser to a knight, driven away from failure and wizard sect after them for leaving post. Wants to get away and get money to go a long way away. Is quite wise and practical but poor at field craft and used to servants and asks for help lots. If feels valued and safe might stick around. "When do we leave, Im all done with this place"
74 Cultist looking to be taken somewhere evil by party so he can join the enemy and inform them about party. Might even have some suggested dungeons in area. "The deeper, the darker the more vile the better I say"
75 Cultist scouting for a new home for a cult. Hoping if can help party clear a location can come back with cult to take over. "I yearn to see ruined forgotten and hidden places" 
76 Pious and kind and fair. Will join any worth while quest against evil but at some point will want to gather orphans and children and old and take them somewhere safe."I am comited to styming any threats to peace"
77 Court caster currently exiled hopes to get some adventuring fame to be invited back. 
78 Quit sevice of master over true love and now they died so they seek distraction from misery. Keeps asking pointless questions about love and they dont listen to any advice. Mopes about and interested in vice to forget. "Nothing could be worse than life now I will join you"
79 Merchant who's caravan was robbed and family and employees killed by humanoids and bandits in area seeks revenge. No idea where to start but joining adventureers seems like a good plan for now. If can get party to help will but has lost fortune. "I seek to slay the lawless ones who predate this land who have cost me dearly"
80 Bastard noble enjoys wizardry but family back home now want them home as siblings have all died. Will be stalked by agents and keen to geyt off the beaten track and just focus on wizard stuff like blowing up and plundering monsters. "Sure I will come and together our enemies will tremble"
81 Student wizard fled master who was creepy and although not very experienced figures adventuring is cheapest path to power. Wary of people trying to mis use them or abuse them from past bad experience. Takes time to trust. "I will come and see how you operate"
82 Keen young student seeking extra curricular experience while master on quest. Was replaced by a shape shifting evil creature days ago. "Gee I would love to see inside some lonley dark hole full of monsters"
83 Mysterious atractive woman with reputation for danger and magic. Will consider good offer from party but remains haughty. If they treat her with respect she will continue to work but if treated poorly will consider magical revenge. She might just blast all and escape or something worse and more cunning. She likes charm, sleep, invisibility and polymorph spells
84 Wizard wears full body covering and a mask. Logical, cool, aloof but will be loyal to competant party. Actualy a clockwork golem with a wizards soul implanted into it. He is reluctant to be harmed as heal spells dont work on body but repair skills and spells might
85 Seedy flatulant wizard eats beans, boiled eggs, onions and drinks lots. Smiles and slow to act or respond. Likes stinking cloud best of all. Sleepy and stoned lots. Monsters sometimes smell them from far away. "I have a knack for finding monsters you know"
86 Has a business stripping buildings and dungeons for bricks and other building materials. Wants to help clean out somewhere so crew can come in and gut everything. If gets away with it will continue with party and keeps crew distant and a secret. "Im keen to explore some ruins they interest me greatly"
87 Creepy wizard sells monster children as a racket and will attempt to "rescue" children but kill women and old. "Enemy children will be wailling soon"                                         
88 Former cult leader on the run from law needs a hidout but adventurers or a dundeon might do the job. Efficient and mean spirited in battle will remain at any suitable evil place he can call home. Will end up new dungeon boss. "Why I would be delighted to see some abandoned and hidden real estate"
89 Inquisition wizard in disguise seeking adventurers in area known to blaspheme, not pay tax and not return church relics without expecting a ransome. Joining several parties in area to investigate then will report to inquisition. "Why exploration and adventure that sounds exiting, tell me more!"
90 Works for a gang of bandits led by lover who will follow party and ambush when signalled to indicate party wounded and exhasted. Seem charming and friendly, possibly flirty. "Treasure sounds great I cant wait to nab some"
91 Wizard soul transposed into a zombie by master in an emergency but master then died. Slow, smelly and seeking money or magic to ressurect master a natorious evil wizard. Is desperate and horrorfied by condition. Over a hundred years so far. "I am old and crippled and slow but I fear nothing, thankyou for this chance"
92 Wears black and likes skulls, vegetarian necromancer that fights undead but also uses them. Mostly sweet and has several pets. "Ooh I like spooky places"
93 Gloomy student of moon moth mystery wizards exploring the world naive about all kinds of every day life things but knows of kingdoms in underland and the moon. Misinterperates things sometimes. "Ooh yes I would so much like to see your interesting places"
94 Shapeshifting serpant folk wizard pretending to be noble born forign desert wizard. Seeking evidence of reptilian or draconic ancients they can use or sell back home in the secret sepernt citadel. "Yes certaintly I will serve and seek secret knowledge of the ancients my friends"
95 Wizard school drop out angry and a bit careless in fights. Has a bit of a deathwish but will recover in time especialy if new oportunities to learn magic arise. "Magic lore is all I seek, nothing else matters any more"
96 Run away from master who was abusing them and seeks shelter with any strong enough to protect them. Wizard sends agents then will come in person. "I seek comradeship against the evils of the world" 
97 Tried to cheat hell and they have recruited demon bounty hunters to deliver them to the gates of hell for the infernal lawyers to deal with. Nervous and figity, always looking around because lives in fear of attack. Single demon comes first then they grow in each attack numericly. "Why yes I am glad to seek to travel with your kind"
98 Is secretly a witch cult leader and is on a rampage of revenge. A witch hunter is after them so they want to get cash and out of town fast. Has some unusual spells and skills and a familiar. Interested in finding a new gang of thralls so might just occupy a dungeon. "Im keen to get out of town to open air and freedom" 
99 Illusionist has been using powers to aid smugglers but they got caught and tax exise men are after wizard with a noose now. Flighty and nervous but quite fun. Likes to relax with parties when safe. Likes to change appearance and is disguise expert. "I can decieve your enamies with phantasms and bewitchment"  
100 Has learned how to imprison souls in skins of animals and wants to try some more inteligent creatures but not be called a murederer. So keen to join adventurers and start skinning and casting black magic. Wears a fur coat made live foxes with tiny eyes and sewn up mouths. "If you dont mind me killing some lawless monsters Im willing to join you"

