EMO DnD Rules and world

Lamentations of the Flame Princess
PC Gen, Poodles and Character bonus cards
Troublesome Zombie Making Spell

Character Class Hypotheticals

More class ideas
Revised tables for all classes
Idiots a Bard mod
Other class mods and ideas
Revising my classes
Cleric Ideas
Bards and poetry
More dumb class musings
Subclass Ideas

Mutant Character Class
Reskinning Halflings
Reskining Beastmen & Abhumans
Reskining Elves

Elf character class + Make Elves nightmares again
Races Beyond the black stump: Goblinoids

Backgrounds for characters
Peasant tragedies
Noble tragedies
Urban tragedies

Merchant class tragedies
Savage tragedies
High Barbarian tragedies
Elf backgrounds
Character Funnel Idas
Barbarian decor
Bad masters for growing up fighters
Bad guild life for growing thieves
Bad times growing up in the church
Bad times growing up under the master wizard
Abhuman Origins
Where did that character come from suddenly?
Church missions
Mercenary missions

Theives Guild missions
Magic School missions

Spells & Magic
Gender race and colour changing spells
Quick Curses
Curses! d1000 curses 

Spell componants and components revised
Fuse Being spells to make monsters

Blood Wizards
Bone Wizards 1 and Bone Wizards 2
Memorizing spell FX
Cantrips & Wands
Troublesome Zombie Making Spell

Wizard Spells 0-2
Necromany Spells
Summoning Spells & Schools
Twelve schools of magic for setting
Random pocket dimensions

Psionics Spell list and Classes
Psionics and Sorcery Mentalist Spell List 1-3
Psionics and Sorcery Mentalist Spell List 4-5 with Shaman Class
Psionics and Sorcery Mentalist Spell List 6-7 with Psionicist Class

NWP Rules

Standard WP & NWP for classes
Part 1 Common craft and lore skills
Part 2 Warrior Skills
Part 3 Rogue Skills
Part 4 Wizard skills and familiar rules
Part 5 priest skills
Part 6 magic craft and lores
Acrobatics and tumbling
NWP and SAVE Resolution
Alignment Points
Alternative Morale Uses
Beserker Skills

Updated EMO Versions
Arms Skills part 1

Monsters and Mods

Steps for making weirder one off monsters
Monster Death Scenes
Porc and orc torque
Dungeon Angler Fish
Gauntlets and Gloves
Flesh Feasters new undead
Portal horrors
Dread Helms
Potion Imps
Creeping Web
Dungeon Dogs
Storm Beasts
Monster Stat Breakdown
Mysterious spell casting lost races to meet in dungeon
Supernatural hag table
Races Beyond the black stump: Goblinoids
Humanoid Variations - mutant and magic sub breeds
Top 12 monsters and where are my devil swine?
Rust Monsters of Psychon
Power features of law - anachronisms, the opposite of chaos features   
Dungeon dwelling Lesser pests and dungeon vermin
Revised Vermin
Petty Undead

Monster babies
Monster Kids
Unicorns Unleashed!
Flumph you mother flumpher!
Close Encounters & Weather Encounters 
Cross planar encounters for near a gate
Underland Ogres

What is monster doing pt1
What is monster doing pt2
What is monster doing pt3
Madmen & Monsters
Arch Beast - Magic Ravens & Beavers
Magic Goats
Goat Secrets & Chaos Goats
Chaos Goats
Goat Class
Kobold Mart

Non Coporeal Undead
Non Coporeal Hauntings
Spirits of the Earth - common spirits for every day use
Undead Modifiers + Troublesome Zombie Making Spell
Pimp my Skeleton

Trollkind for DnD
Monster Empire Races revised - more beastmen
Faerie Maidens
Strange Human Variants
Monster Meals Humanoid

Monster Meals Big uns
Magic required to hit

Things Elves Dislike
Slumbering Strangers
Dungeon Content
-kobold hill 0
-kobold hill 1

-kobold geomorps 2

EMO Monster Manual
Dogs, canines, hyenas
Non Coporeal Undead
Wild Dog, Ghouls, Stirge, Snake, Spider
Zombies, Skeletons, Frogs, Lizard Men, Lizards
Ants, Rats, Bears, Crustaceans, Flightless Birds, Cetaceans
Dungeon Birds

