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Expanding maps...

This is rough of a southlands for the previously made northlands. The north is in decay and falling wild. The south is bristling for war and divided into territories of castles ruled by counts, dukes, barons and petty knight clans in the smaller ones. The castles own serfs on estate and they don't get access to traders or outsiders much. Knightly combat sports, slavery and invitations to far off wars common but they prevent local fights. Lots of knightly clans here players could be related to. Knights roam about lots and broke knights become robber knights.

Every hex has one to a hundred humanoids and three dozen demihumans. There are caves crossing all over the kingdom dug in prehistory when humans hid underground from great disasters. The underland is easily accessible and allows travel for subterranean humanoids. There are a d6 famous local haunting and a creature in ever hex.

There are three small trade towns. Silverton where court meets and well off nobles live seasonally. Silverton is defended by by the other towns. Seaton a trade port with many exotic goods and magicians live. Ironton where mined goods are smelted and made into arms and armour. The kingdom military is garrisoned here. Several villages with coach houses and free trade for road commerce. Small castle = pop 40-100 Large Castle = Pop 200-500.

Multiple ruined castles from a long lost evil dynasty are intact and have been plundered by adventurers every generation. There is a haunted dwarf ruin also. Castle Strange is a ruined prehuman fort where alien creatures dwell and odd haunted things happen. Many adventurers explore it's haunted depths. The wilderness in the east between the witch mountains was renown as a elf kingdom. Most fear it as haunted and some say elves still are hiding in a invisible otherworldly faerieland. Strange monuments and ruins are there and cultists frequently occupy it.

d20 Common Road Encounters
1 Knight and entourage challenges travelers identity
2 Bandits with dogs
3 Local thugs d4 1=labourer hoodlums 2=important brat bullies 3=noble young hellrakes into sadism 4=angry local lynch mob looking for criminals as fairly as such groups do
4 Robber knights leading gang of thugs
5 Pilgrims off to holy war or holy place
6 Dashing highway man and gang of flashy thugs
7 Peasants hauling goods look tired and busy
8 Cultist murderers looking for sacrifices d4 1=Rat Cult 2=Devil Cult 3=Goat Demon Cult 4=Necromancer Cult
9 Tax collector charges party 10% of everything
10 Traveling minstrels (1in6 a travelling thieves guild
11 Humanoid warband d4 1=kobolds 2=goblins 3=hobgoblins 4=orcs  5=bugbears  6=ogre
12 Wolf pack hunting
13 Coach of nobles with servants on way somewhere
14 Herder driving animals on road blocking it for ten minutes
15 Travelling tinkerer selling and fixing things
16 Witch hunter looking for new communities to purge the unclean
17 Youths singing and eating and playing music in group by roadside
18 Travelling priest 1=important priest with servants 3=local priest with acolytes  4=country wandering friar
19 Mutants begging for food scraps
20 Roll on uncommon table

d12 Uncommon Road Encounters
Mostly for nights or unholy days
1 Magician and entourage of random alignment
2 Werewolf by night or doppelganger infiltration by day
3 Exotic heraldic beast predator
4 Beast folk usually d6 1=elk 2=rat 3=lion 4=dog 5=cat 6=bear 7=boar 8=bat
5 Giant marsh lobster if raining otherwise a hungry lion
6 Ghost Knight or Ghost lady looking to spread misery and terror
7 Demihumans travelling to avoid attention mostly by night
8 Chaos corrupted undead knight
9 Witches cast spells while flying by
10 Witch Hunter demands cash payment to avoid being accused of witchcraft, offers subscription rates and contracts or a lump sum. Sometimes needs dupes to attack some old mystery hermit, by night
11 A mysterious stranger offers you wonders in return for your soul soul in a bargain with devils
or d4 1=werewolf ointment 2=flying ointment 3=a pet imp 4=+1 magic dagger
12 Adventurers for hire on the road looking for luxury vice in Silvertown

Will probably do castle generators
Lotsa knight stuff coming

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