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Vulture Ruins of the Age of Night

Vulture Ruins
These ruins are remnants of the Vulture People who worshipped cruel demons and led all manner of bird folk beast people tribes. In the age of night, they were one of the later seven monster kingdoms and left outposts everywhere,

Vultures competed with vampire bats for a position as they were the last new kingdoms at the end of the age. Vulture minions included hyena, weasel, jackals, rats, crows and other beast folks. Humans and orcs by the end of the civilisation became common in all the armies of the monster empires. So sometimes you see sighs of this in artwork in ruins, or documents or even still dwelling nearby.

Vulture folk prefer scimitars and round shields and often used curved or wavy blades and cruel maces and flails. Obsidian bladed cubs were popular too. Vultures prohibited all bows and prefered spears, javelins and darts sometimes with an atlatl (only for military). Some black powder was used in cannons and siege mines and they enjoyed alchemy but only leaders might carry several flintlocks.

Vultures like necromancy as you can make your food walk home and be your slave while you snack on them. Demonology was popular too and air elementalism was popular with some sects.

In a pinch, i use gnolls stats for all beast folk

d12 Type of ruin
1 Tower outpost d4 1=basement under rubble mound 2 =intact ground floor lair 3=d4+1 floors of wizards home 4=rooftop shrine and signal bonfire pit and the great horn

2 Trading post d4 1=wooden stockade fort 2=caravan trading post with outer wall and inn 3=Slave market with pillars and auction blocks 4=aboitoir for humans slaves to be butchered  
3 Shrine d4 1=vulture demon 2=night goddess 3=moon god 4=nightmare demon 
4 Monument d4 1=vandalizes vulture king statue 3=relief cock art of peoples bringing tributes to vulture king 3=black monolith with vulture folk runes, lawful evil diabolic language of hell and the alien script of the outer void 4=great black tone vulture headed sphinx
5 Temple d4 1=Uniting Demonic Temple with hundreds of ancient crude stone idols many broken 2=cave temple with paintings and a sacrifice pit to the ancestors 2=3 pile of rubble with broken demon idols 4=sunken grotto with painted plaster and demon and monster skulls
6 Tomb d4 1=ziggurat where bodies flayed for vultures to eat with giant vault of bones 2=small pointy pyramid 3=hill mound with tomb entrance 4=stone vault where undead live
7 Fortified home d4 1=outer walls intact, building rubble but cellar lair 2=Intact several story house with intact room and inhabitable 3=rubble with bones and charcoal 4=collapsed building with some intact rooms usable as shelter8 Prison d4 Small lock up with goalers office cell and small yard, 2=ruined castle with basement dungeon, torture chamber and cells 3=grim walled building with gatehouse and several courtyards and buildings 4=underground mine often salt or lead or coal 
9 Sacrificial place Ziggarutt with bloody altar and skull rack on top 2=pit with hundreds of skeletons 3=gladiator fighting pit 4=executioners block
10 Fort d4 1=small stone wall with barracks building 2=ruined watchtower and walled area 3=remains of small stone fort with intact walls, towers and cellar 4=small but tall stone citadel built on rock formation and hard to reach door
11 Plantation house d4 1=crumbling manor mostly ruined with slave shacks and former fields 2=stone barn also used as dairy and shearing shed 3=burned ruin of building with hidden cellar interest 4=grannery of ancients often used as a lair
12 Wall d4 1=remains or rubble dry stone wall waste high 2=twenty foot tall broken wall section d4 hundred yards 3=broken remains of an aqueduct 4=section of broken wall d4x 100 yards and an intact watchtower

d12 Common Encounters Outdoors

1 Terror Birds hunting d4
2 Nomad hunters 2d4
3 Nomads 2d4 with shaman 
4 Wolves 2d4
5 Deer 3d10
6 Bugbear head hunter
7 Beast folk hunters d4 1=vulture 2=raven 3=rat 4=worm
8 Wild bear or mountain lion 

9 A flock of huge circling vultures 4d4
10 Vulture headed lions d4
11 Wild dogs 4d4
12 Bandit outlaws 4d4 or rare encounter

d12 Rare Encounters Outdoors

1 Giant vulture with d4+1 heads
2 Air elemental 8HD
3 Wyvern d2
4 Peryton d4
5 Unicorn (some evil level draining black unicorns)
6 Vulture headed sphynx
7 Lost adventurers 2d4
8 Trolls d3

9 Ogres 2d4
10 Giant fire lizard
11 Pteradactyls 2d4
12 Giant scorpion

d12 Common Encounters In Ruin
1 Ghouls mostly were formerly vulture folk 3d4
2 Vulture headed mummy d4
3 Vulture headed lions 2d4
4 Living Statue with vulture head-on guard
5 Vulture headed Zombies 3d4
6 Vulture headed Shadows 2d4
7 Vulture folk 2d4 with a 5th level vulture wizard boss
8 Human cultists seeking lore

