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Eldritch Decor

Decorative detail for the ruined city built before the gods by alien monsters long ago...

My net is down a while

d10 Types
01 Sounds
02 Odours
03 Trails
04 Environment
05 Stone
06 Artefacts
07 Living remains
08 Explorers remains
09 Vermin
10 Magical

d100 Title
01 Scuttling sounds in walls as if rats or animals gnawing and scratching
02 Dripping sounds with no trace or water,
03 Fluids under pressure gurgling and draining fluid 
04 High pitched annoying sound, barely audible, makes arm hair stand up
05 Sounds of some viscous slime dropping to floor then dragging
06 Distant haunting echoes of somebody chanting
07 Strange choking guttural noises in distance
08 Buzzing like insect swarm
09 Sound of whistling wind through area 
10 Something slithering away, sounded large
11 Smell of decay and rotting flesh
12 Ammonia smell burns nostrils and eyes slightly
13 Acid like odour of digestive fluids or vomit
14 Methane and sulphurous odours of decay
15 Smells sterile and lifeless, some chemical odour
16 Smell of smoke and soot
17 Fish like smell with salty iodine odour of the sea
18 Sewerage like smell
19 Acrid ozone smell, as if recent electrical activity
20 Brackish swamp like odour 
21 Blood trail goes through several rooms where something was wounded
22 Scratches on floot where something was dragged
23 Dried out slime trail like some huge snail
24 Trail of human bones
25 Black oily residue stains floor in several places
26 Huge sheet of shed skin from something disgusting
27 Bloody boot print trail
28 Blackened soot silhouettes from disintegration weapons used on beings
29 Trail of slimy thick mucous
30 Gelatinous blob trail like some kinds of slimy footprints
31 Are is chillingly cold making breath fog
32 Area is warm and humid
33 Area covered in mist
34 Area has unnatural magical darkness
35 Area damp and dripping
36 Area dry and leaches moisture, possibly some dried our bodies 
37 Area lit by dim coloured lights
38 Area overcast like twilight, light sources dimmed
39 Heightened air pressure, ears hurt, save vs nosebleed and headache
40 Walls dripping with water, floor damp with puddles
41 Broken shattered statue, attention to shattering face
42 Statue of alien being looks horrendous
43 Relief carving of beings from beyond enthralling humans
44 Squat green idol of outsider god as if it watches room
45 Stature on a plinth, actually a sleeping being, likes blood
46 Stone altar worn from sacrifices
47 Stone altar with gems set, manipulating it controls lights and climate 
48 Stone gargoyles perched up high
49 Petrified corpse of some ancient prehuman being
50 Black stone idols with faces worn smoothly off
51 Wavy bladed meteoric iron bladed knife
52 Jade tablet fits in pocket
53 Large crystal from some console
54 Green metal rod, dimly luminescent like candle
55 Glowing gem stone
56 Stone with carved symbol repulsive to the elder ones
57 Stone with symbol, if seen save or cursed by more random monsters
58 Clay tablet with arcane formula
59 Clay tablet declaring tithes to old gods
60 Dusty strange looking ray gun of elder race with no ammo
61 Muddy nests that stink, with a d6 football sized leathery slimy eggs
62 Remains of a dried foot of some huge prehistoric creature
63 Large tried out length of giant tentacle
64 Fossilised coprolites of some prehistoric beast
65 Skeleton of some huge prehistoric beast
66 Hundreds of large arthropods shells like crabs, bugs, trilobites
67 Midden heap of fish and bird bones and a few larger ones
68 Giant insect remains, might see threatening at first from pose
69 Metal cylinder with living human brain inside
70 Desiccated human body, if examined some other creature was using skin as disguise
71 Wooden crates several years old with explorers clothes, dried food, cooking utensils and blankets
72 Chest with 2d6 cultist robes and a exotic dagger +1
73 Doll effigies left by savages depicting explorers and cultists visitors with real hair
74 Explorers or cultist bodies with journal of travels here
75 Dead cultist with scroll of prayers to welcome gods when they find them
76 Discarded mask for a cultist, depicts monster face
77 Pile of skulls with holes bored through tops
78 Ruined dried human explorer, something burst out from it's stomach long ago
79 Desiccated body in robes of ancient cultist with sword diary left here years ago
80 Decorated shrunken head of a explorer
81 Colony of strange bats of unfamiliar breed, quite large, cheeping and shitting
82 Foot long grubs crawling about larvae of something much bigger
83 Clusters of ping pong ball sized yellow eggs on wall 
84 Footlong insect or marine invertebrate scuttling about feeding ignoring people
85 Hideous giant rat thing with a human face looks at you creepily then flees into crack
86 A stony pit crawling with mass of worms for some purpose
87 Organic man sized sacks of fluid hanging from ceiling
88 Giant cobwebs cover area and bundles of remains wrapped in spider silk
89 Hundeds of inch long invertebrate swarming to gnaw some slime on a wall
90 Lichen or algae like slime or moss growing everywhere
91 Room hums and electricity arcs between structures up high, smells of ozone
92 Gravity low and can double jumps but save or lose control and flail about into wall
93 Gravity increases save while moving each round or d4 damage and fall, only Mov 3
94 Time slowed, moving through here slow like pushing through treacle
95 Several figures here trapped in stasis, shiny and impossible to recognise
96 Pits with gibbering mutated immortal horrors made by wizards long ago
97 Mirror here is a gateway to another world or time
98 A pile of dust reassembles into terrified person who turns back to ash in a constant loop
99 An invisible gateway in room, easy to accidentally step through
100 Room is chilly with frozen figures on plinths, most recent are human cultists, further back are ape folk then reptilians snap frozen

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Elder Aeon Bestiary

Elder Aeon Bestiary* each after name is plus magic weapon needed to hit
Undead draw on powers of negative energy connected to the void, nightmare dimensions, shadow realm and other worlds

BX DnD has these monsters too

Bhut are awesome monster
Dusanu - a fungal spore carrying undead type with claws
Malfera - horned elephant demons with crab claws from the nightmare world
Mujina - faceless mimic people
Bhut - a sort of demon were undead monster that look horrific. These guys should be a regular evil race of demons im adopting them