Summoned Faeries
Dungeon Spirits

Were Mastadon
Lycanthropy & You!
Greater Werewolf
More Lycanthropes
Wolf Child
The Man Lure
Chained Phantom
Chaos Drake

Trimarchy - a witch like entity
Eye tyrants and eye wizards

Treasure Frogs
Dungeon Snails
Giant Mutant Babies

Random Monsters

Heraldic Beast

Bonnacon - fire butt cow
Alyph - wolf dragon of law
Amphitere - bat winged snakes

Stymphalian Birds - metal feathered birds
I H8 DnD Dolphins
Wild Boar

Sailback Lizards (Dimetradons)

Xor Bio Mutations
Necro Mutations
Reptilian Mutations
Diabolic Mutations
Plant Mutations

Faerie Mutations
Mental Mutations
Subterranean Mutations
Angelic Paladin Mutations
Law Mutations
Giant Mutations
Surgical Mutation
Psychon Mutations
Cyber Mutations

Failed mutation system
Outside Mutations
Apotheosis Mutations - too many mutations
Mutant Class

Abhuman Types

Fixing batmen mistake

Abhuman Origins
Dum things my kenku sez

Monster War Zones
Faerie 1 Faerie Forces
Faerie 2 Encounters Wonders
Faerie 3 Rumours Treasure
Faerie Maidens
Faerie Land Encounters
Goblin 1 Goblin Forces
Goblin 2 Encounters Wonders
Goblin 3
 Rumours Treasure

Peasant Revolt 1 Forces and Encounters
Peasant Revolt 2 Gossip
Draconic 1 Encounters and wonders
Draconic 2 Gossip
Draconic 3 Treasure
Necromancer 1 Causes and forces
Necromancer 2 Encounters and links
Necromancer 3 Rumours and treasure
Giant 1 Causes and forces
Giant 2 Encounters and links
Giant 3 Rumours and treasure
Addendum Quests
Wizard Wars 1 
Causes and forces
Wizard Wars 2 Encounters and links
Wizard Wars 3 Rumours and treasure

Mutant Wars 1 Causes and forces
Mutant Wars 2 Encounters and links
Mutant Wars 1 Causes and forces
Mutant Wars 2 Encounters and links
Mutant Wars 3 Rumours and treasure
Undersea War 1
Undersea War 2
Undersea War 3
Armies of Monster Empires
Morale & Battlefield Problems

Villains, Bosses & Death
Local Boss Monsters Revised here
Villain plots
Middle management monster dreams 
Necromancers plots

What happens to your souls and how much for another life? 
What happens to your corpse?
What if the dungeon monsters get you?
Executions and tragic death
Non Lethal Torment
Prison Life

What alignments?
Wizard schools
Create servitors

Dungeon Lords
Dungeon Rivals
What is boss doing?
What is spell caster doing
Mob Violence

Self Aware Dungeons
Monster music and bards
Madmen & Monsters
What is evil boss doing now? 
The Bosses Lover
Overlord summons heroes
Evil Commoners
Off Duty Devil Deeds
Devil Loot
Krampus Pranks
Dark elf & Witch Pranks

Last Words
Monster Bullies Smack Talk
Wizard Smack Talk
Paladin Smack Talk

Strange Headed Wizards
Dungeon Bosses and Retinue
Petty Dungeon Bosses
Amazon Tribes
Mysterious Enemy Attacks 

Mysterious Patron Gifts
Evil High Priests
Crisis in court of the undersea folk
Magic Poop
Monster Butts
Wizard Dicks

Setting Conspiracy theories for idiots
Evil Feasts

Armies of Monster Empires
Ruins of Monster Empire

Petty secret cults

Goat Quest

Nanny Binx the Arch Goat Messiah
BX Goat Class
Good Magic Goats
Chaos Goats, Goat Communities, Goat Monsters, The Anti Goat
Evil Chaos Magic Goats and Dung
Goat Quest Campaigns
Village Mysteries for meddling kids

Hexcrawl Sandbox Wilderness

Enchanted woods encounters
Perilous Crossings
Mountain and farmland encounters tables

