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D100 Random Apoc Baggage (Fixed repost)


Was accidentally posted unfinished so fixed now
Sorry or Invasion day in Australia today 
Hanging with magpies in underpants
Warm & humid but not uncomfortable
Possibly might eat chips and gravy
Yesterday had bushfire smoke choking street

As the bombs fell and the robots ran wild and the plagued neighbours turned into mutants, plague zombies and psychotronic thralls of science. Plenty had time to pack, others were in a hurry or just whatever they had when out of their homes.

d10 Post Apocalypse Baggage Types
1 Juve
2 Youth
3 Labourer
4 Office
5 Recreation
6 Evacuee 
7 Elderly
8 Vice
9 Bug out bags 
10 Apocalyptic 

d100 Post Apocalypse Baggage a
01 Bright coloured backpack with nappies, formula, baby bottle, d6 adorably bad drawings and squeaky plush toy. A d6 jars of long life baby food is highly desired by cyborgs and androids

02 Schoolbag with tablet, notebooks, sport uniform, d6 nutri-chew bars
03 Bag with child sleeping bag, pyjamas, plush toy and pillow
04 Scout napsack with compas, canteen scout book, merit badge passport, pocket knife, weeks compact survival rations, flashlight, electronic lighter, fishing line and hook
05 Rigid travel case with wheels with colourful child clothes for a week
06 School uniform, school rule book, musical instrument, data tablet
07 Plastic carry case with d6 1=plastic building bricks 2=war theme action dolls 3=model vehicles 4=celebrity talking doll with d4+3 phrases they are known for 5=Video console and game crystals iin6 hacked to work without network
08 Lunch box with cartoon characters with long life synthham sandwich, long life atomic apple, nutri-chew bar, vitamin concentrate paste, sensible cheese stick, bottle of memory enhancing cola and d6 packets of pills mostly mood and behaviour altering ones
09 Old case with a collection of child craft including terrible coil clay jars, gold macaroni frame art and terrible seasonal holiday crafts saved over several years marked treasure on front 
10 Back pack baby plays soothing music, self-cleaning, temperature control, feeding tubes, and cozy bedding. Has bubble dome with emergency gasmask, some models have fold-out wheels and handles and become a pusher, has copy of "Perfect Baby" magazine and DNA donor catalogue in a pouch
11 Teens sport equipment including uniform, helm, gloves and kneepads d4 1=hoverboard 2=folding memory plastic BMX bike 3=power discus 4=rollerball skates
12 Teen school uniform and gym outfit, data tablet, d6 books
13 Cadet uniform for military school or paramilitary youth group like scouts, airforce cadet, navy cadet or a space cadet. Cadet data slate, light slug gun, truncheon, cadet book, a pamphlet on reporting parents to the secret police
14 Helmet and jumpsuit with d4 1=skis and poles 2=aqualung 3=parachute 4=spacesuit
15 Slingshot, 2d6 rocks, molotov, pipe bomb, t-shirt, gasmask,  pamphlet endorsing youth revolutionary army
16 Black backpack with band patches, spare clothes, cup-noodle-doodle, packet of cigarettes, pop magazine, switchblade, leather jacket with patches, hair care products, six pack of beer, light slug gun
17 Sport uniform, deoderant, bandages, helmet, bat or ball, team secret codebook
18 Gothic lolita cat girl/boy costume in tiny "hi-there katya" backpack, book of poetry and dream drawings 
19 Skateboard, d6 spraycans, 5d6 marker pens, d100 cool stickers, cool pair of unboxed designer shoes, sk8ers multi tool, d6 joint
20 Cache of d4 6-packs of low alcohol beer, goonbag of cheap wine, goonbag of recycled orange and vodka, bottle pf nasty cheap vodka or possibly turpentine, bag of weed, wizard bong, d3 bottles of alcoholic cocktail mixers, 2L bottle of Grunge Cola, box of cheese dongles, box of toucan crunch cereal, box of glowsticks, d6 fireworks, bullhorn, packet of cheese twisties, bag of raspberry frog jubes
21 Orange industrial jump suit with helmet and toolbelt with a d6 tools and lunchbox with soyagreen sandwich and a can of energy drink
22 Greasy blue mechanic overall with safety specs, a multi tool and a flashlight 
23 Green and white jumpsuit with grass stains, gloves, hand shears
24 Grey jumpsuit and cap delivery driver uniform with clip board, bag of cable ties, roll of tape and box cutter
25 White jumpsuit, gasmask, medical uniform, bio hazardous waste disposal tub, rubber gloves 
26 Red & white medical jumpsuit, first aid kit, torch, respirator mask with hour air tank, pack of gloves, d3 large training manuals
27 Light blue police jumpsuit with a flack vest, handcuffs, memory plastic truncheon, cable ties, whistle, first aid kit, police data tablet, folding memory plastic riot shield 
28 Yellow ABC suit with respiartor and hour air supply, plus advanced filters, giger counter and light rad shielding, spare air cylinder, rad foam (absorbs rads and seals object, comes in spray can with 2 cubic metres of foam, pneumatic drug injector with anti rad drug dose, rad purification treatment dose and universal anti toxin dose, included a biohazzard rated ID 
29 Green chamo reserve jumpsuit, plastic army helmet, plastic 9mm slug pistol, 5.56mm plastic bullpup assault rifle with torch and bayonet mounts, military ID and papers, bottle of bourbon, packet of pre deployment meds in sealed bag with experimental ant germ and gas warfare nanites 
30 Green agriworker jumpsuit, bag of seeds, bag of weed, hand shears, multi tool, pocket knife, memory plastic spade, hoe, watering can and trowel all fold flat and fit in pocket wallet, pictures of family in farm labour camps
31 Cheap business jump suit, jogging outfit, clip on tie, bottle of vodka, lottery tickets, policy manual, office expense claim forms, building entry ID
32 Quality business jumpsuit, silk tie, cufflinks, tie pins declaring aliegences to ancient factions, corporate data tablet, corporate executive ID
33 Business kimono, awesome nightclub pop fashion with neon accessories 
34 Suit is a monitor constantly scrolling advertising, can be hacked into a chamo suit
35 Electronic bullet proof case with d6 gold ounces, wads of ancient cash, tickets and brochure to travel to a bunker in isolated location with a pass key
36 Elaborate business robes with head dress, case folds out into display costume to easy putting on, gold necklace, anti aging med -d6 years off appearance, tin with designer party drugs, HUD goggles and business AI in suit, requires power cell, in emergencies suit seals and provides 10 minutes air, concealed laser pistol 
37 Cheap office wear, cleaners uniform and factory overall with IDs for poor worker with three jobs to meet ends
38 Cool new wave business jumpsuit, headset com system, HUD display to smart tablet, tin of designer drugs, tickets to day spa, tranquilisers, bottle of gin, crack pipe and rocks, nail painting machine, variable coloured neon hairpiece, exiting business scheme prospectus
39 Expensive old fashioned business jumpsuit with pinstripes and hat (also a flak suit), box of cigars, lighter, corporate tablet and executive ID, walking stick, gold mechanical watch
40 Sexy high fashion business jumpsuit in wild colours with various pattern selections programmed in, corporate tablet and executive ID, bottle of vodka, horse medicine, bottle of sparkling white alco-fizz, cool fashion bag, groovy sunglasses, music player box
41 Bathers, radblock sunscreen, swim goggles, towel that dries and folds into hand size, pair of things (of flip flop to foreigners), memory plastic beachball and umbrella set, six pack of Creepy Cola 
42 Cosplay con baggage, d3 costumes and con tickets, signed photographs, real-looking but fake costumes include d4 1=sf hero costume 2=furry toon animal freak 3=literary character 4=historical outfit, outfits have a d3 prop weapons and accessories 
43 Sexy bathers, underwear, sleepwear, d6 high tech sex toys, tickets to sex resort ship or bunker, porn mags, d100 one use contraceptives, 6pack of beer, bottle of random pills, fancy ring of keys, sunglasses, sandals, body oil, sterilizer foam spray can
44 Replica military historic uniform and realistic electronic toy gun for re-enacting all the great wars 
45 Collection of antique first edition books of the 20th century
46 Collection of beany babies
47 Chamo cloak and battery, advanced zoom camera and ranged microphone, bird spotters book, 1in6 has mysterious ancient foreign documents, wire garotte, and a pill hidden in a ring, a silenced slug pistol
48 Customised gaming console, hud goggles, data gloves, headphones
49 Cryonic packed pet in case, a leash, tins of food, tin of treats, petcare data tablet, in bodybag for disposal 
50 Locked combination case with plastic helmet, breastplate and shield, plastic printed M-16 and two magazines (gun breaks after used up), ceramic machete, 6m rope, week military rations, militia membership card, pamphlets of some demented pre-war domestic terror cult
51 UN ration pack for the week for a family of four, vitamins, 4l long-life pure water, vouchers for food relief and travel, search documents for missing family, family photos

