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Takarsis - Map with rough guide + Dungeon

This is a recap of my city I posted a while back - forgot to include the rough guide to locations that went with it. As a bonus I have included a small dungeon specialized in breeding and training monsters. I'm half way through several tables at the moment and prepping for my first Cthulhu game in years. Got myself a Games Workshop 80s edition of Stormbringer too. Had to glue some pages in but I'm glad to have a version without chaos points to buy demon powers. A terrible idea.

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Terrible Campaign Ideas: Quatermass vs Mars

 Quatermass would be a great RPG setting. Besides the original radio show, several movies and TV adaptions a RPG would work well. Has elements o HPL and Dr Who.

I would use CALL OF CTHULHU rules as I know them well and most of the concepts similar. Overlap well with DR Who too. The Daemons story in the Pertee era was pretty much a Dr Quatermass+70s satanism story. Doomwatch tv show would be good for ideas too as non intelligent science disaster threats are good for this setting too. Battling SF phenomena is a underused RPG genre. Action characters might have to find and chase witnesses or madmen or ppl who think they can profit or steal information from phenomena or rescue scientists. Lliogorr and other Cthulhu mythos things might work occasionally. Laundry files would be pretty compatible and might work for a setting. They might be related to Selinites.

I would like to see more ways of using Call of Cthulhu without Cthulhu. Plenty of genre settings have same basic investigation of myth, science, murder and uncovering cosmic truth.

I would use the 1967 film as start of my modern setting with HQ in a closed tube train line in Hobbs
end with the martian ship and and alien remains in storage. In history given I927 there was a tunnel in area that had problems due to phenomena in area and and there was trouble when a well dug and charcoalers cut big trees here in 1763. There were troubles in 1341 with witches. Roman era problems are mentioned too and time travel could be possible even if only mental time travel aided by drugs and psionics and technology. I would add 1666 with plague and great fire being manifestations and any witch crazes. Reports of ghosts, strange things, ogres, witchcraft, goblins and ghosts and gargoyles are mentioned in historic records and even ancient rock art.

The Martian Colonisation of Earth1967 Earth was colonised by mars. When martians modified humans 5 000 000 years ago they gave them increased capacity for intelligence and martian psychic ability and DNA. Also the possibility to be linked into a hive mind for various purposes including to be mass taken over by martian minds. This link and the sum of human mentality and life force is what empowers most psionics and strange phenomena.

The martian seeds of mentality have been activating martian agents all across the world but especially in the UK or where other martian relics have been active.

d6 Martian Agent

1 Martian - possessed by an ancient martian, cold, inhuman and hostile with psychic powers
2-2 Agent - loyal martian slave agent fanatics still carrying latent seeds of the slaver gene, may have some superhuman powers
3-6 Peon - sensitives vulnerable to martian dreams, phenomena and suggestion. Confused and unreliable but may form mobs and hive minds and colony purges where they turn on those unaffected by martian DNA. Peons may exhibit poltergeist activity. visions, fear and hostility. In a large massmind event martians may appear and mob victims are telekineticly torn to shreds.

Martian Agents Seek
-Strange phenomena that may indicate martian lost secrets
-Seek martian relics or to operate them
-Seek to create psionic events that will awaken mass mind phenomena in humans
-Amplify Martian influence and colonisation plans or trigger relics
-Enthrall humans en masse to create various types of agents
-Travel to mars and find greater relics or revive mars or recover martian bodies

Five million years ago dying mars sent ships to earth. Living metal psionic ships where launched by power created from crating massmind swarm events where martians turned on deviants, mutants and free thinkers. The martians on earth too and modified humanoids and used colonies of hybrids. Returning to mars took generations of humanoids to sacrifice for a return to mars where humanoids could be modified further. The trip to earth was easier but martian hivemind powers could communicate the vast gulfs of space. As mars died their plan was to mass invade earth and take human bodies well adapted to earth. Things went wrong and Mars died. But their are remains of martial colonists and DNA on earth and possibly strange martian machines still functional after millions of years. The invasion failed but the mental virus in the collective consciousness of humanity or the human hive mind is tainted by martians.

Martians have many psychic powers and technology of living metal that can use mental power or amplify it. They have a collective consciousness known as the hivemind which is similar to the human massmind which interfaces with it.  The Martians used their hivemind for social control and as the planet died the used it to turn their population on each other to eliminate mutations and individuality, things that might have saved them. They turned the wild and unconscious forces fueled by fear and anger to purge their people of deviation. The energy for this was great enough to propel their colony and science ships to earth.

Some of the martians on earth now disagree and even fight or confound each others. Some just want to return to mars, some want to activate machines on mars, some want to destroy man, some want man to host the martian consciousness becoming. Mentally martians.

Martian visions are often of the hives especially during the violent rituals of purging when the hive mind would run wild. Other visions like location of martian agents or bases, historic martian phenomena with sensations of time travel, or of martians arriving on earth millions of years ago. Visions of martian spirits may become more real, advanced enough to manifest telekinesis, ectoplasmic manifestations, touch and own will and thoughts. Some might exist only in a victims mind or occupy a host. Some merely repetitive loops, psionic shadows of ancient doomed race.
Martians could be added to all kinds of horror or SF settings as a race. 

Quatermass FoundationHumans have not taken this lying down. Governments all maintain secret services which investigate strange phenomena even if it is just in case martians are involved. These organisations often employ genius polymath eccentrics who may offer assistance in other events involving outstanding science speculation.

In 1967 The UK Experimental Rocket Group led by Quatermass was absorbed into Defence against the wishes of Quatermass. Shortly after there was a investigation into a found martian ship which led to recovery of six martian bodies and modified fossilised human skeletons. Shortly after a massive martian induced psionic attack occurred sending a mob into a destructive frenzy and various humans being made into agents or even possessed by martian minds.

Quatermass was put in charge of Experimental Operation Command. Similar organisations were established across the commonwealth nations and other countries established their own. The EU org is now the newest and biggest having amalgamated dozens of smaller agencies. Further attempts were made to silence or reign him in but the men involved tended to die ignoring the Doctors advice.