9 Barbarian beserkers here to die killing chaos 
10 Human grave robbers looking for treasure
11 Witches and goat folk going to a secret meeting
12 Bandits dwell inside or rare encounter

d12 Rare Encounters in Ruins
1 Vulture-Sphinx, remembers glory days here
2 Giant spiders d4
3 Chaos mutants former slaves from long ago 2d4 
4 Crazed old vulture person  will chat to anyone  
5 Bird haded gargoyles 2d4
6 Spectral minions of vulture folk in rich robes waving to long gone slaves
7 Vulture headed wights d4
8 Vulture headed wraith

9 Party of mostly priests on the hunt for ancient evils and cultists 
10 Stone golem with vulture head
11 Lesser vulture demon12 Greater vulture demon

Thursday, 20 February 2020

Recent Gaming: Call of Cthulhu

Call of Cthulhu

So my players after the usual rampage through America and England and Egypt robbing and burning cults property have been in Kenya. In the adventures in the Masks of Nyarlathotep book, the players got to know everyone important in Nairobi and several friendly native wizards so I have happily been using Secrets of Kenya to pad out adventures in masks of Nyarlathotep. So as a few absentees and all have two characters I've had them doing different things. Some have gone to rescue children from leopard cult while others went to help cats in Dreamlands. Several have been developing links to Bast and one guy who slept with were leopard in Egypt now is one. After visiting, dreamlands players speculated they could set up a new base of operations in the dreamlands or perhaps a  private asylum. Not what I expected but Dreamlands is odd. Cats offered to help investigators one day and a few have dreaming skills and learned sword and dagger fighting while in dream montage that seemed like months.

Explorers who stayed at a dodgy safari camp couldn't be bothered by monsters and happy they would keep intruders away. Eventually, they saw ghouls and several investigators had met a ghoul and could speak basics. Ghouls backed of and investigators satisfied. When the child rescue party returned the news spread across the colony, then reached other African then commonwealth news agencies. Cultists surviving in England, USA and Egypt are now on their way. The British government know party are up to something and killing trouble makers so they have received subtle aid with customs so far. They wiped out a tribe of cultists many transformed into animals but they kept in open and all have become competent at rifle use so poor animal cultists got badly slaughtered. Up close party had double-barrelled hunting shotguns and .45 pistols. These weapons proved to be useless vs a dark spawn of Tsathogua they found taking a flash photo of a dark pit. Someone hurt it with an improvised firebomb and one investigator blasted it with dread curse of Azathoths gaze twice, scaring off the immortal horror. As the party fled it, fought off the cult leader who turned into a leopard then had to flee across a river crawling with crocodiles which proved a great moment. A bit like frogger. A great moment as players realise their efficient rifle drilled kill team was useless on a liquid entity then fled was great. Lost one tribal warrior.

An investigator who is a Kenyan farm widow offers to aid Masai letting them live and work on her land. Also absorbed patrons land as he fled back to England and was easily talked out of the property as his fee. Investigators so was a nice outcome. The party set up a Nairobi company to stockpile assets as they have lost contact with their original organisation destroyed by the Silver Twilight seeking revenge on party founders five years ago. Setting up a covert native aid organisation to help tribal sorcerers fight the mythos and keep the crown law out of their way.

Currently, party dividing between an expedition to an archaeological dig possibly bothered by cultists and others investigating lights and cattle mutilations. Both missions are lethal railroads that remove autonomy so I'm in part justifying them as schemes from Nyarlathotep. Possibly I might make party visit the adventure in the Fragments of the Fear book (2nd Cthulhu companion) while freeing Kenya to Australia. As I keeper I have lots of leeway for a TPK or other bad things happening. Been in Nairobi 5 weeks now and everybody important knows them. If you know the scenarios in Secrets of Kenya you know they are in for a bad time.

On party has just spent 6 days digging and are learning about a secret underground ghoul city with thousands of human slaves. They are getting wary. Must check which group ended up with a lewis gun. One side effect of a month in Africa is everybody getting skills in track, sneak, hide, a rifle which is handy and most animals run away so safer than monster hunting. Currently, lots improving archaeology skills. Three party members qualified and one who had done first year of uni as an elective.

Have been having fun scoring mythos miniatures and a few more books. I got two for 13 each worth 65 so I celebrated by buying a terrible value book one of the last I don't have. Miniatures handy over rifle ranges as players can do a lot of damage to a foe 200 yards away and this helps track movement and hit penalties. Of course, the party are more deadly up close after running about like gangsters for years..

Friday, 14 February 2020

d100 More Empty Room Decor

d100 More Empty Room Decor Types
1 Storage
2 Rubbish
3 Corpses 
4 Inscriptions 
5 Construction
6 Water
7 Growing
8 Life signs
9 Strange
10 Magical