52 Family collection of silver, trinkets, jewellery and shiny stuff in hope of bribing border authorities of pay human traffickers
53 Detention collar, vouchers for welfare, spare shirt and socks, space blanket, tin of soup, tiny camp cook set
54 Folding 2-person tent, sleeping roll, lighter, pocket knife, metal pot, dried rice and beans for a week
55 Urban chamo suit, gasmask, ancient faction flag, conspiracy filled data tablet, d4 pipe bombs, map of the local city with x marks, truncheon, survival knife, first aid kit
56 Boxes of hoarded medication many unlabeled and scrap and recycled medical supplies that shouldn't be reused, how to do surgery data tablet
57 Mess of clothes a few family photos, a packet of long life sandwiches, can of soda
58 Cans of soup, sack of long life rice and sack of flour 
59 Collection of improvised d4+3 clubs and shanks and a d3 pipe guns made from scrap
60 Bag full of ancient paper cash and banking bonds and hastily scrawled suicide note
61 Bag with several wigs, d4 outlandish fashion dated in ancient times, plastic jewellery, sunglasses, dentures
62 Bag with adult incontinence pants, soap, gloves, moist towelettes, ointment, suppositories, laxatives, bowel care brochure, cybernetic catalogue for digestive tracts
63 Oxygen mask and cylinder, dressing gown, carton of cigarettes, slippers, old faded photos of family
64 Folding wheelchair
65 Biorobot companion animal unopened in box with care manual and treat tin
66 Tins of various unlabled medications and lots of pairs of glasses and dentures from different people
67 Very old military uniform with tattered flag and some photos, bayonet, medals, severed enemy android head
68 Bionic parts d3 in sealed travel case each requires and atomic cell d4 1=hand 2=arm 3=leg 4=heart
69 Memory plastic folding walking frame, stimulant, bone-strengthening nanite treatment dose, old newspapers, ball of found wire, back of peppermint candy
70 Clothes for an elderly couple travelling a few days with a brochure for a luxury old folks bunker with bingo, swinging and rock and roll dancing
71 Bags of white powder, d4 kilos and wads of paper currency used by criminal classes

72 Bomb vest, baggy raincoat, detonator, death to human oppressors brochures
73 Submachinegun, 5.56 2 clips ammo, silencer, two smoke grenades, 2d4 fake IDs of service workers and building staff
74 Electronic locked briefcase with documents of massive criminal land grab and government bribes
75 Credit transaction machine but hacked to skim a few % extra cash for mob
76 Electronic counter security kit for high tech burglars
77 Two one shot rocket launchers, patriotic hat, bottle of bourbon, hunters knife, letter about joining in city riots
78 Locked case with brochures and hats of opposite ancient factions with bags of cash and opera and sports tickets, a bullhorn, several fake IDs
79 Portable drug lab but chems depleted and a few bits missing but can be improvised
80 Locked case, ammo printer takes polymer and ceramic recycled pellets and turns into low calibre pistol or rifle ammo usually 5mm or 5.56mm, requires a fuel celss
81 ABC suit (Atomic bio chem resistant), with respirator, plastic printed assault rifle and 4 clips, bag of anti plague and chem meds and radiation drugs, filter canteen
82 Black paramilitary fatigues, plastic printed shotgun and 30 rounds, machete, first aid kit, anti zombie medication, undead survival and warning sign brochures 
83 Stealth suit suppresses thermal or electrical detection, shocc batton hacked to stun robots, d4 magnetic mines with timers,  
84 Tinfoil hat with wires and battery, brochures and books warning of psychotronic mind control weapons with map of hiding places, secret world government locations and a underground city for alien vivisection
85 Tent, sleeping bag, camp stove, month of rations
86 Quality camera in rigid case contains footage of every day life and ends in riots and nuclear blasts then looking for food in rubble after
87 Nuclear waste policy manuals detailing local waste sites, symbols and transcript of need to build an atomic cult to protect waste 70 000 years in the future by scientists in case civilisation collapses
88 Air raid warden uniform, helmet, danger stickers, posters warning public, bullhorn, trucheon, torch and packet of caffeine pills
89 Tins of long life ration canned food for two months, no opener
90 Sat com terminal, folding radar dish, needs power but can signal orbitals or things in space
91 Old business suit, strange cult robes, mask, demon cult medalion, a bible with the smaller book of blasphemous lore inside
92 Body bound in cable ties long mummified 1in6 is undead

93 Terrorist bomb with timer and trigger detonator with old sports clothes on top
94 Suit, bathers and clubbing outfit, grooming kit, concealed communications device and foreign or terrorist code book, maps with a few x marks
95 Locked plastic case with authorisation document pouch declaring sensitive electronics, actually is a stolen strange isotope in a sealed pod inside

96 Hundreds of bodybags and marker to record bag labels, trench shovel, gas mask, gloves, overalls, week ration pack, a brochure on what to do after the bomb
97 Spacesuit, extra life support pack, spray re-entry shield and parachute, duralinium cable, laser pistol with d6 shots, crashed astronaut hid this?
98 Case of radiation absorbent foam to cover 12m square
99 Firefighting helmet, thick fireproof coat, respirator and air filter mask, fire axe, torch, fire extinguisher, ablative spray on fire resistant foam 4d4HP vs fire last an hour, calender of naked firefighters with dalmation puppies
100 Suitcase with electronic optical and DNA lock, security documents inside destroyed if opened, shows locations of bunkers for politician to head to in emergency. Other documents indicate government broking into factions as riots and plagues and undead and android revolutions begins

Sunday, 24 January 2021

Stone Age Sorcery Team Crush Necromancy!

Last session was mostly character tweaking, magic item making, infrastructure
and management projects and planning what rival civilisation or relic of ancient
evil they needed to crush next.

Party today
-Orco the 13th Lv , a greatest known living wizard with own school of wizardry
-Sourberry the 13th level Elf lord founder of the twilight elf clan
-Lanos the 8 foort tall giant-warrior with his magic dog pals

All had been working from their towers in their floating giant cloud castle and the orc and human villagers were settled in well. Mostly they were awaiting Inteliegence and were sure the dragons would be the first enemy. Dwarves have left an ambassador. As a teleporting plane shifting elf noble was was on talking terms with the pine elf queen (though she is a bit snarky and implies the twilight clan wont last). They had allies of lizard folk monks and the mammoth and elk clan. Characters have lots of followers and their own strongholds in the area too.

The flying castle was parked over the cave where the tribe darkness (snake and spider too) and some orcs lived in the cave surrounded by gardens where they traded with the Sunderland and a cave hag some worship. 

Red ape valley has a ziggurat of the Sky god with a clan of warriors and clerics. The giant had a cave full of giant dogs there, some are becoming intelligent. These dogs forme a scout-communication link through the mountains and to the coast via a route the Dragon and Death temples don't know about. Dinosaur valley with the reptile monks has a crystal library the elf learned to access and found mention of the blue dragon worshipped by the cult. 

The flying castle had 5 outer towers and an inner control tower.
The central tower has the helm and power room and the left has a lab there and lets griffons nest in the roof. Lanos keeps the giant lord's tower and chambers. The orcs and the humans had towers for residence. The human took the doors off. The humans and orcs in the city have been using ancient coins of prehumans as shiny jewellery and decorations on their clothing. Most wearing 30gp in coin as shiny pretty stuff. Trade with underland has made some aware of the value.

The wizard Orko has a tower for his school of wizardry. In his lab he has been making abhumans. Early ideas included griffon abhumans or something but the process needs a human and an animal usually and the animal dies with its parts surgically donated to the survivor. But with his orc followers he worked out they could catch bad orcs and use them to make allied orcs into abhuman super orcs. So now he has 7 foot tall musclebound orc bodyguards. Some other people started to ask "hey sometimes i wonder if Orko the wizard is really good guy". Turnsout he is a balanced-nuetral weirdo. He also made a homonculi duplicate and considered polymorphing it into female to be his GF. Been preaching to students dont bother with mortal lovers, just get your levels up and make dream lovers or summon them.

Wizard and Elf has been summoning earth elementals to do gardening, building, tunneling and building.

Surprisingly a messenger from the dragon cult offering to meet and fight the undead. The party were wary but willing to go. They flew over by griffon and saw the temples and shrines and hundreds in robes to welcome them. When party made clear they were interested in peace and territorial border limits rights and working to fight undead were allowed to meet the dragon. The big blue dragon named Lord Cyan was charming mostly. Mention of dwarves made him twitch excitedly so they played down this possibility they knew where any were. Dragons apparently had beef with heretics who made dragons into undead so they hated all necromancers now. Party were suspicious of dragon cult slave pens of captives from tribes they had never met. Elf had an invisible spy trip till smelled by a draconian guard and saw the hydra temple had a golden Hydra, the Nidhogg shrine had wyverns and the Tiamat shrine had a gate to somewhere. So a plan to meet for war in a week to plan made with draconic cult leaders. The dragon gave them ancient blue lotus wine and each a gift, the giant got a featherfall headband, elf got a elfcloak (just had one spare) and wizard got a jug that turned any potion into a 2d4 HP healing potion. Dragon invited wizard to drink lotus wine and share wizard spells.