Some agents have heard Quatermass if in a cryonics pod in the basement and Research has made some means of communicating with him through a computer.

There are also:

Quatermass Files:
Documents of various encounters of Dr Quatermass until his death in 1997. They are used often in cases still today. The works of Charles Fort, Richard Sharp, Shaver, Charles Berlitz inspired a previous generation.

Qutermass Protocols:
Regulations and proceedures made when contacting phenomena including provisions for silencing the press. Everyone in a town thinking fearfully about martians is dangerous.

The Quatermass Foundation:

The public face of the secretive group who often control media affairs, public opperations and calm disturbances withy propeganda. It is well documented martian impulses drive humans to proliferate stories and news of the martians which activates and empowers the massmind of the collective human conciousness and awakens martian will. So agents are careful to reduce public information.

Things to Investigate:

Supernatural, unexplained or strange Phenomena

or specifically
Extraterrestrial Events - any alien life signs
Cryptofauna Investigation - bughunts or monster hunting
Psionic Phenomena - awakening powers and ghostly phenomena most common
Martian Colony Events - one of the greatest threats to life on earth
Disaster Events - crisis where speculative science or technology expertise might be able to assist
Cults - require monitoring for potential psionic or martian or fortean activities


Research & Design Unit
Focus on academic speculation think tanks and technological developments and data management. Sub departmental bureaus including Librarians, IT, Applied Technology, Theoretical Research

Experimental Unit
Risk taking version of R&D, applied theory, working with sensitives and field research. Sub departmental bureaus including Applied Psionics, Technology Test Group, Artifact Study Group, Paranormal Test Groups and many more

Investigation Group

Sub departmental bureaus including Reconnaissance (investigate paranormal activity sites), Observation (long term monitoring targets), Infiltration (join cults and relevant organisations) , Assassination (loner killers of targets), Search & Destroy (destroy targets), Confiscation (recovering goods)

Psionics, Sanity and the Massmind of Mankind
Psionics functions through the collective minds of mankind or martian kind and where these forces overlap. The forces can be vulnerable to disruption especially from ferrous metallic conductive metal like iron or copper. Salt, pentagrams and other superstitious precautions may work. Some have created electric pentacles to resist the influence of psionics and other devices. The technology for this has improved but is mostly secretive.

Typical Trigger Events for Sanity Checks or Martian Phenomena
Anger and violence especially in a mob setting
Fear can amplify martian phenomena
Contact with a mob in a massmind event
Witnessing psionic phenomena
Contact with martian artifacts
Being psionicly attacked

When first martian event related sanity loss of 5 or more is failed roll on this table. When temporary sanity hits the victim again, the same type of phenomena activates again.

Types of temporary triggered phenomena (Replaces temporary SAN loss)
1 Poltergiest activity usually scares victim causing it more
2 Hysteria induces urge to go on a violent rampage joining with other in the mass mind
3 Empathy becomes sensetive to moods of others and the mob feeling intense emotions
4 Retrocognition receives visions of past or mars or from the hive mind
5 Sensitive prone to sensing martian phenomena or being under influence of the hivemind
6 Psychic blindness is immune to psionics even communications, healing, anything. May have insights in resisting or foiling martian schemes on a special idea roll, 

When a permanent Insanity hits the victim rolls on this table after losing 20% of their sanity

Types of permanent phenomena (Replaces permanent SAN loss)

1 Dreams of martians, has nightmares and visions of the martian hivemind
2 Will tap into any massmind phenomena and amplify it's area of effects over groups
3 Sense martian phenomena but must resist urge to flee with SAN roll
4 Martians can spy on your dreams and unconscious thoughts and sense through you
5 Martian can occupy your mind temporarily in moments of stress or if they make a supreme effort
6 Whenever angry or afraid roll SAN or PK poltergeist effects triggered 

Psychically Blind characters and permanent insanity. When struck by permanent insanity such a character cannot accept anything about martians and will deny anything about
 them and could not see one in front of them. But they are resistant to any martian mental attack (but poltergiest attacks still hurt)
At zero sanity the victim is fanatic to the martian cause and will do everything it can to aid the martian colonisation even sacrifice themselves.

Other Psionic abilities are useful and those exposed to martian phenomena may develop many other abilities. After developing any recurring temporary or permanent insanity effects may once per adventure sacrifice a POW point for a % chance = to POW of gaining an ability. Most of the first powers are minor and require only a magic point. Potential power use increases as better powers are gained. Each power requires a skill% with a base of (00%). Some abilities require SAN or might attract or trigger martian phenomena or machines.

Friday Maps: Barrier Lands

Maps from my barrier lands setting which predated this one. Actually it was a RQ then DnD setting for the late 90s. Style of the Current Kingdoms on link below set out like Glorantha box set which taught me encounter tables imply setting and factions and risks in a area to paint a portrait of setting.

More Here

Current area
Current Kingdoms

I might go back to these gods
History & Gods

Takarsis Map

Better resolution possibly here
EMO on Flickr

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Terrible Campaign Ideas: Octopus Princesses

Sample Princesses
Sample Quest

So ive considered doing a sequel to this but why not a mini game simple dnd based rpg zine. It can be run for kids or for adults who might wish to be more ironic and horrible or humorously inept dealing with humans

Basically you play a magical octopus princess (or possibly prince) who goes on magical quests for Papa Dagon and GranPaPa Cthulhu or King Neptune or the Faerie King of The Sea or whatever.

Main types of missions are quests to the surface world like rescue a octopus or find a magic thing
Seeking knowledge of human world by magical disguise or spying on them or spells
Helping the humans in secret involves spying on them and see who can do the nicest wish for filling they can of some poor common but good human. Or who can  help the most humans. Sometimes to punish naughty humans they might play pranks on them till the humans sacrifice to the sea gods. The local human church frowns on this. These are common faerie contests.
Possibly once the octopi know the local humans they might be sent to make official contact with human leaders, make a colony or a embassy or start a trade post.