Highlands table
Monster kingdoms and horde building

Strange Trees
Old Houses
Towers part 1
Towers part 2
Ruined Castles
Bleak ruins and forgotten temples 
Lonley Ruins
Monster Island Zone
Monastaries & Nunneries
Ghostwood Revised
Weather Encounters
Well Well Well 1 2
Magic Shops
Magic Frog Shop
Unwanted crap in magic shop
Magic Farm Animals
Petty Lairs
Wee folk homes
Boulder Features
Evil Frontier Farms

Strange Shacks & Inhabitants
One Room Dungeons
Knights on the road
Ancient Rock Art
Prehistoric monuments
Village Mysteries for meddling kids
Scenic Landmarks
Wasteland Loners
Faerie Land Encounters
Farmland encounters revised
Mountain Madness 1 encounters inside frontier
Mountain Madness 2 encounters outside frontier

Mountain Madness 3 obstacles
Ancient Remains of Lost Empires
Barbarian decor
3fold land map and encounters

Exile Island Campaign Setting

Exile Island Map
World Map

Royal Dungeoneer Corp - dont let unprofessional adventurers rob your empire
Exile Island Hexcrawl  
Updated map
Close Up Hexcrawl and tables
Dungeon levels as geological layers 1 and 2 and 3
Lizard Men Shrine + prisoner and reptilian documents
New Villages - map updates
Monster Island Zone
Horrible Human Coastal Village of Squidjig
Devils Hill Part One three dungeons detailed
Vault of The Ages Dungeon 1 level 1-16
King Haans Tomb

Shame of the humanoids and old races
Maps and more maps
Yearly Seasonal Events and Weather
Bloodsand Beach 1
Bloodsand Beach 2
Bloodsand Beach 3
Poetry Pit 1 and 2

Arriving on Exile Island - background table
Ancient Remains of Lost Empires

Sourhill region and the Empire
Threefold Kingdom area
Sour HillSour hill notes

Urban Zones & Shadelport

Encounters in the city, corruption of official table, supernatural hag table
Gangs, cults and nobles in the big city
Shore Leave for sea men 
Salty Seamen
Theatre Guide
Bard Gigs
Bards and poetry
Pamphlets & Posters
More Books
Blasphemous Books
Forbidden Library

Street sellers
Shonky Deals everyday dodgy offers in city back lanes
Big Shonky Deals for the rich

Family Secrets
Intro to the City - was most popular post
Events and encounters in city
Sch├Ądel Port - Grogtown District
Bridges and district maps of city
Start city face lift map
Inside Devil Hill Wizard School
Encounters Inside Forbidden Library

Foodies Guide 1 streetfood and 2 pubgrub and 3 things in your stew
Pub Events

Carousing tables
1 Down and dirty good and bad times in the Red Light district

2 Upper class capering and social climbing in the Nob Hill district
3 Scholarly persuits
4 Holy Endeavors
5 Rambling in the Wild
6 Shore leave 
7 In a dungeon
8 Underland exploration
9 In Prison
10 In a village

Adventurers Prep School
Prep school tables
Prep school encounters

Real estate
Mob Violence
Magic Shops
Petty Magic Dealers
Magic Frog Shop
Strange Little Shops
Unwanted crap in magic shop

Monster Shops in the Dungeon
Monster Taverns in the Dungeon
Rental Dramas
Empty Buildings 

Black lotus dreams
Evil Commoners
Street Urchins and more urchins
Philosophers 1 Schools of thought
Philosophers 2 Great Teachers
Prison and prisoners
Cesspits and Sewers 1 found stuff and encounters
Cesspits and Sewers 2 hazards and secrets
Cesspits and Sewers 3 drain generators

Cesspits and sewers 4 missions
Cesspits and Sewers 5 hell sewers wonders and dressings
Cesspits and sewers 6 hell sewer hazards and encounters
Great Library Adventures
A-Z city key
Merchants, crafters and shops

Carny Freaks
Owing a Spell Caster
Servants for hire
Evil Feasts

Rural Life on Exile Island
Village Idiots
Nice Village Encounters
Mob Violence
Villagers mistake adventurers for...
Mildly suspicious village happenings
Weird village happenings
Rampant chaos village happeneings

Carny Freaks
Evil Commoners
Evil Frontier Farms
A-Z Village Key
Village Mysteries for meddling kids
Village Notices
Blackstump village 

Hoboskull Camp 1
Hoboskull Fort 2
Farmland encounters revised
Greenwood Vale
Grogstop Gully

