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Wizard Wars 3: Gossip & Loot

Part 3

d100 Gossip - to cover wild stories of atrocities, failure and propaganda
d100 Loot - particular goods flooding the market during the invasion

The wizard wars will probably change your kingdom lots. New weapons and spells, new attitudes to magic, new technology, new landscape features. These wars make a good overarching layer on a sandbox campaign. Characters could help the war effort or try to ignore it. Possibly this gossip will not make the local folks cause appealing. Maybe this is why wizards are fed up.

Remember after WW1 you can have WW2 and WW3..

d100 Gossip
01 Wizards are among us everywhere if you ever slander them they will know
02 Wizards will destroy the world with their unatural experiments
03 Wizards will enslave us all and make us thralls to demons and elementals
04 Wizards are against the gods and heretic, they will pay for this hubris
05 All this war only benefits the top wizards who seek the power of the gods
06 Anyone with a beard could be a wizard
08 Women are not smart enough to be wizards
09 Unlawful spell casting is witchcraft and deserves a burning as a first warning
10 If you kill a wizard burn them as they will arise as undead
11 Wizard bones have all kinds of properties in potions and remedies
12 Anyone who reads could be a wizard, watch them
13 Burn all books and paper, kill the book binders and wizards will be over
14 I heard of some good wizards but where are they now?
15 The only good wizard is a dead wizard
16 I've heard that some elderly folk outside of town are wizards and they have lots of gold and land too, we should burn them
17 A wizard got my sister pregnant, I'm taking her to a priest to see what we can do about it
18 Wizards will tear open the veil of reality and usher in a age of chaos and magic
19 WIzards ruled the world once and will again!
20 Only faith in the gods will save us! Give heavily to the church
21 To tell if someone is a wizard, burn their heart and see if imps come out
22 My wife was turned into a pig by a wizard and they stole all my money!
23 My crops have failed and my cows have gone dry, wizards dunnit!
24 WIzards devalue labour and when they win working men will be replaced by golems and orcs
25 As if we needed more bloody orcs, those wizards are breeding them in the thousands!
26 Many monsters in the wizard armies are their former enemies shapechanged and charmed
27 My cousins son went to wizard school and was killed in a fireball accident
28 The best thing to do is find a empty cave and hide with food for a few years
29 Wizards are not that bad, they will free us from work and the church and nobility
30 I was turned into a newt by a wizard but luckily i got better
31 All monsters were made by wizards, except the ones made by the gods as punishment, but it is mostly wizards
32 Wizards hate each other and this regime wont last
33 If the great wizard council falls then the whole war will end
34 If I ever see a wizard i will kill them, just stab them in bed and they die like anybody else
35 Wizards wear pointy hats because their skulls are deformed from too much learning
36 My village has burned the healers and everyone literate so we are safer now
37 Best lock up your daughters and wives, wizards will do anything to steal them and have their way with them, block even the keyholes
38 Wizards towers are bigger on the inside and some have access to other dimensions
39 Wizards all serve demons and elementals
40 Wizards plan on replacing humans with obedient immortal automatons
41 Anyone caught by wizards will have their souls drained, best kill yourself and your family first
42 Wizards are not human, they never go to the toilet and have tails
43 The war is a scam, they always controlled the nobility and this war is just to cull humans and round us up to steal our souls
44 Wizads are really demons, apprentices are replaced by fiends of chaos that is how their magic works
45 Wizards wear dresses because they are evil, they get very angry if you point out this
46 Many animals are spies for wizards look out!
47 They tortured a old man for two days before he admitted he was a wizard  and now he has been drowned and burned
48 In some places they drown then burn wizards in others they burn them and scatter ashes in the river, i wonder which is the one true way
49 Now we know we should dig up all the dead wizards and give them trials anf burn them to be sure
50 Only the inquisition is the voice of moderation and reason, they are our one true hope
51 I heard the money lender mutter in some strange language and count using strange numbers Ive never heard, we should have more beer and get him

52 That juggler in the market is a wizard spy, i saw him pull an egg from a boys ear with demonic powers!
53 Wizards are only attacking because they saw the future and decided to strike first
54 You know sometimes I wonder if priests are just a school of wizard and the gods are just lies
55 We cant stop the wizards, we should welcome them so they spare us and help them win
56 We owe the nobles nothing, wizards are reasonable and mostly will leave us alone
57 Never accept meat from a wizard they just turn victims into animals, you could be eating your own family
58 Wizards turn their piss into wine, they think it is hilarious, i hope the tavern knows where the grog comes from
59 The stars in the skies are wizards zooming through the void, their power grows the further apart they are
60 Those stories of good wizards are just propaganda to dupe you
61 Wizards will have us all mining components and growing wizard weed, if you object they will turn you into farm animals and eat you
62 Check any animals you buy, they may be the victims of wizards or spies!
63 If you cut out a wizards tongue and eyes and shatter their hands they are powerless
64 WIzards need drugs to fuel their power. We should find all the drugs and burn them, and the apothecary and the herbalists shop in case
65 Anyone could have wizard powers, they keep the powers secret to oppress us all
66 One day all magic will be purged from the world, wizards, monsters gods the lot can burn
67 I was surprised when my parents were discovered to be witches, now their land and gold is mine so that's something
68 I had to stab my neighbor, i heard him muttering a spell
69 A witch made me impotent with a curse. When i find who she was I will stab her a dozen times
70 I heard wizards can turn men into women, we have to stop them before all true men are made into women!
71 All women are sensitive to magic, best watch your wives for signs of witchcraft

