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Bunker Locations in ruins of Broken Hill

d10 Bunker Locations in ruins of Broken Hill

1 Research Bunker Seven - run by military with cyborgs and brainborgs specialized in combat. Prisoners are interrogated and experimented on. Surface door protected by trenches, gas, mines, barbed wire, automated machinegun nests. Scientists are frozen and awake each decade to take turns supervising research. Aim to make superhumans to conquer the surface. Science Director Doctor Simon Hollow is in charge with a political militia if ideological thugs. They hate mutants and unatural creatures
2 Alpha Station Three - clean advanced colony underground and wary of revealing themselves. Spys and agents explore the surface. Most of the crew believe they are on a generation starship on way to new world to keep them obedient and not escape. MOTHER ONE the AI works with the command team and keeps in contact with surface scouts and spies
3 Grey Hill Bunker - built for religious sect but infected with undead. Adventurers raid here to reach the unlooted levels. Most of the place is rusty, dank and slightly mouldy with fungus outbreaks and some flooded areas. Originally for a sizeable population for a generation. Full of rotting garbage and black mould floating in it  
4 Bandicoot City - multi level corporate bunker but some hidden levels still operating while others crawling with monsters and popular with explorers. Some humanoids and gangs move into upper levels occasionally for a looting spree for a few days. Secretive sealed wings are highly paranoid and several on verge of escaping to the surface as systems fail. One level features a model town with vegetation used for some kind of training once now with rat abhumans living as pre war humans. Some sort of secret genetic engineering and mind control was developed here 
5 Slime Bunker - was a biolab with habitats and ag domes but occupied by slimy oozing tentacled macroscopic horrors in the corroded slime encrusted bunker. Treasures are still to be found and the survivors who abandoned it long ago are still alive to question in various station farms. Slime humanoids have been coming from here spiting acid from their hideous eyeless faces
6 Pheonix Six - bunker operated by benevolent AI with eldren staff seeking to aid civilisation in secret. Sometimes send gifts of medicine or first aid or tools or data on reclaiming tainted soil. There are few of them and some spy on surface in disguise. They select talented orphans to join up. They occasionally help fight monsters or gangs with a few laser rifle shots. This pre war secret society hoped to build a new society but most personnel died. The bunker is well hidden with automated laser point defences
7 Beggers Hole - famous looted bunker often full of homeless beggars and mutants but occasionally slavers come. Nothing works and deepest levels unhealthy with giant bugs and mold common. Some say there is a secret hidden intact level. Considered a beginners dungeon. Every few years some one finds a new way into a lost section
8 Command Base Five - military bunker abandoned years ago. Still plenty of good scrap but bugs, mutants and hostile robots are a problem. All kinds of military camp quality goods are here and even basic army kit is good. Survivors turned mercenary and left long ago
9 Pandora Nine - bunker complex some get in fewer get out. The bunker is a human conditioning test lab pretending to be a mental hospital for trauma therapy. Each level population operate under a different dystopia and problems. Some levels are empty one has undead some have animal colonies
10 Fliech Hole - horrible formless mutants and flesh grown over every surface of this bio research lab. Pulsating meat, tissue and organs everywhere are revolting to most. Humid and radioactive. Bodies left here mutate into tentacled aberrations that reanimate into mindless killers. Nobody knows what lower levels are like but some areas might have sealed survivors or mutant colonies

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Science Locations in Broken Hill Ruins

d10 Science Locations in ruins of Broken Hill
1 Purity Lab - operated by anti mutant purist whoo are trying to weaponize plagues to use on their enemies.  Mostly they are a menace to their unqualified scientists working long shift and hungry. Area especially water is contaminated. Personnel all wear ABC suits and they kidnap mutant test subjects often
2 Priceless Pit - prospectors with adventurer guards and scholars are excavating a ruined bunker complex with undead and robots inside. Sometimes they hire on people to sweep a few rooms. Pay with advanced technology and will continue to employ skilled parties. Proffessor Robinson leads the expedition who seeks relics to study more than use and specimens are shipped to great city universities on the coast
3 Hologram Hell Hall - building with hostile holograms which kill by touch protect this building and many teams have come hear seeking entry. Remains of campsites of visitors are common. Several monsters visit area for edible corpses. Under the building is a AI lab where science androids work at research to destroy humans in the region
4 Mushroom Cavern - fungus growth lab using old mines and connected to underground. Part still operated by scientists who sell mushroom food products to fund work continued since ancients. Spores have penetrated other mines and subways growing giant fungus forests over the city. Fungus zombies were a problem once but not often met now
5 Mureau Lab - animal abhuman lab run by AI using veterinary and forestry robots. Animal abhuman agents patrol area and bring in human and animal captives for lab experiments. The project looked at creating races of servants for when humans awaken from bunkers
6 Machine Cult Shrine - where cultists bring damaged robots to repair and reprogram them to serve the machine liberation cause. Will sell robots but use as agents and spies and might at anytime perform a mission dictated by the cyborg monks here. Brother Borg is the leader and hopes to fight off other machine cults and androids
7 Mutation Lab - Doctor Sunahara works on using mutagens and mutant dna into granting specific abilities to test subjects. Mutants from the wild are vivisected and humans are exposed to mutagens. Many die and corpses are dumped after autopsies. The most horrible formless tentacled things are let loose in the tunnels
8 Sukara Cybernetics Systems - AI runs a cyborging centre converting prisoners into cyborg comandoes that raid other factions for tech. The AI: NEW GOLD DREAM, once helped war vets now creates mindless troops it uses to fight with. The lab is deep underground with secret entrances. Cameras watch the area and humans present will attract cyborg kidnappers
9 Green Dawn Ag Lab - produced ancient food crops now inhabitants breed plants for survival and as weapons systems. Directed by their AI god, scientists work on various lethal plants that can be used to green the ruins more and retain water. Many of the mutant plants are armed, mobile, intelligent or flesh eating
10 Connel Pesticide Corp - lab was producing invertebrate pest studies but has instead been breeding mutant bugs that it frees including locusts, spiders, scorpions, ticks, mantids, beetles, moths, centipedes and most recently bug abhumans. The humans were replaced by robots serving the AI and bugs not tempted to eat them

