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Structures of the Apocalypse: Part 2

So I'm gonna make a bunch sheets like this to use in city ruin exploration for high rises of various sizes, specialty buildings and bunkers. Considered might need attention on smaller buildings like service stations and mini marts. So here is more tables and stuff.

The A-Z system lets you key maps with a letter and number code (A7=Art School). It lets s you roll up lots of locations on the fly or before a game and mark them on your map.

A-Z City 
01-05 A  Academic - education building
06 B Bunker - war shelter complexes
07-15 C Corporate - business office building
16-12 D Defence - military and security forces building
13-17 E Emergency - disaster and rescue services building 
18-20 F Faction Stronghold  
21-25 G Government - state office building
26-35 H Housing - accommodation buildings 
36-40 I Industrial - manufacturing building
41-43 J Recreation - popular entertainment buildings 
44-47 K Culture - Galleries, museums, theaters 
48-50 L  Lair - major creature habitation
51-55 M Medical - hospitals & care facilities
56-57 N  Colony - new settlers stronghold
58 O Crater site of ancient weapon impact 
59-53 P Plant - power, sewerage & other buildings
64 Q Sythetics stronghold   
65-74 R Retail - shopping centers
75 S Secret - classified buildings
76-79 T Transport - infrastructure for road, rail, marine & air travel
80 U Underground - mines, quarries, cave entries
81-85  V Parklands - memorial, zoological & botanical gardens 
86-88 W Warehouse - storage buildings
89-90 X Science - research project and lab facilities  
91-95 Y Broadcasting- media and communications building 
96-100 Z Empty - under construction, demolition or destroyed sites

A-Z City Locations

A  Academic
1 Childcare Centre

2 Kindergarten
3 Primary School
4 High School
5 Trade School
6 Language School
7 Art School
8 University Campus
9 University Admin
10 University Research Lab
11 Medical School
12 Law School

B Bunker  
1 Military command bunker
2 Military sleeper base
3 Military weapon instillation
4 Military weapon research
5 Corporate elite survivor bunker
6 Corporate private survivor vault
7 Corporate black lab
8 Government 
elite survivor bunker 
9 Government disaster recovery vault
10 Cult bunker for the chosen
11 Science elite research bunker
12 Private bunker of billionaire and chosen

C Corporate  
1 Banking & finance corporation

2 Medical & cloning corporation
3 Electronics & cybernetics corporation
4 Agriculture & food corporation
5 Biotech & Android corporation
6 Entertainment & Media Corporation
7 Aerospace corporation
8 Transport & manufacturing corporation
9 Security & defence corporation 
10 Data & communications corporation
11 Legal & marketing corporation
12 Mining & resources corporation

D Defence  
1 Recruitment office
2 Naval base
3 Army barracks
4 Air force base
5 Military admin office
6 Drone control centre
7 Satellite monitoring centre
8 Nuclear command centre
9 Black ops centre with decoy front
10 State security agency
11 Anti aircraft station
12 Propeganda department

E Emergency   
1 Police department2 Riot squad depot
3 Cybernetic control squad depot
4 Private security depot
5 Fire department
6 Rural fire service control
7 Rescue service8 Prison complex
9 Disaster relief control
10 Refugee camp
11 Emergency evacuation centre12 Ration supply station

F Faction Stronghold  
1 Hidden observation post
2 Sniper station
3 Guard and signal tower
4 Camp
5 Fortified camp
6 Fortified ruin base
7 Supply cache
8 Prison camp
9 Dig site on ancient ruin
10 Fortified settlement
11 Military supply depot 
12 Forward army base

G Government 
1 Town council hall
2 State assembly
3 Federal 
4 Politicians office
5 Party office
6 State archives
7 Court house
8 Deeds and titles office
9 Post office depot 
10 Statistics & research
11 Technology authority
12 Food and drug authority

H Housing 
1 Abandoned settlement or camp
2 Poor tenement housing
3 Prefab cheap housing
4 Housing estate complex
5 Comfortable housing
Town houses
7 Cheap apartment complex8 Luxury apartments
Gated estate10 Motel complex
11 Hotel complex
12 Mansion