AC 4 HD6-12 Mov 9 Swim 6 2d6 Fly 18 d8 tentaclex2 or grapple or ray gun
Frequently use heat ray 3d6 shots 12 range 18 but other weapons exist
Vegetal-flesh lhybrids made from non-terene matter can fly through the void
Barrel shaped bodies, tentacles for grasping and smaller ones for crawling

AC 4 HD 1-20 Mov 9 Swim 9 tentacle/3HD grapple then swollow d6/5HD
Regenerate d3 per round except vs fire or avid, cold can freeze them solid but they live
Servitors of the krinoids who revolted, biological machines, mass of mobile protoplasm

Swarm Wizard*  

AC +3 HD4 Mov 12 Fly 15 2HP/round over 6m as swarm or as 4th level wizard, made of worms (no flight) or swarming insects, wears a robe, chattering voice
Often leads a cult in secret or protects some ruins and sites of occult evil or gates

Formless Spawn 

AC +6 HD 6 Mov 12 2d6 Acid, black animated viscous fluid servers certain elder gods. Guard holy places and may deal with cultists. Liquid form is handy

Elder Stones*
AC +12 HD 6-12 Mov 3 2d8 2d8 Crush or vampire touch victim saves or they are stuck to the rock and lose 2d6 HP a round blood until drained dead. Only one person can be held at a time. Void entities long ago were bound into monoliths to be worshipped with blood and souls. The stones sleep for millennia and require a feeding ceremony from a cult to awake them but possibly a accidental spill might. Once awake by night they move swimming through the soil leaving no trace slowly and silently seeking prey. They can sense living beings within range 36. Usually after a feed they grind the desiccated corpse into dust and return to their ancient location. Some report seeing stones in the wrong places. These are why. Some cult leaders manage to communicate with them with magic and may direct them. Most are solitary but whole circles of them exist.

Mutant Spawn 
AC +3 HD2 Mov 9 d6 Weapon or weapon limb, hideous slimy flesh, become increasingly alien with claws, tentacles, eyes, mouths, bristly exoskeleton, feelers & antenna

Slime Walkers
AC +3 HD2 Mov 6 2d6 Acid spit Liquefy victims then drink remains
Walk slowly but relentless, can smell humanoids to eat within a mile, when killed leave chrystaline drug crystals that maky user see other planes, too much makes you a slime walker. Left as guards in places. Communicate by low frequency whistles that blend into wind but change as they approach others and fight

Grey Invaders
Aliens from the void who travel through the void and even enter dreamlands or land on Psychon. Often carry energy weapons and has psionic powers and other devices
-Feral AC +3 HD 3 Move 15 d4 Clawx2 and beserkers +2 hit and damage fight till -10 HP
-spy AC +3 HD3 Mov 12 By weapon or psionics 2d6 Las pistol 12 shots 16 range
-worker AC +0 HD1 Mov 9 d3 punch or d6 club Mov 12
-guardians AC +5 HD 2 Nov 12 By weapon 3d6 Las gun 15 shots 36 range
-master AC +0 HD2 Mov 6 Fly 12 by weapon or psionics 2d6 Las pistol 12 shots 16 range

Nightmare Thing 
AC +3 HD1 Mov 12 d4 Bite Mov 12 Burrow 1 d4 Bite, burrow in walls and whisper maddening utterances. 1in6 cast as a wizard Lv1 and many are familiars
Often cross over from nightmare lands with other creatures. Infestations in a house drive inhabitants mad or or make them flee. Once shunned worse can move in 

Nightmare Beast*
AC +4 HD4 Move 15 Leap 3 2d4 Bite, invisible in darkness, gaze of fear range 12 save or run for a turn, Track any being they have been in eye contact with in waking world or dreamlands. Can travel between each other by certain locations they can sense. Prefer to stalk and scare them than kill, but will kill anyone who stops being afraid 

Nightmare Daemon**
 AC +12 HD12 Mov 12 Fly 18 2d8 Weapon, conceal self with illusions, phantasmal force at will, esp, dimension door, plane shift can make house size area by night overlap between nightmare plane and waking world. Many are Psionic also. Torment victims and try to lure them into nightmare land and kill bodies trapping them in their reality to enslave and mutate them into nightmare beings. Each has a nightmare castle with servants at home plane

Space Polyp**  
AC +12 HD9 Mov 36 4d3 Touch, alien matter bodied creatures constantly changing tentacles horrors, fly and create wind and become invisible

Vapour spawn*
AC +6 HD3 Mov 9 d6 Blood Drain ignores armour, it fears fire and light attacks
A black cloud of vapour that preys in deep places or by night

Spectral Hound**
AC +10 HD6 Mov 18 3d4 Bite victims save or over a week fade away into the void, can be saved by powerful plane anchoring magics or brought back with a gate or planeshift. Teleport once per hour. Hounds peruse targets that break certain plane or time travelling laws or are sent by spells. They reform each night and come again three times. Once they know a target they can teleport wherever they are

Ultra terrestrials****
AC +20 HD20 Mov 9 3d6 Engulf d4 attacks per round vs different close targets, being within 3 range of one causes 1HP a round if made of organic matter, often starts before appear in a summoning ritual. They spy on people from spirit form and act with powers from another plane. Can possess a person but if succeeds the body takes a d6 damage per round till it finally explodes. Powers include telepathy, esp, d4 pyrokinesis, telekinetic grasp can lift person or snatch flying creature then move them with 10 fly speed possibly crushing them for a 2d6. Each round in our world they lose 1HP, can return to void at will but if trapped on earth they die. Can carry people inside them to the void or a pocket universe inside them or to a nightmare realm. When manifesting they are coloured lights, alien eyes, mouths. They expect to be worship and demand sacrifices

AC +10 HD10 Mov 18 2d6 Pressure touch or d4 pyrokinesis, telikinetic grasp can lift person or snatch flying creature then move them with 10 fly speed possibly crushing them for a d6 per round instead. Watch invisibly from spirit world and use powers from there. Can only appear in areas summoned and often require standing monoliths to create a web they can operate in. To defend a monolith may manifest as a dinosaur AC +7 d10 Bite or Horn or claw or tail three attacks, if this is killed they are banished for a d4 years. They can speak telepathically with initiated cultists in their area and call them if it observes threats. Lliogor are a planar invader race who enjoy worship and sacrifice often work with a greater god as a intermediate or guard a location