Elf spied on the death temple and saw they were mostly zombies and skeletons with a few suspicious undead and a lich. There was a core of templar evil clerics and a priest and then slaves they were rounding up with help of hyena clan of tribals. They too had slaves from the mountains but it was clear they were intended to become undead. The undead were building a road north.

So the Elf visited the queen and she was cordial but sneery and offered to provide refuge for his clan to be reabsorbed if they needed. Not a great offer. The party spoke to dwarves and debated how many dwarfs could be called on. The dwarves had lots of isolationists but if called to fight undead a core of dwarf death cult haters could be called on. The party offered aid of earth elementals for 80 dwarf heavy troops to burrow under the death cult ziggurat or castle-temple. Dwarves stated they wanted all dwarves and technology to be returned to them and for humans to protect them from the dragon. 

So the Dragon cult war leaders came and a plan was nutted out. It worked pretty well. The dragons offered to seize the slave camp of the necromancers with a hydra and lizard folk. The party planned to secretly get slaves out first via a tunnel to cheat the dragons. 

So the dragon and its army wame from the east to the Death cult castle drawing out their main troops to form ranks leaving the slaves less guarded and the dwarfs for them out and the remainders in the docks and shanty down were destroyed by marine strike force. The party with dwarf allied burrowed into the castle and began massacring templars and preist and a zombie mastadon. The Dragon hurt the lich which most spell casting or non flying players couldn't. Orco rained meteor storm on the undead army. The cloud caste arrived and the human death cultists were broken. The dragon got a second breath on the lich but fled after a 18d6 fireball hit and fled to get healed. The lich tried to get to his priests but thew were destroyed by multiple fireballs. The lich cast a huge area death spell affecting only zero level types which was pretty devastating to lots of humans on battlefield, half all normal humans, orcs and dwarves dies except the slaves in their tunnels. Griffon riding priests and warriors of the red ape valley ziggurat to mop up undead and heal wounded. The anti magic shell lich was a pain and a power Lanos made an oath to get was ineffective. The dragon had done most to lich snuffed the lich who got to 8HP.  

The lich holed up in an adamantium keep spell with a few HP for breathing space. The party had it buried and everyone mopped up the remaining undead. Prisoners of the cult were given to the dragon and the draconics yielded the slaves they originally claimed. Party grabbed lots of magic loot and found undead digging up an ancient machine that could turn a man and a woman into a new hermaphrodite super race by burning gems and using 80 trained animals to operate the controls. Party smashed lots of the crystal complex and buried it. The lich had long gone and was very close to being destroyed. At least he had no cult or home or hermaphrodite machine. Apparently, he hoped to make the hermaphrodites with 4 arms and four legs into undead.

The Dragon claimed the coastline. Elf wondering if the machine was why necromancers came and if dragon looking for some draconic secret. Coins and shiny loot and remaining weapons, armour and metal went 80% to the dragon and Dwarfs got 20% and happy the party tribe uninterested in metal. Dragon and the party agreed to renegociate in peace and not put troops in each other's land without invitation and free travel for the common folk. So many of this lawful evil dragons treaty plan seemed reasonable including a renegotiate in a year. The dragon and its allies include lots of flying troops which the cloud castle would be vulnerable to which party worried about.

So a great victory and some more training and research and magic making. Research into elder giant and dragon lore and party pleased they are players among the mythic powers of the region. Cross-pollinating of skills in campaign tribes has been interesting. Now orcs have bows. A bunch of sorta sky cults have sort of merged. 

Some research revealed there were once thousands of giant sky castles made from fragments of the previous world left after recreation (many became chunks of the abyss) or various demi planes. Most of these castles were destroyed in wars with giants against dragons and gods that were over before demihuamns even were around. Many were taken to the top of the sky and dropped on enemy targets usually great monsters or magical engines of divine beings. 

So now the Elf had plane shift teamed up with giant who wanted to go to giantland to get a giant flying dog sled or a magic chariot so griffons could carry him like they do other characters. So some research about locations and went to visit gnomes who knew a place that gnomes use to go to the world tree. So they cast the spell and crawled into the tiny wooden door and ended up in a wooden passage with tunnels and doors so they found one the to the outside bark encrusted surface of the cosmic tree. There were precarious walkways, huge branches, and several tiny adorable doors in the tree trunk. The curvature of the tree seemed to make the tree a kilometre wide nad they seemed to be over 500 yards up. The giant was glad he got a headband of featherfall. Above the tree branched out into a canopy that seemed to cover most of the visible sky. Giant squirrels and birds were scuttling about.

So Elf cast fly on giant and popped out his wings and they both flew up. They say a wooden mansion in tree and had a look. Had a rude note telling inhabitants to move out. Elf was unconvinced "not enough plot hooks here and were not cops everywhere we go lets move on". Giant was sure people here seemed nicer and might know directions. Destroyed note and knocked for directions. An old billygoat adopt lots of beast folk orphans and was happy to invite party in for tea and show them a gate to giantland. So the next morning they found in a giant branch knot a huge door to giantland. This was once bigger than fairy land which had annexed most of giantland. Once all the sky castles were linked and the lawful sky giants had an infinite sprawling walled city at the core of giantland. So the explorers from the mortal world were disappointed it was a ruined overgrown empty dump.

Wandered around and found a hill giant having a baby guarded by her cave bear. She was scared of party but elf and giant convinced her they were not enemy sky giants (Lanos is one). She was being hunted by enemies and they found 3 ogre magi after her baby which that killed. Remembered that time one ogre magi almost killed whole party. The giantess was friendly and grateful and off to go home (she was hunting her deadbeats ex).

Found two young wimpy zero level elves hiding from giant and a book of giant supremacy and plans to dominate the universe and how humans were the problem of the future. Sourbetty accepted the two as followers and to join his clan, They were lame adventurers who were disappointed by the local monster might that the name giantland was not warning enough. 

Satisfied they had a place to visit again by plane shift they returned home. Next time they could go back to where they had left and not bother with giant squirrels or tree elves. 

Was good to use tables I did years ago especially in my elf book. 4-5 years go so my prep got a payoff at last. Enjoying the high level antics and hoping world breaks. Now the elf has enough spells to blast away for a long time his bow arm getting slack and finding it hard to bother with a new weapon skill. Im still hoping they will fly their castle to another plane to invade or get something.

Wishing you best in your own battles and elfgames

Friday, 22 January 2021

d100 Things in Sheds and Shacks

This is very interesting for post apoc games and even fallout
I like that various cults might have been legit or survive over centuries

Proposed Atomic Cults For Nuclear Waste Management

Also Australian TV Bush Mechanics a good watch for improvising tech
from worlds oldest survivalists and feel of real wastelands

There are more sheds in Australia than people possibly (fact I just made up).
In rural areas, they are everywhere even in long-unused bushland.
So they are a common sight and this is to help explore them. 
Also good just for small ruins you might explore.

Buildings are characters too. 
One thing fallout does do is have letters and evidence of past events in a building.
What tragedy happened here? Whats the story of it's occupants past and present? Some fragment you find in a shed about a missing child might turn up relevant in some town miles away. Gives you hooks in the world and investigative fun.

Feel free to make have occupants inspired by the contents or just some vagrant or a whole gang of killers eating a human corpse. My current campaign has to check local ruins for unwelcome creatures or squatters. Some turned out to be friends one was a damaged cyborg monster. Currently have a trolley of dead robots and cyborgs they are taking to market.

WIndows? d6-1
Doors? d3
Size? d6 things usually at least 3x3m per thing
Occupants? You decide and some entries will suggest occupants
Past Occupants? Tell some story of the past with material trinkets and writing

d12 Structure Types
roll lower dice for more backward or old fashioned places
1 Old wooden shack, planks or logs
2 Mix stone and wood with a corrugated tin roof 
3 Plaster, wood with 
a corrugated tin roof 
4 Scrap built from trash 
5 Stone colonial style with a corrugated tin roof
6 Brick and cement with a corrugated tin roof
7 Sheet metal over metal frames on a concrete slab
8 Plastic designer structure, partly uv damaged
Recycled materials like tires or bottles or vehicles and earthworks
10 Geodesic dome plastic and durillium
11 Streamlined durillium cargo shipping container or several 
12 Formed polycrete semi-submerged designer structure

d12 Condition
d4-1 rolls per structure
1 Fire damaged
2 Flood-damaged or leaking
3 Vermin damaged (termites, rats, birds)
4 Mould and mildew and fungi
5 Vegetation overgrown, pale roots and tendrils inside
6 Dust over everything, possibly sand or soil-filled
7 Vandalised with gang tags, occult signs and inter-faction obscenities
8 Sewerage or faecal matter everywhere
9 Bloody massacre here, remains and blood
10 Used as a lair by a gang of mutant creature which modified it
11 Good condition and mostly untouched by anything
12 Pre-war pristine, possibly maintained by drones or nanites

d12 Extra Features
1in4 shacks have something extra
1 Campsite out front with some rocks and logs around a fire
2 Corpse with intact equipment possibly of some faction
3 Cache of some faction or gang who hid a crate of loot here
4 Antena or dish on roof with remains of electrical appliances or com system
5 Food preparation area with stove, bench and cooking gear, usually unclean
6 Solar power cells and functioning lights inside
7 Advertisement or sign 1in6 still lights up at night 
8 Very well secured with mechanical locks and chains and shutters 
9 Toilet, range from bucket and seat to high tech chem or food recycler model
10 Laundry wash area with tubs and possibly tap or water tank
11 Garbage heaped around shack might have some hidden good junk
12 Trapped with a d6 devices on door, inside or outside. Often baited with goods

d10 Things in Sheds and Shacks Types
01 Vehicle d6 1=boat 2=d4 bikes 3=groundcar 4=ultralight 5=jet glider 6=d6 bicycles
02 Recreational mostly for relaxing holidays and seclusion from others
03 Residence feel free to make any past tense people into the present occupants
04 Agricultural
05 Storage
06 Junk
07 Machinery
08 Faction cache
09 Vice
10 Weird