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Hazard Locations in ruins of Broken Hill

d10 Hazard Locations in ruins of Broken Hill
Crater One - where a mutation bomb dropped spreading area in mutagen contaminants that last a thousand years. Others later dumped drums of waste and chem warheads here and rainbow coloured soils and pools and shrubs now cover the area. Strange mutant bugs, reptiles and plants live in the area. Mutants consider the place holy and come here to leave statues and idols here or dolls here. They consider outsiders here blasphemy and are very protective. The crater leaks into old subways and sewers spreading contaminants under the city. Even the vapours cause visions which mutants say are from the gods
2 The Garden - thick with trees, vines, grass, shrubs and mutant plants many dangerous mutants. Besides the deadly vegetation's natural weapons and occasional mobility, animals live among the vegetation branches and roots. Humans find travel hard going and slow. In light areas a machete helps speed up but most places the trunks are too common and too thick to cut. Plant abhumans from pygmies to giant live here who trap animals to eat. Vegedogs too. Plant creatures herd animals into thorn mazes. Ambulatory killer plants have all kinds of mutant weapons and some can even communicate
3 Minefield - was established to stop vehicles passing where major highways meet. Some mines set to human some to vehicles by tonnage. Some mines respawn from nanite colonies in ground nightly. Some can move about like crabs when noenes looking. Mines vary in tech d6 1=black powder in cast iron pot 2=h jumping frag grenade 3=anti-tech nullifier pulse mines 4=chem mine with hallucinogenic gas 5=incendiary mine 6=neural scrambler mine
4 Murderveldt - an area covered by hostile type of mostly flat vegetation. Some rodent or snake size critters or swarms might live in area. d8 1=razor grass 2=three corner razor jacks, natures caltrops 3=grasping grass grabs legs 4=redvine, grabs and constricts and fire resistant, grows fast 5=dry grass a highly flammable weed makes area fire prone 6=Dream Poppies are fields of flowers emit sleep narcotic effect on animals that end up dead 7=sunflowers, direct sunlight into a hot beam d3 or d4 or d6 or d8 depending on how sunny 8= radflowers release radioactive and psychoactive pollen
5 Graveyard - area contaminated by necrovirus weapons designed to make inhabitants undead to fight survivors, dead bring back corpses here which become more undead. Most avoid the area as when dark sets in undead walk and are hostile to the living. Some strange amalgams of body parts crawl about too
6 Water - creeks and ponds often have dangerous life and is used as roadways by aquatic creatures and abhumans. Any crossing will atract attention of a encounter. Larger ponds might have gigantic creatures. Giant frogs, eels, turtles, fish, yabbies, lizards and crocks are most common. Creek banks are often filled with rubble and mud and reeds. Some roads have bridges over water or water goes through own tunnels but these places attract monsters or gangs as they are bottlenecks. Evidence of fish bones, footprints, rods, fishtraps, small boats in use are common
7 Rubble - rubble often blocks roads and some rubble mounds are significant obstacles covering blocks in some cases often burying buildings in streets beneath. Climbing the rubble is risky, it is slippery and avalanches are easy. Sometimes you fall through a rooftop into a building or into a crevice in rubble hidden by a light layer on top. Sometimes you come across scrap or interesting ruins most miss or sometimes exposed after decades hidden. Certain creatures use the rubble and flying creatures hunt smaller beasts on surface. Once a large pile of rubble clears long buried things are exposed d4 1=car 2=shop 3=tunnels under rubble 4=manhole cover to sewers
8 Abandoned Mine Pit - area is scattered with mines for mostly silver but also for scrap from ruins. Many old mines become inhabited by someone some were homes for surviviors or monster lairs for times. Many mines are dangerous with rotting beams, loose soil, cave ins, concealed pits and shafts. Mine typd d6 1=silvermine now used as a lair by something 2=silvermine now gang home base 3=scrap mine littered with garbage 4=battered old robots, cyborgs and androids in hiding, most with scrap repairs 5=fungus garden with mutant fungi 6=stockpiles of boxed goods possibly with traps or guards
9 Sewer system - crawl way tubes under all the streets draining into creeks and catchment ponds. Prone to flooding in rain but most of year are fine places to shelter or get eaten by monsters from the waterway or rat creatures. Many burrowing creatures have connected them to basements and sub malls. They are cramped for a normal adult who needs to crouch over. Snakes, lizards, dogs, morlocks, rats, feral cats, frogs are common, when water flows aquatic creatures become more common
10 Sub way stations - part of city wide public transport and connected to three big coastal cities via old mach6 vacuum tube train interstate lines. Due to ideal space for lairs in ruined trains, platforms and maintenance rooms they are mostly populated. Many are blocked off by rubble. Areas tend to have a dominantly occupant type in a station or near any structures. d6 1=gang hangout 2=tribal morlocks 3=giant lizard 4=giant rat pack 5=undead mob 6=cybernetic gang 

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Sailback Lizard

Sailback Lizard

mutant prehistoric animal N Morale 8
AC +5
HD 4
Mov 9 ground 6 swim
Bite 2d4 Clawx2 d6 

-bite roll of 20 swallows a small creature
Breath attack range 6 2d6 explosion over ten foot circle
-save halves damage
 fires every second round
Explodes at zero HP 3d6 over 20 foot circle save halves
Immune to heat and fire attacks

These curmudgeons of beasts live in caves and holes. The like to bathe in the sun and wallow in mud but many adapted to living underground with -2 to hit if blind. Can track by scent and enjoy swimming. Their is a blazing fire within them that makes them angry. Some dungeon critters like to use them to pull wagons or as siege weapons. They quite enjoy living in dungeons and being pets. Make good guards and are loyal. Wild ones in caves follow you for days especially if you have wounds. A round after reaching zero they explode and experienced fighters will know to flee or tip them off a cliff. They roar ferociously when fighting or in a pack. Splashing them with water reduces their morale by 2. Distant descendants of Dimetradons and primitive dragons. They are omnivorous but like old meat, eggs and fish best. In sun or heat or water fin is large and erect, in the cold they go droopy. In good times they birth live young

1in6 amphibious can breathe water swim 9
1in6 extra HD in size
1in6 have a pilot light tail which lights area as a lamp
1in6 swollow on 17+ roll
1in6 have a extra horn attack d6 (1in6 of those 2 horn attacks)
1in6 have extra tail slap attacknd6
1in6 have thermal vision letting them fight in the dark
1in6 have cone of stinking cloud breath instead, save or helpless
1in6 have acid spray breath instead 90 degrees and 10 foot range
1in6 fire attacks keep burning a extra d4 rounds 1HP each save will put it out
1in10 silver scales AV +7
1in10 glow hot inflict a HP damage to ant in range
1in10 have +2 HD
1in10 good at climbing
1in10 use their sail as a huge slicing weapon 2d6 damage extra attack
1in12 burn all in a 10 foot circle for a d4 damage per round when angry
1in12 breathes prismatic rays with random magical effects plus have glittery skin
1in20 are ice sailbacks that burn with cold blue flame and resist cold damage
1in20 have bat wings and fly 6

d10 Sailback Adventures
1 A grumpy pack of sailbacks in a cave come out by night to steal crops and animals
2 Local goblin gang have a pet sailback they use for mischief
3 Newt folk come to capture sailbackls and drive them through a street by accident 

4 Swamp folk notice huge fins about and discover they have a sailback colony
5 Local dungeon monsters moving out from sailback infestation
6 A goblin potter keeps one in a kiln and feeds it coal and it happily eats and shoots fire
7 A goblin blacksmith tinkerer travels about with a wagon pulled by a sailback that also heats metal
8 Sailbacks have been wallowing in underground streams causing local springs and wells to boili and smell sulphurous
9 Sailbacks by night wallow about in swamp igniting pockets of march gas for fun, see the distant strange lights in the fog
10 Sailbacks attracted to local mushroom that helps them make fire

