Sunday, 12 May 2019

3Fold Progress

Been doing lots of these and getting better and faster. Have some proofers helping to speed up and get my sperrin and gramma better up.

So this is ones in some stage of production and I will put up as a page and update
Will start getting public soon after my homework and prep done.....

Series A Guide Threefold Land - draft here
Map, brief history and wilderness hexcrawl that links the series
Vol1 Terror of the Frog Cult
  - free soon & on Patreon now
A swamp lair of a vile frog cult
Vol2 Beast of Velborton
 - live on Patreon
A strange beast has been snuffling about the village by night
Vol3 Griffons Gold - live on Patreon
A shiny treasure on glitter mountain shines every noon
Vol4 Black Hill Devil
- live on Patreon
A  mine has accidentally opened a vault imprisoning a devil
Vol5 Secret of Granny's Hole
 -  live on Patreon
A strange slimy hole has opened in Granny's bottom garden
Vol6 Dragon Makers Tears
 -  live on PatreonAn alchemist needs adventurers to kill the thing eating his dragons 
Vol7 Witch of the Woods -  live on PatreonA witch cult in the north are menacing the region
Vol8 Frog Hall Church
 - done 
Secret of Southmoor Hall, frogs have taken over the ruins!
Vol9The Haunted Hall - done
Secret of Northmoor Hall, see the ghosts of the north

Vol10 Tale of Two Taverns - done
The Royal Coach House and Pig's Eye Tavern of Velborton

Will be in bundle with extra content

SeriesB Guide Exilon - draft available
Map, gods, scribe arts, cities, creatures of the Exilon setting
Vol11 Desert Demons 
 - done
An ancient cursed ruin is uncovered after a sandstorm
Vol12 Well of Souls 
 - done
In a ruined city used as a brick mine, a ancient grave pit is discovered  
Vol13 Treasure Pits of  - done
A famous tomb robber has found something strange in the rubble
Vol14 Gold of the Fish God 
 - done
A fish folk temple in the marsh is spreading corruption
Vol15 Rage of the River 
 - done
Something is sabotaging a new royal monument
Vol16 Lion Temple
 - done
A fallen Ishtar temple over run by chaos
Vol17 Gateway Bazaar 

A market place to recycle across Exilon
Vol18 Lost Library of Enki
 - done
A library hidden from fish folk long ago has been discovered
 Forgotten Rules
A vast ruined city - done
Vol20 Meet your Gods

Visit the Island of Paradise

Will be in bundle with extra content

SeriesC Guide Planet Psychon
 - draft copy
Map, gods, history, creatures and conversion notes of the Psychon setting
Vol21 Tower of the Gods live on Patreon
Skyscaper generators for apocalyptic ruincrawls
Vol22 Bunkers Below
 - done
Four common micro bunkers and generator tables for small shelters
Vol23 The Sky Has Fallen
 - done
A large scale bunker with generators fur ruined shelters and sealed communities
Vol24 The Garden of Pleasure 
- done
A underground pleasure pod 9 with generators for dystopian paradises
Vol25 Submall Terror - mostly done

Subtereanean tube station generators 
Vol26 Black Lab - done
Research enclave of the ancients

Vol27 Micromart Murdermall - done
Police Station generators
Killer Cop Shop - done
 police station
Vol29 Schools Out

A educational complex overun by savages???
Vol30 Clinic

A medical complex, highly sought after by explorers???

Will be in bundle with extra content 

SeriesD Guide Sour Hill
 - draft here
Map, brief history and wilderness hexcrawl that links the series
Vol1 The Fall of Sour Hill
 - done
A city in decline full of cultists and murder hobos
Vol2 The Terror of 
 - done
Tin hills area with scar hall and tinvale
Vol3 Horror in Hobbsville
 - done
A cult village
Vol4  Trek to Ice Mountain
Hexcrawl to find ruined glacial city of prehistoric wizards
Vol5 Castaways at Crabapple Cove

 Former seaside village now choked inland a mile from shore
 Secret of Seagrave
A former pleasure house of the nobility now overrun by monsters
Vol7 Barrows of the North

Barbarian haunted graves and monuments bull of fabulous treasure
Vol8  Rotten in Runtly
A former vice town now a ghost town
Vol9 Squidgate

Find the secret of Seagrave, then get out alive
Vol10 Thing from the Moors

Secret of Eastmoor Hall

Will be in bundle with extra content

Possible 3Fold Series
Shadelport streets series
Shadelport locations
Psychon II
- Vault of Aeons
 Prehistoric Park 
 Citadel of Zod
 Satelite in Heaven
- Purple Dome
Xor Series
Superhero Series
Village Series

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