72 I heard in a town they burned the whole madhouse down, they were all really wizards!
73 Thieves are really wizard spies, the guild teaches unnatural skills and arts and we should find them and hang them all
74 Bards are all wizards in disguise. Best find them and kill them and destroy any musical devices
75 I've heard a lord has many books in his home, we should pay them a visit and burn them all and the wizard in disguise
76 Those druids in the forest, they are just wizards! We must get the Inquisitors here!
77 Compasses, gunpowder, clocks all wizard magic, destroy them all as abominations
78 Did you hear about that man who killed his family? His wife was a witch and the children were imps and homonculi. Sad he had to burn them all, what a good guy
79 Elves are all wizards, every one and we should burn them too!
80 Anyone can use magic, even women! Only muscles are honest and the proper way to do things. If wizards had their way women would be the equals of men!
81 Only holy books are proper books. All other books are evil. All other writing is against the gods
82 Ive heard the nobles have guards around the university! They must be in league with the wizards!
83 Only hard work and sweat make us equal, wizards want to oppress us and demean our labour. They could do all our work with just a thought but they enjoy our suffering
84 I hear a man has a talking bird in the market, obviously a demon familiar!
85 Have you seen that old widow talking to her cats? Obviously they are devil spawn and familiars
86 Foreigners are all wizards, look at their strange writing and the gibberish they speak. We should find some and make them confess!
87 Wizards want us to hate them, it was so they could mobilize in a preemptive strike against us and claim it was self defense
88 I've seen carvings on rocks in the hills, obviously ancient wizard marks, we should go deface them and carve holy symbols there
89 I heard that student who rented a cottage has books, clearly a wizard spy
90 Beware the familiars and imps of wizards are everywhere, if you see any small animals listening to you you should kill them
91 WIzards are not even real, it's just slight of hand tricks and formula using natural materials, anybody could do it. I stabbed a wizard there was nothing special about his body when I carved it up, just like any human corpse
92 The magistrate has been busy releasing all sorts of criminals, turns out most convicts were framed or charmed by wizards, well we are onto their tricks now

93 A wizard made me stab that woman I tell you and no reasonable court would convict me
94 I hear the king wants a 100 mile wizard exclusion zone around the border and bailiffs will be searching all travellers and seizing all books and documents, gods be praised for the kings wisdom
95 That poor noble discovering his own wife was a wizard! Well he now has a younger more attractive wife so I hope he is happy

96 I hear the priest is putting animals on trial to identify any familiars among us
97 Good thing the clear headed church is here to guide us in this crisis, my firewood business is booming with all the burning, coffins, and hangmans scaffolds
98 If you put a secret hex mark over your door the wizards will leave you alone
99 If you find any strange marks over the door of a house it means they are wizard spies
100 Any wizard who doesn't go along with the wizard council is being destroyed, they are so intolerant and prejudiced, best to kill all wizard fanatics for the common good

d100 Wizard Loot
01 Slim student book with d4 common cantrips, woodblock print 100gp/spell
02 Student volume with a first level common spell, woodblock print 500gp
03 Apprentice study book with four first level common spells, woodblock print 2500gp
04 Senior apprentice book with a second level spell, woodblock print 1000gp
05 Senior apprentice book with a third level spell, woodblock print 3000gp
05 Blank wizard travel book 1'x2'x6" with leather strap 500gp
06 Blank wizard book for home use, 2'x3'x1' with lockable clasp 1000gp
07 Old wizard book first level uncommon spell book, hand written 1000gp
08 Old wizard book second level uncommon spell, hand written 2500gp
09 Graduate Wizard Book (1stx4 2ndx2 3rdx1), hand written 10000gp
10 Senior Wizard Book (1stx6 2ndx4 3rdx2 4thx2 1x5) 25000gp
11 Waterproof spellbook oil, rub on a book and impervious to water damage 100gp
12 Spellbook lock (can have several) 50gp
13 Spellbook poison needle trap for spellbook 100gp
14 Spellbook poison ink will poison reader who uses bare hands 200gp
15 Spellbook permanant run proof ink 100gp
16 Quill that takes dictation 1000gp
17 Quill that writes in code only magic or the writer can read 1000gp
18 Quill that translates thoughts into one other language 1000gp
19 Quill that can only write what the writer believes is the truth 1000gp
20 Sealing wax as wizard lock only magic or user or intended recipient can open 100gp
21 Magic scroll 1st level
22 Magic scroll 2nd level
23 Magic scroll 3rd level
24 Magic scroll 4th level
25 Magic scroll 5th level
26 Magic scroll 1stx4 level
27 Cursed scroll reader saves or contracts lycanthropy 1000gp
28 Cursed scroll reader saves or goes blind 1000gp
29 Cursed scroll reader saves or age +d10 1000gp
30 Cursed scroll reader saves or becomes illiterate 1000gp
31 Lesser demon name in book with demon lore to summon specific demon 1000gp
32 Greater demon name in book with demon lore to summon specific demon 5000gp
33 Demon noble name in book with demon lore to summon specific demon 10000gp
34 Elemental noble name in book with demon lore to summon specific demon 10000gp
35 Lesser demon amulet to bargain with demon 2000gp
36 Greater demon amulet to bargain with demon 10000gp
37 Bound lesser demon, if released perform one task 5000gp
38 Bound lesser elemental, if released perform one task 5000gp
39 Book of demonic lore 1000gp
40 Book of elemental lore 1000gp
41 Magical spectacles detect magic in 1" 2000gp
42 Magical spectacles translate one language in 1" 1000gp
43 Magical spectacles translate any language in 1" 10000gp
44 Magical spectacles read magic in 1" 2000gp
45 Magical hat, pull out a rabbit once a day 400gp
46 Magical hat +1 Saving throws 1000gp
47 Magical hat +1 AC 1000gp
48 Magic robe AC +3 3000gp
49 Magic robe AC +5 5000gp
50 Magic wizard boots +1 Move 1000gp
51 Magic dagger +1 1000gp