Traders in Broken Hill Ruins

These are the top fortified locations in the urban ruins

d10 Merchants Locations in ruins of Broken Hill
1 Scrap Town - weekly folk gather to trade scrap on the edge of the ruins most bring able guards and all cooperate on defence. No one is in charge and the site is a well trafficked dirt patch with some trails when not in use. 
Piles of useless remains of chem batteries, tires and bones from past markets remain. Animals often pick at the site after people leave. When active all kinds of tribes and creatures meet to swap scrap pulled from the rubble and other sometimes better things. Most traders specialise and swap with other traders and prospectors. 
Lotus Jonny's Drug Shoppe - Jonny with his guitar sits in basketball court surrounded by high fences with several caravans where he brews drugs. 1in4 times he has visitors d6 1=Silverton criminals 2=Wasteland gang 3=Feral drug dealers supplying a party 4=animal abhuman tribals 5=gang member musicians for band practice 6=Mutant junkies after a fix. Jonny is wary but friendly and happy to trade with strangers through a fence. If he fires his sub machine gun allies will come to help. His product is the best in the wastes
3 Carmen' Supply - Gruff old mother Carmen lives in this old post office which was made to be a emergency bunker also. The shop can be sealed and offers excellent views for gun ports over the area. She sells food, scrap, interesting objects, vehichle parts and more. 1in4 times she has guests eatring or trading. d4 1=2d4 prospectors trading scrap for food 2=2d4 mercenaries taking break on mission 3=3d4 tribal hunters trading meat for tools 4=2d4+4 gang members trying to intimidate Carmen. She has a few dogs and occasionally a son visits
4 Hole in the Wall Trader - A hatch in a concrete bunker with a intercom. Frequently wants food and atomic fuel cells, will trade ammo and meds and metal hand tools. Gruff and nobody has seen inside. Multiple gangs fight over the area so meeting a gang or a gang battle is common. Locals speculate and gossip about the hole in the wall trader really is

5 Sewercide Scrappers Barn - shed surrounded by wrecked vehicles where Uncle Choppy works on vehicles and sorting scrap. He has a number of workers usually six who help and defend the armoured shed. There is a campfire here and locals often have a BBQ here. People needing building materials are the most common visitors. Choppy has a small self loading cannon with a variety of shell types in a pop up terret he operates in his shed
6 Prospectors Pit Tavern - mostly populated by lonely old scrap hunters and adventurers who visit to shout old timers beers for tips of location to loot too tough for loners. Rowdy place run by Clarence Goodbeer. Three times raiders have come in force and killed everybody but not in recent years
7 Sin Station - train sub station turned into a nightclub by gangs operated by Smiley Shanker a sleazy dandy. All kings of gangs, slavers, cannibals, necromutants and punks hang out here for nightly live shows and distilled spirits that dont kill people very often. The entrance is modest and most don't know about club in the subway below
8 Brooker Street Submall - former shopping mall now operated by a variety of gangs weekly selling bad drugs, scrap built weapons and armour, ammo and slaves. A mutant behemoth Big Slug runs the place and operates a tavern the Stink Hole open always. Features vices of all types with a dozen gang thugs as security at all times and more on market day
9 Shifty's Mini Mart - taken over a old mini mart and has refilled shelves with farmer produce and beer for sale. Have a few live goats and other tradegoods as most sales in barter. Sells lots of rubble exploration items like rope, lamps, melee weapons, scrap built guns and ammo. Shifty has a staff of a d4 kids and 3 robots who stack shelves and are security. He knows all kinds of specialist dealers he can hook you up with for a fee
10 The Hive Traders - a large family store often with local settlers and prospectors visiting. The Conner family are loud and fight but all unite against troublemakers or when Mumma commands. Shoplifters will be eaten. Farm goods, supplies, ammo and food are the main goods. The Conners often try and get outsiders caught up in their scandals d4 1=a Conner falls in love with stranger 2=a Conner wants to bully someone into a fight today 3=a  Connor knows where prime loot is 4=a Connor has gone missing and reward offered to bring them back

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Forts in Broken Hill Ruins

This is part of a series I started long time ago. Finish off these top ten Broken Hill ruin sites of different types. When these done will put all my gamma Oz stuff into a book. Will be system neutral and kind of for Planet Psychon. Will get some art going too for a cover too.

d10 Military Locations in ruins of Broken Hill
1 Fort Eagle - highrise base of the Warlord with huge gate house, minefield and point defence machineguns. Acts as a support base for troops in ruins and reinforcements. Agents of the Warlord . Floors act as barracks and storage, basement is flooded as water storage. Lady Reaver is the commander, former amazon now rules area around her with brutality. Citizens of Silverton are subject to less searches and seizures of goods, 
can stay and trade and receive first aid.
2 Castle Mutantstien - hotel complex with courtyards fortified with rubble and steel beams with barbed wire and trenches around. Bullrings in area full of mutant archers, many defenders have strange powers and might even look human. Others are obscene formnless liquid flesh horrors ot tentacled tumour creatures covered in eyes and mouths. Mutant temple here has stockpiles of bio and gas weapons and other mutagens they hurl from catapaults. Chief Gorefax a headless giant with face on his chest rules and only mutants may enter
3 Toad Forward Recon Base - one to two dozen snipers are in are often in concealed nests and all using headset radio links. The ranked commanders are cane toad abhumans. Half troops will be abumans like emu, koala, wombat, dingo, roo, possum, cassowary and various reptiles. A few feral animals and vassal humans fill out the force. The area has landmines and claymores with triplines or trooper controlled directly. Various kill zones are marked on their maps. Colonel Freddy Gumwad a war vet commands the force who will scatter if they take losses. Goods are air dropped in to open area weekly from Toadland
4 Slavertown - fortified mall and car park complex, slavers store prisoners here before taking them to market, there are bars, a hotel and brothels and gambling and drugs and even canibals here to shop. Run by Master Bazza Bunyip Carter, a evil flesh peddler. You can come market days if not a known slaver if you have money and leave weapons in the gatehouse during your visit. Many exotic slaves for sale even androids and robots  sand clones. A number of mad scientists operate labs here. A gladiator school takes captives who can fight
5 Fort Machina - operated by androids who tolerate robots and even cyborgs. A brainborg controller unit KORDEL369 manages the fort and factions in its anti human schemes. It has a maze of armoured panels with automated guns that can change and assist android trooops reaching intruders. The inner base underground, has a forcefield defence and most machine inhabitants enemies of humans. Humans captured are cyborged and join the cyborg troop auxileries. Some AI military vehichles are allies and will come to aid the base which repairs them. All synthetics welcome, human slaves are frowned on but common
6 Rat City - fortified train stations with several underground complexes and old basements. Rat abhumans dedicated to eradicating humanity for ratkind. Rat swarms, giant rats of various sizes live in these areas. The terrible ratking is a ten headed psionic rat abhuman lord. Human prisoners are interrogated then eaten. Occasionally they conduct germ warfare spreading plagues around city. Rats use black powder guns with specialist plague marines in sealed ABC suits and canisters of gas or germs. Rats trade and party here
7 Joes Garage - fortified garage operated by roadgangs from the north. Have impressive mechanised infantry and combat cars and even a bus. Mutant Joe the owner, runs all the vice and taxes all the goods here. Biofuel plant, repair and power cell recharging.station with d6+4 vehichles and crews in at any time plus defence towers with ballistia, machine guns and flamers. Under the garage is a bunker complex the gangs use as a hotel and residence
8 Independent Traders Fort - a fortified trading town operated by local settler clans who will also send reinforcements. Operate a peaceful trade post with watch towers and most guest join defenders. Frequently attacked by gangs. Food and scrap trade with weapons, armour and drugs. Several bars and dining places and even a post office
Beast Fort  - united animal abhuman front headquarters a animal supremacist cult led by Dingo Goodboy. Human slaves are sold and those nobody wants become food. They mostly use crossbows and medieval weapons with some gunpowder. A former shopping centre now houses beast folk with schools and a market and a shrine to the founder of this haven 
10 Rangers Fort - silver city rangers support base where rangers camp and rest detween sniping missions to hunt gangs and monsters. The bulk of the fort is concealed and area is booby trapped requiring a guide. Ranger Commander Maki Goro will help people but will scold them for being idiots. A number of advanced weapons systems they have found over generations has helped keep the base one of the oldest in the ruins