 Things in Sheds and Shacks
01 Remains of vintage vehicle shell and many boxes of random parts 
02 Bad condition vehicle was repaired with scrap and in need of parts
03 Wrecked vehicle needs cases and bodywork and parts
04 Vehicle deteriorated with rotten fittings and plastic panels but structure ok
05 Several badly wrecked vehicles stacked in heap and boxes of parts 
06 A stripped car with boxes of various plates and part identity fraud machinery
07 Plastic automated family groundcar requires long gone network to operate
08 Van or light truck with more shed goods inside
09 Scrap built buggy and parts and tools with insignia of a famous road gang
10 Plastic and the ceramic car has melted down with battery chem spill 
11 Hunting shack with bunks, gun locker with 4d archaic long arms, chamo clothes, webbing, cans of beans and instant chilli, case of beer
12 Fishing shack with hats, vests, boxes of hooks, floats, line, weights, a fish trap and rods
13 Large HiFi, beanbags, carpet, fridge, case of beer, headphones, huge bong
14 Band practice area with d4+1 usable instruments, amp, mikes, stands, cases and posters
15 Dance studio with wood floor, wall mirror and amp, dance leotards and leg warmers in fluro colours and faux gold trophies
16 Pet grooming supplies and cages or aquariums and pet food and novelties
17 Small tv or sound studio for ancient podcaster, cases of t-shirts, cups and pamphlets of some ancient hobby or political faction
18 Hot tub, huge round water bed, mirror ball, mirrors, lubricant dispensers, porn mags, huge tv, a bucket of used contraceptives, d6 outlandish sex toys and d4-1 sex robots or androids 1in4 still in original packaging
19 Greenhouse with highly automated set up but overgrown d4 1=flowers 2=mushrooms 3=
20 Large chair, entertainment console, crates of soda, 3d6 ancient plastic idols
21 Several bunks and camping supplies in lockers and board games and puzzles with missing pieces
22 Some loner lived here for years in secret isolation, body in cot, there is food and a cheap weapon and scrap built furniture 1in6 a former pet is now  monster living here still
23 Family struggled to live here until elders died off and the young left, a journal with many writers tells the clans story and hints of some local factions history and characters
24 Elderly couple lived out final years in seclusion here, letters describe children left long ago
25 Cultists lived here in fear of discovery, regular scavenger clothes and weird robes in trunks, strange daggers, braziers, candles and other strange stuff. Diaries describe abusive family life and quest for victims to murder
26 Small farming family lived here for years but moved on as gangs got worse
27 A clan of feral children lived here collecting toys and junk
28 Prospectors used this as a base for exploring on and off for years leaving tools and long-life food and bedding. Lots of low-value scrap goods but good for crafting
29 A gang lived here for several years part of a larger gang in the area, remains of drugs, haircare products, leather spiked belts, parts of bizarre gang costumes and improvised scrap melee weapons
30 Some people hid her in the final years from roaming undead and plague victims, eventually, they succumbed, Bodies here will reanimate as hungry ghouls if disturbed
31 Racks of eggs and an egg incubator and pens for baby birds or reptiles hatchery
32 Sacks of animal feed and straw that crumbles to mostly dust if disturbed
33 Farmers cloning vat with sacks of nutrient formula and long-life sealed embryo pods from a catalogue of exotic creatures. These ones will probably be sheep or cows or pigs, 1in6 are heretige breeds
34 Animal cages and dried animal skins, collections of butchers knives, hooks and sack of salt  
35 Sacks of seed and fertiliser 1in6 a hostile plant creature like a trifrond or podperson plant has moved in or was even being farmed here
36 Several pens where prise animals were once kept with grooming supplies and ribbons 
37 Cryonic tank with prize livestock inside 1in4 could be brought to life with expert vet
38 Laboratory with remains of creatures in vats and records. Replicant rats in long life boxes here were used for testing to simulate living creatures  
39 An agricultural synthetic worker was kept here d4 1=crude humanoid 2=dum android 3=pod with tracks and tools 4=large box with four legs and sensor turret and arm
40 Farm machinery d4 1=tractor 2=harvester 3=agri mecha 4=ultralight flyer
41 Furniture covered in sheets with boxes of house hold items
42 Several engines from jet cars in various condition
43 Building supplies including bricks, lumber, sheet metal and sacks of polymer paste
44 Boxes of books, 8-track tapes, laser disc LPs, Beta cassettes and other outdated media
45 Boxes of old electrical appliances like hifi and kitchen appliances that were old when the apocalypse came
46 Boxes of stuffed toys from an ancient cult
47 Cleaning chemicals, soap, sanitiser and paper towels in boxes
48 Diet supplements and vitamins promising miracle cures and get rich schemes
49 Sacks of clothing 1in6 has some interesting uniform or costume
50 Boxes of toys, games, action figures and game consoles
51 Boxes of mould covered food that looks frightening

52 Boxes of junkmail, newspapers, brochures and business cards
53 Thousands of cans and bottles hoarded for recycling
54 Hundreds of tins of old paint
55 Drums of medical waste
56 Drums of plastic pellets for recycling
57 Cases of recalled long life food with "to be disposed of" stamped on every packet
58 Boxes of bottled wine all turned to vinigar
59 Piles of stacked recycled fence posts
60 Boxes of posters and fan collectables from ancient d6 1=boy band 2=politician 3=internet conspiracy scholar 4=preschool children's cartoon 5=fast food toys 6=sports team
61 Generator and 1in6 has fuel in reserve most empty, runs off biodiesel
62 Recycler machine with hopper produces refined pellets d4 1=paper 2=plastic 3=metal 4=ceramic/glass 
63 Biofuel plant where farm waste and manure where turned into fuel for the farm. Required a living culture to operate 1in6 chance a long life canister is here. The bio-slurry smells revolting
64 Mining equipment often inexplicable and ancient or of more recent construction from scrap
65 Water purifier removes impurities, rads, salt, unwanted chems and fits on a truck, needs power supply
66 Well cap, cistern access or bore pump, water might not be drinkable 
67 Micropile power plant, might be operational 1in6 or require a new atomic fuel cell or possibly repairs and replacement parts 
68 Industrial MIcrofoundy can print various items from data base most specialise and have locks against weapons that may require a hack or clever design to bypass d4 1=polymer plastic 2=duralinium 3=biological 4=ceramic require raw materials and power 
69 Alcohol Distilery required fuel, water and other ingredients and a d4 hundred bottles and some old tubs. Ancient ones need power scrap built need gas or wood fire
70 Light industrial mecha wreck and parts
71 Sacks have been left here or ration packs and d6 waterskins with a faction symbol on them

72 Case of ammunition, a pistol and a d4 pipe bombs and a first aid kit with a faction symbol on them
73 Case of d6 muskets, d4 handguns, d4 daggers with a faction symbol on them
74 Medical case with lots of first aid supplies, a bottle of vodka, doctors bag with a faction symbol on them
75 Cases of beer or wine or hard liquor
 with a faction symbol on them 
76 Sacks of flour, grain and legumes with a faction symbol on them
77 Case with a scrap built .303 scoped rifle with box of 50 shots and area map with some x marks and a pair of binoculars
78 Drums of fuel with a faction symbol on them
79 Sacks of quality sorted scrap with a faction symbol on them
80 High tech locked cases with android and cyborg food paste and d6 energy cells
81 Drug lab built from scrap and recycled parts and sacks of unpleasant chemicals
82 Bullet mill and gunsmith workbench can make various ammo types given time and parts
83 Workshop full of strange ancient scrap someone has been trying to test or operate 
84 Robotic hacking lab used by terrorists or viruses robot revolutionaries, d4-1 unmoving robots
85 Greenhouse built of scrap growing drugs with faction markings, requires weekly maintenance to operate
86 Cages with chains for humans kept here by slavers or who knows what
87 Cult ritual chamber with candles and goat skulls and occult wall scrawls
88 Gambling den operated here with card tables and a now empty bar
89 Fighting pit was here where people were made to fight while others watched, possibly this was just for training or initiations or tormenting prisoners, animals often used too or humans and animals
90 Cannibals kitchen with butchery and cooking tools and human bones
91 What seems to be a perfectly intact UFO or aircar but is hull only prop
92 Workshop where someone played with high energy weapons of the ancients. Lots of scraps and schematics and a semi complete weapon