52 Magic staff +1 1500gp
53 Magic sling +1 1000gp
54 Magic sling bullet 2d6 damage one use 400gp 
55 Magic bullet +1 can be re used if found 1000gp
56 Sling Stone with permanent light spell 100gp
57 Exploding slingstone 3d6 damage 1" across one use save half damage 1000gp
58 Slingstone +1 one use 100gp 
59 Magic dart +1 one use 100gp 
60 Swarm dart +1 if thrown becomes 2d4 darts in flight, one use 1000gp
61 Magic Staff +1 Cast Light three times a day 2500gp
62 Magic dagger +1 returns if thrown next round 2500gp
63 Magic sling bullet +1 returns if thrown next round 2500gp
64 Magic dart +1 returns if thrown next round 2500gp
65 Magic staff stores 1st level wizard spell 2500gp
66 Magic staff absorb a 1st level wizard spell and can recast at will or learn it 5000gp
67 Magic staff +1 can elongate to 10 foot long or shrink to 6 inches 2500gp
68 Magic Staff  protection from good or evil or law or chaos (one only) 2500gp
69 Magic Ring can learn extra 1st level spell 2500gp
70 Magic ring can learn extra 4 zero level cantrips 2500gp
71 Compass wrist band, non magical 400gp

72 Carraige Clock 8lb 2500gp
73 Grandfather Clock 60lb able to travel 4000gp
74 Cuckoo clock 12lb 2000gp
75 Wrist sundial (also good for navigation) 100gp
76 Sextant an advanced navigators tool 800gp
77 Folding telescope 800gp
78 Astrolabe for calculating position of the stars 600gp
79 Pair of spectacles 100gp
80 Clockwork music box plays one tune often ornate 1000gp
81 Alchemist test strips (10) skilled alchemist can test potions 100gp
82 Strip of 100 tiny fire crackers 100gp
83 Impressive signal rocket or good for parties 100gp
84 Hand grenade, cast iron with fuse 2d4 1" area 100gp
85 Incendiary Grenade 2d4 and save or take a d3 damage for a d4 rounds 100gp
86 Hair restoration potion, grows 3 foot hair and beard overnight 1000gp
87 Birth control Potion in box of 10, 100gp
88 Manly sexual Vigor potion 
in box of 10,  10gp
89 Sleep brew save or sleep for an hour, can mix with wine 50gp
90 Memory potion restores memory of a 1st level spell 100gp
91 Hideous doll with command words AC+4 2hd punch d4x2 Mov 9" 4000gp
92 Musical Automaton, walks and plays music, wind once per hour 10000gp

93 Chess Playing Automaton, can only sit, wind each game 10000gp
94 Singing Clockwork Bird In Gold Cage 10000gp
95 Girdle of Sex Change (not cursed can be removed but some have a lock) 1000gp

96 Cantrip Wand with single spell d20+50 charges 2000gp 

97 Focal Wand +1 Damage to any spell damage per dice 2500gp
98 Shape Change Wand save or turn int set animal (pig, chicken or frog common) d20 charges 4000gp
99 Broom of Sweeping will sweep an hour a day on own 1000gp
100 Flying Broom one hour a day 12" Mov 5000gp

Other Wars I Have considered.....Rival or possibly evil nation
Chaos Horde with demons, cultists and mutants
Fishmen and evil sea monsters - will help flesh out navies a bit

machines - built by evil gnomes or dwarves
Barbarian horde
Cavemen, Pleistocene beasts
Reptilians - dinosaurs, lizardmen, serpent men
Dwarf army - humans stole iron and gunpowder and must be stopped
Elementals and their cults
Witches - are fed up prioviding free healthcare and being burned for their trouble
Hell - infernal legions here to punish the wicked
Any preferences? Anyone Im missing out?
I mean those halflings would introduce 4 hour working day with 12 breaks and nice cake

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Wizard Wars 2: Encounters and Wonders

Part 2
Encounters - Combat encounters on the road or countryside during the war
Wonders - spectacles and events but not necessarily combat

This Is possibly inspired by my un-named Elder Age setting featuring wizard hordes but could be any setting really. One day will put all together with a simple wargaming system that will emphasize heroic action of players. Possibly will need to ad naval units to previous forces. Some of these are dangerous but killing the wizard or scaring them with a few wounds is not too hard and dispel magic might turn their pets against them. Clever talk might even help the charmed victims get a save. You can always hide from things that could destroy a army.