Void Fungus
AC +3 HD4 Mov 6 Fly18 d6 Clawsx2 or by ranged weapon usually a 2d6 spark gun but some heavier weapons too. Fog projectors make a expanding cloud grows 3 diameter a round for 100 charges. If not windy fog last d4 hours. Come here to mine rare minerals and harvest brains they use for computers. They like to experiment on life inflicting surgical mutations, abhumans and making surgical construct monsters. They often have a secret local base in a mountain or cave and they often have a local cult to serve them of local life. They fly into the night sky they can travel to the void and other worlds

Vapour Spawn* 
AC +6 HD8 Mov 18 3d4 Touch as they enter body ignoring armour, victim saves after fight if hurt if fails after a week of fevers and nightmares they die screaming as their bodily fluids boil out and become a new vapour spawn. They are brought to world by summoners or sent by outer gods, they lurk in dark and haunted places

Void Spore* 
AC +3 HD1 Mov 1 Float 9 d4 Spine save or paralysed for a hour in pain, resemble microscopic plankton or pollen floats slightly out of phase with reality allowing it to float. Semi translucent and some are luminescent or colour changing. If it is cut off from its plane it crawls slowly and its spines are more like slinky floppy tentacles but still sting. 1in6 can shoot a spine

Void Spawn
AC +3 HD8 Mov 6 2d6 Life d
rain touch a d4 attacks per round as tentacles grow and are absorbs, cannot grapple as not fully solid, can move through solid matter and feels no movement mods for terrain or walls. Several may herd victims together to a kill zone or spawn used like dogs by some greater void horror

Void Plankton
AC +3 HD3 Mov 6 Float 9 2d6 stinging tentacle save or -2 all actions from pain for hour, tentacle once hits someone leaves stingers keep causing 1HP pain for d4 rounds after. These look like microscopic crustacean that float about in the aether, when called into world their alien matter lets them float as near weightless yet ignore wind. They float invisibly in their dimension parallel to ours constantly. Once they can be seen see you and are ravenous, once one attacks others will come to feed 1in6 chance per round a d3 more appear

Void Worm*
AC +3 HD1 Mov 9 Float 3 2d4 once hit suck a d3 HP per round automatically and tail grapples, long white fleshy worm with a mouth orifice with a single fang. Can change how in phase thy are, when partially phased into world they float and require magic weapons to hit. If they bite in this state they become fully solid. When solid they crawl and are vulnerable and can grab victims to feed. If killed they fade away

Void Swarm* 
AC +5 HD2 Mov 6 d4 all in 6m area ignore armour. Dwell in overspace mostly are food for other horrors but can be summoned and trapped and they are keen to kill or be killed. They resemble a mass of semi translucent glowing insects not entirely solid

Void Walkers* 
AC +6 HD4 Mov 6 2d4 Clawx2 if both hit get a bonus grapple attack, if grapple they phase to their home dimension to feed. Walk through walls and can plane shift. Often called to hunt enemies by cult wizards

Void Elemental** 
AC +7 HD8 Mov 6 2d6 Touch d3 CON drain lasts d3 days at zero HP or CON at zero and arise as a shadow. Powerful wizards summon them but they are hungry things and their black void hurts to look at

Void Shark*
AC +10 HD9-14 Mov 36 4d6 Bite, anything they kill has soul devoured and heals the shark a d6 HP, mostly they swim through other planes and if partially manifest in real world they swim though the air to attack. Some fully manifest do not require magic to harm but live in water and only move at 12 Swim speed. Hungry and malevolent spirits that have thrived from devouring others and now only exist to eat

Void Knight**
AC +10 HD5 Mov 9 2d6 Sword plus each hit drains 1 INT lasts for a day, Invisible in darkness and hidden in shadows (require spot check). Fear aura anything 4HD or less save or flee in fear for a turn. Curse gaze cause one foe a round to save vs curse (d4 1=-4 saves 2=-4hit 3=magic healing wont work 4=half move) requiring a remove curse. The same target might get hit with more than one curse. Can create a circle of darkness 3 radius. They can see souls in magical darkness. These champion antipaladins of the void were rewarded. Clerics can turn them

Void Squid* 
AC +4 HD12 Mov 18 d6 Tentacles x10 d8 Beak or tentacles can grapple, when enough victims grappled will snatch you into another dimension to finish and eat. Moves by levitation Telepathy, esp and plane shift at will. Hungry beings that somehow get cults who call squid to feed them. They dont spend long in our world as they take a HP damage per round

Void Spirit**

AC +7 HD6 Mov 18 d6 Touch is a point of extreme pressure ignores armour. May possess a person but both take 1HP damage a round. If the victim dies first the spirit takes their soul and flees dimension. The spirit wont stay in a body unless some how trapped and will flee plane before risking self. They haunt certain stones and depressions in the earth and haunted hills where people once worshipped them

Void Vampire** 
AC +9 HD6 Mov 15 Fly 3 2d6 Drain plus 1 WIS point, recovers over d4 days, spirits from beyond observe a desirable victim from afar and begin to taunt them especially in dreams. Eventually they will possess a body and begin to kill and feed. Victims drained become jujuzombie servants of the vampire and follow its telepathic instructions. When it has a body and servants and possibly a cult then it will approach it's true love and offers them chance to join them in the void for eternity. If rejected it sends its minions to kill and torment to former love object and devotes itself to ruining their life. If host is killed spirit returns to the void to try again

Void Daemon** 
AC +14 HD12 Mov 12 Fly 18 3d6 Weapon and 2d6+entangle whip, the arms burn with black flame. A entangled foe has a level drained per round until they break free or cut the whip. The sword on a roll of 20 requires a save roll or die from death magic and arises as a wight instantly. Can summon 2d4  shadows once per day. The demon is summoned from the void and when set free will go on a killing spree till sated and returns to its world. They are not very interested in this reality but still get worshipped.