d100 More Empty Room Decor
01 Barrels of fermenting grog and maturing stoneware bottles of beer and wine 
02 Jars of pickled cabbage fermenting
03 Sacks of acorns and turnips for winter
04 Stacks of firewood
05 Stacks of decaying coffins
06 Sacks of grain crawling with vermin
07 Dried smoked giant rats hanging to cure
08 Meat carcass hanging from hook to age, 1in4 human
09 Lamp oil in jars and candles in wooden boxes
10 Small granary with at least a ton of grain
11 Empty barrels and boxes
12 Empty stoneware and glass bottles
13 Broken and rusty old weapons and broken shields
14 Broken and weathered armour suits falling apart
15 Piles of empty clay jars, some broken
16 Pile of sand and rubble 
17 Midden pit full of garbage
18 Compost heap and piles of scraps
19 Boxes, bags and piles of old goods and scraps
20 Piles of junk, broken old tools and building fittings
21 A human skull on the floor
22 A herd beast skull hanging on the wall, often painted
23 Pile of human-like bones 
24 Human skeleton intact where they died
25 Human corpse
26 Pile of rotting human corpses
27 Pit with a carrion crawler where people throw corpses
28 Dried out mummified corpse in uniform or noble dress
29 A pit full of lime where corpses are thrown
30 A pit full of maggots with flies around it for corpses and rubbish
31 Threatening graffiti on the wall from dungeon boss
32 Subversive scrawls are hidden about out of the way
33 Older recycled stone in the wall has part of a prehistoric script
34 Journal of notes from a spy watching the area years ago that somehow got lost
35 A love letter or Shopping list
36 Dead letter drop used by traitors against the boss
37 Torn page from a spellbook
38 Memorial graffiti on the wall to fallen comrades
39 Guard roster from months ago
40 List of things to do from boss
41 Bricks in piles
42 Brick moulds, clay and drying bricks
43 Stones partly cut with saws and chisels with stacked blocks and rubble
44 Start of a tunnel with tools laying near
45 Boxes of trap parts
46 Pit into depths with shovels
47 Pit with pulleys and bucket to move rubble
48 Carpenters room for making furniture and doors 
49 Sculptors studio carving ornaments and features
50 Tables with maps, plans and a model
51 Chamber pots where monsters and evil people poop
52 Well with rope and bucket into the deep
53 Bathing chamber with water heater and firewood and steam apparatus
54 Washroom with buckets, mops and cleaning supplies
55 Latrine, plank with holes over cistern pit, very smelly
56 Barred drain that goes into the depths 
57 Stone toilet with water on hand for flushing and washing 
58 Small water fountain for drinking
59 Barrel of water with a ladle
60 Laundry room with heater and wood and several large tubs of water
61 Mould growing from cracks in ceiling and wall 
62 Moss or lichen growing on walls especially where water leaking
63 Shrieker mushrooms likely to alarm guards
64 Luminous bacteria glows in dark dimly
65 Room damp with mildew and slime 
66 Trays of soil cultivating mushrooms 
67 Thick slimy black growths like roots 
68 Roots through walls and ceiling from trees or fungus
69 Walls covered in root mas from plant or fungus
70 Ancient tomb spores here inflict terrible disease if any too long in here
71 Shed scales or exoskeleton on the floor, might mistake for something scary
72 Pile of monster excrement where something collects it's own waste
73 Eggs of some creature, quite large football sized 
74 Mass of cobwebs, corners and parts of the room covered in web
75 Gnawed remains of body mostly eaten by monster
76 Nest made of straw and trash where some creature has been sleeping
77 Holes in wall into rat nest
78 Termite colony nest growing from wall
79 Ants everywhere
80 Rotting food here crawling with maggots and hundreds of huge flies
81 Haunting scares everyone away d6 1=moans 2=rattling 3=apparitions 4=creaking 5=rats in walls 6=whispers
82 Blood splatters and stains here, signs of a grisly tragic battle monsters avoid now
83 Crude idol with some offerings of d3 copper coins, food or pipe weed, monsters come here for a minor cult d4 1=ancestor worship 2=demon cult 3=the ancient dungeon spirits 4=alien outsider god only known to cultists or occult scholars   
84 Secret hiding hole or saferoom, 1in6 with a forgotten body inside
85 Secret panel here contains some trinkets and a map and other items
86 Trap sets off an alarm if the door opened, bell or gong or pile of cooking pots
87 Trap triggers an attack d4 1=scythe 2=dart 3=pendulum 4=deadfall. Often atatched to a door or ladder or stairs or might use some bait object like a treasure
88 Trap releases into room d4 1=large monster 2=gas 3=snakes 4=wasps or bats or slime
89 Trap door d4 1=entry door has delay then shuts and locks 2=into sewer or vent 3=concealed pit with something bad in bottom which slams shut 4=oubliette with a prisoner in a locked pit 1in6 dead
90 Off duty inhabitants used this room to slack off, signs of gambling, erotic idol, filthy old mattresses, pipes, ash bucket
91 Room haunted by a bad spirit d4 1=plague spirit 2=poltergiest 3=spectral minion 4=spirit wants revenge on current inhabitant who killed them, will reward helpers with revealing a secret door of items 
92 A magical faerie door sometimes can be opened and take adventurers to another strange world d4 1=hell 2=faerieland 2=giant land 3=ancient past when evil monster ruled age of darkness
93 Gremlins here hide in a crack and some will try to 
94 Magical signs and writing here only visible through magic 
95 Invisible object is hidden openly in the room
96 Magical alarm in here informs the lead spell user in the area
97 Magical vermin live here d4 1=bookworms 2=gremlins sneak into strangers baggage 3=imp 4=minor faerie folk like pixie or sprite
98 A spirit in artwork here is cursed and seeks release and possibly tragic love
99 A magical hazard has been left here d6 1=animated weapon 2=animated armour with weapon 3=bodies on floor are zombies 4=mimic 5=cursed weapon 6=cursed seal 
100 Dimensional barrier here is thin d4 1=things from beyond resembling blind deep sea fish pop through here if you remain a turn. A d6 first round and one each round, on the tenth round a shark comes through but if killed barrier resets 2=room is attuned to an element and summoned kindred things here have more HP per dice *d4+4 instead of d8). Subtle signs or even large runes might indicate what element and benefits 3=Mirror is a gateway to a strange world inhabited by nightmares and beings trapped in here over centuries. Inside is a guantlet of hazzards to reach the exit 4=painting with pocket universe playing out some scene in a loop and out of sync with normal time  

Thursday, 13 February 2020

Working on my games bestiary

My current dream is a book of basic monsters that are mostly animals and will be about packing in creatures in groups by type on same spreads - like undead, elemental, faerie, demons etc A later monster book will have a spread per monster with stats, variant types and reskins, adventure seeds and will be for more high level more magical monsters. One benefit of my abhuman character class in my sorta bx game is it can replace a whole lot of beast races into one entry with paragraphs on basic types.