Imagine what a hundred 1st-4th lv apprentices could do. Any hero could be killed or charmed. Party might be charmed or their friends or followers. Those who resist get sent to camps run by brutal orcs to labour until dead or charmed. Wizards might release demihumans not wishing to draw them into the war yet.

I did once consider a elemental cult war but possibly this probably subsumes this.

The war might change the kingdom forever:
Certain spells and books become commonplace
Gunpowder might become more common
Potions and petty items will e left everywhere
Summoned beings and constructs might be found wild years later
Wizards might leave secret dungeon bases everywhere
Grumpy orc men might be left behind.

In most of my war scenarios the invaders are exotic and powerful but tend to fall apart on their own from factions, strategic losses or someone else invading or just economics

Peasant revolt was less horrible, foreign human power will happen one day too

Id probably have goblins invade on year then a new invasion every year each leaving kingdom a mess working way up to demon invason and too many surviving civilians with levals gained from haphazard war exp or perhaps cthulhu wakes up to finish of the world

My current setting in works is a world ruined and often ruled by wizards
I guess point is players can intervene in war and perhaps kill a archmage in bed or two
First phase of the war roll d10 or d20 and use bigger dice as conflict goes on

d100 Encounters
01 Singed militia on the road fleeing in panic because of wizards
02 Sleeping guards on the roadside checkpoint victims of a sleep spell
03 Friendly youth in robes with backpack asks for directions (apprentice agent)
04 Burning pigs or sheep or cattle stampeding on road
05 Distant smoke and fleeing peasants bemoan wizards burning down house
06 Orc skirmishers watching road might try to rob a smaller group
07 Orc skirmisher marching on road will shoot and flee
08 Orc archers watching road from well entrenched position in hiding
09 Orc crossbowmen fire a volley and withdraw to cover
10 Orc spearmen on the march commanded by a 4th Lv apprentice
11 Orc swordsmen burning down shacks 
12 Human swordsmen looting and chasing commoners
13 Human swordsmen led by apprentice interrogating local militia captives
14 Skeleton spearmen led by necromantic apprentice on the march
15 Skeleton swordsmen chasing commoners and their animals
16 Zombies made from murdered commoners mindlessly killing everything on the road
17 Homonculous or imp or other familiar spying on road for a wizards
18 Bumpkin headed scarecrow golems in fields standing silently will ambush travellers
19 Illusionary soldiers on the march with invisible apprentice maintaining from distance
20 Battlemage with apprentices and squad of orcs will fireball dangerous adventurer spies
21 Apprentices in hiding will summon monsters to attack travelers from hiding then flee
22 Invisible apprentice will follow party and warn wizard forces about them
23 Apprentice defector says master is mad and wants to inform the kingdom military
24 Refugee requests help is really an apprentice spy seeks to get behind enemy lines 
25 Zombies created from local militia in armour with weapons 
26 Skeleton archers in ancient garb watching road from cover
27 Wood golem soldiers on the march
28 Charmed militiamen led by an aprentice
29 A dozen 1HD elementals being a nuisance, destroying property 
30 Guardian warrior statue directed by aprentice
31 Squealing pigs wearing ill fitting human noble clothes seem to want something
32 A white mouse on the road in a pile of human clothing
33 Battlemage riding a manticore
34 Battlemage with two crystal statues and a squad of human swordsmen
35 Battlemage with two iron statues and a squad of human swordsmen 
36 Battlemage with two rock statues and a squad of human swordsmen 
37 Weapons on path animate and attack on own
38 Apprentice flees deliberately leaving cursed obviously magic weapons
39 Small elemental on the rampage
40 Clockwork automaton soldiers on the march
41 Doppelganger spies
42 Road covered by pool of mud with mud golem hiding inside
43 Obsidian golem escorted by a battlemage and two aprentices
44 Charmed gargoyle scouts
45 Amber golem ridden by a battlemage
46 Pack of manticore scouts
47 Battlemage riding wyvern or firedrake scouting
48 Medeum elemental directed by battlemage and aprentices with squad of swordsmen
49 Bone golem guarding a battlemage and his apprentices and charmed soldiers
50 Battlemage with charmed cockatrice and two apprentices
51 Battlemage leading charmed ogre gang