Hide - measuring land, pop, food supply in hexes

Murder Hobo Lifestyle

Grogstop Gully
-Hoboskull fort 2
-Hoboskull fort 3
-Ruins after humanoids strike back 4
-Bonvale phase 5

Old murder hobos 
Murder Hobos In the City

Murder Hobo Shanty Towns
Murder Hobo Hirelings
Murder Hobo Shanty Town Events
Murder Hobo Shanty Town Problems revised
Murder Hobo Shanty Town Seasonal Visitors
Murder Hobo Types and Roles
Murder Hobo Towns Revisited
Murder Hobo Secrets
Murder Hobo Definition
Murder Hobo History and Maxims
Prison Problems

Maritime Zone Adventure
Sea horrors
Shore Leave for seamen 
Salty Seamen
Flotsam & Jetsom
Bloodsand Beach 1
Bloodsand Beach 2
Bloodsand Beach 3
Horrible Human Coastal Village of Squidjig
Zones part 11 - Sunken City Zone
Dodgy Passage
Useless Fishman Treasure
Aquatic Items
Aquatic beastfolk
Marine beastfolk
Fishy Hybrids
Crisis in court of the undersea folk
Undersea War 1
Undersea War 2
Undersea War 3
Seachest Stuffers for Castle Crab

Redbrick Dungeon Zone

Random adventure names
Why are these guys camped in pub near megadungeon?
What happens when we camp in a dungeon?
What happens when party get captured by savages?
Is the megadungeon alive? and if so what is it's alignment?
What if we break a wall?

Dungeon Latrine Table
Dungeon Dunnies from history

Dungeon Dunny's - brief history of toilets
Redbrick Zone Geomorph
Redbrick Zone Map Key + ideas for traps

New Redbrick zone key
Who built the dungeon?

More Traps
Rooms Decor
Area Decor
Dwarf Decor

Dungeon Documents

Burried Stuff
More Barrels
Secret Doors
Redecorating when players leave
Dungeon security codes
Dungeon Decor Revision - bricks and floors and walls
Dungeon Forms
Dungeon style forms
Dungeon Vice
Table Top Trinkets
Dungeon Entrance Seals
Self Aware Dungeons
Blasphemous Books
Dungeon Machine Rooms
Dungeon crud - common and exotic
Dungeon Barriers - Between Levels
Weird Dungeon Wonders
Self Aware Dungeon Motivations
Dungeon Red Herrings and Misdirections
Monster Shops in the Dungeon

Monster Taverns in the Dungeon
Red Herring Props
Dungeon Bosses and Retinue
Petty Dungeon Bosses
Treasure Defences
Dungeon Levers
Dungeon Idols

Ancient Remains of Lost Empires
Dungeon Spirits
Dungeon is mad at you
Bonus Dungeon Missions
Monster Missions Inside Dungeon
Subplots in the dungeon
Near Missed Encounters
Water Features
Illusions & Phantasms
Dungeon Graffiti Revised

Containers 1 Common goods and containers
Containers 2 Rare and strange things
Containers 3 Magical Substances by ounce (+potion mishaps)
Dungeon auto Repair
Dungeon Dimension Discoveries
Gonzo dungeon decor

Horrible dungeon decor

Gothic Zone

Curses! d1000 curses 
Quick Curses

Ruin Your Campaign World 1 and 2
Doom of the kingdom
Causes of Hauntings
Corpses and coffins
Rich Corpses
Funerary Urns
Headstones and Crypts
Guardians & Graveyards

Gothic Zone Key
Strange lone graves
Strange Grave Encounters

Strange Artworks
Doomed Immortals

Strange graveyard features
Crypts and expanded guardians
Magic Skulls

What if the dungeon monsters get you?
Megalithic Ruins
Stone age Relics
Holy Relics of Goodness

Saints Loot 
Family Secrets

Love gone wrong
Peasant tragedies
Noble tragedies
Urban tragedies

Merchant class tragedies
Savage tragedies
High Barbarian tragedies
Madmen & Monsters
Dreams in the Witch House
Blasphemous Books
Petty Undead
Non Coporeal Undead
Non Coporeal Hauntings
Necromantic Fiend Plots
True Love and Tragedy
Terrible letters from home
Prison and prisoners
Prison Problems
Carousing in prison
Castle Secrets
Petty Hauntings
Lotus Cult Bizzare Murders
Troublesome Zombie Making Spell
Undead Modifiers
Quests of Atonement