Humans can be mean or misunderstanding of octopi or try and eat them so be careful. Humans spread horrible rumors about octopi but often they are based on mistakes of the past or octopi help that was misinterpreted. Some humans dont like octopi moving to the surface, stealing their land. resources, women and prestigious school places. But a dutiful octopus princess knows that humans cant be blamed for idiocy and stupidity.

Octopi also like to explore surface or subsurface ruins, dungeons and caverns. They are driven by curiosity and a like of shiny things. Some have a contest to find the biggest shiniest thing or a magic thing.

Possibly I could make up cards for everything too like loot, spells, etc

Might do better digital map of squidjag village

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d100 City Mysteries for Meddling Kids

So when living every day in Shadelport you tend to hear all kinds of mysterious happenings going on. I started one game with players as street urchins who eventually made first level and dealt with all kinds of petty problems in their neighborhood. Eventually they made enough to pay rent in a haunted house and they even found some old books inside and made enough cash to get equipped and look for dungeons. While living in some back alley hovel above a shop many strange things might draw a party to take a look.

d100 City Mysteries for Meddling Kids
01 The pie shop downstairs has many strange comings and goings and sounds by night but their meat pies sure are popular
02 In a rear lane strange wet footprints are found and local homeless have all fled the area
03 One of the neighbors points out the local urchin catcher does not wear a badge of the city which is technically unlawful. I mean who would catch children for free?
04 A local shop is seen selling black candles, silver daggers and black robes from under the counter
05 A local shop has a strange idol visible in a back room and seems to attract many suspicious layabouts with shaven heads and filed teeth
06 A certain drain hole in a alley has weird squeaking and drumming sounds coming from it at night and there are no alley cats in the area
07 Human bones keep being found in a alley way by locals
08 Locals keep talking about a witch child in the area, some say lives in a empty house
09 A local landlord has found with hex marks in chalk on one of his empty houses and he offers a discount rental fee for a lease if the fears of locals can be put to bed
10 Many houses have tiny fenced off tiny plots of overgrown vegetation and headstones. Some locals are convinced ghouls are stalking the streets by night

11 A local rag and bone man use to find dumped bodies in this back lane all the time but somebody keeps beating him to them. Nobody has seen anyone come or go from the alley
12 A robed figure keeps offering local children treats, so far locals have shooed the strange person away