I Industrial
1 Food packaging plant
2 Chemical refinery
3 Robotics factory
4 Vehicle factory
5 Android factory
6 Building materials factory
7 Electronics factory
8 Plastics factory
9 Pharmaceutical company
10 Ceramics factory
11 Factory farm complex
12 Corpse recycling complex

J Recreation  
1 Cinema
2 Sports stadium
3 Entertainment complex
4 Show grounds
5 Night club complex
6 Amusement Arcade
7 Gymnasium
8 Skating rink
9 Indoor playground
10 Race Track
11 Casino
12 Theme park

K Culture 
1 Theatre
2 Art gallery
3 Art Museum
4 Natural history museum
5 Archaeological museum
6 Local history museum
7 National history museum 
8 Concert hall
9 Space museum
10 Genetics museum 
11 Crime museum
12 Transport museum

L  Lair
1 Hive complex of mutant insectoids
2 Pack of predatory mutant animals lair
3 Huge mutant predator lair
4 Colony of viscous mutant birds
5 Huge nest of mutant vermin
6 Colony of thieving pest mutant animals
7 Infestation of macroscopic horrors
8 Carnivorous plant colony
9 Protoplasmic slime creatures 
10 Intelligent mutant animal colony
11 Aggressive mutant herbivore shelter
12 Dangerous cloud or energy life form

M Medical
1 Field hospital
2 Ambulance service
3 Centre for disease control
4 Quarantine station
5 Hospital, private or public
6 Blood bank
7 Clone bank
8 Cryogenics lab
9 Cosmetic surgery clinic
d Orphanage
10 Organ bank
11 Genetics fabricators
12 Care facility for d4 1=veterans 2=elderly 3=insane 4=disabled

N  Colony
1 Campsite of stragglers
2 Refugee camp
3 Farmers colony
4 Fortified camp
5 Merchants camp
6 Scavengers camp
7 Mutant scroungers camp
8 Diseased outcastes camp
9 Naive settlers fresh from shelter
10 Cultist community
11 Escaped slaves camp
12 Fortified trade town
O Crater site of war  weapon impact 
1 Unexploded munitions
2 Radioactive marsh
3 Radiation worshiping cultist camp
4 Poisonous chemical tainted water
5 Psychoactive chemical weapon traces
6 Nanobot swarm
7 Zombie colony
8 Mutagenic contaminants
9 Unexploded tactical nuke
10 Burning radioactive fuel
11 Volcanic crater 
12 Plague contaminated water

P Plant 
1 Power plant in semi functional condition 1in4 occupied
2 Power plant melted down with burning radioactive waste
3 Recycling plant with robots feeding scraps and refining into raw materials
4 Recycling plant with seized up parts and mounds of garbage and rusted machines
5 Sewerage treatment plant now overgrown with vegetation
6 Sewerage treatment plant with access to city wide sub tunnels
Smelting plant
Fuel plant with huge rusted storage tanks
Gas refinery
10  Desalinisation plant
11 Water purification plant
12 Water storage facility

Q Sythetics stronghold   
Replicants posing as human settlers
2 Android outpost wary of humans
3 Cyborg warriors serving AI
4 Security bots guarding ancient something
5 Military robot squad think war still on6 Exterminator robots serving AI with biological disguises
7 Non combat machines repurposed by mad AI as killers
8 Self aware robots stronghold to observe biological threats
9 AI has sealed building in pristine condition
10 AI served by cult of naive human worshippers
11 Robo tank or fighter garage sealed since war
12 War borg or death machine lair hanger

R Retail
1 Supermarket mega store
2 Shopping mall of specialty stores
3 Specialty megastore
4 Charity megastore
5 Vehicle showroom
6 Robotics & android showroom 
7 Food court complex
8 Restaurant complex
9 Department store
10 Farmers market 
11 Second hand markets stalls in closed mall
12 Black market stalls in abandoned mall