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Silverton Sprawl Celebrities

So this is significant players in the Silverton area formerly the southern most part of Broken Hill now occupied by the Warlord, settlers and allied gangs. Silver City covers several fortified blocks with a larger area, the sprawl covered by watch towers, trenches, barbed wire and mines. The ruins describes the greater broken hill area to the north.

A bit on the Warlord's domain:
The warlord taxes found technology, vehicles, power cells, ancient meds, ammo, fuel, food and water. In case of tech items taken will be exchanged for a lower value item, food or other services from the warlord's business dealings in brothels, inns, bars, medics and repair shops. Common scrap is untaxed. Those operating in the Silver City sprawl are taxed 50% and many move to the ruins instead. Defence is the main service of the Warlord. Those serving the warlord or in his favour have reduced taxes of 30% or even 10% but still enforces trade of desirable special tech items for inferior ones.

Within the walled central part of silver city the population is dense and the law strict. The rest of Silveton is a semi cleared ruin where settlers are starting farms. Regular patrols, irrigation and monster hunters keep area safe but locals complain of the cost. They all fear living without the warlords army.

In the ruins of the city all kinds of monsters, maniacs and mutants roam. Settlers here tend to focus on heavy defences or secrecy like roof gardens with limited access. Silver city rangers defend any decent looking folk or innocents. The warlords army in the ruins mostly fight gangs and monsters but tolerate adventurers.

1sp to enter the gates plus submit to a tax man search 1in4 times if not citizen
Citizens pay 100sp for a year or 100gp for life with a card issued and names kept on record
Silver class citizens searched 1in6 by taxmen and are considered second class
Gold class citizens searched 1in10 by taxmen and are considered solid locals
-evaluated for citizenship over d4 weeks and awarded citizen papers by the Warlord

Laws and authorities treat visitors, silver and gold differently with unfair fines biased to the rich. A visitor harming a gold citizen will probably be executed on the spot while a gold citizen can kill a visitor. Long serving officials and veterans are rewarded with silver or gold status. Women in the town have many positions of high status and various women led groups support the warlord for this versus the wasteland scum. Many amazons serve the warlord directly.

d10 Quick Types

01 Warlord's Elite
02 Merchants
03 Community
04 Mutants
05 Factions
06 Cults
07 Criminals
08 Popular
09 Downtrodden
10 Ambassadors

