Monday, 15 July 2019

Marvel Log: Heroes in Space Attack Dire Wraiths

so to recap: 

Shockwire bouncer by night living lightning hero by day!
Jack Frost silver age vet hero returned from years unseen
Lotus break dancing giant tree guy
Amp rock and rollroadie with sonic powers, armour and strength
Terra four armed mutant burrowing super strong hero, works for beer and curry
Evac the official hero of World Wide Rescue Service
Bolt Trower the android archer with his robot falcon 

Month ago:
Rescue Force battle monster space worm with lizard king!

battled a cult summoning alien being and killed it with a local king lizard kaiju

New Hope for Yesterdays Heroes

Frost and Evac took control of a old folks home for super seniors
Former manager was a alien space dragon super villain in disguise, Mandragora
Followed evidence pointed to location on the moon and modded Evac's heavy cargo lifter for a lunar return trip with boosters. Dire Wraith spies tried to sabotage the launch.

Heroes Deny Plot to Flee Dying Earth in Home Made Space Ship!
Went to the moon found alien base in a landing strip on;y seen in classified photos the team heard of. Battled psionic shape shifting grey aliens offering universal cosmic peace. Some of party attacked and others teurned on them. Grey aliens were shape shifting dire wraiths projecting Mandragoras telepathy plus their own shape shifting. Inside base met atractive lady astronauts with metalic bob wigs and tight silver space suits. Some herows attacked and broke illusion over more wraiths. Met Dr Mandragora and he turned into a alien space dragon (a psionic one). Had a chasing psionic battle with him and most party went through a gate made by a wraith witch and went to wraithworld. Bolt thrower left on moon with Mandragora and his arrows couldn't hurt the villain..

Heroes Out Of Control Invade Alien Planet In Other Dimension!
Jack frost got through gate and pulled out his secret trumpcard. Revealed he was carrying Lotus a new tree superhero in his pocket in seed form who grew himself in alien soil from alien plant matter. So he was purple and black here. Shockwire had escaped but joined Frost and Lotus. Amp, Terra and Evac were unconscious and being carried away by wraiths to a distant city. Standing team went to mountains (vs desert or jungle) and contacted by robots. Brought to a secret base of a rare wraith warlock with his science wraith minions. He wants to leave planet and go to Earth with only a few evil shape shifting alien spy comrades. But provided plan to raid wraith witch city labs and prison plus kidnap a wraith with gate powers to pull out her brain. Raid worked and escaped. Tunnels had lots of interesting scenery and mutant cave clams and toad wraiths.

Escape From Dimension X

While jack worked on lab project to turn the wraith brain into a dimensional portal maker. Shockwire contacted a object in orbit they had noticed and used powers to have a radio chat with ameboid alien allies. Their bioship had a starspawn of cthulhu brain for a dimensional warp drive. Made a deal to go with them back to earth via their home planet. Lotus sent the science wraith saucer with a nuke off to the city deliberatley not when plan demanded it. Some sort of darkness void shield ate the explosion but it looked cool. While angry warlock yelled at Lotus, Shockwire jolted him into unconsciousness by surprise. Made a deal to take 2 science wraiths and some other beings found in cryopods. Three frozen wraith heretics who liked earth and family of human parents with mutant-wraith hybrid child (in mobile suspended animation pod). The ameboids gooey inside bio ship was kinda disgusting. Warlock awoke to find his base trashed and minions gone and the gate device Frost built with the witch brain was destroyed.

Heroes Triumphant Return From the Stars Welcome!

Spent a week on alien planet. Heard about their history and wars and links to shoggoths and the crinoid great old ones who made them long ago. Possibly dire Wraiths might return or get up to larks possibly can trace heroes to ameboid homeworld.

Return to moon base to find Bolt Thrower and Joan the dog surviving. Marndragora turned into a space dragon and flew off. Bolt Thrower scratched him and he fled after trashing half the base.  Apparently Mandragora cannot leave earth further than the moon. Everyone returned to earth in their vessel with Bolt Thrower jacked in to pilot the ship.

Back on earth got a good reception and went back to regular business. Characters spied on agents of some high tech crime cartel and publicly showboated bringing down a couple of corp agents. Got lots of popularity.

Ive sped up my initiative system to just Intuition count downs
Also +5 spot karma for comic dialogue has everyone quipping or catch phrazing.

Saturday, 13 July 2019

d100 Things Found Digging Holes on Psychon

Planet Psychon where the gods just create ruined ancient civilisations at a whim, where echoes of old memory banks are brought to life and all kinds of forgotten crap gets buried during regular terraforming.

d10 How Buried?1 Semi exposed by wind or water erosion

2 Partly exposed by collapsing earth recently
3 Partly excavated then abandoned by diggers
4 Mounds everywhere of treasure seekers excavations in area
5 Exposed ancient trash heap
6 Crumbling rubble of ancient civilization
7 Mine or burrow tunnel
8 Crater from weapon detonation or meteor 
9 Covered in biological material
10 Covered in pool of sludge 1in6 toxic or radioactive