52 Several guardian warriors on guardian horses
53 Battlemage and apprentices with several charmed trolls 
54 Battlemage and apprentices with a charmed hill giant
55 Petrified frightened peoples standing on road caught in running pose
56 Battlemage with four hellhounds
57 Carriage with efeet dandy wizard with 
58 Apprentices that throw explosive potions then flee
59 Battlemage and apprentices with a charmed ettin
60 Orc siege unit with crossbowmen and swordsmen in formation led by battlemage
61 Orc pike unit with crossbowmen on the march led by battlemage
62 Blind battlemage with charmed baslisk
63 Battlemage ridding a charmed behir followed by a squad or orc archers
64 Battlemage riding a black green or white dragon
65 Battlemage with four spectral hounds
66 Battlemage with succubi lover
67 Battlemage with a lesser devil or demon
68 Battlemage necromancer with several squads of skeletons and zombies
69 Necromancer battlemage with a summoned soul eater and two apprentices
70 Squadron of battlemages riding wyverns or firedrakes
71 Wizard with a squad of weak lesser devils or demons (red abishai or drethch)

72 Wizard with two lesser devil or demons and two apprentices
73 Wizard with clay golem, assistant battlemage and four apprentices
74 Wizard with stone golem, assistant battlemage and four apprentices
75 Wizard with silver golem, assistant battlemage and four apprentices
76 Wizard with silver golem, assistant battlemage and four apprentices
77 Wizard with large elemental and assistant battlemage with four apprentices
78 Wizard with bronze golem, assistant battlemage and four apprentices
79 Wizard riding a red or blue dragon
80 Wooden Juggernaut crewed by battlemage with two apprentices
81 A hundred apprentices led by battlemage and two squads or orc guards
82 Necromancer wizard with a hundred skeletons or fifty zombies and apprentices
83 Robed cultists coven,13 apprentices led by a d4+3 level wizard and a lesser elemental
84 Robed cultists coven,13 acolytes led by a d4+3 level priest and a lesser demon
85 Orc force of 100 spearmen and 20 archers led by a battlemage and 2 apprentices
86 Battlemage, 4 apprentices, 2x orc swordsmen & archer squads, lesser demon
87 Apprentice with squad of orcs with a stolen wand turning commoners into monsters
88 Battlemages of different schools fighting over loot while orcs cower for cover
89 Wizard with army of spectral minion warriors in ancient dress
90 Gateway opens with a army of orcs and undead led by a battlemage and apprentices
91 Stone Juggernaut crewed by a wizard and 4 aprentices
92 Dozens of mounted guardian warriors

93 Wizard supervising charmed etin, hill giant and several ogres
94 Wizard supervising a efreeti or djinn or dao or marid with two apprentices
95 Archmage with elemental lord
, assistant wizard and four apprentices
96 Archmage with iron golem, assistant wizard and four apprentices
97 Lich with army of skeletons and zombies or a flesh colossus
98 Archmage with greater demon or devil, assistant wizard and four apprentices
99 Archmage with a charrned ape gargantua and four apprentices
100 Cloud castle with flying monsters patrolling around commanded by a archmage with army of undead and orcs and 4 battlemages and 20 apprentices

d100 Wonders
01 Sky full of shooting stars
02 Great strange comet in the sky of ill omen
03 Burning forest blazing out of control
04 Burning buildings
05 Many hundreds of commoners fleeing wizard armies
06 Necromancers assembling a flesh colossus from corpses
07 A great muddy pit where a wizard is making orcs while newborn ones watch
08 A wizard with assistants calling a demon or elemental
09 Cultists performing a ritual ceremony
10 A great circle of orc guards surrounding a celebratory party of wizards
11 A cloud fortress moving across the sky raining fire 
12 A stone tower or building collapses into a heap of mud
13 Necromancers raising the dead on a battlefield
14 Sound of distant explosions
15 A marching army of the kingdom incinerated in fireballs cast by flying wizards
16 Sky full of fireworks
17 Great clouds of coloured fog cover the land confusing all
18 Waters of rivers and wells changes strange colours 
19 Dozens of gleeful imps scuttling through the undergrowth, change form
20 A star falls destroying a settlement in a huge explosion
21 A mountain crumbled blocking a path or opening a new one
22 A river or stream flows backwards as wizards steal water upstream
23 Huge earthen hill fort and ramparts grow in hours with elemental labour
24 Strange weather as clouds rush through sky resulting in huge unseasonable storm 
25 A tornado rushes through valley tearing everything apart 
26 A firestorm destroys a fortress leaving molten rubble and ash
27 The earth swallows up buildings into a sinkhole
28 A region sinks into a bog with mudslides covering settlements
29 A great hailstorm damages buildings and crops 
30 A frigid cold snap destroys crops, turns mud into ice and kills the weak
31 A group of elementals destroy everything on their path
32 Earth elementals make roads and bridges for armies
33 Air elementals pick up innocents and drop them from great heights
34 Graveyard has been turned over into loose soil digging for corpse robbers
35 Hundreds of drowned bodies lay scattered in the open
36 Hundreds of petrified bodies turned to statues in the open
37 Huge illusion in sky of god being destroyed by wizard blasts
38 Inquisitors of church crucified upside down by road
39 Great ray in the distance fired into the heavens and shoots down a star
40 Wizard minions building a bronze colossus to be a weapon and new god
41 Wizards release a demon prince into the world long banished aeons ago
42 Great earthquake rocks the region, opening fissures fill of lava
43 Volcano starts to form in strategic location
44 A wizard releases a eldritch horror trapped for aeons, a black cloud rises blocking the sun and moon and frightening away birds for days
45 Inquisitors burn down a wizards house releasing demon familiars and bound elementals by accident
46 An alchemist waggon catches alight filling the sky with fireworks
47 Wizards have built a huge cannon pulled by a hundred slaves and 16 oxen, started testing it
48 Swarm of demons fly oveer head on way to perform wicked deed
49 Cloud castle crashes, explodes and leaves a crater, ruins and fluff cloud stuff strewn over miles
50 A mountain explodes sending a plum of ash into the sky and raining ash for days
51 A flash flood washes away roads and leaves piles of debris and logjams