d100 Title

01 Gideon Pile - The Wasteland Warlord, leader of Silver City and the region by strength of his gang
02 Mavis Crow - the iron maiden, leader of the warlords amazon bodyguards
03 Lord Amok - commander of the warlords army, masked mutant maniac
04 Selene Black 045 - warlords secret police chief, former bunker dweller security chief 
05 Dr Susan Vortis - warlords science adviser, doctor and interrogator 
06 Camden Birdman - organises, regulates and taxes food production in warlord area 
07 Bazza McCready - runs the scavengers, a mob of jobless poor and convicts who salvage scrap systematically from ruins for gruel
08 Norman Beardley - treasurer of the warlord who administers cash and storage of treasure and artefacts. The best are in a museum and well guarded
09 Breaker Fortynine - runs the mechanised infantry and vehicle corps responsible for fighting vehicular road gangs
10 Bonnie Breaker - runs gladiator fighting pits, prisons and regulates the slave trade
11 Elon Bonito - the Scrap King, sells scrap parts and various junk from towns largest scrap shop, employs lots of mutant labourers and offers work to the needy
12 Laura Silver - banker and in charge of the cities silver mint, loves luxury and status
13 Barney Ghekko - leader of mercenaries company the silver spears who provide caravan guards mostly, former tribal and knows the wastes, tribes and gangs well
14 Doc Harper - treats all comers wounds fast and willing to conduct cyborging and other mods frowned on by healer cults, employs a few helpers and might heal needy in return for scavenging ruins for meds or ingredients of drugs
15 Molly Rocksov - runs biggest brothel and vice pit catering to soldiers and mercenaries plus a VIP bar for merchants
16 Patty Mummer - feed market owner, supplies animal fodder and buys exotic creature meat and skins from the ruins, pluss sells live creatures and waggons ans operates a stable service
17 Donny Prescott - slave trader, buying and selling mostly used humans , deals with lots of gang and scum but only buys citizens of Silver City if debtors for limited contracts for a few years
18 Glinda Goldgrub - runs a casino, pawnshop and loan shark emporium, she is very greedy and employs all kinds of scum for many reasons
19 Lowdry Chowder - of the Cabbagelander trading caravan that moves food and settlers from east in return for scrap and silver
20 Corby Fliechman - from southern ruins of Madlay Torrenz Traderz company, brings in scrap, food and slaves and often take mercenaries back
21 Brick Rathmore - leader of the miners brotherhood causes trouble with warlord often but only so far as they need protection. Includes silver miners and scrap prospectors
22 Betty Green - leader of the united farmers movement, always demanding water and protection and better prices and less tax 
23 Sister Mary Grey - healer priestess who runs charity hospital
24 Alex Thoth - publisher of printed illustrated news tabloid and believes in the supernatural
25 Corman Drudge - leader of the workers party, protect common labourers and organises strikes, barley tolerated by officials who know the damage the party can cause
26 Billy Jackthorn - prospectors guild leader who runs a underground par and several secret safe houses for members in ruins, don't include silver miners and often avoid taxes
27 Old Grandma Poss - possum abhuman leads animal folk in the sprawl who are often treated poorly
28 Mandy Kane - leader of Silver City rangers a vigilante organisation tolerated by warlord who act as a militia, bounty hunters and lawmen in the sprawl and ruins. They predate the warlord who has a non interference deal with him. They wear distinct uniforms, hats and badges and are expert sharp shooters and trackers 
29 Lord Stumpy - leader of the beggers guild and the shanty towns just outside the city sprawl who are not permitted entry but beg visitors to pay entry fees. Most members quit if the make any money
30 Geezer B Goode - leader of feral settlers who grow fuel and drug crops and hold parties, increasing wealth has attracted interests of crime and the Warlord
31 Seleez Gorax - leader of the mutant brotherhood who protects mutant villagers and  workers from anti mutant factions and gangs or mistreatment
32 Brother Piebald - mutant cult priest dispeces charity and aid to opressed mutants
33 Arlexak - chimeric shape shifting serial killer lives in sewers and murders daily
34 Mother White Eye - mutant gifted with foresight and locals fear her
35 Silverado Fantang - leader of mutant bandit leader raids settlers and helps mutants escape
36 Caleb - leader of mutant workers performing menial jobs and farm labour and dwell in sewers under the sprawl and ruins
37 Thulen Fire Lance - anti human mutant terrorist wanted for spreading contaminants in water
38 Zora Cephal - mutant leader gathering the most powerful mutants into a vigilante org to protect mutants and settlers who help mutants, many fear their strange powers
39 Brother Deadhead - a necromutant leader of banished necrovirus plague carriers that actually include many undead, locals scare children with stories of them. They act in secret in the sprawl40 Xanthos Quark - a blue morlock dwarf cannibal cult leader who burrows into the sprawl for victims to eat. The gang have a secret ruin stronghold and several tube station bases
41 Mullaway Black Emu - tribal chief
42 Dr Morgana Greywitch - restorer of ancient tech and collector of artefacts, while not a fan of the warlord he is the provider of stability. Her subterranean lair is a museum temple and school
43 Buggsy Fantasm - mutant herder of giant insects who is teaching other farmers about bugs
44 Una Petersen - hates robots, AI, androids and blames apocalypse and human fall on them. Often preaches about them infiltrating community 
45 Old Murdoch - postmaster general who trains orphans as messengers and is in contact with far off cities by the postal cult
46 Mona Clarion - leads the water bearer sect who run irrigation and wells and dole out water rations in droughts. She has workers building a great underground cistern
47 Floyd Redhand - preaches formation of a democratic state mostly seen as a curiosity and potential troublemaker
48 Pasco One - tags name all over sprawl ans sometimes ruins, wanted by the law for slandering the warlord
49 Brother Astelin - tech shunning farmer leads a sect refusing tech above basic gunpowder 
50 Mother Hubbard - cares for orphans and protects them from slavers, helps them get legit jobs
51 Malaras Liceworm - priest of the atom cult, filthy and hated by most, offers to take anyone to the contaminated holy places
52 Red Annie - preaches comunism to poor and mutants and is hated by most well off persons
53 Guyan Tor - leads an apocalypse cult seeking the doomsday weapons to unmake the world and serve evil military AI's that might give them nukes. Has contact with gangs in ruins and seeks recruits
54 Sister Maynard - scholar of ancient texts who pays for old documents and data files and knows ancient lore, archivist cult leader
55 Brother Harlon White - preaches peace and love, people like to listen to him and he can calm mobs and rioters but many of his followeres are murdered each year
56 Sir Erebus Prime - purist templar leader urges all to kill mutants, barley tolerated and occasionally leads a mob, avoided five assassination attempts. Has a small bodyguard of armoured men and serve as anti mutant mercenaries, some settlers want mutant land and favour him
57 Master Talmain Gorgoroth - demon worshipper encourages decedent selfish sadists to abuse those outside the town sprawl. More about drinking than ceremonies but has links to worse cults in sprawl 
58 Scruffy Baggersly - drug dealer with his ambulent drug crops, popular at parties and always hungry with his dingo Dooby 
59 Blarney Phingers - a romantic collector of ancient pop culture and trhe deep religios wisdom of the ancients it conceals
60 Zebidy Husk - well known farmer sacrifices victims in secret with his inbred redneck family to blood thirsty mobile corn plants to keep them from wandering
61 Gabby Ratshank - runs the biggest juve gang in the sprawl making younger members pass increasingly hard tests some which are fatal. Many parents want her dead, others bribe her because better the devil you know
62 Carlos Grizzleby - smuggler, former merc has multiple secret tunnels into the sprawl to avoid tax evasion
63 Orla Fang - runs a gang of thugs who prey on explorers returning from the ruins
64 William Bilby - runs a gang with animal abhumans and mutants who lease out services to other gangs or legit people wanting someone beaten up. Debt collecting most common work
65 Hillson Cray - conman selling fake ruin maps and also sets up explorers into ambushes or monster lairs so he share can loot of dead. Knows gangs and monsters
66 Vinny Calzone - old man from east came as farmer turned mob boss now retired. He does consult for anyone needing info on crime, gangs or finding stolen goods. Has four large sons and their dingo abhuman pal. Always eating pasta and family all names after items on Italian restaurant menu
67 Grink Filborn - assassin for hire runs a knife sharpening shop and sells weed killer and poison bait for pesky animals
68 Topaz Topper - leader of thieves guild tolerated by warlord and pays her taxes, rents out her people as scouts and spies and sends lesser ones scavenging in sprawl and ruins
69 Garrick Fudge - sells and buys dodgy goods stolen, dangerous, defective or that the warlord would usually take
70 Black Eagle - tribal man deals with tribes for criminals often use for smuggling or even murder
71 Alan Countdown - bard sings the top ten songs of the town about drought, bandits, cannibals, mining, saucy mutants and more but keen to learn new songs. Mostly blues or folk or bush ballads, plays lots of instruments
72 Oaty Bigmouth - town crier, knows recent news, local history, who's who and 
73 Shiela Criminy - former drover, truck driver now barmaid, veteran of the wastes and hero in the Canetoad wars, knows everyone, strong as a cow
74 Mindy Silvermoon - exotic dancer popular with mercs and miners who throw silver coins on her stage to get her attention, friend of the warlord and has guards and maids and gimps who carry her in a palanquin about town 
75 Outback Jack - old man in safari suit with huge beard tells tall tales of survival and mutant monsters, catches snakes and giant bugs menacing folk in sprawl he sells or releases
76 Skip - lady kangaroo abhuman saved many children and outwitted dozens of crims. She is also a mechanic and bomb expert, sometimes drives her GEV jet hovercar
77 Miss Chin Lee - Chinese chef runs her Golden Scorpion restaurant and cooks up strange monsters from the ruins 
78 Old Orung - exile from the Orungutang empire up north, very wise, knowledgeable about terrible ancient secrets and can build up to 1950s technology of his homeland. Can be reluctant to change local civilization
79 Toadflap - prisoner from the Canetoad invasion forces he runs a alleyway grog shop selling rum and drugs. He is only canetoad allowed to live in town and knows the warlord
80 Nanny Gobbler - goat abhuman doe, likes to eat all kinds in normally inedible things to determine their properties or contamination. She often acts a a food taster or 
81 Lil Milton - pathetic mutant urchin begs by gates, mutations change every time you see him
82 Ols Suzie - old woman catches rats and vermin she sells cooked on sticks
83 Crazy Sam - old mad prospector tells wild stories of life in rubble
84 Billy Cripplelegs - old miner lives in a box has wheeled box for legs after landmines found, begs for money and booze, knows mining and ghost stories
85 Weeping Widow - in rags sobbing for family lost in the wasteland
86 Minky Bauble - village idiot, drooling friendly fool says hello or goodbye to everyone coming in and out, sees more than people think, loved by locals
87 Shifty Pete - offers help finding local vice hotspots  and where to find any depravity for a few coins, offers things you wish you had never heard of
88 Emil Minty - a feral kid who steals food scraps and hangs round, warlord insists he be let in
89 Sick Vinny - drunken street dwelling sadist, coward and trouble maker, cons visitors and leads to doom with gang buddies, preys on week and gullible, steals children 
90 Cappy Blackbeard - old former gang leader actually still in contact with various gangs and acts as a spy for a rival warlord of the wastes to the north
91 Duke Greenwart - a recent arrival from the the Canetoad Empire, he is establishing the embassy and is granting gifts to people of influence. Many hate canetoad abhumans and few are ever welcome in the city. Hopes to buy silver and slaves
92 Count Orange - orung abhuman from the advanced jet age empire of islands above Oz. The count is here to be friendly and show advanced tech from his homeland including a long range, airships and jets. In future their ambitions will change will sell bolt action rifles and revolvers, motorbikes and scooters and jeeps
93 Peter Peanut - from farmers of bannanaland always paranoid about canetoads invading and trades in fruit, sugar and rum
94 Lady Tiger Tannako, ambassador from the Empire from the sun most advanced peoples with ambitious interests beyond their maritime empire. They have traded portable transistor radios and helped local radio stations. She is wary of Orungs and caetoads but friendly to others. They like to buy ancient tech and robots and operate a free cinema with subtitled films
95 Samantha Light - ambassador from crow eaters at war with various wasteland raiders and rabbit abhumans. Brings in food often recruits labour and mercenaries and on good terms with amazons
96 Clifford Wallaby - represents bigger tribal groups who trade food and furs for weapons and medical treatment but are notoriously hard to deal with. Provides barers and guides and negotiates for passage through tribal land. Warlord keeps on good terms with them and they inform him of gangs and travellers by smoke signals
97 Homer Phillips - old farmer ambassador from Sapsucker lands who provide many settlers and agricultural knowhow. The warlord has sent busloads of troops to support their wars with rat abhumans and zombies
98 Rahmid Pandu - from cornlands comes to trade food and seeks aid but hostile to Bannanalanders, Cabbagelanders and Gumsuckers. Works to supplant other powers
99 Grace Filpatrick - noble from cabbageland trades food for aid against zombieland, serious and operates mission providing medical aid to settlers
100 Kakala Khan - reptile abhuman agent of the reptilian alliance who believe they ruled before humans erroneously. Provide troops for the warlords campaign 