S Secret black labs

1 Psionics Lab
2 AI warfare lab
3 Undead research lab
4 Germ warfare lab
5 Mutagenic research lab
6 Psychotronic research lab
7 Replicant lab
8 Superhuman research lab
9 Extraterrestrial research lab
10 Dimensional physics labs
11 Teleportation lab
12 Cyborging lab 

T Transport 
1 Vehicle storage garage 
2 Landing pad
3 Airship mooring
4 Airstrip
5 Vehicle repair garage
6 Aircraft hanger
7 Space centre
8 Teleportation station
9 Air control tower
10 Harbour authority
11 Docklands
12 Shipyards

U Underground 

1 Mine entrance sealed for centuries 
2 Mineshaft occupied by mutant creatures
3 Mineshaft occupied by faction gang
4 Storm drain entrance to underground tunnels
5 Quarry site with ruined vehicles
6 Open garbage pit partly overgrown and populated by vermin
7 Exposed damaged underground tube train tunnel
8 Tunnel left by burrowing machine in war time
9 Sealed natural cave complex
10 Cave complex occupied by settlers or faction gang
11 Tunnel construction project in mid completion
12 Open mine pit where faction digs for ancient relics

V Parklands 
1 War memorial surrounded by park
2 Zoological garden ruin populated with exotic mutants
3 Botanical garden with exotic plant life and animals
4 Playgrounds with sports fields
5 Graveyard with headstones, mausoleums and crypts
6 Park of statues dedicated to leaders and war heroes
7 Park dedicated to civilian deaths from war or disaster
8 Parkland converted to crops by farmers
9 Tribal warning totems with human corpses
10 Swiming pool with waterslide
11 Water features with fountains and water gardens
12 Greenhouse complex

W Warehouse 
1 Bales of recycled raw materials
2 Sealed containers of ancient food
3 Crates of plastic goods
4 Shipping containers with rusted ancient vehicles
5 Online retail store
6 Mausoleum with hermetically sealed coffin pods
7 Maze of empty cargo containers
8 Vermin filled multi story organic waste repository
9 Flooded with floating cargo pods and mould
10 Drone delivery depot
11 Leaking fuels cells floating in leaked chemicals
12 Cargo containers converted to settlement

X Science 
1 Pharmacy lab
2 Criminal drug lab
3 Hacker lab
4 Criminology lab
5 Computer lab
6 Observatory
7 Medical research lab
8 Prototyping lab
9 Particle accelerator
10 Space mission control
11 Brain interface lab
12 Patent office 

1 Radio station
2 Community TV studio
3 Government propaganda station
4 Communications tower
5 Virtual reality studio
6 Mindweb data centre
7 Videophone network station
8 News media network
9 Music recording studio
10 TV studio 
11 Film studio
12 Underground pirate media station

Z Empty
1 Empty having never been outfitted for completion
2 Gutted for refurbishment that never came
3 Empty ruin with graffiti and wrecked vehicles
4 Badly damaged shell after war era damage
5 Incomplete site with rusted construction vehicles and robots
6 Crashed aircraft in ruined building
7 Burned out building shell
8 Stripped by recyclers for raw materials
9 Great pit disintegrated with orbital weapons
10 Excavation by settlers or faction looking for materials
11 Fragile mostly skeletal buildings risks collapse of structure
12 Huge mound of rubble concealing another building type

Friday, 15 February 2019

Structures of the Apocalypse: Part 1

I have been playing fallout shelter lots.
So more detailed bunker generators required for gaming.

While working offline from phone tether my machine updated and lost a days work on this. Twice this has happened this month and ive been doing it for 6 years fine. Thankfully as life gets better i have been taking notes again. Getting a fridge today after a month without. I'm in two games now sorta, cyberpunk and 5th ed.

Also see my Gamma Aeon Subworlds and Psychon Book

This Is The last time I did A-Z for psychon and this is the Bunker Entry.