52 A battlefield of hundreds of mostly burned corpses, zombies gather the intact ones and load on skeleton horse pulled waggons to take to necromancers
53 Time is frozen and winds backwards several minutes
54 A bubbling pool of chaos is leaking into the world from all the magic forces unleashed, chaos demons enter and guard the portal
55 A chaos warband of mutants, demons and evil templars led by a chaos wizard lollop along leaving slime trails and gremlins behind them
56 A great fiery balor demon with a flaming sword and whip flies overhead
57 A wizard and his orcs have captured a petty god to sacrifice to gain divine power
58 For a moment the skies change to a unnatural colour and trees become fleshy swaying things from some other domension
59 A pool of vomit hundreds of foot across with human body chunks in the mix oozes across the countryside as if alive
60 Wizards fly overhead in ornithopters, clockwork flying machines in the shape of griffons, dragons and other winged beasts
61 A weird tower from another dimension fades into reality bringing alien life forms with it
62 A huge beanstalk grows into the sky and has anchored a cloud
63 A frozen comet from space crashes and ice devils led by a winter wizard exit and march to nearest battlefront
64 Gold coins rain from the sky, with heads of mighty wizards on one face and dragon on the reverse in a scheme to destroy economy. After a few days they turn back into lead
65 Great phantom divine beings wrestle in the sky
66 A vast protoplasmic shoggoth oozing eyeballs and mouths, gibbering madly eating all in path
67 A stone citadel arises from the earth and a wizard led army from the underland comes out
68 The sky rains fireballs igniting forests and buildings over huge area
69 Angels and demons fight in the sky, blood rains down
70 Ilusionary flame covers hectares of land intended to block enemies of wizards
71 A wall of flame or ice or magical stone blocks area for miles

72 Colossal bronze minotaur breathing flame stomps across land, shaking the earth
73 Dozens of witches on brooms and flying demons go overhead
74 Constellations in the sky move terrifying all
75 Something hits the moon adding new craters
76 A great eclipse darkens the sky terrifying humans and animals 
77 Birds flying overhead overhead talking about this funny wizard business
78 Flocks of birds flying backwards
79 An elemental gate guarded by elementals and wizard cultists
80 Hundreds of robed apprentices chanting as victims sacrificed to chaos
81 Two mighty wizards battle while followers look on in horror at destruction
82 A guargantuan wizard kicks down a kingdom defence tower and eats the survivors
83 Army of the kingdom retreating from illusionary wizard army
84 Mob seizing anyone with a beard and shaving them, then tarring and feathering them
85 A wizard turning dozens of captured soldiers into goatmen or ratmen or lizard men minions
86 Fish swimming through the air in great schools
87 Multiple seasons come and go in a single day
88 Large area where everything is dead, life force drained by necromancy
89 Glacier in distant mountains stands and lumbers across land leaving trail of permafrost
90 Dozens of rainbows crisscross the sky on the border of wizard lands
91 Giant trees and flowers thrive on magical energy
92 Huge cloud of swarming insects blacken the sky

93 Hundreds of frogs hopping around empty settlement among piles of abandoned clothing
94 Mob of peasants with no wizards signs burning wizard effigies in rally
95 Soldiers hanging wizards in front of angry cheering mob

96 Temple melts into pile of mud and inhabitants struggle to escape drowning
97 A powerful hierophant priest and clerical holy folk battle a archmage and apprentices
98 Shimmers and ripples in the air, a wizard spells go wild and perform erratically while laws of magic breaking from over use in wizard war, allowing commoners to beat and kill them
99 Huge rift appears in sky unleashing magical forces and raw chaos into the world due to reality being tormented by wizards, making everyone nervous and hide
100 A god appears to destroy several archmages for hubris against the divine order

Part 3
d100 Gossip - to cover wild stories of atrocities, failure and propaganda
d100 Loot - particular goods flooding the market during the invasion

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Wizard Wars 1: Causes and Forces

Would be more common in my new setting but heck could happen any setting with wizards lets face it. During the wizard wars common spell books were printed to keep wizards using the same spells in mass combat. Note that Ive included basic dnd and adnd monsters here to expand possible constructs and summoning. You could swap  sorcerers for wizards or mix them up. 

d10 What Started war?
1 Wizards want power over humanity
2 Wizards fed up with persecution
3 Wizards know best because they are smarter
4 Prophecy said now is the right time
5 Human religion critical of wizards

6 Wizard factions united under leader or council
7 Spellbook of battle magic becomes common
8 A single wizard began and others join in
9 Several leading wizards were killed by nobility
10 Apprentices were rounded up and killed en mass

d10 Objectives of invaders?