93 Crate with d4 1=robot 2=android 3=replicant 4=cyborg d4 1=defective killer 2=virused betrayer 3=ready to obey who activates 4=self aware person 
94 Laboratory of fringe scientist with incomplete non-working prototypes and useless schematics and hundreds of letters of rejections and debt collectors. Lots of good scrap but also lots of time-wasting potential or worse you end up thinking like them
95 Meatgrinder and d4x1000 sausage skin casings 

96 Dried preserved meat hanging from ceiling, some creatures and cuts familiar
97 Vending machine d4 1=snacks 2=soda 3=beer 4=3d printed one use polymer pistols (d10 left) but may request to scan your ID or bank card
98 Bomb lab of ancient terrorist with all kinds of unsafe materials and half built bombs. A manifesto and map on wall with pictures of celebrities and politicians to execute
99 Mutants have built some deranged idol of one of their hideous gods with deformed human bones and skin. An altar before it has signs of rotting offerings and sometimes a few trinkets or coins or bullets
 Enterance to a bomb shelter or bunker complex

Thursday, 21 January 2021

The Joy of Gyrojets, Cannister Rounds & Wrist Rockets

One of best things in star frontiers was gyrojet guns especialy with the possibility of other canister ammo in a dragon mag. WW1 banned such many such ammo types on earth (but landmines and nukes ok?). TSR advanced marvel had canister rounds too. If I was fighting vampires or somethin imagine the bizare special ammo you could make and ethics of such a weapon on humans isn't a problem (right - i mean screw all vampires).  I'm not really talking stats here just options and a bit of a love letter. Star frontiers basic gun illos were very awesome.

So basically the gun is a launch tube that fires rockets 
I saw basic ones as simple tubes but the ammo might be more advanced than the gun
More advanced ones electronically fired with locks and laser painted targets so whole squad over hill can target one target an observer points out. Good for space or under water too.

We did mixed loads so you could say alternate depleted uranium slugs and flechettes. A Variable magazine has a 6 shot mag wich you could select which round fired in which order. Some guns came with a standard and a variable mag. Good for judge dredd type antics so you can have non lethal ammo or lethal overkille if sanctioned.Perhaps you might argue with your guns AI. 

We had 3 stage ammo you could vary componants and there were guns or backpack that fed a gun and assembled custom ammo on the fly to fire. 

Gun Complexity
-Dumb - simple launch tube
-Advanced - sealed system, electronic ignition, ammo counter, camera, lock, laser designator/sight, can link to squad weapons to fire together
-Smart - links to ammo to scope to help select targets programs munition which hunts target on parameters, some guns can assemble ammo specific to mission

Various rocket options but more high tech might include high tech ramjet ammo or gravitic drive in the round instead of a thruster. Longer range thrusters might be possible.

Fuses vary too. A dumb round requires impact and the round just fires in a straight line. Specific ammos using specialist scope might target lock on a heat or EM or even genetic signature guiding the round to the target. Some ammo can be laser targeted to home on a target point or smart ammo with an advanced scope or HUD can lock of a targets visual appearance and home in on them. 
-Dumb - impact detonation where aimed
-HARM - designates target by energy emission signature, anti-robot or vehicle
-Thermal - designates target by heat signature
-Laser - seeks point targeted with a laser designator on the gun or elsewhere
-Smart - locks onto target designated by smart scope, identify on database 

Ammo comes in individual rounds or jetclips and comes in many types
Standard Clip
Variable Clip
Extended Clip
Backpack Feeder
Micro factory ammo mill backpack feeder

Steeljacket - standard slugs
Plastic - cheap usually vs unarmoured civilians
Plastic Flechette - safer to use on spacecraft 
Flechette - scattering cloud of titanium darts
HEX - explosive
Armour Piercing
HEAP - high explosive armour piercing
Tracer - flares leave trail of light, not to be shot at living
Shock - a taser like stun munition
Plasma - magnetic bottle of superheated fuel
Web - entangling plastic polymer threads or foam
EMP - anti unshielded machinery causes shut downs
Incendiary - burning napalm
Smoke - cloud of smoke
DOZ- sleep gas
PLAG - bio plague liquifies flesh 
CHEM - corrosive gas that eats through protective wear
ICE - super frozen gas
TOX - poison gas
Tear gas - irritant to break up mobs
Vomit gas - causes vomiting and choking
Fear gas - causes irrational fear
Tracer - paints target with radioactive frequency isotopes to track or target missiles

Weapon Types
Might be called rocket gun, jet gun
-Wrist Rocket - 4 shot wrist-mount 
-Helmet Pack - 4 shot helmet-mount
-Rocket Pistol - 10 shot 
-Rocket Carbine - 20 shot combat weapon uses pistol ammo
-Rocket Rifle - 10 shot sniper or hunter rifle
-Assault Rocket Gun - 20 shot burst fire 
-Cone Rifle - one or 4-shot versions, shoulder-mounted or bipod mostly

Gun Complexity
-Dumb - simple launch tube
-Advanced - sealed system, electronic ignition, ammo counter, camera, lock, laser designator/sight
-Smart - links to ammo to scope to help select targets

Imagining that shotgun casing with anti-g smart rounds that once fired fly about killing targets until destroyed by targets with armour slowly ablating them. Then you keep firing 10 shot bursts of these things (no recoil as ammo does flying). Some poor low tech army will be massacred. Could have a various pattern like spread in wave of just liquify certain targets working together. AI in gun could control or program in a pattern. Perhaps the gun has a stuttering flash unit that lets the AI get a battlefield image to calculate best kill patterns. Could link to data in a flying drone or scout round

Wednesday, 20 January 2021

Road to Broken Hill

I thought at some point i could expand my broken hill setting to include trips to coastal cities perhaps on trade missions. So one trail to Adelaide one to Sydney one to Melbourne. So far I have detailed Olary to Broken Hill

All these settlements are at least 20% ruined and unoccupied many are more than half and big sprawls are mostly uninhabited places adventurers can explore. Plenty of existing stuff on these under this catagory in past posts. I might do d100 shed generator as they are more common than houses plenty of places.

Deviating from the trade road is risky for first-timers and there are many unfriendly small communities actually cannibals or cultists and many places do not welcome travellers. Even trade towns might make strangers unwelcome to mingle with townsfolk. Many towns dislike strangers but value trade. 

Just a skeleton now but I'm soloing someone through

Olary to Adelaide route
There is a southern road as well but it spends more time in hostile wastelands and a divergent route through Snowtown, Bumbugga and Port Wakefield. Lots of small towns after tools and selling food. Tribes, bushranger gangs and local militias roam mostly isolated towns. Some like to alternate routes too and from looking for certain goods.

Many towns have remains of rail some from even 1800s.
Often rail infrastructure used for caravan shelters.
Towns on this route all have post offices and a charge is made when item is given to the postmaster and collected at the destination end of the trip. 

d20 Local Problems Table
1 Pesky mutant animal causing problems about town needs eliminating
2 Unwelcome squatters are camping in some ruins sort them out and see them off
3 Bandit gang has been raiding farms on fringe of town
4 Thug visits town for supplies, very rude and threatens all with violence
5 Robot has been rampaging around the countryside
6 Gossip says someone in town is a replicant sent by evil androids
7 Important thing required fast d4 1=parts 2=data 3=medecine 4=ammo
8 Local working on fringe of town has not been seen and others worries
9 Some 
specific item or perhaps livestock has been vanishing last few days
10 A shifty stranger might be a gang spy or worse, find out
11 A vicious mutant warrior mounted or driving vehicle has been menacing town
12 Trigger happy gun-wielding combat drug addict comes into town to make incomprehensible demands and start a fight
13 Someone has found something burried in rubble and ruins best left alone
14 Someone has found a door buried or concealed to some hidden complex
15 Local gang warlord demands something and demands town comply and whole town mobilise for fight
16 Wanted criminal escaped lynch mob and locals offer reward dead or alive
17 Child missing locals all help search strangers and ruins
18 Unruly gang come into town for beer and locals uneasy about armed killers
19 Zombies at a farm property need exterminating
20 Someone needs help to repair some ancient machine with parts and labour, will help the prosperity of town if the device can work d4 1=local weather controller 2=power plant 3=water purifier 4=decontamination booth for food or rad exposed victims 

Yunta +2 days, Pop 90
well-defended trade town with strong law militia and fortifications 
founded 1867 goldrush town peak pop 5000 but in 21c dropped to pop 85
hosts several horse races per year attracting hundreds of extra visitors
hotel, school, airfield for scrap ultralight, toxic waste dump
the Sherrif rules the town and population are loyal militia members with a truck

Oodla Wirra +2 days Pop 50
Four competitive large faction compounds united vs outsiders
each competes for food, water and trade specialities
-McLaren Roadhouse specialize in bbq roadkill and county music 
-Brock Country Kitchen sell various pies, soup, bread, scones and sandwiches
-Ford Family Chilli House is spicy cheap and grimy, often uses mystery meat
-Nguyen's Oodla Noodles sells spicy stir fry noodles and soups
built around rail station 1880 mostly operates for trade and some farming 