(Full Post Here)

Exerpt from city ruins generator earlier: B Bunker

Many complexes are buried beneath Psychon some predating he apocalypse. Though the gods are not above creating a ruined bunker with long histories and populations. Some are very ancient but once opened the population will be modified by nanite swarms to be natives of Planet Psychon. Some bunkers are specialised in some function. Others were overrun by hostile savages, monsters or undead aeons ago. They are famous for intact technology but some were build more recently by collapsing civilizations. Some are overgrown with fungus or tree roots or other organic matter. Some were defective and fell victim to life support failure or mutation or biological weapons. Some act as thriving settlements and trade but often don't let strangers inside. 

1 Sealed and populated by ancients uncontaminated by elements of Planet Psychon
2 Secured population act as a trading post, some sections might be abandoned
3 Corroded and even burned, occupied by undead and other monsters but some loot

4 Overgrown with fungus, tree roots or vegetation with feral animals inside
5 Population are mutated cultists hungry for flesh and depravity
6 Has been resettled by scavengers and is littered in junk and garbage
7 Occupied by robots and androids most often not welcoming to humans but in good repair
8 Semi ruined bunker occupied by a gang, cult or secret society
9 Biological mutant growths have covered everything in organic matter and is home to creatures
10 Sealed survivalist bunker with cryonics freezers for humans and DNA and equipment to repopulate the world

Current Ruin Project
Will be working through ideas for buildings and bunker generators with a bunch of silhouettes for populating. All the tables will go from gritty to gonzo so you can use lower dice if you want to run as a lower tech post apoc setting. My previous item sampled above was mostly for Psychon and a quick result. I want something more on city block scale or for that one off ruin you find in wastes and not as big as my citadels. Lots of Fallout Shelter phone game app inspiration behind this. While i wont this to work in Psychon I also want it for my Gamma Aeon Broken Hill setting for Gammaworld.

Above silhouettes are samples of about 9 of each type: High Rise for sky scrapers mostly housing, retail and offices. Special Purpose are less high, wider complexes. Bunkers are underground shelters more often for military and corporate and government than civilians.

In the test art above the high rise has 17 floors above ground. Rooftop has plant, a roof dome and landing pad. 5 Sub levels, 3 large and two minor.

The second is a shopping complex with larger ceilings over three floors. Has roof garden dome and plant room and landing pads on roof. Three Sub levels with a extra big cargo elevator well.

The bunker has a nuke proof surface structure with vault door and defences. Then "secret" Two decoy ruined levels. Then two secret ruined decoy levels then entry to a 5 level utopia with

I want to do about 9 of each of these examples in this style for when exploring cities or isolated one off buildings in the waste. All the tables are built on gritty to gonzo approach. More high tech weird stuff is last so you can use a lower dice in a less futuristic or mutant filled setting.

My citidel stufff was more like self contained cities in single buildings that could sustain large population independently and take perhaps 3-4 sessions. These are smaller and might be a session or less time to loot.

d12 Structure Condition

1 Crumbling ruins
2 Burned out 
3 Skeletal Structure
4 Badly damaged
5 Semi intact but contaminated
6 Semi intact with lairs 1in6 with a major camp
7 Intact with 1in6 fortified by a faction
8 Intact and refurbished by new settlers
9 Restored to working order by established settlers
10 Poor condition and decrepit but still functioning
11 Good condition and well maintained
12 Pristine and sealed with functioning AI supervisor

This could be applied to whole structure or in perhaps a d6 floors at a time with worst at top or any arrangement you like.