13 Someone has been killing local street walker girls and local men are mad they have to go further away now
14 Several men have disappeared of late and locals say they were seen with a strange high class prostitute in the area before vanishing
15 A new local tenant seems to be holding too much influence on locals. He is a fat and greedy and lusty slob and people keep giving him food and gifts when they cant even feed their own families
16 A house full of drunken barbarians has taken up a lease and at first people were not pleased. But one had a fight with a wolf and people now respect them. Since then the wolf has killed someone once a month but few ever see it or know where it hides
17 An old woman in the street has been accused of witchcraft. She stays indoors now peering out the window. Several locals have had bad luck and several children and pets have vanished
18 At light a flesh eating huge ape has been wandering the streets. Who would keep such a creature
19 By night a black poodle has been wandering the streets. Several tried to catch it and wound up horribly murdered
20 A tribe of sewer children have been moving into the area, driven from their sewer home by something. Locals wary of the increased petty thefts
21 Several local homeless of late were found to be zombies when the militia tried to move them on
22 A chaos goat has been in the area eating garbage and butting locals at awkward moments. Locals have raised 20 copper pieces to who can drive it away
23 A house of locals were found skeletonised seated around their dinner table
24 A household brewer died recently and a local inn keeper wants someone to search his house for the recipe for his tasty beer
25 A old widow says something is in her attic and will pay a dozen pieces of silver to who can drive the thing away
26 Locals say a cackling witch has been heard flying over the area and people are sure she must be local
27 An old man has been complaining of huge rats for months but now he says they have been whispering to him through the walls
28 A new tenant who moved into the old empty sorcerers house has complained of strange dreams and several locals have vanished
29 A local man cleaned up some old trash in a alley for scrap and found a old rotting wooden door that nobody remembers
30 A local homeless man has been trying to sell his treasure map of the sewers for weeks but now a gang have come looking for the map and people think it might be real
31 A old haunted house has been avoided for years but recently a man shot a ghost he saw and it ran away bleeding
32 A local one eyed ginger tom turned up with a huge catfish which cried like a human baby. The cat's owner ate it of course but some say it was related the race of catfish men wizards who lived in the city long before man 
33 Several cobwebbed wrapped desiccated corpses have been found in a alley recently and everyone has been keeping their children indoors
34 Strange coloured blood has been found several time latley
35 A tiny troll has been seen chasing rats in alleys and some think it grew from that troll hand a adventurer brat was flashing about last week. Hopefully someone stops it before it gets too big
36 Huge foot long maggots have been found in the garbage filled alley ways chasing children and cats
37 A local sausage maker has been seen chasing rats at night and locals are not pleased. People have raised 15 coppers for someone to give him a beating
38 Burt the turtle man has been teaching children a drill to avoid wizard fireballs. What does he know?
39 Several people have been half eaten. Some say a mimic is disguised as garbage is to blame 
40 A nest of stirges has taken roost in someones attic again but the militia say it is not their problem but will fine whoever is harboring them
41 Several locals have been paralyzed by something crawling up through their cellars at night while in bed. One of the victims was found a mass of shredded skin a few days later and everyone is worries
42 Muddy footprints have been appearing by night and several homeless men were found drowned in sewerage
43 Since burning a local witch locals have been attacked by a huge black cat scratching their faces and nobody sees coming. One man says he heard it talk
44 Recently a local midwife kidnapped several newborn babies. When a mob came to her home she was found rotting obviously dead for several months
45 Beautiful singing from the sewers has drawn several to investigate and not returned. The story of sewer sirens has been spreading
46 Several locals have been lucky enough to find strange lumps of gold. Some say it is fairy gold or cursed fish man treasure but nothing bad has happened yet and everyone is keeping their eyes peeled
47 Strange writing has been found on walls that nobody can read but a student who saw it says it looks like the script of pre human monsters
48 Someone was expanding their basement and found a strange stone plug with weird glyphs carved on it
49 A gang of adventurers brought a mermaid in a bathtub into their rented shack and people can hear her sobbing and crying out at night
50 A local found a strange green stone on a corpse and refuses to sell it or let anyone see it. Now each night a strange fog comes over the streets and something has been trying to enter his house
51 Pegleg Pete a local drunk was found dead and everyone has been searching him and his home for the treasure map some say he had hidden from his pirate days
52 A local has a house kobold slave and it keeps telling people it is a princess and her father will reward whoever returns her to the family dungeon in the hills will be rewarded
53 A local man has a miracle talking fish in a barrel and charges a copper coin to see it. But all it does is cry and claim its kin will come to rescue it
54 A local overseer has had his favorite whip stolen and offers a handful of silver to whomever returns it. His friends have been beating homeless in search of it
55 Someone has been stealing cakes, pies and bread left to cool and the local wives promise to beat whomever is responsible
56 Old man Scathers sez that all the giant alley rats have gone. Most think this is a good thing but he thinks there is something worse scaring them
57 Several homeless have been found with holes bored in the back of their skulls and their skulls empty. Some say a cloaked stranger was last seen near them
58 A stray dog pack roam early after sun rise and have attacked several people. Now locals want someone to find where they live and kill them. A local sausage maker offers a copper piece per dog body 
59 Someone has been collecting body parts from the usual dead bodies found in the area. Who what or why would anybody do this?
60 The mob attacked a lone old mans house suspecting he was a child kidnapper but inside they found boxes of robes, strange lumps of gold and several squat idols of squid faced sea demons. The man escaped through his cellar into the sewers and people are convinced he was working with others
61 A long lost sailor returned to his family and within a few nights fishmen found him and by night stole his family. He is frantic and sure they are somewhere nearby
62 A overcrowded house of students has brought the street into further ill repute. The law will not act but locals say the students have robed strangers come and go by night and sometimes they bring goats inside which are never seen again 
63 Old mother Ginny used to sell good luck charms which some swore by. Recently someone beat her to death and took all her lucky rabbit foot charms, a popular item
64 Buggery Lane is full of flop houses and shacks full of drunken old seamen. A family are sure someone in one of these took their daughter and would be grateful if anyone could take a look without enraging the drunks 
65 A gang of local urchins say they have seen strange comings and goings from the old witch house but nobody will listen to them
66 Nobody has seen Miser Wallace's family in years but they do see him bring in animals like old donkeys he says are to feed his family. Locals have begun gossiping about what his secret is
67 Local urchins playing in the sewers were chased by something and little Timmy Tinkle had something snip off his leg. Luckily a sweatshop have offered him a job but some people think the creature will strike again
68 Several locals have been attacked on their privies by a hideous giant tapeworm. Some managed to kill the head but attacks seem to be increasing
69 A mysterious flute playing hobo has been wandering the streets with a swarm of giant cockroaches following him. Nobody knows what he is up to
70 Someone has seen Mr McGregor sneaking into his house carrying a bucket of blood several times and some locals wonder what he is feeding. He says he gets the blood cheap from a friend to make sausages but that's a lot of sausages
71 Mysterious cold spots have come over the area and several ice slicks have been found in the morning, everyone is puzzled
72 A harmless old man who collects and sells pamphlets and posters was beaten and robbed by robed men looking for something last night. He offers a magic healing scroll to whomever gets his property back
73 Malus Grim returned from a trip to the far north bringing many artifacts like idols and strange stuffed animals. Recently he was found horribly murdered and some blame his strange servant from the ice nomad tribes he returned with
74 Someone keeps sticking bodies in the local washer woman's laundry chute and she is sick of it. She offers free laundry for a year to who can stop it
75 Some local drunks got in a brawl in the street and one got stabbed.He left green blood and now all the men are under suspicion of being fish men hybrids
76 Several strange children have been borne in the street this month. Many of the mothers husbands are suspicious of some local bard or supernatural creature
77 A ferocious hairy pig with fangs has been seen running around in the early hours and several mauled homeless corpses have been found
78 Several strange zombies have been killed by the locals that seemed to have plant matter growing in their skulls. A old retired adventurer said a plant somewhere is making them and people need to find it and burn it. "They aint like regular street zombies"
79 Something has been taking heads from locals and nobody knows what did it or wants to find out
80 A local play writing bard who writes scathing lampoons of the rich was found badly beaten and locals want to know who dunnit 
81 Several locals have gone mad like rabid dogs of late. Some say it is some disease but a few say it is a mad spirit seizing control of the hosts. Several of the victims are in the lock up or mad house and don't remember anything
82 Someone has been starting fires, an offence punishable by death. The militia have offered a reward of 25gp (possibly rise to 40gp if more fires start). Some say it is not just a madman
83 Shamus McGimp has been tormenting local crabmen for years for fun but now the crabs have been clawing at his house every night and nobody has any sympathy for him. He offers 30gp to whomever can smooth things over with the crabs or make some kind of deal before they break in and eat him
84 Something has been eating various slave house kobolds and goblins in the area and locals are fed up having to do their own chores. Several kobold slaves have been offered as a reward to who can stop the killer
85 Zombies have been kidnapping homeless men in the street and taking them somewhere. The survivors offer the friendship of the beggars guild to whomever stops the zombies and who is sending them
86 A headless figure has been roaming the streets at night beating anyone outside to within a inch of their life. People say the haunted figure must rest somewhere by day
87 Giant centipedes are swarming in the area and some say their must be a nest which must be stamped out. Some will pay for centipede bodies for meat and poison
88 A local brownie has been stealing pennies for years and recently he was killed by Vinegar Tom a local cat. People speculate a vast hidden pile of coins must be hidden in the area
89 Something horrible has been urinating on peoples doors at night leaving them stained and rotting. Locals are angry and some say it is a imp ion some animal form
90 A well known local man and his comical old dog were well liked by the locals. Recently the mad has disappeared and the poor old pup has been moping around whining and trying to make people follow him
91 An old sailor has always been a loner but of late people have heard the bleats of sheep come from his house. Nobody ever saw a sheep enter the house but someone said he has been selling women's clothes to the rag and bone man. People are getting suspicious
92 One of the boarded up old houses has recently had lights seen on the second story and locals are saying the house must be haunted
93 A closed grog house, The Bleeding Stool has been closed for years since all the patrons and the innkeeper were found dead years ago. But several times of late people say they have heard the sounds of drunken singing come from the boarded up old place
94 A old man has been doing well selling old artifacts he gets from somewhere of the pre human inhabitants of the city. Many of the items are pristine. Sometimes he is gone for days and even his wife doesn't know where he goes. Some say it all started when he inherited a strange wooden cabinet years ago
95 Several local hobos have been seen recently eating corpses and have become ghouls. Some say a ghoul cult has been turning the men into monsters for some strange reason
96 There is a strange boarded shack at the end of a lane. Sometimes people hear music from inside and the local children say don't go in if you see the door open
97 Widow Crawliegh has been chasing children off her front yard wall for years. Now several children have gone missing and the kids say she is a witch who ate their missing friends
98 One of the local gangs has converted a house into some kind of sweatshop employing homeless from other suburbs to work their. Nobody knows what is going on but strange smells come from their
99 Strange slimy green eggs have been found in the area but mostly the locals eat them. Some might not have been found though and some ask who or what is leaving them around
100 Something or someone has been running and leaping across roofs at night. Lurid stories of spring heeled warlocks and imp-goats have been spreading but nobody really knows 

