Wednesday, 22 May 2019

Sell out now ask me how

Finally Im one of those blog guys publishing too much to blog as much....

Am writing d100 petty cults

Proof copies of 3fold Guides (Patreon Post on this)
Previous poll on patreon to decide on series 5 still up last post so vote
So each series of 10 has a extra one which will be freeebies detailing the setting. Some include actual hex maps and tables and some history. Exilon volume includes cultural basics and a list of gods.

So I will update these over the month and will keep readers here up to date as edits come in...Two new 3fold adventures and a one sheet dungeon zine out before end of the month.

Series 1 Threefold Land

Series 2 Exilon (2 more vol in series to finish)

Series 3 Psychon (2 more vol in series to finish)

Series 4 Sour Hill (Just Started)

I have a bit of extra time coming and spending on self care rather than writing but should get some more posts here soon. Will do a public release on a one-sheet dungeon zine too.

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