d12 Structure Inhabitants
1 Animals use as a lair
2 Vagrants use to camp in
3 Gangs and factions use as occasional camp
Gangs and factions battle over the ruins for domination
5 Settlers have camped here while searching for a new home
6 Settlers started to move in but now in battle with gangs and factions
7 Refugees, outsiders and outcasts on the run camped here
Gangs and factions fortified as an outpost
9 Settlers have built a colony with defenses here 
10 Settlers attempting to use structure as it was in the past
11 Original inhabitants sealed away and hidden
12 Synthetics including robots, androids, AI and cyborgs 

d12 Common Roof top structures
1 Antenna array, satellite dishes and solar panels
2 Landing pad 1in6 with airship dock 1in6 with garage for aircraft
3 Plant room for air con and elevators
4 Recreation area with pool, jogging track, playground, ball courts
5 Rooftop garden 1in6 with food outlet 1in6 with greenhouse dome
6 Billboards and possible huge holoprojectors for advertising
7 Settler built outpost or faction observation post
8 Colony of flying creatures with nest sites
9 Overgrown with vegetation and creatures have moved in like a island 
10 Gigantic overgrown mutant creature
11 Monorail or tube train station or highway once connected to other buildings
12 Teleporter transmat station with uplink to orbitals

d12 Common Basement Structures
1 Access to underground retail arcade connecting other buildings
2 Parking garage and Storage bays
3 Workshop and maintenance
4 Plant room for air conditioners and elevators
5 Tube train station
6 Water plant and sewer access
7 Engineering access to between floor spaces of building
8 Garbage compactors and recycling 1in6 contaminated
9 Survival shelter
10 Power plant  1in6 contaminated
11 Tunnels dug by creatures, machines or settlers
12 Colony of settlers or mutants

d12 Contamination
1 Flooded, rotting material and floating mould
2 Fungus and decay, spores make air toxic
3 Radioactive from war or leaked power 
4 Booby trapped by some faction or during war
5 Chemical weapons from war
6 Flammable gas and leaking oil 
7 Sewerage and disease
8 Garbage and disease, crawling with vermin
9 Corpses from war or more recent and disease
10 Unexploded munitions from war or more recent
11 Hostile machines or androids
12 Colony of mutant horrors breeding have modified

roof features d3
small 4d6 floors
medium  3d12+12 floors
large d100+50 floors
sub levels 3d4

d100 Core Function
01-30 Residential apartments
31-35 Hotel complex
36-60 Office suite complex
60-75 Corporate office complex
76-80 Government office complex
81-85 Retail complex
86-90 Medical facility
91-93 Research facility
94-95 Law enforcement complex
96-97 Cultural complex
98-99 Educational facility 
100  Under construction or empty

Feel free to modify or use lower dice or just pick arbitrary amounts.
This will account for the bulk of the middle floors function.

Specialty Building

roof features d4+1
small d6 floors
medium  2d6+2 floors
large 6d6+12 floors
sub levels 3d4

d100 Core Function
1-6 Residential apartments
7-8 Hotel complex
9-10 Office suite complex
11-13 Corporate office complex
14 Government office complex
15 Retail department store
16 Retail warehouse store
17-18 Supermarket
19-20 Shopping Mall Complex
21 Food court
22 Restaurants
23 Truck Depot
24-25 Garage for parking
26 Vehicle sales
27 Vehicle service centre
28 Bus depot
29 Train station
30 Air transport hub
31 Shipping yard
32 Marine Authority
33-35 Warehouse

36 Medical centre
37 Hospital
38 Aged care facility
39 Mental hospital
40 Veterans home
41 Cryonics Storage
42 Cloning facility
43 Mausoleum

44 Research facility
45 Law enforcement complex
46 Emergency services
47 Military Admin
48 Military Barracks
49 State security
50-51 Prison

52 Museum
53 Media Broadcasting
54 Media Studio
55 Library
56 Gallery
57 Memorial
58 Stadium
59-60 Gymnasium
61 Aquatic centre
62 Aquarium
63 Zoological gardens
64 Botanical gardens
65-66 Cinema
67 Theatre
68 Entertainment Centre
69 Casino
70 Childcare facility

71-72 Primary school
73-74 High School
75 Technical School 
76 University
77 Refinery
78-79 Factory, textiles
80 Factory, recycling centre
81 Factory, food

82 Factory, vehicles
83-84 Factory, electronics
85 Factory, cybernetics
86 Factory, androids
87 Factory, medical
88-89 Factory, plastics
90 Factory, ceramics
91 Factory, building materials
92 Factory, farm
93 Factory, armaments

94 Power Plant
95 Agriculture
96 Chemical Plant
97 Bottling plant
98 Brewery
99 Construction site
100 Demolition site

Feel free to modify or use lower dice or just pick arbitrary amounts.
Most of these buildings are specialized but 1in6 might share d3+1 similar services.
These buildings tend to be wider than they are high.
You could scale these down to house size rather than multi level giants.