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d100 Rumours in Shadelport

The PDF of Shadelport has done better than my previous ones. Possibly a simple cover but probably being a big fat city book is the main driver I suspect. Anyway I got lots of kind words which is nice. And some weasels complaining It cant be printed (I still love you and I deliberately did this). I did print it from this file and might make a A3 print to further proof. When I'm happy I might make a improved version with a spine for LuLu because I'd like a hardback. I've had Interest in some of my other PDFs too and have agreed to revise Planet Psychon. I will probably make a version with all the more recent content added and with a fancier layout. I've had some offers of volunteers for this (well Chad anyway).

Well hopefully Shadel Port will be used by others and it might become a old school classic. While making It I got a few ideas like this one. I could probably do a A-Z post on each district and a expanded suburb encounter table. Certainly the city ruins might be worth delving into. I have had players spend most of their lives in the city or within a days travel.

d100 Rumours in Shadelport
01 The Barron eats babies every day to maintain his immortality
02 The Barron is really a devil or even one of the lords of Hell
03 The Barron under his mask is quite ordinary and walks among the people in disguise
04 The Barron wears a mask because he is hideously scarred in his early days as a mercenary or a pirate
05 The Barron is actually not immortal but is replaced by a chosen member of the secret police
06 The Barron is actually a spirit or ghost or wizard who changes bodies as they wear out 
07 The Barron tricked the lords of hell in a contract and cannot die or be killed by any god or other worldly being
08 The Barron is part god and cannot show his face or the gods will know his identity and some will seek to kill him
09 The Barron is so interested in adventurers and dungeons because he seek a artifact that will change the balance of power. The ancients had great magic machine wonders on the Island long ago
10 The Barron avoids total war with the mainland Emperor because he instigated the civil war and secretly supports numerous factions. Eventually he will assume control of the known world and as he is immortal everything is going to plan

11 The ancient Monster Empire used the city as the world centre of the slave trade. So not much has changed then
12 On the great jungle Island off the east coast, the reptilians who worship Tiamat plan to arise and destroy human kind with dragon fire