d100 Things Found Digging Holes on Psychon
01 Part of a sleeping kaiju's body
02 A concrete structure, part of a bunker
03 Pipes leading into infrastructure tunnels
04 Entrance into sub train tunnels for service or station
05 Piles of costumes, from a store or landfill of terrible outfits never sold
06 Crashed saucer with remains of alien corpses
07 Landfill of unpopular video game cartridges
08 Bundles of cables 1in6 with live current
09 Drums of toxic waste
10 A warhead left from a great war 1=atomic 2=chemical 3=biological 4=psychotronic
11 Hundreds of bags of narcotics in trunks or inside stuffed toys
12 Cryonic pods full of cloned transplant organs 
13 Cryonic pods with people d4 1=criminals 2=survivors 3=infected undead 4=corpses 
14 Hundreds of skeletons form a mass grave
15 Remain of a temple of a long forgotten AI god
16 Trunks of long live military ration packs
17 Ammunition for some type of firearm but no weapons
18 Thousands of leaking ruined batteries (acidic or radioactive or flamable)
19 Remains of a water bore pump house
20 Huge fuel tank of pressurised flammable stuff
21 Robot scrap graveyard, possibly might disturb something
22 Android body part dump, might be able to repair some d4 1=virused hostile 2=virused but not hostile yet 3=defective and dangerous 4=servile but vulnerable to virus
23 Thousands of eggs
24 Hundreds of petrified dinosaur bones from a ancient museum
25 Remains of a art gallery with mostly ruined artworks
26 Several vehicles long sealed in section of tunnel or car park
27 Large boat some sections intact 
28 Remains of a shack with bodies of inhabitants trapped inside
29 Tomb of ancient seated on throne with weapons and artwork with murals inside
30 Thousands of empty drink bottles or beer cans
31 Long buried strange vegetation that begins to awaken in sunlight
32 Pulsating tissue of mutant flesh that has been growing in depths
33 Remains of teleporter station possibly working
34 Crashed airliner or airship remains full of baggage and skeletons
35 Crashed spacecraft with intact pods of astronauts inside
36 Remain of emergency bioplague clinic with undead trapped for aeons
37 Remains of huge war mech, AI damaged but intact but body only good for scrap
38 Psychotronic antenna array, if tampered starts broadcasting d4 1=war propaganda 2=hallucinations 3=homicidal berserker rage 4=collective dream reality
39 Thousands of hamburgers and hotdogs seemingly perfectly preserved and edible
40 Medical waste dump of hospital linen, body parts, needles, drug containers, etc
41 Thousands of packets of cigarettes
42 Furry cartoon animal androids from a theme park in bags, activated if sun reaches solar cells
43 Thousands of body bags from plague years
44 Remains of a damaged contaminated power plant (asbestos, radiation, chemicals)
45 Thousands of mobile phones, all start ringing when exposed to sun
46 Landfill of android toys, start reviving and moving about after exposed, possibly virased and hostile
47 Piles of mining equipment and tools long buried
48 Ancient freezer warehouse complex
49 Warehouse super store with gigantic passages and degenerate descendants of staff scuttling in halls
50 Submarine with remains of dead crew inside and 1in6 chance of a d12 nuclear missiles
51 Crashed bomber with d12 cruise missiles each with a deranged AI sure there is a war on
52 Remains of old ruin with occult ritual pariphenalia, gaot skulls, candles and old books
53 Remains of a library with shelves of books inhabited by d4 1=librarian bot 2=killer androids 3=well read morlock survivors 4=mutant animal life
54 Fast food resteraunt inhabited by d4 1=undead staff 2=android staff 3=mutant animals  4=cultists trying to re create this ancient temple and religion 
55 Wizards tower with a lich inside still working on a book, unaware has been buried
56 School complex with d4 1=feral albino youth gangs 2=robot teachers and truant officer bots desperate for students to bully 3=cult living like 50s highschool and perform musical numbers constantly 4=mutant animals recreating human civilisation with robot teachers
57 Greenhouse complex full of mutant plants
58 Fragment of a fallen orbital or asteroid hab that survived re-entry
59 Thousands of sealed coffins in mortuary freezer complex, all tainted by necrovirus and potential undead
60 Hospital complex crawling with undead and robots
61 Giant ant nest of intelligent ant folk who mostly grow fungus and have not seen surface for ages
62 Millions of giant disgusting worms
63 Burrow complex of mutant megafauna
64 Burrow complex of humanoid animal mutant species
65 Thousands of comic books, possibly a collector cult would value these historic documents
66 Trailer truck loaded with d4 1=vending machines 2=virused killer androids 3=undead corpses in bodybags 4=cigarettes and beer
67 Underground cave complex with ecosystem of fungus and albinos
68 Dinosaur theme park of android dinosaurs all virused and hostile
69 Signal beacon starts flashing calls d4 1=AI god 2=targets a missile 3=summons cultists from distant temple 4=awakens killer robots who converge here
70 Sports stadium where albino mutant gladiators battle
71 Thousands of candy bars and packaged snack cakes
72 Train wreck with baggage a human remains d4 1=undead 2=mutant creature 3=killer android 4=morlock clan
73 Beautiful underground pleasure garden with gormless eloi, morlock masters in secret observation area monitor their food supply
74 Broken time machine from past with dead crew and possibly a ancient in a cryonic pod
75 Gigantic and edible giant mutant tubers
76 Corpse of a gigantic humanoid
77 Crumbling ruins of office complex d4 1=undead in suits 2=mutant colony 3=mutant animals 4=service robots keeping place tidy
78 Remains of a missile silo complex with intact AI d4 1=doomsday cultists 2=undead soldiers 3=mutant survivors 4=mutant animals
79 Dungeon comples fitted as a prison with torture chambers. Inhabited by variety of monsters and inhabitants roaming about of in lairs guarding treasure caches
80 Huge statue of some ancient god or corporate mascot
81 Remains of old millitary barracks d4 1=undead soldiers 2=security robots 3=mutant survivors 4=mutant animals 
82 Synthetics decommissioning centre with bagged robots and androids, sunlight will re awaken some who fear termination and have become deranges
83 Bowling alley with cultists and androids servicing this "temple" of the ancients
84 Bus depot with wrecked vehicles and terminal building full of baggage and corpses d4 1=undead 2=feral cannibal gang 3=mutant animal 4=secret base of a local faction
85 Huge robotic head, no idea what happened to body, promises is a good guy just help it get body back
86 Brain depository with brains in storage vats, can be communicated with by control panels, many insane or unaware of world outside
87 Green slime bubbling out and spreading from some massive underworld reservoir
88 Underground mushroom farm overgrown with mutants tended by robots and mushroom folk
89 Bubbling lava and smoke from a volcanic vent
90 Geothermal heated bubbling mud from deep in the earth
91 Heated spring water, only slightly radioactive with colourful calcium formations in a delightful underground grotto
92 Theme park ride tunnel with surreal world inside populated by singing androids
93 Underground cave system inhabited by civilised beast folk shocked by hideous mutants from the outside 
94 Rusted bunker complex overgrown with fleshy growths and tentacled hideous oversexed plague carrying mutants
95 Android settlement serving a AI brain hiding from humans
96 Cave system with macroscopic life forms oozing and pulsing, hungry and hostile
97 Mutant albino redneck colony want new lovers or food or both
98 Ancient sex shop full of strange devices, video booths and killer androids roam with strange weapons, vindictive to humans who exploited them
99 Alien base in hiding, stranded here hoping to contact peers for rescue and/or destruction of this horrible planet
100 Cyborg base ruled by AI, always welcome fresh meat and offers super powers for free no catch, honest

Starting Fight Dept: Half races are bullshit

Half races in Games?
Helter Skelter in the Dungeon?
Never been a fan really of 1/2 orcs and 1/2 elves
Im fine with orcs as a core race
Never used half elves
(Though tieflings or planar races less so for some reason)

Also seeing rewrites of lore trying to make make them less rapey is increasingly bizarre. I also have had kids of mixed parents show me passages in dnd5 sections on half elves and cringed at the text that i know is a bunch of cliches that people of various ancestry have dealt with and i could not use in gov or uni policy or essays. If it was a cliche I had to help quash dealing with aboriginal art in 91 it seems really dated now. To a outsider being lost between 2 worlds might be edgy but if you are really in that stereotype 
and people use it to explain your every action it can be less fun. 

The amount of american SF and fantasy with hybrid non humans is kinda bizarre. Star Trek (at least has a reason) V series and others have used this but less common in other traditions like brit stuff. The other cliche is half breed is some kind of messiah. In LOTR there were only a few half elves ever and gods intervened to make them. Lots of race notion tropes in fantasy go back to victorian race theory and nationalism which we ought to be aware of and get over.

Race in gaming is problematic enough. Less trouble with notion of species especially with dragonborn and stuff and making them genetically incompatible Im fine with. Im fine with a demihuman having some human blood or a human with some orc blood but i don't need to create a half race. If they are easily cross bred with no ill effects they may as well all be the same. If like mules they could produce infertile off spring or other complications or children rare it would imply species close but not 100% compatible. I have a elfish/faerie mutation table for this sort of problem. Some beaver types have different numbers of chromosomes and offspring experiment seem mostly cruel disasters and people kept trying.