Originally my abhumans were beast folk but I wanted to have rock folk and ice folk and tree folk. Later I have allowed barbarian races and some orc races as abhumans also. I'd like to have lots of variations so each tribe with a different culture and technology. So keeping stats simple, letting them have weapons or tactics or alignment as you please makes them interesting too. So I can replace many dnd monsters from bcmei and 1st ed with abhumans which saves lots of time and does not dictate how they all act or even look like exactly. I can add new ones on the fly easily. Most recently I realised that abhumans make good androids. Magen in basic dnd seem possible fit for abhumans i will think about.

Frequently in my games, smarter abhumans within first four levels change class to a spell caster. Cat monk sword expert, snake wizard, orc priest, rogue rat folk, druid goat, all kinds of options really. It is a good HP and combat skill starts to life and makes for weird beastfolk spell users. Usually, with two squads, they get some kind of spell caster expert. No reason you can't have ten fish folk races with various alignments and visual differences. The point of this a basic stat block will let you make lots of monster races and have them at various levels and possibly some specialist leaders with a second class.

Sick of saying folk yet? 

suffix instead of folk + lots of beast folk change class early to do magic
-lord/lady or brother/sister or man/maid or wife
-kin or kindred or kinfolk 

-blood or blooded 
-tribe or clan 
-horde or herd 

Beast Folk & Abhumans in my EMO Monster Manual 
DnD to EMOverse 

Gnoll=hyena folk 
Dire Corby=bird folk 
kenku=bird folk 
flind =hyena or cat fok? 
firenewt=newt folk 
ettercap=spider folk 
dakon=gorrilla folk
crabman=crab folk
cifal = ant colony folk??? sound awesome
bullywug=frog folk
aarakocra=bird folk
frost Man = frost folk
Githyanki=astral knights use psionic spell list
Githzerai=limbo knights use psionic spell list
kua-toa=fish folk
lava children=lava folk
needleman=plant man increasing petty missiles is kinda cool power
mongrel men=mongrel folk (might make better mutants)
ogrillion=orc ogre hybrid like boxing
quaggoth=ape bear hybrids
qullan=a tattooed human-like variant fit very well into my setting barbarians as a tribe
          -early 80s warhammer parthenogenic punk amazons would be a cool tribe too sandman=sand folk
tabaxi=cat folk
gyerian=bird folk
hivebrood=insect folk
kna=fish folk
lupin=wolf folk
nagpa=vulture folk
rakasta=cat folk - im using horrible Hindu rakasha in my setting
rock man=rock folk
tortle=tortoise folk
snapper=turtle folk
cayman=croc folk
gator man=gator folk
chameleon man=chameleon folk
hutaaken=jackal folk
shark kin=shark folk
centaurs=will try to write up as an option
lizard man=lizard folk + dragon folk and dinosaur folk
minotaur=bull folk
sahuagin=fish folk lots like in Anderson's Stingray tv series, lots of types
dryad= tree spirit folk in my setting or tree folk (I like narnia and asian tree folk)
cat lord=minor deity of cats but lots of spirits like him and beast spirit folk changelings grippli=frog folk
myconid=fungus folk
thrikeen=mantis folk
triton=fish folk
locathah=fish folk
dark sun has a pterodactyl race? great to cross with psionics

dnd needs = rat folk, bat folk, weasel folk, lamprey folk, lion folk, cat folk, wolf folk, frog folk, fish folk, badger folk, fox folk

Subhumans = gibberings, grimlocks, cave folk, white apes, close relatives of humans from ancients or wilderness or degenerate isolated humans of a lost tribe, could all be abhuman

Goblinoids = dark creepers, dark stalkers, meazel, nilbog, norker, gremlin, mite, snyad, xvart, thoul, tasloi

Smaller Folk diminutive beast folk using reskinned halfling as base have -ling suffix after the species they are kin too usually. Faun make fine halflings too though a bit taller phanaton=racoonling geonid=rockling vegepygmie=shrubling or fernling

For shapeshifting magical spirit folk, I use a changeling my class.

12 Abhuman beastfolk I would develop in detail 

1 Dog folk (reskin as wolf or any canine)
2 Cat folk (reskin as lion or any feline)
3 Rat folk (reskin as weasels, shrew, mink)
4 Goat folk (reskin as bull or stag or kangaroo or horse)
5 Frog folk (reskin as newt or any salamander or prehistoric amphibian)
6 Fish folk (reskin as shark, eel, catfish, coelacanth, angler, barracuda)
7 Lizard folk (reskin as dragon, dinosaur, chameleon, gila, iguana or any reptile)
8 Snake folk (reskin as various types like cobra, adder, python, mamba)
9 Crab folk (reskin as lobster, isopods, hermit crabs, horseshoe crabs, trilobites)
10 Mantis folk (reskin as ant, bee, wasp, termite, scarab, type of beetle)
11 Worm folk (reskin as lamprey, maggot, blood worm, tiger worm, centipede, leach)
12 Squid folk (reskin as octopi, Kraken, nautilus, cuttlefish, ammonite)

12 Other non beast abhumans I would develop in detail 

1 Orc (superior hybrid orcs, organic recon and combat units)
2 Barbarian (mighty human maniacs)
3 Amazon (women warrior race)
4 Wild folk (prehistoric wild naked hairy folk live in forests and caves or mountains)
5 Toy folk (toys of ancient giants living in cloud kingdoms)
6 Machine folk (androids, golems, replicants, clone soldier, bioaugs)*
7 Mushroom folk (toadstool, shroom, mould, slime, fungus folk)
8 Tree folk (fruit tree types, oak, cacti, eucalypt, ash folk, moss, algoid)
9 Rock folk (granite, obsidian, flint, crystal, jade, metal folk)
10 Lava folk (magma, fire, brimstone folk)
11 Ice folk (snow, sleet, frost folk)
12 Cloud folk (storm, wind, typhoon folk)
*i have a robot class too

For Xor I want abhumans to include wierd roman era distant races with no head but chest in face or one leg for hopping, two heads and other strange things. A Flesh folk, bone folk, blood folk, animus folk (brain nerves and senses). A race of men with invisible skin look horrible.