1 Place wizards at the top of society forever
2 Human kingdom today the multiverse tomorrow
3 Channel wealth and production into magical research and manufacturing
4 Create a new improved master race of wizards
5 Replace religion with wizardry
6 Seize all magic items and books for wizards and minions
7 Build a age undreamed of with wonderous monuments
8 Make humans the dominant race and replace gods and planar powers
9 Seize power of the gods to create new ones from the ruling wizards
10 Build a new god, a wizard god made from adamant and human souls

d10 What ends war?

1 Most of the wizards destroyed
2 Wizards feud and cant work together
3 Wizard leaders destroyed in accident
4 Gods intervene to smite great wizards
5 Reality tears unleashing planar monsters
6 Chaos bubbles forth making making unpredictable
7 Wizard leaders pawns of some power and ranks split
8 Wizard leaders turn on each other and all killed
9 Dragons killed the wizard council
10 Assassins decimated the wizard leaders

d10 Factions of Wizards

1 Elementalists seek communion and command over the elements
2 Summoners desire power over planar beings for power
3 Necromancers want to master the power of death and rule by fear
4 Enchanters desire to create new and marvellous magical wonders
5 Illusionists want a world of dreams and desires unleashed into reality
6 Mentalists seek mental domination over lesser minds
7 Sorcerers crave raw power to lead lives of opulence and pleasure
8 Draconologists want to unite with dragon kind to conquer the world
9 Demonologists want to call forth chaos to consume the world
10 Cultists seek to make pacts with fell powers to conquer all

d10 Factions of Humans

1 Anti Wizard want to kill and burn all wizards and sorcerers
2 Legalists want wizards to work for the state under strict control
3 Theists want religion to control wizards and kill those without church sanction
4 Anti magic hate all magic and spell casters and want them all dead
5 Humanists support wizardry but oppose despotic power mad wizards
6 Barbarians oppose literacy and wizardry and all unnatural civilised arts
7 Purists want wizards to help commoners and teach secrets openly to all for free
8 Magocrats want wizards forced to work on public works for the state
9 Inquisitors want wizards tried and burned if against church, state or common folk
10 Cultists sew seeds chaos to destabilise authorities and blame on wizards

d10 Quests of the War

1 Assassinate a wizard leader
2 Beat wizards agents to a relic in a dungeon
3 Sabotage a magic infernal engine the wizards are rebuilding
4 Help people escape a wizard concentration camp
5 Gain support from non human allies against wizards
6 Aid wizards who are trying to split from wizard kind
7 Stop wizard agents recover a ancient spell book
8 Stop wizards making a ancient race or dragons joining them
9 Destroy a orc factory and kill the lead wizard overseer
10 Sabotage wizard sect alliances and sew dissent

Forces of the war
Human Forces and allies as previously documented in this series
Church inquisitors and templars might feature more often (see necromancer war)
Religious units and even rogue wizards might help the kingdom resist wizard invaders
Cultists serve on both sides some opposed to wizards, some causing more problems and using chaos to act more openly. Cults on the wizards side look forward to a age of magical corruption, open spell casting and demons and devils unleashed on the world. 

Wizard Born Orcs
Orcs are created nowdays from pits of mud with alchemical ingrediants by wizards. Some older spells usa a human or elf corpse but elves have tried to kill all who have the elf version of the spell killed for millennium. The mud version is easier. Such orcs are all male. The wild orcs who breed naturally might tempt wizard born orcs to join them and participate in orc culture. Orcs can be regular and disciplined or irregulars. Wizards unlike wild born orcs have orcs operate siege weapons and pike formations. Siege crew may also operate fire arms, cannons, mines and grenaides which will become more common in the later war (posibly making them more common in the kingdom after). Crossbowmen are another innovation support siege weapons and pikemen and defensive roles and can fight in hand to hand if needed. Orcs working for wizards have no tradition of warg or boar riding.

Orc Skirmishers with bows, darts and spears, irregular, Morale 7
Orc Archers with bows and swords, regular, Morale 8
Orc Spearmen with long spears and hand axes, regular, Morale 8
Orc Swordsmen with good armour and swords and shields, regular, Morale 9
Orc Pikemen with good armour, 16 foot pikes & shortswords, regular, Morale 9
Orc Siege Artilery with catapaults, balistia, seige towers and rams, regular, Morale 8
Orc Crossbowmen with good armour, heavy crossbows, swords, regular, Morale 9

Wizard Forces
Wizard armies will use human and orc troops mostly plus some specialist forces. Apprentices will use spells like magic missile to target elites and officers then skirmish or might use charm to break up enemy formations in battle. Better apprentices will close ranks if attack and will use open ranks if attacked with spells or missiles. Better wizards act as artillery units with fireballs. Wizards often summon creatures of all kinds with basic summoning spells or more powerful spells such as elemental conjuring. Charmed monsters are also commonplace. Necromancers will have undead constructs so see the necromancy lists.