I think we can do better and more interesting things.
But that's just my opinion....

One version of Tieflings (older ed of dnd 3rd?) made them remnants of a empire that bred with planar beings for power willingly which isnt so bad an idea or at least gives option not based on deciet or force.  I'm all for elemental bloodlines too. Im pretty sure wizards would shag lots of alien beings. Elves or devils breeding with mortals to create a earthborn strain not prone to banishing or summoning or the stars being right is ok too. A religion breeding with planar beings might work too. Rape is best not mentioned often in games for lots of good reasons or at least needs alternatives. My parents did it just to be evil is a bit lame.

In my bx clone you can change class that includes species if you can justify it in drama. In my psychon setting race and gender changes are normal in background tables. In my grittier fantasy setting a dwarf might not be impressed if you used to be human but there are precedents and stuff like this over all has helped these species survive. Perhaps humans trapped in a mine or who fled underground might be aided by a god and turned into dwarfs. Perhaps those buried ancients in burial mound reincarnated as elves and all local elves began like that. You could make all demi humans even closer to human and just let them have a few cosmetic changes and forget racial plusses. I guess some humans might vary on average because of cultural living. Perhaps barbarians are tougher because they survived and those sissy city dwellers with posh manners and lazy living seem more charming and weaker. I tend to think nature and nurture have roles to play but any population of humans should have variations and don't really need racial stats.

If you want to have elf ancestors in your background that's fine but i wont give you stat points for it and you can have attributes of either lineage. I prefer term species and to make them more non human. I'm pretty sure orcs should be just that not that their evil parents had them just to be evil. A bit more detail in this lame way of avoiding lack of consent would be better. How about humans and orcs in places lived along side each other and over generations intermarried without thought and some kids more orkish or more human but they don't really care or mark this as significant.

I can see temptation to make your humans vary with mechanical differences and I have done it but it interests me less. Im not really sure if all frenchies have extra charisma or germans extra con it starts to smack of ww2 race theory. Do the differences even amount to more than a few percent? We killed off lower stats for women with good reasons. A lizard humanoid i would be more convinced might have different stats but I have mostly removed all stat mods in character generation (i have giants that get extra STR points and grow a d12 inches a lv and often change class when they have trouble with doors.

Often in history nobles would change ethnicity while commoners might have much older local bloodlines. What were thought to be great race migrations turned out to be military aristocrats turning up and taking over. In cities of ancient near east this might happen every three generations. Barbarians defeat the city softies and take over. They decide being fancy kings and nice clothes and palaces are ok. Their kids become literate and their grandkids get replaced by another wave of maniacs. Many supposed peoples in history were cultural and material not genetic. People adopted anglo saxon culture in Europe to participate in trade and get away from crumbling post roman culture. Celts were all over Europe and many supposed borders between people got pretty fuzzy. They had more in common with ornaments on metal work than DNA. Romans were far more multicultural than we think of them from older films and books. A few people have been outraged by portrayals of multi ethic romans in modern media and real scholars have smacked them down.

Ive had people tell me this is all too hard and a attack on the genre we should give up this crying about fantasy eugenics because it is too hard and we don't want to give up the genre so accept it warts and all. Michael Moorcock did try and and it shows you can subvert these tropes. Erekose is one of my favourite eternal champions. Using Melnibonians as a metaphor for the British empire was interesting. Interestingly enough victorian race scientists included Semitic people with Caucasians because they wanted to be related to the old testament master race and even made myths of lost tribes of Israel come to England, "the New Jerusalem" (patriotic songs about this). Modern racists now seem determined to separate Semites and Caucasians and separate the brown peoples. It always has been pretty much bullshit and you can do better in your games. In my psychon setting there are no "yellow" or "brown" or "black" or "white" races as we know them. Why not have more blue and green people? I'm fine with spells to permanently change skin colour and sexual characteristics voluntarily. Girdles of femininity/maculinity a cheap cursed object? Really? Nobody would want one? Imagine a marriage ceremony where both had to wear them for a year. I could sell a dozen of them in a hour.

I knew a Dutch-Indonesian-Aboriginal family. Same parents with both boys blond and blue eyes and girls quite asian. Wow did they all have a go at any racist strangers commenting on their backgrounds and they all got teary eyed when i played the didgeridoo to them. Or people telling an Aboriginal that they are too good looking to be Aboriginal and assuming they are asian. I certainly have had strangers think I am not white enough all my life because I'm part Estonian and have epidermal folds and my surname. Most people don't notice this. White racists tend to notice this more like the half all assaults I've had all my life from strangers did not believe I was cracker enough for them. Chinese ppl thinking I'm central Asian or part Chinese never came across as being jerks or held it against me. I learned to dislike racists probably from self interest by age 5.

Planar bloodlines or "taint" i have less of a issue with. They could modify any species the same. Mutants too could be of any species.

I think just being mindful of this stuff helps and if your writing game books think about how your half-born cliches would come across to a kid reading it who has to deal with racist cliches. You could do it well or do it badly or come up with something more imaginative and new.

Back to kids briefly. Do you wanna see what makes similar kids cry with happiness instead? Being included as humans who count. We once got a range of "flesh" coloured paint that was not pink but had a variety of shades of human skin colour and kids cried. They never thought they would see this or be considered normal enough for anyone to bother with including them as human beings. It is amazing what being thoughtful and making effort can do.

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Help feed a real hobo gamer!

Welcome to share this about as i have had my lease end and too broke to get a new pad so Im officially homeless again and have everything in storage and living on other peoples sofas while i work for free in hospital on my placement while studying. Hopefully I will be finished training enough to have a job I have been promised in a month. Plus money that three banks promised to pay me in 5-21 days from a long drawn out probate happens and I could pretend to be middle class again in a a monthish. Hopefully I will have money to sell my deceased parents house in the country and hopefully buy a unit for me with wall to wall bookshelves.It costs me 30 bux return just to get there plus a hours walk so not really possible to work if i stayed there. Anyway Ive lived out of suitcases for months before and been officially homeless half of last 6 years so I will cope it just sucks.