Thursday, 14 February 2019

Isle of Dread Hardback

Was visiting a new game store to play 5th ed. My dragon born got stuck behind party for three combats because we had 8 players. One fight i stood waiting by a staircase because someone else blocked it. Sometimes minis are a drama. I had fun though my 4th game of 5th ed.

The above book was in. I cant afford it but i had a good look. It is a improvement. Contrast of the eras of design is greater. Less repitition. New content looked good, even new monsters and lairs. The best thing is the William McAustland art and maps. I love his stuff and his mutant epoch books and his work on goodman games stuff. There is lots of it and im prepared to get this book largely on the strength of his work in it. His revisions of the maps are supreme. It is a big improvement over the previous book and makes me hope for more. Id love a saltmarsh trilogy or the lost city or cult of the reptile god done like this..

In response to a comment on this added 16th

i agree new books over written. But the point of this series is to reprint all original versions. Book one reprints both versions of two modules, presents a 5th ed version, stats monsters in 5th ed that are not in current edition and fleshes out area with additional encounters. It has thick paper and large text.

I was interested in the project and when i saw results i was a bit iffy about it but got it. I did want both modules and i did run one of them promptly. I was still iffy and didnt like the new art but the new content was usable.

The new book has both modules and does a better job of everything. The contrast from early 80s TSR and mid 80s designer TSR. They have obviously listened to the criticisms of vol1. Im a big McAustland fan and will get it mostly because of him and he improves any book he works on. I hope series continues and gets better.

Monday, 11 February 2019

Book Updates

Have been in internet siberia as I'm relying on my phone and came back from my homeless stint working in Sydney a bit tight setting up a house. Spent 3 days of red tape getting tooth pulled on welfare. Still no fridge and not much stuff in new pad. Hope to rectify soon. Mysteriously have been gaming on a weekly basis here. Marvel Super Heroes (on hold as friend hospitalized with mystery infection with fist size blister, probably not a zombie) 

Masks of Nyarlenthotep new ed run in 2nd ed for the third year of my current group. Reading the books finding 30 pages for a simple adventure with lots of duplication about monster (even within a spread page) tiresome to read. It is written to account for lots of variety but does the villains land lady need stats? One npc gets lots of info yet they kill her in scenario without any spoken words. I had her rescued and used her to drive plot and as a possible. It is written to account for lots of options and player actions which seems doomed to failure. Was fun and two characters hopelessly crippled by monsters might not survive or even continue adventure. Peru chapter needs more on firearm laws like many other chapters have. The Australia chapter has optimistic figures of Australian genocide but better than some previous treatments of Aboriginals. Big fun. I will run the Mexico chapter from companion next. 

Played some 5th Ed. It is so freaking slow. I think my homebrew is about 10 times faster. Still will play more but I could not honestly run this game. Maybe if I had the nueroplasticity of a 15 year old. Invited to play 5th ed game and cyberpunk2020. 

I ran solo play with a Gnome character to playtest EMO book using tables in advanced book with old geomorph book and wilderness map. Went pretty well. Gnome could turn into a starling and several times survived by escaping as bird and losing most of his loot. Ended up leaving most stuff at home. A hilarious moment came when got surprised by green slime after deciding I don't need no stinking torches. Used a luck point to find a lit torch in bracket in wall and just lived. Luckily wolves just eat the food you leave and was able to recover abandoned loot. Angry halflings drove him off with rocks and he dreams of revenge. Killed a wizard at one point. Earlier wizard and henchman captured the gnome but being able to turn into a bird a pretty good escapology plan. Went through a few levels over a few sessions of dungeon and wilderness (i have no tv and or media only a few books and comics). Was pretty good. 