13 Sometimes there are signs of a great war under the sea. Strange beings wash ashore with fatal wounds
14 The elves have renewed trade with man for various concessions like not killing them or hunting unicorns. The Barron and the Empire both feat the Elves taking sides
15 The Dwarf ruins are scattered everywhere but none know why reason they have returned. They hate mankind for stealing secrets of iron and blackpowder
16 The great powers of the world all have eyes on Exile Island because the ancient treasures and secrets here will change the fate of nations
17 The strange men of the west bring the allure of Black Lotus, a viscous drug that turns men into slaves. The Barron's secret police are always struggling to control the trade
18 The goblins of the mountains and forests were bred by the elves to be a buffer between elves and man. Some have gone wild and savage rather than whimsical and mischievous 
19 A great humanoid kingdom of monster tribes in the hidden highlands is where the constant flow of them come from. 
20 The hidden giant kingdom was sealed away by Druids. Some day the giants will clear the sealed passage, unite the humanoids and invade the lands of humankind
21 Many tiny mountain kingdoms and inhuman villages are hidden away and many trade opportunities can be found 
22 A race of bright trolls in the mountains are not the insane horrors most know. They claim to be the parents of elves and dwarfs and know many elder secrets they do not share
23 Many barbarian tribes in the mountains live beyond the Barron and the Empire. Those that trickle into the city seeking work are the renegades, rebels, kinslayers and outlaws
24 The Elf King and Queen are fearsome and terrible beings and actually elder gods
25 The Bright Elves and Dark elves use mankind as a buffer between their woods but they are actually closer kin than most believe. Their king and Queen are the same rulers of both but are somehow unfathomably different
26 Every thousand years the dragon spawn pits of hell are unleashed and time is approaching when they will come again
27 Demons, devils and elder horrors are sealed in many dungeons, pits and under wondrous monoliths that cultists seek to free
28 Hybrid monster humans are hidden everywhere, secretly preying on humanity and serving tho long forgotten monster kings of old
29 The orcs of the city are loyal to the Barron and make up many of the city militia men and guards. That is because the Barron's wizards make them by some foul secret means
30 Everyday kobold slaves become more common and soon they will out number humanity and rebell
31 The secret police tolerate some unlawful gangs and criminal guilds and crush any that cross the Barron
32 The secret dungeons of the barons police are vast and sprawling labyrinths that reach across the city 
33 Secret police informants are everywhere often they recruited from tax debtors and criminals
34 The true agents of the secret police are a secret monastic order of fanatic assassins 
35 Many of the cities hated tax collectors and magistrates are secret police or guarded by them in hiding
36 The secret police keep in their watch houses shrines dedicated to the Barron
37 Secret police informants often watch the taverns and bards across the island, reporting sedition and slander against the Barron, they could be anyone
38 The dungeons of the Barron are full of idols dedicated to devils and lords of hell
39 The prisons of the Barron are many and varied, some for the rich are full of luxury, others are convict labour camps but the secret ones nobody speaks of
40 Some of the criminal guilds are so full of secret police and informers that they are just part of the Barron's security apparatus
41 Black markets come and go in abandoned houses, sewers and even whole backstreets
42 Strange shops come and go under bridges, in back alleys and dead end lane ways
43 Many guilds operate secret traders and back counter shops to sell illegal goods but you have to have insider knowledge to find them
44 The old guilds have established their rights and territories. Many will use assassins to deal with unauthorised competition
45 Merchant guilds all collaborate on price fixing and maintaining monopolies
46 If your not a guild member or a noble you are a nobody, but still slightly better than a mutant or a beggar
47 The merchant guildsmen fear not the militia only the tax man
48 There is nothing you cannot buy in the city markets or from a criminal guild
49 Many pay protection to criminal guilds to protect them from crime, the crime guilds are crueler and more efficient than the militia at controlling unauthorised crime
50 A cartel of kobold slavers wish to split from the regular slavers guild and there is great tension between the factions. Kobold traders say humanoids should be traded by a separate guild and humans should be free
51 Don't eat the pies, cannibals are everywhere
52 Orc food looks terrible but is surprisingly good and nutritious
53 A few bakeries have been caught using bone meal in their bread but orcs actually prefer it 
54 A butcher shop was selling meat wrapped in mummy bandages discarded by grave robbers and the victims died horribly of mummy rot
55 Inferior and old weapons are so common most sell them for scrap metal by the barrow load
56 Every day waggons of bricks and scrap are brought in from old dungeons being strip mined in the local areas
57 Cursed and magic items turn up for sale every day in the bazaar
58 Never accept strange goods from any murder hobo fresh from a dungeon, who knows what foul cursed trouble it would bring
59 There are many grog shops in the city but the cheapest are full of villains and the beer is often made with snake heads and alchemist waste water
60 Kobold slaves are so cheap some buy the old and wounded ones for the meat
61 There are so many dungeons within a day of the city but there is plenty or ruins to explore in the old town and even the deeps of the sewers turn up treasure
62 Gold and treasure are obvious loot but artworks, strange idols, rubbings from old rock carvings and ancient texts are all worth good money too
63 You can't just go looting dungeons like some amateur, you can register a ruin with the deed office or buy a out of date claim from the city clerk 
64 Some of the ruins are marked with city seals. They are either claimed by some party or deemed too dangerous to open by the city
65 Looting ruins and exploring sewers is all fun and sausages but all too adventurers come across forbidden cults who will kill any who witness their vile deeds
66 Some men are not what they seem. Some are hybrid monsters or devils or demons. Others are magical beings in disguise in the city for some dread purpose
67 The city rivers are choked in filth and waste and excrement and dangerous beings live hidden in the filth. The river nymphs are as lust as any but their hair is garbage strewn and unkempt, their naked skin is caked in filth
68 Be wary and keep your passport safe. If you are stranded in the wrong part of town without papers or friends you will wind up in a dungeon or trapped
69 The cities huge bridges are towns in their own right. A mile long and built by giants they tower over the river with palaces, arcades of shops and apartments. Deep inside are sweatshops and slums for the poor. Some never leave the bridges and without papers you will never get off
70 The wells vary in quality from suburb to suburb and the better ones have guards or gangs watching them who charge strangers a toll
71 Scum cove is where the poorest are herded and kept like a great prison. Without a job you cannot leave. People who go their looking for work must be careful not to start a job riot
72 Knotswarren is a lawless hive where the streets were long covered by shacks built on top of each other. The law never come here and the gangs rule the area and control traffic
73 Goblintown is where nonhuman (except elves and changelings) live by law unless they live in the household of a human or live in the militia barracks
74 Goblintown is avoided by most humans but if you don't act afraid or disgusted it is friendly enough
75 Mutanttown is where those with the mark of the beast dwell. They must wear a yellow bar on their clothing and serve the most polluting and foul industries. Many of the city sewer workers and rat catchers are recruited from here under contract but not allowed to join the sewer worker guilds
76 Mariners town is full of salty semen from across the world. It is dangerous at night and best look out for press gangs 
77 Gildedtown if for the new rich who think they will one day be allowed in to live in rich town one day. Most are conspicuous in faux status symbols like bad art and use old drain pipes as columns on their tacky mansions. Only residents, nobles or their servants are admitted
78 Gibbet bridge is the easiest to cross and used by the poor. It is always easy for anyone to get an apartment to rent here and some areas are ruined and squatted by gangs and worse. It costs only a copper coin to cross the bridge which is half price of a ferry or boat
79 Kings bridge has two separate roads walled off from each other, one for commoners and one for the rich. One way is a silver and is used by by the well to do (a copper per animal or servant or child). The other is a gold and for the very rich (silver for animal or servant or child). There are very fine hotels and shops here
80 The merchant district is easy to get a day pass for a copper and the markets are among the best in the world
81 Grogtown is a terrible cesspit of squalor and vice. This is where poorer visitors, barbarians, soldiers and farmers come to drink and whore
82 The University is one of the biggest and oldest in the world. The students are expected to be chaste and well behaved but many spend their free hours in grogtown
83 The University has a great library a huge and rambling collection that predates human occupation. Don't accept a job cleaning out the old stacks of monsters it is suicide
84 May private schools and teachers live in the university district and some secret schools in the sewers teach necromancy and demonology
85 The Holy district welcomes visitors by day and has thousands of temples and shrines from across the world even from cults long forgotten in other lands. Some come for charity or medical help or study
86 The martial district is where the Barron dwells in his palace with the army, militia, taxmen, magistrates, civil servants and the secret police. Otherwise very few are admitted without business and many are never released
87 The river has many skiffs, rafts, gondolas and ferries who will cross for a copper or two by daylight or silver at night when it is mostly forbidden
88 Were rats and ratmen and cults have their own city in the depths and own settlements and institutions mocking those of man
89 Devilswine are horrible were pigmen from hell who enslave mortals to be slaves. It can be hard to tell them apart from the typical greedy merchant or crime lord
90 Fishmen and squidmen in the deep come to kidnap human mates and hybrid cults serve them on the water side districts and infiltrate guilds
91 The old giantsbridge north of the city has a huge dungeon inside full of rebels, monsters and bandits but the army keep passage across safe enough
92 Adventurers are mostly looting dungeons in the southern mountains only miles from the city. The vault of the ages is the current hot complex that many never return from
93 New dungeons are found almost every day in the southern mountains
94 The Barrons wood to the south of the city is reserved for hunting by nobility and any other found there without a permit are killed as poachers
95 Ghostwood is south of the city and was a thriving kingdom hundreds of years ago but fell to plague and the area was covered by forests and monsters from the deeps came up to dwell there. Some find treasure there but most die
96 Wolfhead lodge to the north (once wolfwood) was a popular noble retreat for hunting but since unicorn hunting was outlawed the popularity has declined. The elves kill uninvited guests who cross the borders often with their trained werewolf hunting dogs. A green Dragon has been seen there as well
97 The villages on the grassy plains are quiet humble and sleepy places suspicious of adventurers and those without business
98 The yeomen surrounding the city who grow most of it's food have many rights and privileges over the common villains of the city. Many come from other lands and mistake them for common peons but they are under the protection of the Barron and the militia never trouble them
99 Spies from the empire are always in the city recording who criticises the Emperor or plots against him
100 Some say there are more gods than people in the city and at any time a few dozen petty gods walk it's streets, drink in it's pubs or stay in the temples with their followers