Im releasing 5 zines a month for a dollar subscription and will do more if higher tiers supported. Links to past 20 or so items are up too so a good time too get in on this. Helps keep me in the hobby and a few freebies open to public. Help feed a real hobo gamer while im living on other peoples sofas! When edited properly the 3folds and one sheet dungeon zines will end up on drive through a buck each

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d100 Gonzo Dungeon Decor

Unicorn powers activate!
Putting everything in storage and living on sofas for a while again sigh.

d100 Gonzo Dungeon Decor

01 Blinking led lights all over walls with no function, puzzle or point
02 Niches full of giggling drunk and high kobolds who laugh at intruders
03 Open floor panel to monster dressing area where wounded monsters healed and costumes and make up changes for different rolls in the dungeon
04 Dungeon bar where monsters hanging out drinking and ignoring adventurers
05 Punchcard machine where monsters clock on and off, a few monsters watching clock to start shift peacefully until they punch cards and start screaming and waving weapons
06 Luxurious dungeon latrine cleaned by tame gelatinous cube herded by kobold bathroom attendants with bow ties who expect tips and offer hot towels and cologne
07 Bundles of sparking electrical cables through roof 
08 Stone altar with grid of coloured crystals and stone archway in wall. Arranging the crystals opens the arch gateway to strange worlds, often odd creatures come through
09 Posters of the adventurers, wanted as murderers by monsters printed with hand coloured woodblock prints, freshly pasted. Future encounters in dungeon recognise party in horror  
10 Frozen gelatinous cube with remains of crate and straw freshly opened with order note for dungeon supplies signed by a local sub level boss
11 Urinating cherub fountain constantly changes colour, different random effect each user, only work once a day if you drink straight from the stream, any collected turns into urine
12 Storage rack with candles, torches and flints. Once a turn a spirit takes something to replace and light in the dungeon that has gone out 
13 Glass vat 3 yards tall with a wooden seat and ladder on top. The tank is full of sewerage and a tentacled telepathic sewerage monster eagerly awaits fresh night soil to wallow in. It is quite friendly, will asses your recent meals and will discuss other recent monster visits
14 Magic slot machine 1gp a turn. Roll 3d10 on 3x zero gain a gain a magic item and never works for you again, 2x zero gain d100gp, 1x zero gain d100sp. Any other result lose 2d4 HP
15 Theatre props in chests including harmless weapons that look real, armour that offers no defence and is ruined one hit, paste jewellery, robes of nobles that look good but feel fake and are uncomfortable plus several scripts involving tragic murders
16 Magical 3 yard long bronze horn weighs 200lb hanging by chains from roof with steps leading to mouthpiece. Drooling mad goblin says it can summon a god once a month who will grant wishes. Actually are random petty forgotten gods who are mostly cranky about being summoned and most users regret blowing it
17 Painting of a noble feast if entered can join in and eat. Inhabitants are in a 4 hour time loop but live forever. When you leave effects of food and booze instantly wear off. Cannot get a full night rest inside 
18 Infinite staircase goes up or down but as soon as you turn back only 10 foot to start
19 Dungeon beauty contest in progress with cheerful monsters drinking and non threatening. Possibly ask strangers to enter or be a judge but could lead to a riot
20 Goblin selling obscene art decorated pots, naughty art prints, clay tankards with articulated breasts on relief art of nude lady orcs and nude figurines "fertility idols"   
21 Hobgoblin barber shop charges 1cp for haircut or shave, will discus recent dungeon politics and hauntings, will surrender if threatened, possibly a d4 orcs waiting and looking at books about orc ladies, fishing and chariots
22 Old goblin woman with cots of sleeping monster babies, has adoption papers with oaths to sign, explains parents killed by adventurers, accepts donations  
23 Mirror with pocket nightmare dimension, each who enters is attacked by a shadow resembling self, when all killed a demon appears with a chest of lead coins. If taken out of mirror coins turn to gold 
24 Strange luminous mist fills room, causes everyone to lose sense of direction for a turn
25 Kobolds playing volleyball with a fishing net and a explosive floating gas spore resembling a horrible eye monster, invite you to play but only they know secret techniques to handle without explosions
26 Statue of warrior standing on guard with moving bloodshot eyes, looks desperate but cant communicate much, adventurer cursed by petty god, could be saved with stone to flesh
27 Mother dire wolf on pile of straw suckling two orc babies, will snarl but wont attack unless you get within 10 foot
28 Cage full of d6 village idiots kept here waiting for ransoms of turnips and bales of hay and bread, kobold guard happy to accept anything better as idiots eat alot and are lots of trouble and annoying
29 Ogre grinding bones with boulders to make bread in large oven according to family recipe, instructs guests to leave bones in basket and only has d4 loaves for sale 1sp each
30 Goblins in a vat squishing mushrooms with feet to extract juice to make a popular goblin drink. Tastes of shrooms and goblin feet, save or hallucinate for a d4 hours, start small and eventually users have shared fantastic dream and when over awake sweating. 1sp a cup or a bottle for a gp
31 Goblins making bricks with mould from monster faeces and straw, ignore intruders as very busy with a big quota this month
32 Goblin pimp with big furry hat and coat offers you all employment for 50% of your take and will defend you with his switchblade if any customers break contracts
33 Monsters on strike, leader explains won't fight unless paid better by bosses and happy to sell out the dungeon for better conditions and pay
34 Thief trapped in a bronze scorpion idol that snared him when trying to pry out gem eyes, lock in each pincer can be picked to free each arm. If attempt fails pincer snips off hand and tail stings the lock picker for d8 damage plus venom (save or die). Mechanism must be smashed or removing eyes results in setting off pincer trap, tail or bite
35 Creepy doll made of human skin and yeti fur looks valuable and size of child, actually an assassin golem from the black lotus empire. Will try and murder sleeping victims as thief with retractable huge fan
36 Kobold kids building go karts from old boxes and barrels hoping to have a rally when finished
37 Beating heart in a jar guarded by living statues, left by immortal wizard who will die if heart killed
38 Tiny boxing ring with cigar smoking bowler hat wearing kobolds here to see the champ take on challengers. Will offer bets in silver coins. Champ is a high level monk reincarnated
39 Walls are pulsating flesh and some humanoids are harvesting steaks of flesh and filling buckets with blood or dinner
40 Kobold jester offers coins if you listen to his terrible comedy routine involving jokes offensive to humans (how many humans does it take to light a torch? A cleric a wizard and thief go into a bar...)
41 Kenku charlatan offering potions to aid love making and virility, repeats slogans and criticises  adventurers manhood
42 Goblins passed out with pipes and ash on floor except old shaman selling dried smoking fungus and promises divine visions and insight, can see magic for a turn, save or addictive and induces d4 hours of slumber, 1% chance user summons a imp to torment you for life, only 1gp a hit
43 Stone statue of a medusa or basilisk in front of a mirror
44 Art gallery with portraits of local monster bosses or vampires by some poor kidnapped artists
45 Icetoad in a box apparatus used to make ice cream with a crank handle and bags of salt using goats milk and berries. Kobolds here selling 1cp a cone
46 Floor of room with coloured tiles that radiate magic trap. There is no pattern or sequence, 1in6 chance per step you get a magic missile but pattern implies there is a solution. Reality locals avoid or know a password
47 Human trapped in a gibbet moaning, has toungue cut out and badly beaten. Any one getting underneath activates a pit trap. Moving the cage releases poison gas, the lock has a poison needle. Just here to to mess with adventurers
48 Ten foot pit with feather mattress in the bottom with gold coins. Mattress and coins are a mimic occupying a old sprung trap
49 Goblins making hats by boiling them in mercury, all crazy brain damaged idiots, fumes in room unpleasant
50 Goblins scrubbing floors with fermented urine in buckets, they have no fear as life cannot get worse
51 Room with three numbered doors and goblin with a big floppy hat offers you one door try each. Doors change each new user d3 1=save of hit by 4d8 blast of flame 2=medusa in chains 3=healing potion
52 Goblin jester offers party pick one of four chests d4 1=d1000cp 2=d1000sp 3=d100gp 4= mimic 
53 Imp offers to release one of three cages with a woman inside only one is real, feel free to ask questions but prisoners don't know about other cages d3 1=wearing a hooded robe is a medusa 2=succubi pretending to be a innocent 3=swearing woman thief demands to be released from this oppressive patronising cliche
54 Goblins smashing and burning marble statues of frightened adventurers to make lime for brick mortar, 2d6 unbroken statues could be restored with stone to flesh magic