Hutton Lagoon Rest Area +1 encounter
Ppopular camp area with pink salt lake and flocks of migrating flamingos full of huge mutant shrimp, salty marshes seasonally dry then flooded. A campsite here is frequently occupied by travellers. It is remarkably beautiful and unearthly

Terowie +1 days Pop 65
Farming and trading hub, raided by gangs often
well preserved 1880s buildings founded as a private enterprise to service mines with beer and bread. This role has returned. Hotel, post office and store

Yarcowie +3 hours Pop 45
Large collectivist farm will trade and control area
2 pub pastoralist town around clan compound one pub for locals one for traders
employ lots of tribals to patrol land and as shepherds but there are tensions 
locals avoid travellers and visitors are only permitted marked areas near traders hotel
There is a longer alternate coastal route here too

Hallett +3 hours Pop 120
Large trade town, pastoralist farmers in area
highly feared aggressive Sherrif and deputies run town
three hotels, one for locals one for traders one for gangs with live loud music
many gangs visit and behave as they have deals with sherrif
pioneers in 1870s, one pub and a church town

Mount Bryant +3 hours Pop 65
Farming town with one pub, sheep and wind farm

Burra +3 hours Pop 450
Mining trade and farming hub
Company mining town dominate area
Lots of industrial and mining ruins from 1800
On edge of waste and farm country
Colonial mining town once provided 5% of worlds copper
started 1845 5000 pop in 19c and down to 1000 by 21st
Cornish, Scottish traditions, multiple townships united

Hanson +3 hours Pop 25
Roadhouse and farmers founded 1865 rail town
farmers have trees and wall separating roadhouse
campers not encouraged nor people not spending and loitering
People speculate if there is some secret behind idylic town

Porter Lagoon +2 hours +1 encounter
A strange seasonal saltmarsh often looks extraordinarily weird and slime. Full of giant mutant shrimp that liik like trilobites. Strange stories abound of strange creatures and happenings here.

Black Springs
 +2 hours +1 encounter
Several good ruined farms here attract seasonal squatters or gangs
Outlaying areas reachable from roads here have many small wary farming clans

Wakefield River Crossing +1 hours +1 encounter
One hour before Manoora, biggest river crossing, a common camp for traders, homeless or gangs, aquatic creatures large. Frog, bunyip and yabby attacks common

Manoora +1 hour Pop 90
3 main compound families sheep pasturalists
rivals but united against outsiders
-Burgers & Beef Cafe lots of seared meat items
-Grub & Gulp selves nutricious vegeterian gruels from algae and fungi
-Manoora Hotel with ladies bar and dining room and counter meal daily specials

Saddleworth +3 hours Pop 300
green very horsey cattle town on river
lots of churches, a museum, literary institute, hotel, 
railway station
small river and creek for plenty of water
bustling with trade from local farmers 
gangs and varmits cause trouble and town unite promptly to remove threats, locals becoming more organised as trouble increases

Riverton +2 hours Pop 300
settled 1856
store, police station, post office, hotel, prospectors camp, railway, newspaper
large area for merchants at old train station 
locals are very gossipy and anyone stating more than a night is news
you can hear about weather and conditions along whole trade route here

Tarlee +2 hours Pop 240
school, construction equiptment yards, churches, grain, mill and silo, rail buildings
very charming town with militia and leave criminal corpses hung by nooses just outside of town. Anyone hurting a local is likley to by arrested and hung but officials accept bribes. Hangings are very popular events

Light River Crossing +1 hour +1 encounter
One hour Common camp for traders, homeless or gangs, aquatic creatures large here, frog bunyip and yabby attacks common

Roseworthy +1 day Pop 400
healer school teaches the arts of medicine in ruins of vetinary school
farming, mill and grain silos, winemaking and agricultural science school
locals are idealistic and seek to improve world
mercenaries camped here guard town from troublemakers
most here are literature and several schools for the young operate

Gawler Trading Post +2 hours Pop 600+
Sizable local ruins and enclave of trading scrappers and race track
Take on guards here or hand good to local traders for slight loss
former pop 26000 in 21st century, built to open state interior and rail 
wine horsetram trade ag looting
-Central Gawler trade post area maintained by merchants co-op
-West Gawler includes aerodrome gang with ultralight and allied biker gangs
-East Gawler idealists run schools and farms, members only
-North Gawler is raider gangland except a bunker controlled northmost corner 
-South in a giant hardware store scavenger cult base send expeditions into the ruins
Deadman's pass overgrown with beasts former park with a creek

Elizebeth Sprawl Trading Post +4 hours Pop 300 
Residential sprawl full of gangs and road
Escorts are required and way includes gangs and mutant vermin

d12 Gangs of Northern Sprawl
1 Mercenary working for traders eliminating gangs
2 Airhawk gang scrap ultralight drops burning incendiaries or pipebombs
3 Sandgrub gang use area to prepare wasteland raiding parties
4 Graverobbers - wear skull masks and carry lots of guns, a new mystery warlord leader
5 Wotans Raiders - a human supremacist org but tolerate dogs as second class citizens
6 Ice Fiends - drugged up gang mutants into violence and have plenty of angry freaks
7 Ratlings are small beastfolk mutants good at digging and curious about technology
8 Scraplords - prospectors who formed own gang to exploit ruins and control markets
9 Androids - mostly snipers and occasional fights over recovering technology
10 Gasguzzlers - road gang scrap ruins to operate their raider force
11 Hellhounds - dog abhuman gang fighting for territory and food
12 Steel Town Brothers - gang of industrial worker robots formed an anti human union

d12 Creatures of the Northern Sprawl
1 Giant possum hungry for scraps or attacks
2 Giant scorpions lurk in rubble
3 Giant redback spider in web filled hole hunts over area
4 Swarm of cockroaches come from sewers
5 Mutant pitbull pack roaming streets
6 Giant lizard lays in rubble concealed 
7 Giant feral cat (as lion) hunting
8 Giant preying mantis hiding in vegetation or rubble depending on chamo
9 Trifrond plant herd shuffling about
10 Kangaroo herd grazing
11 Emus flock grazing
12 Swarm of rats or from sewers

Adelaide Sprawl Trading Post +1 day Pop 800
Huge flat sprawling city ruin include gangs and monsters
Large areas between city centre and coast have flooded and seasonally wet allowing canetoads to establish a revolutionary army. They hope to recruit other abhumans. The coastal city is plagued by marine mutants and crab abhumans

d12 Gangs of North City
Mercenary working for traders eliminating gangs
2 Cult of Apocalypse - demon worshiping robed cultists sacrifice victims in former parklands
3 The Brethren - sinister inbred albino cannibal cult living in former mansions 
4 Crow Eaters - warlord cult based on an ancient sports team, consider selves city rulers
Chromers - chem addicted scooter gang who all wear silver and often brain damaged, quite a few have energy weapons from somewhere
6 The Masters - militaristic cult who kill and enslave lesser beings who they despise
7 Cantoad revolutionary army a force from QL started a colony that became zealous communists fighting those monopolising power and resources
8 Bluetoungues a clan of lizard abhumans living as tribals wary of humans
9 Demon Goats - are goat abhuman tribe who worship demons and hate humans
10 Glen - is a gang of clones all of glen who are networked by implants after technology 
11 Warhogs - tribe of wild boar abhumans hostile to humans and feared berserkers
12 Steel Town Brothers - gang of industrial worker robots formed an anti human union

d12 Creatures of North City
Dropbears in trees
2 Giant shingleback lizards hide in rubble
3 Pack of giant frogs hunting
4 Swarm of tiny flesh shredding finch 
5 Flightless giant bats escaped from black lab
6 Terror birds escaped from zoo
7 Giant mutant hound 
8 Carrion worm seeks bodies for grubs
9 Giant wasp aggressive to carry off victims
10 Giant huntsman spider often ambush from high
11 Pack of giant rats size of dogs
12 Giant carnivorous carob beetle often carry a d4 red fist-size mites

All-natural pink salt lakes make the journey rather memorable

Tuesday, 19 January 2021

Jungle Ruins

Jungle Ruins: Return To Monster Island
When you land at monster Island hopefully it is one of the civilised missions or settlements where you can become acclimatised and recruit some of the degenerate scum we generously call explorers. Once you have hired mercenaries It is time to raid the jungle looking for natives to rob or enslave or the graves of the dead to defile. Watch out for the monsters and the local people who seem unimpressed by our efforts to save them from reptilian domination and show them, proper human gods. Mind that treasure you steal from before demon cult idols it is probably cursed and you probably have the shakes for life. 