Wednesday, 30 October 2019

Reviews: Highfell and Raiders of R'lyeh

So since sept ive done a bit of shopping. Still on mostly only patreon and paid rpg gigs and no income to live off but life improved mostly. Both these items on pricey side without free pdf but post to Australia was very affordable and worth 6 week wait. Highfell had a few lines where print rollers messed up but 99% good. Raiders pretty flawless and huge 2.2kg 480 pages and fatter than the pic above looks. While Im here I recommend the Castles & Crusades codex series i got as PDF's in bundle and will get hardcovers some day.

Highfell The Drifting Dungeon, the latest from Greg Gillespie confirming his place as best oldschool sandbox dungeon creator. I got first two second hand at a good price and was gobsmacked. The three books of Greg: Barrowmaze Complete, Forbidden Chasms of Archaia and Highfell are overall favorite dnd-ish adventures. Dripping with oldschool vibes, art direction reminding me of mid 80s White Dwarf. I am reminded of Homlet and Temple of Elemental Evil in structure but these are better.

Each book features local religions, a wilderness area to explore and a base village described in detail with rumours and interesting locals. This volume is in a cold wind and salt blasted northern wilderness. All three books feature starting mini dungeons before coming to the big dungeons. Each book has a monster section featuring classic and new creatures used, each illustrated. Frankly they are presented better than most and I would buy a Greg monster manual if he did one. Each book features a type of magic item found locally and in this volume it is books, spells and spell components.  The series format works. You set up a home base, explore wilds, find rumours then start baby dungeons before the megadungeon proper. Its a good setup and I hope it continues. The books overlap in religions and monsters a bit and the setting is the same. Highfell refers to things in other volumes but still enjoyable. Each has illustration section like the better pre Dragonlance TSR modules did. The art is great and as I said has the gritty feel of 80s uk pre warhammer vibe I try to emulate in my settings. I like pathfinder but it and dnd5 art turns me off (not my fantasy).

A ruined magic school brought adventurers for years to area but now its flying about. Adventurers need means to get there. Then explore some wizard towers before a ziggurat and a bigger dungeon. The undead dragon cult is behind various problems and needs to be stopped. I have not read it all yet but im pretty impressed and like previous ones should last a long time. I might ad stuff from
Realms of Crawling Chaos (Labyrinth Lord) to spice it up. The books are fun in every hoard of loot and i could pad it out with my own book lists and magic school stuff. For some reason Highfell inspires me to add more strange stuff. Not from a deficiency but more from inspiration. Getting books to civilisation might be a adventure too. There are 20 towers concluding in the Ziggurat where the major plot is revealed. Like most fantasy ziggurats it is not really historic but gonzo magic floating land mass not history gaming. Then there are 19 other dungeons. Like other volumes you could steal locations to drop in other games if you need a tower or dungeon. I rate all theses highly despite price. I would like pdf's one day. Extra map books and stuff available might be a cheaper option or I could print huge.

Raiders of R'lyeh Gamemaster guide and complete rules, a d100 cthulhu clone 480 pages and has had price drop. It is a fat 2.2kg. I will use to enhance my Call of Cthulhu games and not run as is. Much like I use CoC7 while im still playing 2nd ed. Layout is mostly basic with black and white history photos like other fan mad products/ Some illustrations are quite adequate but mostly text. Being black and white i find it easier to read than the 7th ed cthulhu books.

I got it despite i dislike the book consultant who personally abused me many times and defends Milo Yianopolis. I have 3 of his books, occasional we had reasonable discussions but not with politics and fandom. Im possibly gonna get smeared with that accusation of affiliation soon but for record he is one of my 5 most hated humans alive. Im hoping not to be called a nazi or have death threats but more on that later. For record Im a long time anarchist punk humanist who was a elected paid unionist for 3 years and ran a union paper for three years and mostly worked helping unfortunates.

Set pre ww1. Fantastic detail in setting info history. Great timelines, travel info, stuff on cars and things I wish CoC had done before. You could run this game for 1910 into and into WW1 well or bridge Gaslight era to the jazz age. I will compare this to Call of Cthulhu (CoC) lots here. In many ways it is a CoC/BRP varient but so is COC7 vs all previous versions. CoC7 and Raiders is more complex than CoC1-6.

Character gen uses open game licence d100 BRP with variations of course. Like 7th ed CoC it introduces derived mechanics i would rather not. No Education attribute or credit rating skill. Rationality rather than SAN. Different take on social standing, class, culture and occupations. Some interesting skill ideas. Connections and contacts and family are a thing. My prob with too much detail in characters is I have had 4 characters die in a session and if each took me hours I would be pissed and might quit. I feel like in CoC7 as a keeper i might fear killing a character more than older versions. CoC7 is pulpier than CoC2 without pulp sourcebook. My players are borderline gangster-terrorists and dont need CoC7 Pulpbook advantages or luck systems. Some interesting tables like fam,ily secrets could enhance any mythos gaming if you like detailed characters.