Even apprentices will summon low level help and might have charmed followers from a past battle. Battlemage groups act as artillery but will also have better vassals possibly charmed giants, trolls and ogres or worse. Wizards may have golems, elementals and demons at their command. Archmages might command armies of demons, elementals and undead. Even great demons and elemental lords might be called to battle.

Wizards don't like to take risks and will use mundane troops as shields. Wizard enemy troops will lose leaders rapidly or have them charmed. Any specialist kingdom elites can be brought down by even a force of apprentices. Wizards will often serve in groups allied by school or tradition and with similar spells. Military groups of wizards publish spellbooks of common school spells.

Apprentices 1st lv with slings, magic missile or charm person, irregular, Morale 6
Apprentices 2st lv with slings, magic missile or charm person, irregular, Morale 7
Apprentices 3st lv with slings, with several spells, regular, Morale 8Apprentices 4st lv with slings, with several spells, regular, Morale 9
Battlemage 5-8th lv +4 apprentices and squad or orcs or human soldiers, regular, Morale 7
Wizard 9-12th lv +2 Battlemage groups
, regular, Morale 8Archmage 18-20th lv +2 Wizard groups, regular, Morale 7

These are things made by wizards to be guards. They do cost alot so wizards are sending all captured wealth and exotic materials captured back to wizard lands for alchemists and enchanters.

Scarecrow able to lay still and ambush and cause fear, claws, regular, Morale
Homonculous an effective magical spy, iregular, Morale
Animated Weapons left as traps and hazards on roads or retreats
Animated Armour guard locations or wizards
Skeleton Spearmen - phalanx with shield and light spear in the ancient styleSkeleton Swordsmen - warriors with shields and shortswordsSkeleton Archers - with shortbowsZombie horde irregular mostly with peasant tools
Zombie warriors regular former enemy militia and military with equipment
Crystal Statue a living artwork often used as a guard
Iron Statue a living statue that traps metal weapons in it's body
Rock Statue a living statue that can shoot magma from finger tips
Guardian Warrior a ceramic animated figure
Guardian Horse a ceramic horse acompanies some guardian warriors
Wood Golem a weak class of golem used for wizard baggage carrying and guards
Bone Golem a four armed sword wielding weapon
Obsidian Golem powerful construct is intelligent and can speak
Mud Golem powerful construct can hide in mud or water
AmberGolem mostly in animal form often used as mount or a guard
Clay Golem dangerous animated clay monster prone to insanity
Stone Golem powerful living stone creation
Rock Golem powerful living rock statue breaks normal weapons
Silver Golem fast living statue with quicksilver inside
Bronze Golem beast headed glowing hot engine of destruction
Iron Golem huge deadly construct suitable for siege warfare
Juggernaut huge wheeled animated siege weapon in wood or stone
Colossus is a towering artificial humanoid with flesh being the most common type

These are magical creatures summoned to aid wizards

Imp or Quasits, familiars of evil wizards, spies, sabotage or assassination
Spectral Minions, are undead phantoms often of soldiers or conjured by illusionists
Hellhound, devil war hounds from hell that spit fire, make good guards
Soul Eater, summoned horror from dimension of darkness
Spectral Hounds, phantom horror hounds
Demons vary from lesser to greater
Devils vary from lesser to greater
Efreeti or Djinn or Dao or Marid are elemental spirits of great power
Elemental in various sizes from tiny to gargantuan elemental lords

Charmed, Bred or Hired Monsters
Creatures controlled by magic, bred in menageries or employed as agents. Others are possible and some wizards like their own favorite creatures or beastmen but these are the most common.

Beastmen of all types, most wizards have a favorite type and training
Doppelganger used as magical spies
Ogre good troops fro shock and demoralizing to normal humans
Gargoyle able to fly as scouts and can even carry aprentices
Manticore able to fly and act as mounts
Wyvern able to fly and act as mounts
Behir a lightning breathing reptilian horror
Cocakatrice can petrify foes with a peck
Baslisk can petrify with a gaze
Troll regenerating insane horrors
Fire Drake fire spitting dragon kin
Hill giant huge stupid primitive humanoids
Ettin even bigger two headed humanoids
Dragon prefer stupid breeds for control but make good mounts
Gargantua huge creatures that tower over greatest buildings able to ruin a city

Monster War Zones
Faerie 1 Faerie Forces
Faerie 2 Encounters Wonders
Faerie 3 Rumours Treasure
Faerie Maidens
Faerie Land Encounters
Peasant Revolt 1 Forces and Encounters
Peasant Revolt 2 Gossip
Draconic 1 Encounters and wonders
Draconic 2 Gossip
Draconic 3 Treasure
Necromancer 1 Causes and forces
Necromancer 2 Encounters and links
Necromancer 3 Rumours and treasure
Giant 1 Causes and forces
Giant 2 Encounters and links
Giant 3 Rumours and treasure
Addendum Quests
Goblin 1
Goblin 2
Goblin 3