55 Goblin wizard Lv1 with stone to flesh wand making dungeon rubble into piles of meat for buddies having a cook up, d6 charges left
56 Humanoids having a dance battle team contest with a 100gp prize, tough colourful gangs all snear at intruding adventurers chances and lame moves, goblin bards provide music with orc MC. Bookie gives you lower odds than the necromancer and his dancing zombies
57 Kobolds throwing garbage and stuff into a pit with a gate at the bottom that opens into a huge multi planar garbage mound used by dozens of dimensions, locals unimpressed
58 Fissure releasing pleasant steam into room, old goblin woman will rent towels, sell beer or cold water or thrash you with birch saplings if that is your taste 
59 Goblin wizard offer injections of troll blood to make you into regenerating super humans
60 Pit with gold coins and a shiny helmet with a permanent light spell on it in bottom. A troll with an invisibility spell waits patiently, a wizard recasts spell every few days
61 Strange lever if touched hand becomes glued to it with a failed save, if stuck must be pulled off leaving skin but causes d6 damage and -2 all rolls for a d4 days with that hand
62 Tired old goblin woman with six ogre babies in nappies wiping faeces on walls, biting and pinching each other. On sucking on a semiprecious stone worth 40gp but it wont give it up. Goblin will sell you babies then flee dungeon forever
63 Three witches with cauldron offer each of you one choice of three identical magic potions d3 1=poison save or die 2=potion of healng 3=save or cursed with hideous witch face. Will cackle and vanish in a stinking cloud if threatened64 Kobolds with bound troll selling cuts of cooked troll streak. Troll screams and swears constantly. A few other humanoids here eating peacefully
65 Goblins guarding "humans" in a cage will flee on sight of adventurers. The grateful doppelgangers offer to aid and join you and await a good opportunity to eat rescuers 
66 Cluster of modified shrieker fungi shaped like melted brass wind instruments, if startled will play music causing kobolds in uniform to roll out a red carpet to next doorway and offer welcomes
67 Kobold selling werewolf milk "makes you strong and feisty"
68 Zombie farm animals in pens including goats, pig, sheep and a pony with a dark elf child dressed as a farmer who made all this for fun. If angered or attacked the animals attack
69 Black hat gnomes with a owlbear in a cage plumbed into a box milking it for bile for use in alchemy. They are rude and grumpy bullies. If released owlbear will go berserk and kill them
70 Goblin with large wiggling crates with slots, for a fee you can stab the monster inside and increase your prowess risk free. Sell creature heads mounted on plagues or skins as trophies to impress your friends. Goblin promises what happens in dungeon stays in the dungeon
71 Lady gnoll sitting at a booth gnawing on a leg with sign "ethical advice - 1sp" she will tell you it is totally ok to do any horrible act or deed unless it involves harming or robbing her
72 Magic mirror if looked in reveals what you will look like when reincarnated in hell d4 1=lowly human headed larvae writhing in a pit farmed by devils 2=imp fighting with other imps for favour more powerful devils 3=your face on a hellgoat butt vomiting up excrement 4=lowly lesser devil tending a larvae pit
73 Goblin with huge crate offer to sell you a giant battle crab with a llist of commands and runs if given money. Giant crab if released goes on beserk killing frenzy
74 Robed devil cultists with idols of lords of hell offering great deals on souls offering wish like rewards turned terrible by hello lawyers, just sign in blood
75 Clan of albino cave folk offer monster ivory and meat to buy a party member for marriage to save them from inbreeding and extinction 
76 Mirror if looked at forms image of a face, the spirit of the dungeon. It will answer a question per person per day but will mostly lie and offer terrible advice. Will offer you your own lair if you promise to stay and serve the dungeon ecology
77 Sad old pathetic man monsters allow to live out of sadism. Was a paladin who killed some orc babies and has been excommunicated and cursed to never leave. Bitter, swears and complains about young adventurers and their elaborate backgrounds and caring about monster rights
78 Kobold selling potions of gender change, berserker blades and hats of reverse alignment at low low prices
79 Goblin erotic dancers will put on a show for 1sp on tiny stage with poles and mirrors and costumes, 1cp a beer, no touching the goblins permitted by bugbear bouncer
80 Classroom with child humanoids with a old vulture folk school teacher teaching them evil runes, ruination and rioting skills. Charts depict humans as horrible killing machines. Teacher will ask if adventurers will answer adorable children's questions "why do you hate us?" "why did you steal our land?" "why cant you get honest jobs?" "why did you kill my parents?"  
81 Wizard pointing to blueprints of dungeon on table as it should be to kobolds with miners hats shrugging. Wizard offers party jobs as foremen or site managers or safety inspectors
82  Kobolds unpacking crates labelled "armageddon device" and assembling a huge apparatus according to instruction manual. They are feuding over lost parts, interpreting the manual and where will they get the 100 unsullied virgin souls to start it up
83 Surly teenage goblins drinking beer, smoking, flexing muscles and holding knives "wanna know what you are looking at"
84 Elderly goblin woman in room with stone benches offers genuine trained giant snail massages 1cp. A pen of voracious hungry flail snails is close but she knows how to calm them before use but if threatened she lets them loose
85 Party of adventurers arguing over a bound black clad knight. Half the party say it is ok to torture and kill the anti-paladin but other half argue the prisoner is a legitimate knight of the realm and deserves fair treatment and to be held hostage or a fair trial
86 Goblins with bound wizard and a sign "1cp a punch or 1gp for a stab" have several healing potions and a box with a d1000cp and a d20gp. Wizard wants to go home badly. Goblins will swap wizard for a bound troll
87 Tiny village of gremlins and their pet rats swarm, will mobilise against "giants" and sound their kaiju alert bells. Women and children flee into shelters while army mobilise with light crossbows on wheels six can operate
88 Moaning man with bag on head, gagged and chained to pillar, is a flesh golem insane with hatred for any living born creatures somehow left here years ago. If gagged will say anything to be released then go on killing spree
89 Room with lave river through middle and a balancing beam to cross. Kobolds are roasting sausages on sticks over the heat and will flee if threatened
90 Iron turret in ceiling allowing 6 kobolds to shoot below through slots and are very hard to hit. Has a locked door and they use a rope ladder to get in or out
91 Old kobold with bloated belly and beard laying on ground. Will shake his walking stick and swear at travellers provoking them to kill him. On death explodes for 2d4 damage to all in 20 foot radius save or infected with parasitic worms and lose a move point a day until you end up like him or a cure disease spell lets you vomit and shit them out
92 A cleric has set up a clinic to heal monsters and preaches to them about turning good and the wonders of their kind forgiving deity. Will reluctantly treat "murder hobos" if they have a good reason for being here
93 A party of dead adventurers laying about, leap to their feet now hungry ghouls, utter abuse and vile threats while attacking, some will stop to search intestines for gems or loot bodies if they kill someone rather than the best tactical decisions. Once a well known murder hobo party
94 Two orc priests having a argument look pleased to see adventurers who might aid their debate. One sez everyone should look after their own kind and and humans will never tolerate orcs in their cities and schools and markets. Other sez humans are just ignorant intolerant bigots who will eventually come around and eventually even marry orcs and let them have good jobs
95 Angel pleased to see adventurers. Killed some humanoids but found their babies and needs party to take care of them so she can return to heaven to complete her mission. Makes you swear to do the right thing and promises when she gets free chance will pop in to visit and reward you
96 Portcullis gates seal the room with party inside. Wizard steps out and offers them deed of ownership of the dungeon for cash and magic or new spells. If you have nothing leaves and laughs while ringing a bell to signal creatures to a feast
97 Gang of evil halfling thieves in black hoods. Pleased to see visitors and offer poisoned beer while surrounding party for a stab happy fun time
98 Two old kobolds debating if dungeon maps should be in blue or have lots of cross hatching, each has a d4 old dungeon maps and direction to find them   
99 Fancy gilded crypt of a bard. Spirit insists it will reward you with 100gp for a good song performance but if bad mummy arises to attack with a d6x100gp coins spilling out. Offer spectral music to accompany the singers. Anyone doing opera or performing froghop and not a frog folk immediately angers the bard spirit. Has a magic harp also in crypt.
100 A goblin market selling all kinds of strange items and mushroom products with visiting humanoids and demihumans