Goblin Mine Zone

Zones part 3 - Goblin Mines and between crawl tables
Goblin Mine A-Z Key
Goblin Mine Tribes
Goblin Mine Crap

What's in a Goblins Sack
What's in a Bugbears Backpack
What's in an Orc Satchel
What's in a Hobgoblin War Trunk
Stuff in a humanoids bed
Dungeon Guards Foot Locker
Gang Loot and Hoards
Kobold Mart
Goblin Gifts
Goblin Tribes
Mushroom Types
Mushroom land encounters
Races Beyond the black stump: Goblinoids
Humanoid Variations - mutant and magic sub breeds
Kobold Mart
Underland Orcs
Porc and orc torque
Shame of the humanoids and old races
Kobold Bindle + Mine PDF
Goblin Town Encounters

Unboring goblins
Goblin Market Stalls
Mine Tunnel Hazards

Goblin Graverobbing

Exilon the Eldritch Age Setting
Strange Wizard Missions

Wizard Wars 1 Causes and forces
Wizard Wars 2 Encounters and links
Wizard Wars 3 Rumours and treasure

Barbarian clans & decor + races and men of the wastes
Random Monsters
Fishy Hybrids

Glacial Zone of Stone Age Sorcery
Megalithic Ruins
Stone Age Relics
Wilderness Landmark Monuments

Monster Empire In the Age of Darkness
Remnants of Lost Empires
Armies of Monster Empires
Ruins of Monster Empire
Races of the Monster Empire
Lizard Men Shrine + prisoner and reptilian documents
Monster Island Zone
Zones part 9 - Forbidden City Zone + Some geomorphs
Dungeon Idols

Elven Woods, World Tree & Cloudland

Spell list & bows
Frontier Woods
Dark Elf Woods
Forbidden Forest of Bright Elves
Hellwood Bog
World Tree Quests
Elven Ruins
Elf Dungeon Dressings

Elven Books
Roots of the Great Tree
Tiny Doors in Trees

Canopy of the world tree
Cloudland 1
Cloudland 2 faction
Cloudland 3 wanderers
Cloudland 4 magic kingdoms
Puppet People of Toytown

Underland Zone

First version of Underland dungeon zone
Monster Murder Machines
Dungeon Machine Rooms

Underland Terrain
Your underdark is soft - description, history and encounters
Underland Ogres

Underland Orcs
The Deeps of underland first map
Hazards and encounters
Outer chasm encounters
Random citadels
Citadel encounters
Mushroom Types
Mushroom land encounters
Underlands of the East
Subsurface Exploration - lots on lamps and Veins of The Earth
Underland Citadel map
Underland colonisation quest 1 - basic challenges

Underland colonisation quest 2 - encounters for the tribe
Underland colonisation quest 3 - great chasms to settle or explore

Example Campaign Setting with Underland

First island map
Under the Islands - the middle zone and plain map  
The Deeps of underland first map and settlement map of island 
Island Gazetteer and encounters
The Deeps of underland first map

Terrible Campaign Ideas

Ideas Karthoom colonialism
Underwood pastoral animal romance

Ideas Bereton pre apocalypse rural setting
Captain Coquettes Explorations colonial exploration
Victorian Prostitutes
TSR's Android Theme Park
23C She Popes

Dungeon Prisoners
All Bard Adventures
Too Many Gods
Seven Slayers
Goat Quest
Seven Slayers Campaign
Octopi Princesses
Santa's Battle Through Time
Narnia Style Frontier
Voyage To The Bottom of The Sea
Hotrods to the hollow Earth
Murder Hobo Historical Style (Cortez inspired)

Mobile Cities vs Kaiju

Cosmos Stuff

What are petty gods for?
Some Relics
Ginny Milk Eye and Amber Blood Sword
Time of the Frog Gods: Grandpa Toadflap, Jonny Hopper, Wart Mother
Bogrump the turnip Lord
What happens to your soul when you die? + what suffering to be raised
What happens to your body when you die? +what fee to be raised
Saints Loot
Nanny Binx and Behni the Imp
Magic Goats
Goat Secrets & Chaos Goats
Chaos Goats