Void kraken*** 
AC +10 HD15 Mov 15 Swim 12 Fly 9 2d6 Tentacle x 20 and 2d8 Beaks, are evil outsider lesser gods hidden under sea since creation. Plane shift and teleport at will, telepathy, esp and true sight powers. Immune to spells of 6th level or less. Often a high level wizard of some kind or psionics user. Will try to establish a cult to call it too this world for feed and influence. Will aid worshippers and mutate some chosen to create monster vassals. Expect to be treated as a god and can call all kinds of creatures to serve them.

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The Secret of Cyborg Hill

On my wanted page on this blog i put a list of past reviews, theory, game scene and other bile. Lots changed since I did some of those and posts mentioning ppl I no longer have any  dealing with, and lots of things have changed at companies I might have been critical of.

So I want to rebuild Module L1 The Secret of Bone Hill as a start off my new Planet Psychon game. I can get my oldschool dnd vibe and my post apoc fix at same time. I will test my evil space god stuff soon too. So players will float to shore without a clue how they got here but memory of being rescued from some disaster.

I might consider Garrotten in there from L2 but it doesnt seem to use lots of L1 as promised. But I might just get Baron killed and monsters invade and wreck the joint and move party onward. Garottem might be village near Kroten Keep the only operating castle on island left.

Did find a typo on map - garden peak is guardian peak in book
Lots of references to how castle is useless until you get L2 not strictly true


Known background:

Long ago settlers came here to take advantage of good land and harbour. They were welcomed by the old people (eldren) who taught humans how to fight the evil mutant and goblin hordes of the north. A generation of special knights defended all but when the castle of cyborg hill was destroyed the old folk were mostly gone. the few left don't talk about it but now live among us. Forces of evil are still present and the village is always on guard and in need of adventurers. Most of local adventurers sleep on garden hill eating wild berries roots and bark when not drunk. The Baron is too snooty to employ them.

Real Background: 

The Island was mostly a wasteland of toxic waste with hills and mutant monsters to the north. There is also a strange shunned alien stone ruin that was in the north before any written records. Mutants and undead covered the island tainted by bioweapons of the ancients. The Eldren came back from the stars and established 4 several outposts and purified part of the land. They settled their new friends to serve them, goblinoids.  They were aliens from Tau Ceti V taken by eldren on their trips from the stars and mixed with human DNA. When goblinoids revolted eldren tried to make some orcs which revolted then hired hyena men mercs made by a corporate AI to fight for them which also rebelled.

Finally they captured human to make into warrior cyborgs to defend them. The more boblins were pushed the more other castes appeared as per their own genetics. Hobgoblins then bugbears were born and became plentiful overwhelming the eldren. Then bugbears invaded the Eldren castle. The eldren were all killed by humanoids and most of the cyborgs died and became undead from contamination in the Dead Forest. The surviving cyborgs and other humans slaves settled the purified land and built a fishing village. Some settled other parts of the island and three new colonies held by a Baron formed. Humanoids hated eldren and didnt care about humans who were just eldren goons. Two of these areas, Lodeville and Silverton fell into poverty and ruin and the northern Kroten Keep has fallen to evil and now plots against Restenford. Many strange cults sprang up on island too but most are secret.

The cyborg knights who served the godlike eldren feature in the religion of these people and they appear in artworks little realising the cyborgs were expendable slaves used by immortals. The surviving eldren in town are quiet about the history and the former humans were charmed and forgot the past.


Human mostly town where most are chaoitic nuetral with most clergy, guards and nobles being more lawful and or good. The Baron is mostly busy but his wife and daughter with guards wander about occasional. Rif raf will not be admitted to castle unless they get jobs or are local heroes.

Druids worship Gaea AI and know some of the true history

Abbey of Paragon (originally Phaulkon) are lawful holy warriors who revere the cyborg knight saints of old and perpetuate myths about the island. One priest has been cursed and has a personality that worships Evil Otto after getting lost in his evil mirror maze on a quest.

Guards have muskets with blades and officers have pistols and swords
-and baron has a las pistol
-felix has a 5mm combat rifle and a pet drone with a 6shot mortar with smoke rounds

Cults in are as I detailed before
-witch cult with cave for peasants they are at war with the alien cult of the rich
-a ufo alien lover cult of posh local elites seeking power (one in baron's family)
-evil undead demon cultist in league with Kroten Keep.

Peltar the sorcerer collects relics like ancient tech buried in ruins

A spy for Kroten Keep in town too in bait shop

Swamp is a toxic waste area with drums, polluted water, warheads, mutants
-toxic undead and mutants hang out so nobody bothers them, live in filthy shacks
Town guard shoot them on sight, some use them as cheap labour

Luck Temple of Dweomer Forest

The luck temple in Dweomer Forest
-has one armed bandit robots and being a ruined casino
-has terminals to commune or play games with god
-a gambling mad AI god should have been in game already!

Bald Hill
Gang of orc here use muskets and black powder and rob travellers. They live in a cave overlooking the plane wreck near Xerbal mountains but hang around Bald hill to spot travellers.

Garden Hill

Tent city of failed adventurers
-ranger knows several locations
-assasin works for pay doesn't talk much
-broke wizard is a sad drunk
-orc warrior who cant believe the local bumpkins

Trash Gorge

Some have noticed the trash in the gorge gets added to by someone and some good stuff and tin cans end up there even some processed food scraps.

Ark Hill

Haunted and people wary but actually there is a bunker here with some population and machines. Secret sewer entrance through the rubbish dump in the gulley.

Radd Forest

Contaminated and feral mutants live here who hate humans and eldren

Green Knoll

a Forrest crawling with triffids, vegepigmies and mutant plants. Some kind of buried ruin is here according to rumours.

Spring Glade - Pebble Hills - Spring Glade - Tri-Top

Hyenadon and hyena abhumanoids live here brought in as mercenaries centuries ago. Some wear bits of uniforms and company crests for a ancient corporation and they still worship their AI godess Maltor mother of beast folk. They have reduced to mostly stone age tech and whatever they can steal.