Wednesday, 10 July 2019

d100 Church Missions

More missions but possibly nicer than the previous posts in this series. Unless you are a godless heathen then not so good. As usual higher number more severe missions. Possibly handy for when healed at a temple. A druid one would be pretty different. Some tasks might just require time and labour. Having finished this I considered could be missions related to petty gods and saints but oh well.

d100 Church Missions
01 Go begging in the markets to raise money for the church roof fund
02 Work in the scriptorium copying religious documents
03 Inspect the graveyard for needed repairs and cleaning 
04 Go work with the caring for the sick and offer them prayers and scripture readings 
05 Collect poor boxes from some of the smaller churches for the bishops new gold hat
06 Guard pilgrims travelling between shrines from bandits and evil doers
07 Go preach in the markets and put on a better show than rival public speakers 
08 Put on a mystery play to entertain the masses at the markets
09 Clean all the local shrines and leave a coin at each one
10 Go and teach orphans to read and write and convert them to our faith
11 Convert a merchant to our faith so they might help spread our faith
12 Preach to backward isolated villagers and warn them about temptation of evil cults
13 Convince a wealthy banker or merchant to sponsor an orphanage
14 Round up local drunken and sinful adventurers and bring them to church for a service
15 Convince a noble to show mercy to those that owe them money
16 Nail holy scriptures to the door of the biggest miser in town
17 Visit prison and convert and aid the poor degenerate sinners
18 Gather up abandoned urchins and bring them to a church orphanage 
19 Rally a angry mob against some injustice or blasphemy and use to proselytise 
20 Find who stole a from a poor box and thrash them soundly and hand them to the law
21 Convince a wealthy person on deathbed to leave money and lands to the church
22 Build a new shrine for pilgrims to act as shelter and expand current treks
23 Travel into the wilderness and preach to savages and non humans 
24 Raise money for missionaries to aid and preach to savages on the frontier
25 Vandalise monuments and rock carvings of the old religion with holy symbols of our faith
26 Gather and burn blasphemous books and objects of vice like rum and drugs
27 Help poor trapped in vice industry to escape lives with popper respectable work and homes
28 Help refugees and homeless find safe place to live
29 Transport a valuable artwork between churches for new installation
30 Build a monument to church or holy person or deity to impress people
31 Help fund or build a new church on the frontier to help spread the faith
32 Restore a tainted former holy site with sanctification and purification rituals
33 Investigate rumours of a strange cult operating in a rural area
34 Some unlawful spell caster is operating in a community in secret, find and punish them
35 Help stop the spread of vice, drunkenness and lechery in a poor area 
36 Help guide pilgrims through a dangerous route unused for decades
37 Find and restore a long lost holy shrine and have it put on pilgrim maps
38 Go on a long distance pilgrimage to collect holy scriptures to bring home 
39 A bejewelled gold relic box with a saints body parts was seized by raiding dungeon monsters, bring it back
40 Find a holy hermit and encourage them to return to civilisation to share their discoveries from years of solitude
41 Find a former priest of paladin and help them restore their faith and return to the church
42 Go on a mission to the frontier and help build a church, school or hospital
43 Expose a hidden cult of vice and degradation among the merchant or noble classes 
44 Find a evil cultist pretending to be a holy person spreading chaos and evil
45 Destroy all the undead in a graveyard and sanctify it so the dead remain at rest
46 Hunt down lycanthropes or vampires or doppelgangers infiltrating a community
47 Help recover lost holy book stolen by thieves and punish them for their sins
48 Recruit a band of acolytes to the church and lead them into a battle vs evil
49 Aid templars in their works guarding pilgrims and funding holy wars in distant lands
50 Exterminate a community following a enemy religion spreading vile blasphemies
51 Aid crusaders on their travels to holy war with food, shelter and money
52 Recruit a mob to join the crusades to earn a place in heaven by killing heathens
53 A necromancer in a hidden underground vault is defiling dead and grave robbing, find and exterminate the fiend
54 Hellish agents have been convincing the desperate to sell their souls to hell, find them and stop them
55 A noble has been dealing harsh justice, convince them to be more merciful and help the needy
56 Shut down house of ill repute and find the workers proper jobs and houses, protect them from vindictive gangs and criminals so they can escape their troubles
57 Find a local drug peddler, burn their goods and thrash them publicly
58 Aid widows with legitimate work and homes 
59 Check the seals on local crypts and catacombs for signs of necromancers or undead tampering
60 Rally a fighting force or peasant mob and lead them to burn the house or tower of a wicked sorcerer or wizard up to no good
61 Evil cultists gather for seasonal feasts and depraved orgies with devils and animals, find the next such gathering and attack them
62 Aid the inquisition in locating cultists and destroying their organisations
63 A monastery has reported a dreadful haunting, investigate it and stop the problem
64 A community has had parishioners struck by curses, find the culprit and have them arrested
65 A report of a country church being lenient and encouraging other faiths and cults has disturbed church officials, go and encourage them to do the right thing
66 A priest has had some unsavoury accusations directed at them, investigate them and report findings to the church but be discreet
67 A nunnery has had reports of madness and troubles, go investigate and stamp out the problem
68 A pedlar of quack potions and cures has been encouraging simpletons to use their faux treatments instead of church healers. Investigate them and possibly use legal means to drive them away
69 A simple rural village has been reporting miracles and wonders, investigate if they are fair or foul wonders or just some kind of hoax
70 Help with the construction of a new church or cathedral
71 A cultist captured admitted under torture that a gate to hell opens occupationally and cults gather to welcome devils into the world, find and stop them
72 Join a crusade to help a holy war against a rival faith or backwards frontier peoples
73 Anew land has been discovered and the church needs agents to explore it and help pave the way for missionaries
74 A templar order keep has had many accusations of vice and they seem very well off, investigate if they are honest or infiltrated by a cult
75 A church found ancient forgotten catacombs beneath it and have requested experts to investigate them
76 A rural village have been building cages over select graves and the priest has had trouble finding out why this custom has emerged
77 The corpses of some plague victims have vanished of late. Spend the night watching a new batch and make sure nobody takes the bodies
78 A vile beast from the pits of hell has been roaming a wilderness area and locals have asked church for help
79 A peasant from a frontier estate claims the master is a infernal monster and you are sent to investigate the claims with a visit
80 A haunted house has scared off all tenants and has been abandoned. Go and cleanse it and perhaps it can house the poor
81 A great festival and procession is coming and a organiser for festivities is required urgently to put on a show to impress commoners, nobles and priesthood
82 An entire order has been called into question by reports recently, infiltrate them and report to the bishops of anything wrong
83 An important noble has been feuding with a bishop, meet them and negotiate a peace both can live with
84 Negotiate peace with kingdom border nobles and the degenerate godless sub human savages over the border
85 Rumours of golden ritual paraphernalia stolen from the church is held by a robber knight in a ruined castle with his band of degenerate bandits and a mysterious black robed stranger. Go see if they have the relics
86 A cult has stolen several bodies of nobles from a crypt under repair, find out why, return the bodies and kill the evil defilers
87 A rival religion has set up a new church, it is important we show our superiority and double down on our charity and outreach among poor downtrodden simpletons for a month
88 A gathering of different religions are gathering to discuss how to deal with all the strange hidden cults that menace all the proper religions. Guard the conference delegates in case the cults try something shifty 
89 Travel to join a far off crusade against a foreign primitive peoples. Help seize their land, change their faith and liberate their gold for use by a proper civilisation
90 Enter a portal to hell and rescue a paladin determined to fight to the death
91 Travel to the depths of the earth where a insidious evil temple secretly directs surface cults. Destroy the cult leaders, their relics and their demon lord
92 A ruin covered island crawling with dinosaurs and cannibal cultists needs saving from their bloodthirsty vampire bat goddess. Destroy their unholy ziggurat and burn all their evil books
93 The growing popularity of godless wizards are a problem. Go unto the common folk and perform miracles to keep their faith and try to convert some wizards to our faith
94 A great dungeon complex full of monsters is being directed by a demon, they must all be destroyed
95 Build a borderland keep to over watch the inhuman hordes and their demon gods
96 A fiendish seaside demon cult regularly summon a gargantuan horror of the deep to throw victims to. Await in secret for the murderous heathens to call their false god. Then attack and kill them all and their god and burn their homes
97 A fiendish black library is said to be a place where evil wizards and devil cults learn forbidden lore. The church has discovered it is not a place rather than a plane connected to the hells. Locate a gate used by cultists, enter and cause havok, burning as much as possible
98 Sailors have returned from a far off land unheard of before. Travel with them to establish a church and mission to save the poor fools who know nothing of our one true faith
99 A heretical sect have produced a new translation of the book of our faith and must be hunted and captured. Those that do not recant are to be exterminated
100 In a strange valley overgrown with weird fleshy growths and strange naked creatures explorers have found a gate to a whole alien world of living flesh with no metal. Find the gate and introduce our religion to this strange new world