Holy Relics of Goodness  
Apocalypse 1 and 2

Monster Murder Machines
Dungeon Machine Rooms
Mobile Cities
Mobile City Campagn

New Types of Fire
What if Alignment was like Sanity?
Gods of the Sea

Cursed Elfborn 
Weird Dungeon Wonders
Quests of Atonement
Superstitions and cosmic rumours
Revised Dungeon Zones & Settings
Cosmology, Creation and Orc Myths
History and race history for setting

Random pocket dimensions

Hell! Down the spiral path
Plague lands 1 and 2

Infernal lands 1 and 2
Underworld lands 1 and 2
Swamp lands 1 and 2
Boiler Room 1 and 2
Sewer Hell 1 Cesspits and Sewers 5
Sewer Hell 2 Cesspits and sewers 6

Off Duty Devil Deeds
Blasphemous Books
Devil Loot
Diaboloic Mutations
Hell tests to pass level gates
Blackstump village near the hellmouth see village stuff
Gossip in hell

Minor Magic Loot

Magic items that grow with you
Magic tears
Loot found inside downstairs bases
Loot examples per zone type
In The Pockets of a Common Man
In The Pockets of a Rich Man
d100 Magic Skulls
Saints Loot 
Holy Relics of Goodness
Necromancer Relics
Stone age Relics
Magic Metal
Limited use items
Curses and Conditions for relics 1 Necromancer, Holy Saint, Stone age 
Curses and Conditions for relics 2 Elder god and chaos relics
Curses and Conditions for relics 3 Elves and Dwarves
Curses and Conditions for relics 4 Amphibians, fishmen, arachnids and reptilians
Otherworldly Relics pt 1 & pt2
Druid Eggs
Table Top Trinkets
Stuff in a humanoids bed
Stuff in a monsters nest
Whats in a Goblins Sack
Goblin Gifts
Elf Gifts
Whats in a Bugbears Backpack
Whats in a Orc Satchel
Whats in a Hobgoblin War Trunk
Whats in a Dungeon Guards Foot Locker
Whats In a Wizards sack
Whats in a Necromancers Room

Whats in a Cultist Stash
Whats in a In a clown sack
Whats in a Dwarf Trunks
Whats in a Halfling Bindle
Whats in a Devils Loot
Whats in a Giants Sack
Whats in a Kobold Bindle
Whats in a Gang Loot and Hoards
Magic Shops

Unwanted crap in magic shop
Weapons mods magic and non magic
Boot mods magic and non magic
Difficult Items
Found Rations
Cantrips & Wands
Blasphemous Books
More Books

Spirits in Bottles
Whats in that Waggon
Magic Frogs
Treasure Defences
Useless Fishman Treasure
Drugs, Poisons and Potions for sale
Goat Helms and animal relics
Magic poop
Petty loot for noobs
New Treasure Types
Dungeon Sex Shop Stock
Worst Books
Bad Books
Petty Magic Dealers
Aquatic Items
Relics that improve as you do
Goblin Graverobbing
Lesser Deck of Things

Historical Campaign Stuff
See Babylonian page too
Babylonian Gods
Stupas and steppe nomads with encounter tables
Sandals and Sorcery - roman rural road, city, haunted place, magic wilds encounters
Dungeon Dunny's - brief history of toilets

Voices from below the long stairs Campaign 

More on Long Stairs page but these relevant to normal dungeons
My Australian army vs Gygax dungeon ecology game - Characters
Original musings on project
Longstairs Hardware and test game session
Zones part1 - Gothic Zone and ideas for more dungeon zone types
Zones part 2 - Redbrick Dungeon Zone
Zones part 3 - Goblin Mines and between crawl tables
Zones part 4 - Amber Manour Zone + Game log of play session
Zones part 5 - Giant Fortress Zone
Zones part 6 - Alcheringa Zone + my favorite 7 games + Aboriginal animation links
Zones part 7 - Elder Cyclopean Zone
Zones part 8 - Lost Temple Zone
Zones part 9 - Forbidden City Zone + Some geomorphs
Zone part 10 - Glacial Citadel Zone
Zones part 11 - Sunken City Zone
Zones part 12 Under Land Zone
Monster Island Zone
Loot found inside downstairs bases

Loot examples per zone type
Local Boss Monsters
Dungeon Zones & Alternate surface missions + maps
Redbrick Zone Geomorph