For Psychon and SF I would have androids, replicants, clone trooper, bioaug (biologically augmented human treatment). Changing your class to robot would let you go cyborg rather than be non living like someone starting play as a robot. Changing your class to mutant is good too. There are technological mutants.

My cave or bronze setting would mostly have some different animals but sand folk or more ape types might be good in some settings.

In my fantasy setting, ancient giants who rivalled the gods and built sky lands in magic clouds left lots of golem construct toy people around as servants and playthings. Most greater giants are dead, imprisoned or sleeping now but lots of their toy-filled wonderlands and castle playrooms left toys with magical food and treats. So as these toy people I can stat as abhumans in my game toys can be a playable race. Now you could be a clown doll, a skittle, a humpty doll, a tin soldier, china doll, a nutcracker, a dancing ballerina, a fat policeman, a plush bear etc. But hey would be tough as brutes in a fight.

Monday, 10 February 2020

Fetish Charm Magic

Ruin your game economics with this wonderous lo-fi DIY magic system using proficiency/skill/attribute roll resolutions.

In my games, I have a skill for making fetish objects

A fetish is often a figurine but could be a lump of quartz wrapped in hair or a shrunken head, a magic rune or more. Civilised people might use a paper charm with a wax seal instead. Medallions and jewellery are common, some are worked into designs of a weapon or items or artworks to make reusable charms. Many shatter or break when depleted so some pay 10x more for artwork quality rechargeable ones. Priests will evoke gods or spirits in creation.  Wizard might prefer a charm dedicated to a demon or elemental power. Fetish crafting is more common in tribal or common people and some users in cities might risk the charge of witchcraft. Most villages have someone who can make one or maybe a d3 in a town. Would be the cheapest most common items.

Currently, I have a magic skill called craft fetish but this will become Fetish Lore
Might expand to potions poisons black powder skills too. Candle magic?
Could rune magic just be like this?

My First Fetish Skill by Alignment

Bless fetish if good or lawful
Curse fetish if evil or chaotic

Alarm fetish if neutral or balanced

You may spend further skill slots in additional fetish types to get more fetish skills. It is possible to do this without being a spell caster but it is a magical skill.

Making a fetish requires a material prop object often a tiny figurine or medallion or token or possibly a tool or weapon or clothing. Tattoos could be possible,

Can sacrifice a unit of power in the creation of a condition often to make them last longer
-target or ignore species, alignment, tribe, element or any distinction
-protects only vs one thing like acid, a certain spell, poison so activated less often  

-Wards and conditions specialising against humans and orcs are rare as they are youngest races but elves and humans are developing them in secret
Fetish crafter makes a skill roll to succeed after spending money and time creating object

Fetishes show as magic if detected
Fetishes can be damaged or disarmed like a trap if detected
Thieves can detect and disarm fetishes with lucky charms, magnets, metal discs and crystals in their kits as any trap

You could stack effects of fetishes -  carry a cursed fetish while being hit by the enemy with fetish but cant stack same benefits from two different items.

I could imagine a type of rogue specialising in fetishes and reading scrolls and healing or a monk might be good too. Humanoid leaders and spell casters knowing a few can make a war band more dangerous with preparation. Possibly the effort invested might not help by enough. Having guys watching your wagons making these could be handy. A barbarian warrior might like some of these as a higher level or a dwarf or halfling.

You need other skills in craft or art to make attractive more valuable or rechargeable items.

Fetish Cost and Time

1-4th level First Order Charm 1sp materials often sell for a gp one day
5-8 level Second 
Order Charm 1gp materials often sell for 20-40gp takes two days
11-12 level Third 
Order Charm 20gp material often sell for 100gp takes three days
13-16 level Fourth 
Order Charm 100gp material often sell for 200gp takes four days
17-20 level Fifth 
Order Charm 250gp material often sell for 350-500gp takes 5 days

Rechargeable Fetish Charms

Some have fetishes incorporated into building or item so shaman can just recharge it, costs same time and materials but for the original object must have been made for cost of a standard fetish but x10 the materiel costs.

Besides adding to the economy of one use petty magic and traps the duties of a practitioner might be to recharge fetishes around dungeon and boss guys weapons monthly.  Shamans might have assistants doing nothing but working on fetishes, another on potions etc. Now you can have lots of fetish weapons or shields for players to carry about burdening them. Plus players will be "searching to spot fetishes" every room. Raiders might all have fetish items, guards of all sorts maybe 10% of a factions warriors and most elites have one.

Foes could have fetish crafted swords and get a +3 in the first strike. Or a thief carries a +5 one use dagger and puts poison on it for a special foe. It is cheaper to have 5 +1 fetish than one +5 charm. Lots of +1 sling stones might be handy. Making a one use +1 arrow or sling stone should be far easier than a permanently +1 weapon and this might be where they come from. +1 hit and damage would be two separate projects. Anything made into a fetish has artistic embellishments and looks fancy.