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d100 Mercenary Company Missions

Mercenary companies are a well established institution and help bring peace by making war so expensive few can afford the mercenaries needed to win. Such companies have colourful names and reputations and strict oaths of obedience and honour. Mercenaries are not suicidal and will demand more pay if the odds become poor. One of the worst cases is mercenaries of the same large organisation ends up fighting old friends or allies or other branches. Yes sometimes as a mercenary you get asked to do horrible things. Lawful Good mercenaries are hard to find.

d100 Mercenary Company Missions

01 Guard a payroll over night as regular guards were poisoned
02 Protect a merchant caravan visiting regional villages
03 Guard a warehouse from criminals for the night
04 Bodyguard a visiting noble youth inspecting the town
05 Prevent a gang of extortionists threatening a street of shop keepers
06 Guard a door of a exclusive noble party
07 Plotters plan to rush a gatehouse so a wanted fugitive can leave town and extra hidden guards are needed
08 A noble fears peasants want to kill them and requires extra guards for a few days
09 Someone has been stealing booze from a nobles cellar and they wants guards to catch them
10 A small band of robbers in the woods have been hording up travellers, bring them toi justice 
11 A robber knight has a cave lair in a forest has been attacking local noles estates and they want him killed
12 Bandits hold a woman hostage and the family want them all dead 
13 A noble has orcs living in a old ruin on his property and wants the vermin exterminated
14 Dark elves tormented local farmers with undead animals and cruel tricks and the lord wants them exterminated
15 Thieves who stole from the company have holed up in a ruined tower and the treasure must be recovered and the criminals made to pay
16 A noble needs troops to deal with his bastard brother attempting to extort the family and threatening their good name, he lairs with a criminal gang in a bandit tunnel complex
17 Bandits keep using jurisdictional borders to escape law enforcers and the sherrif and magistrate need company to slaughter them
18 Men are needed to work on a ship and surprise pirates who have been persecuting the shipping clan
19 A gang has offended too many nobles who have called for extermination of them and provide the gang house location
20 Rival nobles having a border skirmish need mercenaries to destroy they other sides men at arms
21 Treasure in a wild area needs recovering and party are to assist nobles scribe with map recover it
22 Strange murderer harassing family of a nobles, need guards and killer stopped 
23 Men are needed to over see a duel as seconds of one of the parties
24 Hunting grounds of a estate have a unwelcome monster scaring game, remove it please
25 Clan of cannibals living in old mine need to be driven out and captured or killed
26 Town wants all feral dogs killed, becoming too common and getting confident to attack and steal
27 Tax collector requires extra muscle when visiting a recalcitrant fishing village 
28 Adventurers are avoiding paying tax, escort the tax collector to a famous dungeon entrance and charge adventurers when exiting with loot
29 A noble has had title and land stripped but wont leave the estate, go and evict them 
30 A wizard killed his mercenaries to avoid paying them but the guild remembers, get the money plus fees for killing company members or kill him and take the money
31 A cult hired some mercenaries to clear out a ruin for them but now wont pay and the mercenaries instead have joined them. Go get out money and punish the oath breakers 
32 A cult operating in the hills ha murdered someone important and local lord wants them all killed or captured for public execution
33 A robber knight has taken a ruined fortress and has used it as a base, go kill him and ruin the fort so nobody else gets the same idea
34 A fortified frontier village have declared independence, their patron upset about his investment want leaders rounded up and this nonsense stopped
35 Bandits stole a payroll chest and the employer wants it recovered and bandits killed, also find out if bandits had a inside informant
36 A ruined castle dungeon used as a prison has rioted and have valuable hostages inside who need to be recovered
37 Orcs kidnapped a labouring crew and have them enslaved expanding their dungeon, go rescue the men and punish the orcs
38 A troll is charging travellers to cross a bridge and that is the nobles income! Go drive off the troll
39 Adventurers need some extra muscle in a dungeon, if they show signs of trying to treat you like cannon fodder or expendable kill them all
40 Mercenaries guarding a wizard exploring a cave disappeared, see if there are any signs of them
41 Mercenaries are required to assist slavers raiding islands for cheap labour
42 A dragon is charging taxes to locals and charming village leaders to comply, that income belongs to the aristocracy and mercenaries are to kill the dragon and return stolen loot
43 Border nobles are feuding, offer your services to various houses and camp in area, eventually one side will pay your high fees for a fight then start a bidding war for your services 
44 A knight killed his hostages who could not pay but the families pooled together to hire mercenaries to claim his head and burn down the manour house
45 Church needs some relics recovered and devotees have failed, go claim the relics and be assured killing thieves is the work of the gods
46 A ship captain has found a island of rich savages and needs help to take the loot, really he wants to enslave them and become ruler and will burn the ship on arrival
47 A former member stole company funds and fled into a dungeon complex to hide out from the law. Show them our reach is unstoppale
48 A noble refused to pay after his adventurers proved overly costly. Go and join existing force and make them pay
49 A borderland fortified village is under siege from orcs, break through and aid the locals
50 A region has broken out in civil war, go their and establish a chapter of the company and get to work fleecing both sides
51 Peace has broken out in the region damaging the income of good fighting men. Go to the borderlands and raid humanoid tribes to instigate a war
52 Noble has decided hidden demi humans owe back taxes for generations and needs soldiers to support this claim
53 w of a knight needs aid fighting off a bastards claim to her estate, he has assembled a bandit force 