Has good research and investigating rules with tables detailing time. A foreign exchange table for cash very handy. Repairing and inventing stuff. Detailed vehicle collisions for chases and fatigue. Fires, explosions, exploring areas, real poison, radiation and disease effects, lots of good physics type world stuff. Sanity stuff different to but interesting. Reasonably detailed combat with options.Great takes on mythos magic, spirits, spells, study of the occult. Good mishap tables and lots of spells have tables for extra effects. Game uses Essence points not magic points. Magic to turn others into monsters and strange magical gifts, pacts and more. Monsters feel less written in stone. Greater entities have wildly different cults and rumoured attributes giving you lots of option. Could be refreshing takes for players who know too much CoC lore. Random creatures and spirits because more monsters should be unique and strange. Lots of special and random powers for monsters too. Magic can taint you physically not just mentally.

Later sections have more history, npcs to use, earthly beasts, organisations, cults, responses from cults your fighting against. Tables of inventions, Miskatonic uni staff, notes on European noble titles, travels, city populations, recent war and exploration chronology, oddly there is a entry for rail times with insmouth crossed out crudely I guess is deliberate.

Great mythos flavour source book with lots of ideas and world info usable for your CoC games. A slow kick starter, pricey at first and possibly rpg pundits consulting roll may have harmed the books success with some ppl over him forever by then. If it was timely and beat CoC7 out it might have done better. Id still like to see some of the other KS stuff.

Raiders KS
353 backers pledged $28,221
digital eds were estimated due dec 2013
ppl still waiting as of 6 days ago for books
i did hear a creator was losing eyesight which sounds bad
some upset was for sale of drivethrough before they got copies
the project was very ambitious in scope and to outdo a existing product


3,668 backers pledged $561,836
digital eds were estimated due oct 2013 but arrived 2014 books out 2016
some cancelled extras effort made to compensate backers
Was very ambitious and timed with huge orient express box i was too poor for

I guess its a interesting study of KS struggles.

DND is not best game ever but it is so common it is a common language for gamers. Esperanto might be great but Im not going to quit English. In some ways releasing a cthulhu rpg possibly like the older version might have worked as CoC7 departs in many ways from all previous eds in design and rules. Im not a fan of all new rules or slower character gen but if I wanna run con games or try and build local scene because companies wont run demos in my current city I might have to learn CoC7. 7th ed p[roducts have been very good unlike late 6th ed ones. I can't see me using Raiders but it is inspiring, has great info and possible variant rules for my home game. I like major mythos powers have more info yet more nebulous and inconsistent. Some of the spell stuff is great. Raiders reads well and looks ok and one of fattest rpg books I have. It is a interesting curiosity, a valuable sourcebook and might surprise your cthulhu players and open scenario possibilities. Heck I prefer it to most other Cthulhu RPGs out there today.

Wednesday, 23 October 2019

Broken Hill Ruin Events

So im trying to come up with stuff for ruins to not just be encounter tables. This is something you could roll for a sort of theme for the day major event for the ruins. Couls provide some distant sound effects, weather, roaming bands of combatants and more. Somedays you might have to hide.

d10 Quick Types of Events
01 Animals amok
02 Wild weather
03 Hazardous life
04 Faction wars
05 Disaster 
06 Cybernetics amok
07 Vehicles amok
08 Settlers and Refugees
09 Markets & Merchants
10 Holidays & Festivities