Boat Wreck of SS Beluga

A wrecked cruise ship inhabited by fish folk colony and hybrids

Plane Wreck of Flight 742

Passengers are undead and android stewards care for them

Off the Map

Kroten Keep 
in north ruled by a evil Baron who wants to control Island and has been allying himself with goblins and cults. Baron Kroten hopes to recruit Hyena but agent has failed. Even has undead soldiers with musket using skeletons. I might make the village near by Garroten populated by assassin but has nice theatre which should really be a assassin training place. Possibly assassins mostly leave island as i cant believe a few thousand would support a assassin cult. Perhaps they keep area safe with assassination rather than supported by murder for hire. Thinking might have been corrupted. Who'd a thought assassins would go bad. Humans came here and built castle to block humanoids from north.

Knights of Kroten keep ride outside and are bandits over the island returning home when things get rough. More orcs and goblins walk openly here now and some human hybrids exist. 
Robber knights and goblins pretty much run the place. The Baron of Silverton is helpful and a pawn. Lodeville is a principle enemy who fight often. Restenford is spied on as they dont want war with two sides. The Baron keeps the best armoury of ancient weapons on island but will only use in self defence.

Assassin cult - all have commoner ID some possibly performers, keep friend and foe in fear
Dark Chapel - evil Templar clerics serve the Baron, he is high priest, serve demons and deals with goblins.
Fish Cult - operate along rivers spying on other districts using mentalist and illusions, kidnap and traffic drugs and vice. Shipwreck near Restenford is a holy place and many visit town on way.


In north east is a run down shambles where cultists have become increasingly open. Were some mines but morlocks sealed them as humans too degenerate for them to work with or eat. Baron Lodeville hopes to join Baron Kroten. He is a brute with a private militia who bully the town. Local mob and Baron loves witch hunting even though the witches are only thing holding place together. Many women are witches and have close community. Many women want to leave and do. Lots of men worship evil dwarfs in hill and their worm master. Other men worship  People are often short and ugly and distantly morlock slaves with some masters blood. Some have subterranean mutations.  
Local men are jerks, picking fights, getting drunk, rioting, and helping cults. What are you looking at is heard every hundred yards if visiting village and verbal abuse more often... At night cult of the dark voice glean over human mines scraps for minerals masters want but fear the worm cult. Cults have gang fights. They act as rival thieves guilds too. Local baron supports local church of Paragon, and believes scourging his evil sub human people is for the best so they go to heaven. Baron personally beheads cult criminals as the Paladin of the North. Even his family fear him and he killed a bastard son for dabbling in a cult. Lodeville was settled by humans seeking mines for iron to keep elves and demons away. They found degenerate slaves of the morlocks and rescued them and drove morlocks into certain mines. As prospectors and fur trappers explored mountain they heard alien voices and were recruited agents. Burrowing six foot venomous worms are common here use snake stats. 

Burrowers Brotherhood - worship a great beast worm god thing, cult came from morlock slaves, evil demigod worm burrows the hill helping miners for sacrifice. They interact with morlocks in the mine and bring them victims and sacrifices. Cult have tunnels everywhere
Dark Voice Thralls - help the whisperers in the darkness who talk in alien voices to prophets in the mountain forests at night. The cult do the voices bidding seeking materials and gleaning minerals humans dig up but don't value. These are void fungi, a space fearing race of alien winged fungus with brain like head and bug lobster pincers and shrimp like limbs but squishy and slimy. They also surgically modify good followers granting powers and inconveniences (surgical mutation table). They fear the great worm
Starblood Coven - witch cult of sorceresses who try to protect community from the worm and the dark voice. Local Baron loves witch hunting so they act in secret. They prefer to help in secret but might save someone anyway. They have a secret cave grotto members only. Most leaders and members are women. Only share certain information or deal with women in groups. Give strangers notes of warning.


in west has fallen to ruin and mutant raid, many locals exhibiting sickness. Baron is bloated decadent and greedy and fears adventurers want to take over, He is swathed in luxury and hedonistic vice using thugs to run the town. Officially he uses local chapel but worships a corpulent plague demon. Several cults here too one the Baron controls. Lots of mutants in area and they are common and accepted here. Doppelgangers are here too in secret.

Dark Chapel - evil templar clerics serve the Baron of Kroten, he is high priest, serve demons
Maalek the Plague Lord - spares worshippers but makes them carriers, promises immortality and and undying life of greed and gorging while body rots and mutates. Local mutants are members too carrying necro mutations, bio mutations, devil mutations
Devil Cult - members sell souls so other evils don't get your soul, devils look after it and give you purpose and possibly devilish mutations.

Ruins of Cyborg Hill and Dead Forest 

Dead Forrest contaminated, save or become undead on death if camp here or eat or drink. Undead Forrest animals, skeletons, zombies, cyborg wights, green glowing screaming ghouls. By day bugbears are found.

Workshop in castle tower include lab gear, space suit, and a control console altar and other scrap of the ancients. 

Locations to add
A small ruined city of the old ones....
Perhaps goblins live in a crashed eldren colony ship and hope to launch it
-in hiding from other goblinoids on island gone feral
A morlock hidden lair with eldren eloi might be good as always
Some bunker ruins possibly several
Passages under island used for maintenance
Hyena Drop Ship partially buried
Mirror murder maze of evil otto full of killer robots

Further Notes
A major attack of humanoids and robber knights of Kroten will be good

Next I might re use beaver island setting i used for gamma world and maybe Pittsburgh

I Notice Len Lakofka has no toilets in module of course
No surprise as he got grumpy in a thread about topic
Nobody wants toilet in a dungeon!

Psychonian Skins

Most humans are various skin colours and children here can be any colour
-Barrons family are all purple skinned with silver hair, all barrons on island are kin
Eldren are green skinned with gold metalic hair
Morlock dwarves are blue skinned with white hair
Gnomes are emerald green skinned with aqua hair
-they want a atomic battery to restart light house

Hothouse Sessions and Fresh Psychon

So i did a game of Planet Psychon
A few couldnt make it so i delayed adventure and ran the Psychon bbook Rock n Roll band in 71 in planecrash in bermuda triangle start and instigated my zero level "Hothouse" start rules. Will detail these then rap about game. Did lots of printing including 2012 updates of two rule books. Will finish these then merge them into one. Will do a spells and skills book and a simple monster book stuffed with minimum stats. Later a fancy book with monster profile like my recent heraldic beast book with variants versions and adventures based on them. Pimp my dragon table? Sorta done as my reptilian mutations.