Probably every 500m in the jungle you may spot some hidden structure.
Stay alert for encounters with dinosaurs or native cultists or strange sicknesses.
Handy for islands or quick explorations

d12 Basic Structure Type
1 Stone lined well 2m wide 6m deep with spring at bottom
2 Bridge over a d4 1=water 2=canyon 3=other road 4=lava
3 Stone monolith with carving in a d4 ancient languages
4 Shrine stone with outdoor altar and idol
5 Small stone single room house with ancestral remains buried under floor
6 Stone tower d4 1=astronomical 2=military watch 3=wizard 4=religious
7 Estate d4 1=country house 2=noble estate 3=noble mansion 4=royal palace
8 SInkhole or cave entrance into underworld complex
9 Cleared square with statues of monster gods and carved monoliths
10 Sacred hill, d4 1=tomb 2=shrine and idol on top 3=small temple on top 4=huge altar and idol
11 Tomb Pyramid d4 1=underground chambers 2=crypt under ornamental capstone 3=temple complex inside with sarcophagi 4=mausoleum complex and shrine inside
12 Ziggarut Temple d4 1=altar and shrine on top 2=huge statue on top 3=small temple on top 4=temple complex inside

d12 Condition
1 Ruin well maintained and repainted by descendants of builders
2 Ruin intact bare stone structure with some paintings intact
3 Ruin covered in green moss, algae, lichen and vegetation
4 Ruin covered in vines and bushes
5 Ruins smothered in trees that overgrowing and fused into rock
6 Tons of loose rubble over ruin area
7 Ruin sinking into mud and water with some areas flooded
8 Rubble and trees have overgrown most signs of habitation
9 Ruin has fallen into a sinkhole or partly swallowed into a cavern or canyon
10 Landslide and mud buried most but the tallest structures visible among vegetation 
11 Ruin in the bottom of a lake in pristine condition, perhaps some above water
12 Strange raised building shaped area in bog patch and reeds

d12 Modern Era Inhabitants
1 Tribe of painted natives who hate all invaders and worship naga 
2 Tribe of dinosaur cult reptile folk in ancient bronze armour
3 Tribe of demon worshipers who want sacrifices to please their evil god
4 Bat folk worshipping their vampire goddess
5 Colonials occupied as camp d4 1=slavers 2=colonists 3=mercenaries 4=explorers
6 Frog folk cult waging war against other folk and caring for tadpoles
7 Cannibal cultists with fierce scarification and shrunken heads
8 Snake folk wizard with lizard folk and human cultist servants
9 Dragon and slave tribe d4 1=kobolds 2=humans 3=elves 4=goblins
10 Jungle halflings with sharp teeth, blowpipes and nets 
11 Dragon templars colonists escaping persecution and seek dragons to worship
12 Wizard has been here for research for decades with servant d4 1=undead 2=kobolds 3=orcs 4=beast folk abhumans made in lab, hated by other locals

d12 Common Ruin Monsters
1 Family of raptor dinosaurs hunting area
2 Allosaurus hunting area
3 Gibbering mouthers often in wells or pools
4 Mummy beastfolk in headdress dwells in some crack
5 Giant Frogs often like to croak or rooftops and wallow in water
6 Giant snakes commonly dominant preditor
7 Sabretooth cat clan prowl through here
8 Hideous mutant horror lair
9 Carnivorous ape clan
10 Lesser demon
11 Olive slime or yellow musk creeper and zombies
12 Young dragon lair 

d12 Wonderous Ruin Features
1 Waterfall and water features 
2 Fountains and pools
3 Strange volcanic vapours from a vent in the earth
4 Huge relief statue and text carved into a huge monolith
5 Remains of strange apparatus of glass, semi-precious stones and metal
6 Full of plants with native fruits and other food plants
7 Strange whistling noises from wind through ruins
8 Haunted by spectral minions and phantasms of ancients
9 A deity or mighty spirit watches over the ruins
10 A great treasure sacrifice was abandoned or hidden here
11 A magical relic was sealed away here
12 Magical inscriptions of value to scholars, wizards and cults is engraved here

d12 Common Native Treasures
1 +1 Lip Plug of protection
2 Nose piercing makes the wearer immune to d4 1=paralasys 2=poison 3=fear 4=disease
3 +1 Magic wooden club with beast carved into haft
4 Venom frog can tip arrow a day save or take 1HP/Round for 2d4 rounds 
5 +1 Blowpipe +3 vs reptiles, 2m long pipe d3 darts 
6 Javelin of Striking, automatically hits one foe then shatters in bundles of d4
7 Sling of Stars, flung stones cause d4 magic fire damage instead of blunt weapon damage 
8 Frog Mask, breath water for hour per day
9 Holy Ochre +2 AC and +2 save vs fear lasts turn, in jar with d4 doses
10 Shrunken Head +d4 HP once used up by damage gone for good, bundle of d3
11 Throwing stick +1, d4 if hit running away target, they need save or trip over
12 Holy Mushroom, if eaten save or spend 4d6 hours vomiting and having visions of being eaten by native pictograms, if succeed contact a planar being for a d3 questions

d12 Ancient Ruin Relics
1 Serpent Staff, turns into 
Constrictor snake 3HD AC7 2d4 grapple d4bite turn a day
2 Face of Glory Medalion, detect planar beings in 6 range
3 Crown of Bat Teeth can summon a bat swarm once a day for 3d4 rounds
4 Stone Dagger +1 +3 vs d4 1=undead 2=fish 3=frogs 4=reptiles (includes beast folk)
5 Macuahuitl +1 2d4 obsidian edged war club +3 vs d4 1=law 2=chaos 3=undead 4=dragons
Bird Feather Cloak, feather fall at will while worn
Jade Idol, any who take this resist curse or become paranoid and jealous enough to kill, worth at least 100gp
8 Serpent Medalion, 2 headed snakes entwined cure light wounds twice a day
9 Idol of Corn God, if given 1HP blood will produce one days worth of corn once a day
10 Mortar Stone of Ancients, can add salt or chilli flavour to any ground food
11 Drum of the frog, if beaten during a storm will attract at least 1000 frogs to join in
12 Copper charm, size of a coin can ignite fire by touch at will or cut as a knife or use as scraper often with the depiction of face design

d12 Problems For Colonial Invader Camps
1 A tribe declare war on the campers
2 A tribe try to incite many local tribes to attack with slander
3 Some monster has learned to prey on inhabitants and avoid guards
4 Some strange jungle spirit lures some explorers away to never be seen again
5 Someone breaks out in a horrible local disease
6 A monster expects tribute for dwelling in the area
7 Magical being is scrying on the camp with magics
8 Some evildoer summons monsters often against invaders d4 1=elemental 2=undead 3=demon4=dinosaur
9 Someone in the expedition is secretly a cultist and has made contact with a local cult
10 Essential supplies short d4 1=food 2=water 3=rope 4=ammunition
11 A local magical monster sends minions to test the explorers camp
12 A local spirit is offended by strangers in area without due reverence to them

d10 Quick stuff in jungle types
1 Statue
2 Monuments
3 Relief art
4 Small structures
5 Industry
6 Animal
7 Vegetal
8 Remains
9 Native
10 Magic