54 A robber knight has been exposed as a devil cultist, many victims are alive and awaiting sacrifice in the dungeon under the ruins they dwell in. Go kill him and free the prisoners
55 A giant has been leading humanoids against settlements charging exorbitant fees to be left alone, kill the beast and return the stolen cattle
56 Adventurers who struck it big are avoiding their company tithes and need to pay fees plus extra for recovery costs or be punished
57 Broke mercenaries have taken over a isolated village against members charter and are to be executed or disarmed and brought in for public punishments
58 A ruin has been taken over by a robber knight who has hired a rival mercenary company we don't want operating in our region. Kill them all as a message
59 A non tax paying village of cultists has tricked adventurers into aiding them resist tax payments. Kill the adventurers and aid the just tax collector
60 Bandits kidnapped a nobles concubines for ransom, kill the men and save the concubines
61 A criminal organisation has got many guild members hooked so we are going to raid their stronghold, kill the vice pedlars and seize the drugs to destroy the market
62 A allied wizard school has had had members assassinated, accompany the wizards to destroy the rival school responsible  
63 A band of adventurers has been poaching company assignments from clients, force them to join and pay back tithes or kill them
64 A miner using humanoid slaves has had problems with feral humanoids raiding their camp. Sort out the raiders and make sure they wont come back
65 A noble has refused to pay, in guise of robber knights burn down his sources of income 
66 A former employer has refused to pay and hired another company on credit to kill our fee collectors, kill them all and loot them
67 Feuding brothers are battling over a estate, set up a camp support who ever gives us the best deal
68 Peasant rebels are causing trouble and noble wants them rounded up for execution 
69 Plotters have been holed up by constabulary in building so mayor needs someone to ko in and finish the job
70 Two nobles are feuding and one has hired us to kill or capture enough enemies they back down from their position against our employer
71 Inquisitors are in area hunting cultist heretics and need guards to helpround up and exterminate the vermin
72 A major humanoid incursion has border under pressure. Hold a old border keep and hold the line. Mobilise locals into a fighting force
73 A wizard has been holed up in a tower and refuses to surrender. Specialists unafraid of magic are needed to finish the job
74 A village needs defending from raiders, if possible find their base and eliminate them for a bonus before their money runs out
75 A daring raid via the river needs mercenaries to stop the bridge defences that will stop the plan down river
76 Burn down a village of unauthorised settlers trying to avoid taxation and obligations to nobility
77 A border skirmish has erupted, raid the enemy strong hold while forces away, loot and burn the place and take their followers as prisoners
78 Sneak into a enemy camp and steal their mercenary payroll to help stir up trouble before a battle, bonus finds for burning their supplies or poisoning their water
79 An uppity kobold king has been causing trouble on the border and claims the region is his by right, raid their cavern complex and kill this king
80 A employer wants you to fight a enemy mercenary force in a pitched battle on a flat field to decide a disagreement between them
81 An elderly king is ill and one of the sons needs mercenaries on hand to quash any illegitimate claims that emerge over succession. He needs outsiders he can trust to make tough decisions
82 A lord away on a foreign war has rivals who need him to join them. Go kidnap his family to help negotiations
83 A necromancer in the hills has amassed a undead army. The church needs you to defend priests while they prey the undead away on the battlefield
84 Enter the civil war regions and seize a region then sell it to the highest bidder and support their cause 
85 Burn a fleet of ships while at the docks under repair to limit their owners supply lines in a dispute 
86 Rival banks both lay claim to a fiefdom who loaned money to the previous owner. Persuade on bank to hire you and destroy the rival forces
87 An important church official has been caught red handed aiding an alliance of plotters against the kingdom, go seize him before his supporters can rally to save him
88 A area beset by sea raiders needs troops but claims they cannot pay. Negotiate a loan through a bank for them and destroy the raider 
89 Tribes of savage wild folk have beset a region. Using superior fighting ability and organisation invade them and destroy their commanders hiding in a primitive hill fort
90 A savage tribe in the wilds has been practising backwards rites of human sacrifice. Help the church spread civilisation to them by killing their priesthood and seize their golden treasures of their brutish king to help fund more good causes
91 A barbarian king has gold to pay modern mercenaries to help smash a rival clan. Beware of their backwards ways but they could become good regular clients if you impress them
92 Dark elves in the woods have gone too far in their pranks and demands to be worshipped like gods. Find their tree forts and burn them
93 Part of being a viable mercenary company is maintaining the latest weapons. Go help a clan of black hat gnomes fight their enemies in return for firearms and expertise
94 A cannon tower guards a river and if it can be destroyed by a raid then troops can move into enemy heartlands to purge their lands. The gunsmith here is their leading expert so kidnap them and their family if possible or kill them
95 Get into enemy lands and raid their wagon trains and supply networks to reduce their armies effectiveness
96 During a battle sneak behind enemy lines and massacre the enemy leaders who are watching from a safe distance
97 Meet orcish tribal leaders and recruit them for a surprise attack on enemies border lands weakening their position and splitting their forces
98 A wizard who knows the secret of making the cheapest orcs from alchemy and mud needs a escort and aid to build a base and build a army to surprise a enemy for a war tarting next year
99 Under cover of darkness sneak necromancers into the graveyards of a enemy town and let them create undead to demoralise the enemy 
100 Enter enemy lands and break open prisons and labour camps and slave markets, rouse them into a fighting force and spread terror forcing the enemy to divide their forces