A war fetish carved into a bone arrow or painted sling stone can make a +1 hit and damage one-use magic ammo taking maker 2 days plus 2sp + ammo cost. You could earn a good living making these as a fletcher or make many more normal ones which in war would be more useful. A Sword with a +3 rechargeable blood fetish would be three days to make and cost 1000gp for the fetish crafting and 300 for the sword quality. It could be recharged by some guy in village (lv 9-12) for 100gp in 3 days. So economics on these not as good as spells or traditional magic items in long run but easier to learn.

Could let a commoner drive off a magic beast. A crafted fetish weapon might have three separate +1 fetish charms built in that could be reset in 3 days if shaman not too busy. A fetish maker will be reluctant to recharge a fetish with a condition contrary to their alignment. 

1 Alarm Fetish
-Each 4 Lv of creator gives fetish a 10-foot cube area to protect
-Set minimum size to set off an alarm when created from small, medium or large
-If left to watch area and triggered will either send a whisper to caster or scream one round
-Each activation uses reduces the cube area affected till item has no power
-Conditions include to not react to non-tribe members, non-residents or certain alignments
-Placed on doors, secret doors, chests, treasures, sleeping children

2 Animus Fetish
-Each 4 Lv of creator lets fetish bearer halt HP through blood then loses a use
-Conditions might be to only benefit certain faction or species
-A fetish owner might put in unconscious person's hand to halt their blood loss
-Pendant or a scar or a miniature figurine

3 Bad Fetish
-Calls malignant spirit that activate traps, alarms, levers, buttons, drop, push, grab
-10 foot square trigger per four levels, loses 10 foot square each activation till depleted
-each activation reduces size of the defended area until none left
-Makes traps more discriminating and deadlier but trap experts know the signs
-Could leave with a crossbow or several muskets and fire possibly multiple weapons
-Multiple actions could all be used at once or in sequence like shut door dire bolt
-Day per plus to make and a blood sacrifice a medium creature
-Conditions to react only to a certain faction or ignore a group like the makers

4 Bless Fetish

-Each 4 Lv of creator gives fetish a +1 on a specific stat save or attack roll once
-Conditions include vs certain species (humans) or threat (fire) or alignment (C ot CE)
-Can use all pluses at once or as you please one at a time
-Carried on user to benefit, the standard fetish type

5 Bone Fetish
-Each 4 Lv of creator gives fetish a +1 weapon damage
-Each time you damage a foe weapon loses a plus until all consumed
-Placed on weapons mostly, exhausted very quickly
-Conditions include vs specific alignment or nationality
-Day per plus to make and a blood sacrifice a medium creature

6 Blood Fetish
-Each 4 Lv of creator gives fetish a +1 chance of a critical
-Once damage a foe a use is lost and loses a +1 in effect
-Will let someone with no critical hit chance critical on a natural 20
-Will allow those with a critical hit chance to increase their chances
-Conditions specialised on a certain foe like undead, spiders, reptiles to make the last longer
-Placed on weapons mostly 
-Day per plus to make and a blood sacrifice a medium creature

7 Border Fetish

-When line 20 foot per level is crossed intruders get a wandering monster chance roll
-Each actual encounter reduces the power of fetish by 20 foot
-Mark a line or leave a thread to make, can then hide
-Set with an alarm fetish so increases the chance of a monster

-Condition to nationality, race, tribe, family help it last longer 

8 Curse Fetish

-Each 4 Lv of creator gives fetish a -1 on a specific stat save or attack roll once
-Conditions include effect only non tribe members so they can move object
-Can use all pluses at once or as you please one at a time, set by creator
-left out with treasure or put inside valuables to curse enemies

9 Fertility Fetish
-10 foot radius area per 4 levels increases fertility, growth and lactation in area
-Can use to blight area instead and render enemy impotent; infertile or as a contraceptive
-Cover a garden or person's bed or animals pen increasing natural growth by d20% 
-Condition to effect certain species or person 
-Each year loses 10 foot radius until depleted

10 Flesh Fetish
-extra +1 HP per 5HD, when HP lost fetish shatters into fragments
-Conditions include vs certain attacks like arrows or fire or vs certain species
-a medium creature sacrifice is required

11 Harm Fetish
-Inflicts 1 HP damage per 4 levels on contact once made with a bang and a flash
-Once damage done fetish turns to ash often with a spark flash or cracks and smoke
-Usually left on fancy knickknacks around as a trap that locals warned about
-Used as alignment tester or alarm, on sling stones, can damage melee weapons
-Conditions include 
target species or alignment or type of elemental damage
-Day per plus to make and a blood sacrifice a medium creature 

12 Medicine Fetish
-10-foot cube and heals 1HP per 4 levels on healing from nights rest
-Often burned in a fire, broken or consumed in the rest
-Can use it to make it cause harm instead so all in the area lose HP over a nights rest
-Power is depleted after a single rest, around fetish over 8 hours
-Condition to only heal certain alignment or species
-Often carried by a healer or used assistant in an emergency, candles common

13 Nightmare Fetish
-Each 4 Lv of creator makes 10-foot diameter area
-Everyone trying to rest or sleep has terrible dreams and cannot rest properly
-Each sleeping person in an area saves to rest properly, otherwise wastes 8 hours
-Each successful nightmare reduces the power by 10-foot radius until none
-Conditions often to target non-tribe members or a species or gender or alignment 
-Placed as tests, to keep faithful awake, or make enemies unable to recover curse places

14 Morale Fetish

-10-foot radius area & +1 Morale per 4 levels increases or decreases morale in zone
-Each morale roll affected by fetish loses 10-foot radius until depleted
-Conditions like only effect makers faction or based on species or alignment
-Often placed on banners, thrones, altars, boss rooms, treasury doors, gates