Broken Hill Ruin Events
01 Herds of grazing animals pass through in hundreds d4 1=kangaroos 2=emus 3=camels 4=goats
02 Stampede of herd animals driven by d4 1=tribal hunters 2=farmers 3=predators 4=robots
03 Huge pack of dingos hunting over area howling and taking on rival predators
04 Mating season  makes a breed of dangerous animal more common and territorial
05 Migrating flying creatures arrive and common briefly d4 1=ibis 2=bats 3=pterodactyls 4=colony of ravens sharing single mind
06 Gigantic lizards wage war and roars are heard all over ruins
07 Livestock raiding breaks out as settlers steal and lose herds and fight each other
08 Settlers fight over grazing rights become territorial often conflicting with croppers
09 Raiders rustling livestock trying to hide of get out of area, bounties offered by local farmers for dead rustlers
10 A new mutant animal type has become common this season causes problems and challenges to current ecology and survivors, locals unprepared
11 Pleasant day flowers bloom and animals breeding
12 Sudden chill and snow falls briefly before normal weather reumes
13 Clouds of orange and red dust fill sky makes everything look like on mars
14 Thunderstorm sweeps over area with some lightning strikes and brief showers
15 Thunderstorm chokes area, sky dark, aquatic animals including eels, crocs, frogs, yabbies and turtles swarm, wetland encounters everywhere, some areas flooded
16 Heatwave with over 40 degrees C, hot dry wind everyone needs cover and more water
17 Auroras in sky, at night are spectacularly lit up with incredible lights
18 Light drizzling rain fills creeks and makes farmers happy, reduces visibility
19 Contaminated rain d4 1=radioactive 2=diseased 3=acid 4=narcotic
20 Weather control machinery creates crazy weather d4 1=machine in city experimented on by faction 2=orbital AI god being a jerk 3=temporary bug lasts only a day 4=gang test firing rockets into sky they uncovered
21 Locust swarms devour everything and in turn provide a feast
22 Swarms of mutant cockroaches cover some streets like a river
23 Rabbits everywhere over grazing but providing plenty of free food
24 Rats swarming out of drains and subways fleeing some hazard
25 Spores in air cause many to caught and splutter, new fungus type begins to grow in area d6 1=exploding toadstools 2=puffballs 3=giant mushrooms 4=delicious manna fungus 5=choking mould patches 6=ambulant killer fungus
26 Ants swarming become aggressive and queens take to air to start new colonies, locals try to stamp out most nightmarish varieties
27 Blowflies darken skies, get in eyes and mouth and food, some animals enjoy feast, some catch in nets and make bug burger patties
28 Mobile killer plants bloom and move about making familiar places dangerous
29 Aggressive weed grows rampant blocking areas and causing problems d6 1=strangle vines 2=flammable 3=narcotic pollen 4=stinging touch 5=razor sharp grass 6=thorn mazes
30 Dangerous plant bears seasonal fruits d4 1=hurls explosive fruit 2=mutation berries 3=radioactive flowers 4=fruit causes narcotic effects making animals annoying or violent drunks 5=addictive fruits get eater high then turn aggressive when fruit gone 6=aggressive insect swarms attracted to flowers and fruits
31 Mutant hunters on warpath seek to cleanse (murder) any mutants they can and to recruit more biggots
32 Animen, uplifted animals and mutant animals unite to punish humans and establish animal faction (yet again)
33 Tribal and anti tech factions on rampage to destroy technology and are wary of adventurers looting devil devices of the immoral ancients
34 Canetoad folk advanced scout force moves into city to establish a base and conflict with locals as they search ruins for stronghold to bring in more troops
35 Warlords forces fight desert raider scum on the streets with pitched battles and skirmishes
36 Factions battle over gathering artefacts to worship as holy relics or to study and use for benefit of all
37 Bunker troops on surface fighting d4 1=another bunker 2=local warlords troops 3=wasteland gangs 4=androids
38 Settlers united with rangers to purge ruins of gangs, cannibals, bandits and other scum
39 A major faction having a civil war d4 1=drawing in other groups to conflict 2=purging a sub faction of heretics 3=propaganda battle with graffiti and leaflets 4=faction members struggling over new leadership via election or armed struggle depending of faction style
40 Amazons on the rampage killing and castrating slavers, pimps and any who disrespect or bully their sisters
41 Fire burning, smoke in air d4 1=burning ruins 2=burning settlement 3=grass fires everywhere 4=sky dark orange red, air bad 
42 Minor tremor shifts some rubble and ruins and spooks animals
43 Shooting stars visible as things fall from space d4 1=meteors 2=space junk 3=escape pods 4=space craft or orbital fragments
44 Aircraft crashes d4 1=trader airship 2=Orung empire fighter 3=crude propeller aircraft full of feral refugees 4=escapees from a distant isolated bunker or far off place
45 Food shortage from crop failure, animals desperate and cannibal raiders
46 Water shortage caused by drought or contamination with d4 1=radioactive 2=disease 3=chemicals 4=parasites, good water increases in trade value
47 Massive explosion from atomic power cell going off or war era munition is disturbed
48 Disease outbreak spreads rapidly around city killing many and incapacitating more temporarily which some factions take advantage of
49 Building collapses creating massive dust cloud over ruins
50 Subterranean structure collapses creating sinkhole or pit and huge dust cloud possibly revealing some complex or subway
51 AI generated holograms in ruins trying to compete to recruit cultists
52 Swarms of drones spying on everyone
53 Recycling drones scavenging and murdering for raw materials for som AI or faction 
54 Robots fighting in streets d4 1=rival AI controllers 2=virused vs free willed 3=anti human vs pro human 4=controlled by factions or bunker 
55 Androids on warpath d4 1=virused vs free willed 2=AI vs AI 3=eliminate humans 4=fighting robots
56 Cyborgs from a hidden bunker waging war on surface dwellers d4 1=raiding for parts 2=kidnapping victims to cyborg 3=fight rival bunker 4=murdering anyone not linked to them
57 Warborg, robot tank or worse patrolling city killing anyone it can find with heavy weapons
58 Nanite colony of goo recycling ancient ruins into new unlooted ruins
59 Exterminator robots disguised as humans on murder sprees for some evil AI 
60 Orbital AI beams down missionaries to preach faith of new god
61 Jet aircraft flies overhead scouting from the Orangutan Empire to the far north 1in6 get shot down by some local force
62 Savage road gangs running amok across city plundering and murdering
63 Sounds of functioning subway train heard around city
64 Someone setting of chain reactions of atomic fuel cells in ground cars
65 Ultralight scouts observing city for some wasteland faction
66 Airship flies overhead d4 1=traders from far off land visiting silver city markets 2=adventurers come to ruins 3=pilgrims serving a AI 4=troop transport from some faction come to bring in more combatants
67 Raiders mounted on flying mutant monsters invade
68 Desert nomads riding exotic mutant mounts pour into ruins causing troubles
69 Road nomad convoy arrives to make a camp upset local factions
70 Automated ground cars driving about on own
71 Starving refugees from wars in east arrive desperate and hungry, most died on the way and are unwelcome or quickly exploited by factions or slavers
72 Escaped slaves revolted from another territory come here for a new life search for place to settle
73 Secret hidden bunker inhabitants forced to surface seek new lives d4 1=life support collapsed 2=faction fued 3=over populated 4=fresh clones unprepared for surface life
74 Nomad tribal groups gather for great ceremony, many hunt in ruins for food for a feast 
75 Feral tribe of hippies gather for a huge bush doof rave party bringing in huge amounts of drugs
76 A "new" warlord called in wasteland gangs to join them to battle the current warlord for supremacy d4 1=assassinated sending gangs wild 2=ambushed by current warlord and massacre survivors scatter 3=ancient weapon of mass destruction deployed killing the leader and followers 4=gangs cant agree and war breaks out as they exterminate each other
77 Spacecraft arrives with hideous once human cyborgs returned from the stars. Plan to terraform region with a machine they erect. Local life rounded up to be broken down into food and fuel
78 Spacecraft from orbital colony land from desperation as their home habitat in decline. Naive and weak by comparison to locals
79 Settlers arrive en mass to start new faction bases throughout ruins
80 A major type of mutant or animal abhumans arrive to settle unseen in area before
81 Caravans from far and wide coming to Silver city to trade
82 Cheap drugs on the streets with paddlers everywhere possibly serving a faction
83 Sly grog shops pop up everywhere selling beer and spirits. Often from tents or shacks, most avoiding factions and warlord to not pay "tax"
84 Influx of weapons sold in streets with some surprising users rampaging about city ruins d4 1=black powder muskets 2=plastic printed one use guns 3=cartridge based ammo 20th C firearms 4=explosives
85 Slavers in area kidnapping new stock and selling at low low prices
86 Someone selling robots or androids on the street d41=all set to be virused into human killers on certain time and date 2=all cobbled from scrap and damaged 3=all have damaged brains and range from quirky to insane 4=all basic service models and not dangerous
87 Someone selling working scrap built vehicles to ruin dwellers causing various conflicts
88 Everyone growing new miracle crop plant sold by mysterious merchant
89 Trader selling cheap long life ration packs new from some secret factory, becomes commonplace overnight
90 New domestic animal being sold and everybody wants them d4 1=adorable lab grown biopet 2=unusual new herd animal 3=savage but trainable guard beast 4=riding beast 
91 Race day! d4 1=vehicle races 2=camel race 3=horse race 4=emu race, gambling and drinking everywhere as travellers from far away come to compete 
92 Arts festival where culture fans make strange performances, reenact ancient videos, paint murals, build sculptures, erect totem poles and other activities.Celebrity artists compete and celebrated publicly with factions competing through art
93 Apocalypse day when everyone mourns the old world and birth of the new, the exact day a bit hazy. Day ends with feast after fasting all day
94 Patriot day when factions have parades with bands, marching, hold memorial services and leaders rattle sabres vs rival groups
95 Holy day where religions factions try to commune with AI gods and their ancestors, usually sombre in mornings with feasts and celebrations by night
96 Exodus Day celebrating when a significant faction came out of bunker to live on the surface after the apocalypse. Many dress in bunker jumpsuits and reflect on life underground, secret hidden bunker agents use to walk freely on surface
97 Victory Day, everyone celebrates repulsing three major canetoad folk invasions,burning frog effigies common with fireworks
98 Purge Day, a ancient custom where locals lynch and execute some poor victims for being a burden, poor, loners, suspicious acting, mutants or any excuse. Some communities brawl in public or murder strangers
99 Rabbit Day, when tribes of rabbit folk hide landmines and grenade trip lines and most people try to kill them. They often leave out traps disguised as colourful treats which especially trick children
100 Giftmas day, when all gather to give thanks and exchange presents. Even the city AI join in with festive holograms, street decorations put up by robots and gangs of biker raiders give gifts to poor mutant children. Santa robots roam spreading good cheer but some seek to spoil the day with theft or violent attacks