Iv'e considered starting everyone in party with two to four levels in a former class.

Hothouse campaign starts for EMO games

This start is kind of like the Elfmaids & Octopi version of DCC character funnel. Ive used it up to 6 years or more ago especially in my real world to fantasy setting games.

This is a start for level zero characters who at completion of first victory become first level.

In my Dungeon Zone (long stairs inspired) game players started as recruited soldiers or non military experts sent to the dungeon dimension through earthgates found around world. So after first few sorties with monsters in a dungeon they would be infected by the dungeon and level up to first.

On psychon modern humans sent to far future Psychon or awoken from stasis get a saving throw a day to become 1st level psychon characters if they fail a save roll. Characters in these might even change race. One player awoke robot with former clothes painted on his hull.

In my fantasy setting young adults ready for apprentice ships out of home to be sent to a adventurer prep school to be trained in class they are suited to to aid kingdoms dungeon excavations. In another fantasy setting I started characters as a youth gang in city. In fantasy version I tend to have non human characters established from start as fantasy less silly right? Run a session with characters as feckless youths having adventure then then have a time jump of 4 years after apprenticeships over and all now Lv1.

Two types of zero level starting character

Fighter - d6 HP 2 arms skills 1 arts skill

Specialist - d4 HP 
 1 arms skills 2 arts skills

Modern world starting languages English S W (spoken written)
+ 1 language slot per INT* bonus (INT=Talent stat in EMO)
+1 language if multilingual past
swap a art skill for 4 languages

on psychon your modern English renamed ancient

Fantasy world starting languages Common S (spoken) 
+ 1 language slot per INT bonus 
+1 language if nonhuman
swap a art skill for 4 languages

All saving throws based on half stat rolls
Could get a skill to boost
Having a character class grants your prime requisite full score for saves of that type
default non weapon skill penalty is -4

Benefits of ThisKeep the extra zero level HP and skills and languages gained here
As well as all the benefits of being 1st level
Commoners don't do this
 - they keep highest HP roll and skill types if they become Lv 1
-its a reward for surviving a high risk challenge
Can start 1st level with one point in a alignment

Problems for Characters
These set up start sessions are high risk adventures more like horror games
You can die easily one blow
No minimum HP like 1st level characters so 1HP possible
A back up or replacement character handy
Or have multiple zero level characters

Ive used this lots and needs to be a core option for games.

Planet Psychon: Rock n Roll Mercenaries

So ran the characters as band members fleeing Caribbean on cheap dodgy airline offering low custom checks on booze and contraband. A month of touring with band drug deaths and arrests to blame. This adventure straight out of Psychon book. A odd night storm over Bermuda Triangle sends crashing from sunny golden desert. Passengers got out to look around. Cockpit windows gone and flight crew decapitated. While getting stuff out of plane player on top of wreck saw distant figures in sandstorm coming inexorably slowly.

Fergus played a asian keyboardist with lots of drugs and a pistol and party machine.
Jason played a finish loudmouth lead singing syndrome party machine with some martial arts. He rescued teen chinp in overals in cargo in a cage and it clung to him.

The party while look like horrible biker hippie hybrids got to roleplay with various passengers like typical survivors in a 70s disaster movie. Despite looks party helped and befriended almost everybody except a puritanical woman accused them of groping her when she awoke with them dragging her from wreck. Several went to meet figures and horrible slimy black faces horrors would not stop so shots were fired. Didn't stop so guys shot several. Several creatures killed but three got close to vomit acid on them knocking out 2 npc passengers. Badly wounded creatures turned to flee some stopped to finish dissolving unconscious into slime pools they then tried to drink up. Just managed to win and bubbling slime corpses turned into green crystal secretion after vapor boiled off in reaction. Singer tasted a microdot and luckily was a acid vet and remained awake and not visiting other dimensions and ulltraterrestrial beings.

Told passengers about deaths and got most passengers back in plane and pulled up rope ladder. Considered going to right wind ward sea or tail ward mountain pass, to north sand and mountains with huge miles wide whistling dust storm event where monsters came from. Left wingward mountains and desert. Federal martial cuffed to a guy caught trying to out do Manson. Fed says he will help guys reign in group and fight but wants them to agree to killing the prisoner so he isn't a risk. Debated about cuffing him and using him as scout or send him to fight ahead of armed guys with a steel mike stand rod or a shank he offered to make.  Party agreed and took guy out to the battle scene to shoot and bury. Fed starts being bossy now and disagreeing. Spent a night and one stewardess two out of twenty four passengers, chimp boy and Jason rolled saves. Everyone else now a chromatic skinned mutated Psychon human now.

Jason rolled his up as his might kick tomorrow's save roll. Jason's fairly normal looking but foot long tongue, antenna and camouflage patterned bright lime & tangerine skin.  He is a bard at this stage but he didn't develop everything. As a EMO bard he gets to pick arcane or divine or druid or psionics list and pick a song type. He tastes like a pets slightly too old manky matress.

Fergus who played before had his character become a robot. His bot form has a cat head, purple diamond eyes,
 a functional penis and painted on band clothes (leather jacket with logo and logo t-shirt) on his boxy body. His robot aps included a beer fridge, night vision, lighter, and distillery so he eats organics and has internal flora in digestive tract plus distillery. He ate made fuel for self and made booze he stored in fridge. I let him roll cyber mutation table from my blog and mutant book. Has cyberman like boxes on joints and cables on limbs and exhaled smoke when exited or making a effort. Food eaten is processed to remove poison which is handy too. Came out freaking awesome. Its only fair a robot class be only one to be mutation free on psychon where everyone gets 4 starting minor cosmetic mutations and a random chromatic skin pigment. AI gods defeated old world racism by making all life one of 12 sacred colours.

We went late and watched Danger5 till later.
So ive had some good 90s like quality moments in new house.
Hope get more jump on but was good.