Monday, 9 October 2017

A new Arkham Sandbox game

Made a Players guide for my upcoming Cthulhu game. When I moved to Sydney it was Cthulhu whos smooth tentacle action got players in. Then i was doing historic Cthulhu. Then DnD. So might be a repeat here. I had very little interest in retro mor any old games. Some interest in LOTFP and did a few sessions of Xor but struggled to to get regular gaming fix. But Cthulhu is the bacon of RPGs and gets bums on seats.

This book has: 
All my CoC portrait sheets
An older character sheet
Summary of basic character gen
Occupations for players first characters
A shitty blurry Arkham map
Guidelines for the kinds of conditions that might account for sub normal stats
Military experience system from Green & Pleasant Land

I think there are a few 7th ed rules I like but overall I will run 7th ed as Pulp Cthulhu. I'm using old rules because they are meaner and characters are less likely to be killing machines and more likely to be seriously flawed.

Sunday, 8 October 2017

Free Shadel Port PDF

156 Pages of tables....phew
Shadel Port Book

Feedback welcome
Hoping this is viewable

Previous Downloads Here

Thursday, 5 October 2017

Friday Map + Inktober things so far

So im doing both inktobers side by side because they may as well be random already to me. I accidentally stole coloured pencils from supermarket and used them while rest of family drunkenly conferencing on Skype.

Sorry for lack of pumpkin spice this post. Can you get pumpkin spice lube or anal bleach yet?

I avoided putting hand drawn stuff here for 6 year but ppl seem to like it.

Next month will do a digital agippop art challenge.

Monday, 2 October 2017

Into the Sylvan Realm

Above - Fuelled by Tea Creations - has a FB page, lotsa masks and custom fantasy creations

I've been wanting to do elfland tables for a long time. Some of my forest tables (predating my infallible d100 days) touched on this. My fungi Gardens do too. Probably should do hazards, wonders and mysteries of faerieland too. Ive long had references to the otherworldly kingdoms of elves and the temporary gates in faerie mushroom rings and barrows and standing stones on certain nights. these encounters might bleed into the waking world or adventurers might stumble into elfland.

d10 Quick Encounter Types

01 Animals - most animals talk but might not want to
02 Goblinoids - are the commonest labour in elfland
03 Nature Spirits - all kinds of entities who are mostly non material
04 Sylvan Fauna - mythical and hybrid creatures
05 Faerie folk - various wee folk
06 Spirit folk - spirit folk linked to land or water or plants or animals
07 Beastmen - wild animal folk
08 Elves - the main event
09 Once Mortals - humans here so long they are mythic beings now
10 Elder Entities - superior beings of the sylvan realms

Creatures capable of a wide range of behavior so rolling for reactions here works especially well. Anything could be friendly, indifferent or homicidal from the cutest bunny to foulest troll. Charisma, manners and gifts might help.

d100 Faerieland Encounters
01 Talking kneehigh animal folk dancing and picnicking and singing
02 Hardworking talking animal carrying load of goods back to tree stump cottage
03 Tiny shack with animal run shop filled with all manner of goods animals like
04 Talking fox sees some easy rubes offers to help the party
05 Number of adorable animal folk tiny cottages with a common area in the middle
06 Herd of deer ahead in the woods look wary and twitch with uncertainty
07 Group of critters insist humans attend a kangaroo court for crimes vs animals
08 Animals are hunting something d4 1=hunting dog 2=child 3=goblin 4=brownie
09 Faerie dogs with magical abilities haunt area menacing travellers
10 Faerie cat slyly follows party seeking food, might offer advice

11 A goblin market with stalls selling strange goblin goods and magic things
12 Goblins offer delicious fruits, highly addictive and may make eater a charmed slave