Redbrick Zone Map Key + ideas for traps

Self Aware Dungeons
Revised Dungeon Zones

Geomorphs and Dungeon Maps

oldschool cyan dungeon geomorphs

Reptile Shrine

Rocket Mens Bones Adventure Map
Necromancer Lair
Caverns of Zargon
Goblin Market
Humanoid Lair
Necromancer Lair
Three Cities

LanLo the sinking city
Takarsis Maps

Underland Citadel map
Ogre Mother Cave

Hallowed Barrows
Old Campaign Barrier Lands
Old Campaign

Grey Halls 1 zine + return of necromancers
Grey Halls 2 contested ruins
Grey Halls 3 humanoids
Grey Halls 4 goblin garden
Sea Cave 1 zine 

Sea Cave 2 smugglers hole
Sea Cave 3 sea cult

EMO Rules - Elfmaids and Octopi
All obsolete since I did EMO Basick Book

EMO sheet
New Character Sheets
Basic Stats
Levels and basic xp
Alignment and other planar Champions
Tabu Powers and alignment
Possible Classes - see comments too
Multiclassing, possible class ideas, poison resistance
Flunky forms
d20 Skill&Saves
Luck Points

Goal Based XP
Revised Character Gen
EMO Lite
Alignment and character sheet emo
Weapons thoughts

Warriors character class Revised Warrior
Priests character class
Wizard character class + familiars
Rogue character class 
Revised Rogue class
Trying to make fighters more cool
Theif mods
Bad Familiar! 
Cleric Powers Revised

Sorcerer character class
Druid character class 
Monk character class
Bard character class
Revised rogues & wizards
Revised fighter & Cleric

Revised druids & sorcerers
Revised Bards

Dwarf characer class
Halfling characer class
Old version Tako character class
New version Tako character class
Beastmen (Now Called Abhuman)

Revised elves and dwarves

Revised halflings and gnomes

Game Logs
session 1 game log + dungeon graffiti rules
session 2 game log - against the elves
session prep - village posse and dark elves
session 3 game log - dealing with posse
session prep - dungeon factions and history
session 4 game log
2013 party of newbs
In the emperors secret service
32nd Dungeon Engineer scout corp
Urchin games newb game players EMO DnD

Into the underworld
Save 2 villages!
Kraken cove killfest
Gifts from the Emperor
Deathtrap games of Skullport
In the Cityat last
Enemies Attack
Party turned into unicorns by Elfking
Dwarf Ruins
The Highland Kingdoms
Mountain Explorers
Elemental being hunters
Urchin Group explore city ruins
Almost killed by Xorn, a level cleared
Gamelog: Drunk on gold and monster blood!
Gamelog: Spit Roasting a bard, Demon Fly Style
Level 10 strongholds and wealth at last
Against the Giants

Giant Killers

In between giant killing

Under the sea

Two newb players try being evil + finishing G3

End of the Giantwar
Into Monster Islands forbidden temples
Return to Redbrick Dungeon
War with the Reptilians
Devil Hills

Goblin market and strange elder temple in underlands

Flee to the surface through a wizard school

Under Shadel Port

New home in Shadel Port
Graverobbers club

Slum lords or art of DnD real estate
Renovating Haunted Houses
Treasure Island
Real estate thugs
Business as usual
Birthday ANZAC day weekend game - heroes in hell
Grave Robbing and shopping
Ghostwood plunder
Ghostwood treasure and monasteries

Return to Devils Hill

The Goblin Mines
King Xulls Tomb
New game of city kids gone straight
Girls day outing
Into mad murder maze

Return to the Murder Maze

Kill, Shop, Repeat
Finishing themaze
Hunting escaped sorcerer

One year later

Return to Hobgoblin Halls

In the court of the Kobold King
Realty romance
The assassins tower
Necromancers rubbish heaps
Northward Ho into monster kingdoms

A trip to the deeps
Underland orcs

Underland citadels
Lost in shroomland
Return to shroom land
Top of citadel
Return from dead
Divorces and Dungeons

Return to hobgoblin halls

Upper halls

Hobgoblin King

Magicians fight back

Murder hobos

Into the wizard citadel

Name Level Day
More shopping slum lords
A new party go shopping
ASE Party Wrap Up vs Mecha Tiamat
Goodgames summer 2018
2019 Test

Exilon 2018-19


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