Good focus group of players all in education and good editors who know games.

Tuesday, 14 January 2020

The Secret Of Bone Hill

This has its ups and downs as a module which I will highlight
It is not a A list classic and has some peculiarities of writing different to other books
Len was a prolific writer with a column in Dragon and spells named after his characters


There is a local hexcrawl area with half mile hexes to explore mostly hills and woods
There is a town Restenford for you to hang out out too very detailed with names for every guard
At least you can run back to a pub or the gambling cult temple in a hurry
Ruins with bugbears and undead and good multi level ruin
Has spell casting zombies and skeletons which should have been a basic monster type in all dnd
Local campsite full of miserable poor adventurers living in tents
Local monster lairs that could wipe your party out
Church on hill of a gambling cult
Lots of local spell casters and patrons possible

Lots of cool stuff buried in rubble
Crazy magic potion lab
Compact pregens that don't waste pages - packed with content
A good intro start adventure
The burned out Guard station is a mini dungeon you could easily miss
Lots of elf loot and signs they lived here once
Mention of a Dark Keep of Kroten with a spy in the village might lead to adventure
Easy to add to area a few cults would be good
Lots of pubs and temples


Village more detailed than the dungeon and wilderness together.
If i don't kill town on a murder hobo spree unlikely to need all of this
If law abiding party you might never see most of this
Has odd encounter tables and % odds of characters being in rooms
Has lots of dm tips as if for a basic dungeon but a bit odd at times
A few more hills and future adventure ideas would have been good
Not much history and not much reason to stay in area unless you marry a local
Lots of rumours but no backstory for locations
- humans and elves battled bugbears together once in a war
-lots of elves boots and other objects in area especially buried
Map Typo different to text
Second module doesn't really help you use the content here as promised

It is a complete mini setting wich adventurers can make area safe, lazy and fat
I would generate a few cults
-possibly one burned the guard station which needs more rumours about it
-householder cultists seek a coup connected to a cult

I would add some more hills with lairs and mini dungeons
-book of lairs probably good to pad out in a hurry or some mini dungeons
-a witch cult cave with some monsters and fanatics and a goat man for commoners
-evil chaos cleric cult attack local order with assassination and corruption
-cult of some more respectable people in contact with the star people who appear certain nights and sometimes want help and reward you with lore and gold and youth
- a bear lair with a save with some skeletons from a old tomb
-gang of bandits or smugglers
-perhaps to use the town detail party need to become respected and part of defences of the town to learn it's secrets. Possibly they could be given jobs. Then they will get to spend more time with elites as their level goes up then maybe you might need to know whats in someones draw in the caste or the super secret magic vault defences. So use area as a base and have them part of comunity

A proper big dungeon nearby like stonehell would fit

Possibly relocate saltmarsh stuff to here easily

Adding a big dungeon nearby and developing romance, friendship and interest in locals would be goood way to expand this. If your not meant to kill everybody I guess you will end up talking to them. All the town watch have names that's kind of rare. Bugbears don't get names.

The Dark Keep of Kroten might be a evil cult including robber knights with ambition to control island. A humanoid dominated part of the island seems plausible.

Sadly I might use with planet psychon by adding lots of muskets and strange things into ruins. Dark Albion or Crawling Chaos could add some more weird and cult stuff here.

So more detail than say giants series and more roleplaying. Less railroad than adventures into the 80s went.

You don't need to add to it but part of the fun of that era of products was extending and filling in missing detail. Yet not so detailed you have to go along with it. This is 81. I like old modules because they offer lots of canvas to create which by Dragonlance became rare.

Romance would help this setting especially with all the npc detail and would give players a reason to use as a home base. Becoming local experts and being consulted and getting jobs will all help too.

Starting out with this I wasn't a huge fan but Im thinking of giving it a planet psychon make over with ancient stuff in elf ruins and basements and in wizards lairs. Religion easily changed and gambling cult get one arm bandits idols. So hope to use next week possibly as the secret of cyborg hill. Those forests and hills were blasted in the war with bioweapons making undead and creepy forests. Elven ruin now a eldren fort. Bugbears a hideous mutant race. Might need a small mutant ghetto.

Monday, 13 January 2020

Anyaknor, remains of a elder ruined city

By a great glacier in a mountain the glacier once ground away a cliff exposing some of this ruined city. You can randomly roo. 24 rooms here  for chambers in elder ruins. Use as a dungeon or say the dimensional properties are in full effect and each ten minutes what is through the doorway changes to a new one rolled on d100 table. After ten minutes or one turn the door blinks, to having a different room on the other side of the portal. Being separated in such a dimensional maze is dangerous.

Hoping on doing a void creature bestiary
Noticed lots of basic dnd monsters were nightmare and darkness related and they had a school of illusions that could access nightmare world. X4 & X5 module monsters for example.

Im using the Crawling Chaos book  here lots.
-Great items and monsters. Id use this book for relics mentioned in chambers.