13 Goblin warriors approach demand papers or toll or bribe
14 Hobgoblins soldiers demand you follow them to prison till identities confirmed
15 A cheeky bugbear follows ready to garotte or kidnap anyone who drops to the back
16 Goblins demand sexual favours or will curse you
17 Goblins are having a noisy party with dancing, food and terrible music
18 Goblins follow heroes hoping to learn martial and magic secret techniques
19 Redcaps appear harmless gnomes them turn to hideous, demand toll or blood 
20 Ogres are wandering about looking for people to smush and eat
21 Dryad with d4-1 lovers seeks to charm newcomers into her harem
22 Nymph from a sacred pool desires a lover from the pary, will try to kill any who stop her
23 Land spirit takes up a form to meet the party for conversation from curiosity
24 Wraith from a barrow hates all life and seeks to silence it
25 Tree spirit folk dancing serenely in a clearing between their trees
26 Sylph spirit flitters about curious about strangers
27 Ghost of some ancient king of elf lord bitter about mortals
28 Horned spirit of the hunt follows with his hounds
29 Banshee outraged by mortals begins to howl
30 Kelpie in form of a elf pony or beautiful woman lures visitors to waters edge
31 Leprechaun dragging a cauldron of gold coins "oh please don't rob me mighty ones"
32 Pixies curious about strangers will try to pick pockets while invisible
33 Brownies naked ask for clothes or clothed but offer to swap clothes
34 Faerie women with butterfly wings and lovely dresses having tea
35 Faerie lads in green with insect wings try to prank visitors
36 Faeries having a dance about a faerie circle opening a gate or summoning faerie noble
37 Faerie court with knights, ladies and local lords
38 Faerie offering magical food or treasure but actually a moral test, failures are cursed 
39 Nixies playing around a pool invite you to join them for water games
40 Gnomes fishing, gardening or just realaxing outside a mushroom cap cottage
41 A treant lumbers through the box, mostly friendly unless anyone has a axe
42 Fauns having a drink invite strangers to join them
43 A lusty satyr comes to play his pipes and possibly steal any women  
44 Centaurs will demand toll in form of wine, food, gold or women
45 Troll in disguise as a child tries to provoke humans into a fight
46 Horned Snake in a tree dispenses wisdom, prophecy and healing to the worthy
47 Hairy green furred wildmen look curious and concerned by mortal humans
48 Hairy green furred wildmen angrily pelt rocks and throwing sticks at mortal intruders
49 A faun a dwarf and a badger working in front of their shack in the garden
50 Unicorn with dancing elfmaid guardians purifying forest spring
51 Changelings change form before you and flee in embarrassment
52 Doppelgangers pretend to be friendly generous elves
53 Faeries in children form approach humans curiously, very beautiful
54 Goblins syhapechange into babies to trick humans
55 Find a baby actually a changeling faeries hope you will take home
56 Tree spirit folk change form trees to elf like beings confront strangers to faerieland
57 A fox spirit witch woman in human form asks for protection, seeks husband in mortal world where she can create trouble
58 Water spirit curiously seeks to know humans and seeks to join party
59 Devil swine in human form with charmed minions invites join them for stew, seeks to charm more mooks
60 Shapeshifting ogres in human form approach in friendly manner but hungry
61 Selkie relaxing on rock in pool playing a harp missing the ocean
62 Swan Mays bathing, have protective spells on clothing left ashore
63 Jolly werebear bard playing accordion to squirrel, cat and pig who drink beer and dance
64 Goatmen dancing with naked elven witch
65 A mixed group of trolls, beastmen, mushroom men, gnomes getting drunk
66 Serpent men ambassador with gifts for faerie court and lizardmen guards
67 Unicornman in robes blessing animal babies with elf escorts
68 Dragonman smoking a hookah in a cave reading magic lore and elf poetry
69 A gentle donkeyman being adored by faerie maidens, cursed by wizard
70 Werewolf hunting hound confronts party, help me escape or i lead elf masters to you
71 Elf nobles with knights on horse, demand visitors explain what they are doing
72 Elf musical processions with acrobats, dancers, musicians with noble on palanquin
73 Werewolf hunting pack followed by haughty and cruel high elf nobles
74 Beautiful elf maiden offers strangers to suck her breasts, milk is adictive elf food
75 Drunken elves feasting offer addictive elf cakes that trap you in elfland forever
76 Young elf hero offers to join you and adventure in mortal world
77 Elf bard offers to sing of your deeds and follow you for a spell
78 Unicorn riding elfmaids offer pure virgins maids to join them
79 Elf youths tease mortals try to get you to follow them and get lost off trail
80 Elves offer sexual favours exchange in name of peace between worlds
81 Shepherd has been looking for his flock, have you seen them?
82 Blacksmith has been lost forever but has enough iron elves avoid him
83 Hunter chasing game actually changelings
84 Witches travelling to see elf king curious about mortals they meet
85 Bard singing stories and tales from long ago about almost forgotten kinhs
86 Grey King offers to guide you and tries to lead to the underworld
87 Knight seeking magical questing beast lost in faerie realm
88 Fisherman who fell in sea wound up here, looking for home and keen for help. Home has long gone, he will age and turn to dust when returns to mortal world 
89 Young man addicted to elf or goblin food aging rapidly and desperate
90 Child lost and missing parents chased a faerie here
91 Amadan the trickster of darkness plays cruel mischievous tricks sometimes with gifts
92 Reed and pondweed muddy river god offers sex and to restore your virginity after
93 Snake god in sacred jewelled tree offers healing or prophecies or fertility or knowledge 
94 Green Knight confronts mortals and offers to grant wish if he can cut off head which he replaces effortlessly and he will expect to return the favour after a year and a day
95 Elf king or/and queen ith entourage curious to meet mortals
96 Horned god with his hunt and followers will persue party till dawn or out of faerieland
97 Earth goddess appears as maid or housewife or crone or all three seeking a hero to receive her mission to destroy chaos or save one of her magic children
98 Kindly spirit of winter arrives with snow bringing gifts for everyone
99 Goblin King appears curses visitors and offers a morally transforming quest to remove it
100 Severed giant head attended by druids offers prophecies and wisdom to worthy

I need to do more of these....