d100 Stuff in the jungle
01 Statue of a snake-headed philosopher with triangular tablets with unfamiliar script
02 Statue of vampire bat goddess covered in breasts and suckling bats
03 Statue of monster d4 1=dragon 2=demon 3=dinosaur 4=tentacled god from beyond
04 Giant enigmatic toad god on plinth in meditation
05 Statue of yoked suffering human staves carrying palanquin of a squat frog lord
06 Statue of pterodactyl man-god with outstretched wings with altar before him, touching altar gets noticed by giant pterodactyls expecting a free meal
07 Statue of squid faced humanoid or just a huge tentacled head
08 Statue of spider goddess gleefully about to eat whatever is placed on an altar before it, piles of silk sacks of ape-thing bones are stacked around altar by something
09 Statue of reclining serene lizard sage in robes with dancing reptile followers
10 Statue of fish folk sage with a trident and stone tablets of ancient script
11 Enigmatic giant stone reptilian face heads
12 Circle of stones d4m high, some dolmen have fallen, an altar is in the centre
13 Stone dolmen with niches for severed human heads refreshed by a tribe
14 Border stone with carvings of clan and god symbols
15 Path side stone with arrows and names in several languages
16 Wooden tribal totem pole from some huge tree with fierce unfamiliar divinities 
17 Tree has native carvings on it and has been used for some rituals
18 Three huge stacked stones with signs of d4 1=tomb
19 Carved stone hexagonal obelisk with brutal laws of land and ancient castes in several languages
20 Stone altar with idol covered in blood and other signs of regular use
21 Cliff with tribal rock art 
22 Cliff with script in three ancient languages detailing new laws or treaty
23 Relief rock art of lizard maidens dancing alluringly in a pool with water lilly and lotus flowers
24 Relief of gigantic monster king commanding minions d4 1=lamprey folk 2=fish folk 3=lizard folk 4=insect folk to capture, torment and exterminate wailing prisoners d4 1=humans 2=ape creatures 3=demihumans 4=goblinoids
25 Relief carving of monster king in chariot with guards observing slaves building great monuments 
26 Dancing figures etched into stones some have horns or tails or ears and sizes vary, dance around d4 1=shaman with drum 2=campfire 3=water hole 4=
27 Relief carving of lounging frog king and daughters in cliff partially submerged in a lilly pond and huge bugs and frogs thriving
28 Carving of several beast folk sages on pilgrimage to get blasphemous scrolls from far away guided by the evil star sent by those beyond in the outer void, carving includes a relief map area of ancient pre cataclysm kingdoms many now under the sea
29 Relief carving of coast or river where robed cultists present sacrificial creatures to a gigantic fish god a trident in one hand and victims in a net in other. Sacrifices are d4 1=goblins 2=humans 3=ape-things 4=frog folk
30 Releif carving showing great monster kings of old but some of the older have been smashed away mostly and new ones added by less skilled artist thousands of years later showing how the monster kings internal politics changed
31 Mysterious perfect circle hole cut into rock, entrance of ancient shrine
32 Stone sarcophagi on plinth weighs d4 ton to move sealed lide, carvings of some fierce wonder worker inhuman king or hero of the ancient ones depicted on lid
33 Sinkhole drops into subterranean shrine and pool often a lair of a creature or spirit 
34 Simple one chamber stone box-like tomb with a beastman warrior mummy and treasure inside
35 Rock floating in air weighing 3d4t with carvings d4 1=ancient scriptures 2=face of an ancient pre human wizard with magnificent headpiece 3=script about how a divine being made this rock float 4=monument to some ancient conqueror king who even commanded the cocks and sky and sea
36 Pilgrims shelter with shrine of a minor divinity 1=beast folk god king 2=dragon 3=demon 4=toad on plinth 5=naga 6=tentacled thing with eyes 
37 A basalt stone disc plug weighing 4t holds a creature from beyond in a stone pit, it is ver angry and skeletons may be inside used to lure the beast into a trap long ago
38 Boulder in hillside shows signs of being moved in past, inside d4 mummified bodies on plinths rest with treasures
39 Multiple 2d6 stone pits with skeletons in bottom used for some grisly purpose
40 Huge smooth stone spheres and polygons some with ancient arcane symbols used in some spell over the land long ago
41 Large stone building with mostly broken huge clay pipes from it into the earth, strange stunted plants and fungi and bugs live here with mostly bare soil patches
42 Strange collapsed stone tower full of huge bronze and wooden cogs
43 Stone boat somehow crashed here, a magical flying transport from the age of forbidden magic, remains of wizards may be found and often a creature possibly a wizard servitor remains
44 A metal pole with a glowing orb on top that becomes brighter by night attracting bugs and frogs
45 Stone building with huge slave powered wheels used to grind grain
46 Stone bakery building where thousands of loaves were made to feed slaves
47 Stone bath house where slaves were marched through a now murky pool and given treatments to remove lice and parasites. Murals depict slaves being drenched for worms and images of slaves infested with worms and ticks, slaves from many races being herded by insect folk soldiers 
48 Quarry with remains of incomplete stone monoliths and idols, bones of workers in slave pits and remains of stone quarry tools
49 Crude mine entrance with small smelting area out front where ingots were cast in stone moulds carved in rock. Several stone cauldrons and many tools lay about, soil is poisoned and bare earth from poison chemicals used here
50 Remains of smithy with furnace, stone cauldrons, moulds for crude swords, helms and greaves, now overgrown with weeds
51 Giant ant or termite nests or mound of a giant of the species, 3d4m high

52 Giant bee hive, a resource local natives and creatures enjoy
53 Giant wasp nest often with d4-1 paralysed prisoners and a d4 corpses
54 Huge tree with opening stuffed with worm eaten corpses by a carrion crawler
55 Trail of trees smashed down where some huge beast passes recently
56 Trails made by animals often connecting water and lairs or grazing areas
57 Huge spiderwebs choke area turning it into a maze, animal bones are scattered about and flies and bugs scavenge on remains
58 Burrow of giant tarantula it shares with d6 giant poison arrow frogs 
59 Large area of loose soil d4 1=ground squid 2=land shark 3=giant bug like an antlion 4=giant carnivorous mole
61 Vegetal cage with d3 natives are trapped inside, grown by savage vege people tribes worship here and fatten their food here or as bait in an ambush. Sometimes cage is inside base of a huge tree or somehow just grown by plant folk gardening secrets 
62 Patch of carnivorous plants around idol of a cruel plant goddess
63 Colossal tree with fetishes hanging from branches with the shrine of a tree divinity
64 Gigantic fungus often rich in bugs often attracting a giant toad
65 Tree with corpses or severed head hanging from branches in hundreds, the tree seems to be feeding from them with roots holding skeletons together
66 A dryad tree here, the dryad long ago appeared as a reptilian to be worshipped but she is happy to adopt a more up to date human form and attract new lovers
67 Treant guardian sits by an idyllic stream or idol of the forest father
68 A great tree is home to a colossal snake with d4 1= jewelled beard 2=gold skin 3=feathers 4=d4 horns, it is a minor nature divinity and expects tributes and worship, it may reward polite guests with lore
69 A huge bamboo framed humanoid figure 3d4m high with animal and other sacrifices being prepared for burning by natives for a festivity. Sacrifices rescued are often ungrateful and were looking forward to serving a god
70 A treehouse with walkways to other trees and limited ground access is high up in a huge tree possibly occupied d4 1=local tribe 2=long lost colonials gone native 3=undead remains of inhabitants 4=now a monster lair
71 Small wooden hut of hermit or loner d4 1=lost explorer 2=native who broke taboo 3=last of tribe 4=elderly holy person

72 Small wooden shack in run down conditions with snakes and bugs crawling about, decorated with skulls home of a hag or witch
73 Small village with wooden 4m tall wall and woven roof, those inside are secretive and fearful of diseased foriegners who just want treasure
74 Several shacks where a school of martial artists of various species train under a great master
75 Small shack on stilts near water with a canoe d4 1=tribal fisher family 2=lost insane explorer 3=undead 4=lone escaped slave, now elderly
76 Small shack built into hillside, sacred smoking lodge for smoke purification ceremonies by natives who may have touched invading foriegners d4 1=tribal war band relaxing 2=recently used 3=monster or undead lair 4=lone low status attendant who lives here with child and collects fire wood
77 Elaborate wooden hut covered in talismans and fetishes and severed heads, medicine hut of a great shaman with 2d4 assistants and students and visitors. Locals avoid violence here and several tribes will swear vengeance on any who harm the holy ones
78 Concealed watch post and ladder or climbing vines in a tree or on rock outcrop, a horn or a signal fire or messenger bats often found here, d4 1=spotter signals tribe 2=spotter shoots poison arrows or darts from concealed position 3=dried up corpse of a scout 4=now an animal lair  
79 Wooden cage where tribal prisoners are kept with 2d4 victims and part of a warparty guarding d4 1=minimum guards 2=six warrior guards 3=dozen warriors 4=dozen warriors 3d6 locals and shaman here preparing for big sacrifice or cannibal feast
80 Huts of local villagers with fence or thorn bush maze around them
81 Giant sauropod dinosaur corpse being picked at by scavengers
82 Bloody remains of where humans butchered and cooked and eaten
83 Tribal battlefield with multiple tribal warriors, both sides think it taboo for strangers to touch dead without proper deference will cause bodies to arise as dead
84 Remains of an explorers campsite with scraps of familiar goods and signs of violence here in the last d4 months
85 Crucified and tortured corpse on a pole
86 Freshly sacrificed corpse dumped in a pit
87 Shattered remains of a huge stone golem destroyed by magic long ago, carved like some monstrous prehuman god
88 Stone structure was actually a wheeled juggernaut once propelled by magic as a d4 1=weapon of war 2=mobile shrine 3=wizard home 4=mobile throne of a king
89 Skeleton of some titanic monster among bushes and semi-buried
90 Area blasted by magic or dragon fiire
91 Stone idol with door inside d4+1 stories tall, eyes blaze when approached d4 1=prehuman wizard home 2=temple occupied by cult 3=colonial cult exploration base 4=spirit beings home
92 Ruin of huge alchemical factory with wrecked buildings, cogs, clay pipes and contaminated, degenerate mutants live here and tunnels beneath contain fragments of past alchemists here making potions for army

93 Statue with gem eyes of beast folk noble, will talk in ancient and answer 3 questions about the past daily as best it can
94 Great stone gateway on plinth now broken but possibly can be repaired and reactivated with a few weeks work and wizard research from inscriptions
95 Stone gatehouse securing cave with volcanic fumes within that leads to a hell-like a labyrinth portrayed in local mythology, the door is blocked and inscriptions to the gods of the dead are on walls

96 A plinth with a great tuning fork, if struck all save or will see things from beyond for a d4 rounds, each person will be attacked by a d4 stirge like creatures only those effected can see or harm
97 A strange statue of some bizarre tentacled alien plant monster is actually petrified and could be restored to life after tens of thousands of years
98 A circle of monoliths are actually living sarcen stones who will by night hunt intruders who pass this place to crush and devour them, they will only travel 16km in a night at most
99 A stone victory stelae has gargoyles incorporated into its design which are real and will attack any who defile or insult the relief carvings of an ancient king crushing enemies
100 A great state in the jungle covered in weeds and vines, if the altar is disturbed (perhaps a magic item rests on the plinth) the stone golem will arise and pursue intruders till it has item back or killed the intruders