d100 Unpleasant things left in chambers of the old ones

1 Various types of toxic mould colonies cover many surfaces
2 Slimes crawl and drip in area, slime zombies might also be present
Crawling with worms as a non flying swarm often in a pit or cluster or hole 
4 Pudding resting in a stone bowl but hungry
5 Shrieking giant fungus that makes loud screams if disturbed
6 Toxic giant fungus that sprays toxic spores or rotting touch
7 Fungus forest covered chamber, strange and weird
8 Gelatinous creatures oozing about
9 Piercer colonies or trapper or lurker above
10 Mimic often as some relic, idol, egg or alien casket
Buzzing biting fly swarm living in carcasses and pools of rotten slime
 Giant flies tending maggots in filth or giant alien wasps with a nest 
13 Nest of giant beetles various types plus often eggs or grubs in lair
14 Spiderwebs and a giant spider colony or just one really big one, some are wizards
15 Carrion crawlers 1in6 guarding a corpse full of adorable babies
16 Hear rats scuttling about, colony of giant rats with human like faces that mutter
17 Giant leeches in a pool or hibernating on a pod awaiting living breath to awaken
18 Giant fleas (as stirges but hop) or several giant ticks
19 Hideous frightened mutant clan have hidden lair here
20 Lone mutant frightened has hiding place
21 Eggs most hatched and broken
22 Skin or chrysalis shed by some god awful thing that should not be
23 Spiderwebs often remains of bodies wrapped in cocoons
24 Large scales from some creature
25 Disgusting piles of faeces left by some horrid creature
26 Human bones chewed and broken in pile
27 Mummified creature left in chamber for a aeon turns to dust if touched
28 Slime trails around room floors walls and ceiling
29 Human husk with horrific expression
30 Cluster of biological slime covered sacks on ceiling
31 Mummy cases with undead mummies of alien wizards
32 Umber hulks scuttling about for food
33 Roper in slime encrusted shamber
34 Gibbering mouther under a ornate stone lid in a well
35 Giant slugs or flail snails
36 Giant worm such as a purple worm or remorhaz
37 Krinoid awakened from slumber or time travel error
39 Shoggoth sealed in pit with stone lid calling for masters it can kill
40 Malfera nightmare demon summoned long ago as guard sleeping as a statue
41 Campsite of some explorers mostly abandoned 1in6 a d4 survivors starving
42 Corpse with a backpack of explorer equiptment and a magic item
43 Graffiti left by some one recent in modern language, probably bad news
44 Dead donkey with piles of rope and rations, all have been gnawed at
45 Several dead warriors horribly killed by some means with looks of horror
46 Human corpse with top of head neatly cut off and brain missing
47 A mad survivor from adventurers is a untrustworthy cannibal cultist
48 Cultists left provisions, robes and some books here for safekeeping
49 Humans crawled here to die leaving a trail of blood and slime
50 A growing slimy mass has a human face, sometimes its mouth moves as if talking
51 A eye like growth in ceiling watches all, will telekinetically fly away if attacked
52 A crack or hole in a wall has a eye in it like some huge mollusc
53 Invisible floating eye follows visitors, someone scrying with magic to watch
54 A stone bell or gong chimes as you enter heard in adjacent rooms, random encounter attracted
55 Room has a horrible stench like a permanent stinking cloud spell
56 Hexagonal niches in wall with stcontents inside in stasis and unmovable
57 A relic or idol in a niche with a force wall and a small gem set control panel used to open it
58 Niches filled with gelatinous matter and preserved organs inside including brains, eys, livers, kidneys
59 A bowl of huge semiprecious stones and crystals
60 A pyramid of humanlike skulls collected over ages with fresh human one on top
61 Phantoms of dead mad explorers look hungrily at your flesh
62 Poltergiest throws things around room and rattles things to be scary
63 Shadows are trapped here in bottles or jars and very hungry
64 Wraith kept in a sealed jar with arcane symbols
65 Spectral minion of explorer who couldn't get out wants to help you be free
66 Fungal undead dusanu spreading diseased spoors lay in mounds of mould and fungus
 Mummy cases with abhuman mummy servants 1in6 are guarding the room68 Vampire drained last of  followers seeking eldrich magic, will awaken when living breathe in room
69 A undead colossus surrounded by scaffolding with magic ritual to awaken incomplete
70 A revenant stalks the halls killing ant mortals trying to outdo this former explorers deeds
71 A rock golem stands at ready mostly inactive, 1in6 are alive and on guard duty
72 Stone slab with tools and stone jars. The slab if inset crystals set will heat or cool food
73 Stone well with water that pours when you press a crystal or drains away with another
74 Ancient zombies in uniform awaiting orders some rotting away into skeletons
81 Control altar of stone set with gems, set temperature, light, and humidity in chamber to suit various beings
Control altar of stone set with gems, if manipulated can send you back or forward in time one turn or out you in a time loop. Sometimes playing with it yourself from the future appears till you disappear
Control altar of stone set with gems, if you manipulate yourselves appear from the future warning you to stop, they vanish and console explodes84 A scrying crystal (as a crystal ball) set into a altar with control crystals
 A doorway with a control altar, manipulating crystals opens various gates to alien places and strange times
 A slab fits a humanoid in a depression and a control altar, a skilled operator can heal or torture or turn the victim into an abhuman with a specimen to hybridise someone
Greenstone ornate sarcophagi with control panel to awaken a long dead alien wizard
88 Broken altar if meddle with control crystals puts room in stasis for a hundred years
89 Gem studded control altar as manipulated some floor panels become transperant showing prisoners in stasis or corpses in them. With further manipulation the invisible floor vanishes leaving inhabitants accessible from above but at 20 foot most cant escape. Can be resealed also some cells have broken stasis preservation
90  Control altar of stone set with gems, if manipulated a large creature from another world appears in a summoning circle and most are hostile
91 The floor is see through glass and some huge amniotic horror squirms under the floor looking at you
92 A pool in the floor has a bubbling organic matter of the god Abhoth, things spawn then are pulled back in and consumed. Two giant mechanical tentacles in the ceiling are operable by a user with tentacles in a special panel to pull creatures out
93 A tower goes up to a clear dome with a huge crystal telescope grown here long ago. Through the telescope you see a titanic mass full of eyes watching the surface of the world, after a while it looks back at viewer. Steps in a spiral are crystals growing from walls
94 Floor shows map of the world, with control panel you can get closer maps in places but all text is an elder forgotten language. Will show ancient city locations and shows changes in map over the last few million years
95 A crystal flying saucer is here but only 1in6 are functional with a luminous glow and seating for 3 hovering a foot off the ground. Most are broken and on the ground and purpose is unclear
96 A crystalline chariot, if controls manipulated summons a pair of flying beast to propel it and they follow the consoles controls. There is a gate way arch and a console nearby that controls the gates entry. Thee chariot glows when in flight to impress primitives
97 A solar powered ornithipter that starts to awake when the circular hole on the rook lets in sunlight is console used. A d4 other broken dead ornithopters are in a corner
98 Crystal pyramid if touched lights up and allows telepathy with alien wizard far away, a whole network of them
99 Black monolith if you get close and it activates it evolves those who pass INT checks and those that fail are devolved evolved +2 INT -2 STR or if devolved + STR
100 Great metal mirror can commune with outer gods once a month. If they are displeased they bombard the chamber with mutagens