Gamma Aeon Apocalypse

been printing publishing and revising my gamma posts for play

GAMMA AEON compilation

Here is a quick guide to so far:

session one game log
session two - king beavers mission
session three - looting spree
game notes
session four - armed and dangerous at last! Legion of Gold
Adelaide hols one off - famine in Fargo

A boy a dog and goose hunt cyborgs and loot on on Beaver and king Island

starting equipment

character gen tables

settlements and d100 whats wrong with my bunker?
Failed Utopias

20 questions for gamma games

some references for future evolution

gamma gobblers - riding and food beasts


bunker map and high island game start

high island encounters and beaver island close up-map

beaver island map of region and starting stuff for bunker high island game start

winter on beaver island

Language, tech levels, basic types of player stock

cryptic alliances - updated with tables

what happens if you get caught?

my gaming flickr folder with maps and bunker plans

Perilous Crossings - tables for hexcrawl wilderness hazards - multi setting

Science dungeons

Sub-Ruin Tables + Encounters + Who is in that Pod?


DnD Hybrid

Tech Loot


Ruin Types

GAMMA OZ - my new campaign setting

Psychon vs Broken Hill

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