Printing out my EMO zines has been helpful hoping to get a game using Dwellers of the Forbidden City then possibly DCC into hollow earth adventure. Zine thing has been entertaining me more than anything so will continue. Have considered doing a A-Z bunker generator for Psychon and post apoc shlock games. Poverty and G+ death have made me more able to focus on some projects. Anyone wanting to proof for me best option is to mark up a pdf or state page/section then paragraph Feedback on game balance stuff nice too. Will be revising this for months before I combine into a Digest Hardcover. Hope your all well.

Saturday, 2 February 2019

Abhuman Variations of Beast & Elemental Folk

So i will finish my last beast folk post but after losing pelican and stingray folk will let it rest a bit. Meanwhile.....My monster book got a big update. Will post progress soon.

Some beast folk variant tables

d12 Where did beast folk come from?
1 Descended from beast spirits in dawn age before humans appeared
2 Made by the gods as servants and guardians of the wilderness
3 Some tribes intermarried with beast spirit folk long ago 
4 Ancient religions created them as servants and guardians long ago
5 Tribe was in decline so druids made the next generation part beast to survive
6 Elven and faerie folk made from mortals to be servants and amusements
7 Cursed by a god for some great sin long ago 
8 People came across a strange artifact long ago that transformed them
9 Cured of lycanthropy and evil bestial lust but now a race of beast folk
10 Wizard or priest made with ancient formula for scholarly reasons
11 An alchemist made by tampering with the secrets of life and strange potions
12 Mad wizard made with cruel surgery

d12 Beast Folk Variations

1 Diminutive halfling size breed  (suffix of -ling on the end like frogling, catling)
2 Great breed more stature of an ogre or minotaur and mostly not too bright
3 Giant breed stature of a hill giant most are quite low intelligence
4 Man like or hybrid are more human and can pass as humans with hood and cloak
5 Wild breed more bestial and nomadic with only a few crude tools and loin cloths
6 Barbarian tribal clans look fairly human but with animal skin and coloured hair (like zebra)
7 Civilized are technologically advanced wearing good clothes, literate and more lawful
8 Live in communities of mixed beast folk, possibly have jobs suited for breed
9 Bestial and and able to walk on all fours or just both legs
10 Human from neck down with beast head
11 Half folk from the waste down are animal like satyrs and more human above
12 Half folk from waste down like centaurs

d12 Where did elemental folk come from? 

1 Ancestors bred with elemental spirits long ago
2 Served the gods before humans existed
3 Worshipers of the elementals gifted with boon by their gods
4 Changed by elemental demons as reward for loyal cultists
5 Enslaved and changed by elemental conquerors
6 Created in laboratory by wizards in vain attempt to create life
7 Tainted by elemental pollution from alchemists8 Made a pact with elemental lord to overcome a mutual enemy
9 Long ago lived near a elemental node that spewed out elemental power
10 Invaded from elemental plane long ago and remained
11 Summoned by wizards as servants long ago
12 Fused with elemental life by alchemists long ago

d12 Elemental Folk Variations

1 Smaller halfling sized breed such as mudlings, frostlings, or lava children
2 A breed of colourful horrible ogres
3 A breed of colourful cruel ogre magi with elemental powers
4 A breed of elemental giants 
5 Humanoids made entirely from magical elemental stuff not flesh
6 Coloured skin and hair barbarian tribes folk
7 Coloured skinned barbarian folk with elemental matter for hair and eyes
8 Mixed tribe of elemental folk living together
9 Coloured skinned tribe ruled by elemental wizards with various elemental pets
10 Coloured skinned tribe ruled by elemental priesthoods with mighty monuments
11 Coloured skinned tribe ruled by druids worshiping natural elemental power node
12 Coloured skinned tribe worshiping evil elemental lords and their demonic allies