15  Pain Fetish
-Each 4 Lv of creator gives fetish a +1 hit roll
-Each time damages a foe a +1 in lost until all depleted
-Conditions include vs certain foes such as magic creatures, undead, elves, any evil-aligned
-Placed on weapons mostly 

16 Shield Fetish

-Each 4 Lv of creator gives fetish a +1 on AC vs one successful hit
-Once damage get though one use is lost and loses a +1 in effect
-Conditions such as melee or missile only or only vs unseen attackers make last longer
-Placed on armour or shields or items of clothing or jewellery

17 Spirit Fetish
-Each 4 Lv of creator gives fetish a 10 yards area where spirits become visible at night
-they are luminous and transparent as spirits but some can manifest bodies
Each spirit revealed in a day reduces the radius by 10 yards until depleted
-Conditions such as reveal only evil spirits or spirits possessing someone or in disguise help make the wards last longer. Common spirits shun attention, some don't care
-Placed on sticks placed around area warded with fetish in middle

18 Target Fetish

-Each 4 Lv of creator gives fetish a +1 to be hit by enemies
-Once damage hurts carrier one use is used and loses a +1 in effect until depleted
-Can include condition such as melee or missile or magic
-Placed on tempting treasures so enemies take them from treasure piles

19 Vermin Fetish
-10-foot radius area per 4 levels attracts or repels vermin as per makers preference
-Vermin include: rats, fleas, weevils, ants, mould, fungi, slime, maggots, flies, worms
-Each month radius drops by 10 foot until depleted
-Plant in enemy food supplies or wells but some creatures might think this is more food
-Condition to molest or protect certain goods or a person 

20 Ward Fetish

-Vs one creature type undead, demon, lycanthrope, mammal, elemental, elves, goblinoids, devils, witches, goblinoids, elves, sylvan, plant, dragon, reptile, bird, amphibian, etc 
-Each 4 Lv of creator protects 10 cubic foot of dwelling or just a doorway
-Each time an undead attempts to cross thresh hold they save or flee for a turn
-Each successful success reduces the power by 10 foot cube until none
-Fetish lasts for a year, some towns make an event to renew them in homes
-Conditions include a specific type of creature of the type to make them last longer


d12 Common Enemy Fetish (for low to mid-level warriors)

1 +1 Bless charm coin on DEX save one use
2 +1 Bless charm on a leather thong for CON save one use
3 +1 Bless charm on holy symbol for Will save one use
4 +1 Blood charm improved chance of a critical hit by one or 1 in 20 otherwise
5 Ring +1 Bless random stat, charm can be recharged by the creator
6 +1 Bless charm on a ring to hit one use
7 +1 Bless charm on a weapon to hit charm can be recharged by the creator
8 +2 Bless charm on a weapon to hit charm can be recharged by the creator
9 +1 Defence charm on shield or armour  

10 +1 Attack charm on shield or armour
11 +2 Target fetish on a lead wrapped tooth, attracts missile attacks
12 Curse fetish from an enemy -2 on next Wis save

 d12 Dungeon Boss Fancy Fetishes
-sub-boss and level boss=1 dungeon boss or big boss=2 Superbad boss=3
1 Helmet with a +1 defence fetish and fancy brush on top
2 Dagger with a +1 war fetish and poisoned
3 Knuckle duster, silver with +2 war fetish vs magical beings only
4 Woven hair charm wrapped around weapon acts as a +2 blood fetish
5 Fertility charm cursed used as contraception or curse
6 Evil god faced coin +2 Blood or Pain Charm
7 Alarm fetish idol screams to warn if humans in the area
8 Banner with +2 Morale over 20-foot radius for helping boss minions better

9 Medicine fetish +2 to use in emergencies
10 Crown with fertility fetish and Morale fetish of the rechargeable type
11 Fancy Hat has a Bless Fetish +3 for Wis saves 

12 Concealed Knife has +2 Pain 

d20 Common Dungeon Room Fetishes

1 Alarm fetish under floor of room entry screams for a round if passed
2 Alarm fetish on lid of container contact a  local spell caster
3 Medicine fetish cursed and hidden causes anyone resting 8 hours here to lose 2HP
4 Curse fetish -3 on hit roll once, gold leaf coated acorn
5 Charm fetish +1 CHA roll on a coin one use
6 Blood fetish +1 on an arrow head
7 Nightmare Fetish with 20 foot radius, evil idol hidden in recent plaster of wall
8 Undead Ward Fetish with 20 cubic feet covering entrance in a zombie doll
9 Border Fetish made from human leg bones covering a 20 foot line
10 Border Fetish and Alarm fetish form 
painted totem pole ignores ignore locals
11 Vermin ward to repel and protect goods or placed by enemies as sabotaged
12 Fertility Fetish protecting a plant or fungus or a bed or can be reversed to sterilise

13 Morale fetish and Border fetish that might call wandering monsters set vs outsiders
14 Room seems like a good place to hide and secure has a bad medicine fetish and a nightmare fetish making it a bad place to rest. Shutting selves in with deadbolt sends a alarm to fetish crafting boss who can arrive with helpers to barricade party in room
15 Harm fetish in doorstep or door handle explodes of anyone good touches 1hp
16 Bad fetish slams and locks door, then releases gas, first person clutching at door during save gets CON -2 save
17 Fancy carved wooden spoon with a vermin fetish to attract food destroying critters
18 Poisoned trap with curse fetish barb -2 CON save once
19 Trap that inflicts damage like a scythe or deadfall has a bon fetish and does +1 damage
20 Spirit wards in room of carved bones, 20 yard area make stranger spirits visible

suggestions welcome