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Owing a Spell Caster

Waaaa! Some baby murder hobo got a level drain, or killed. Then just go pay to get it fixed. Can't afford it well churches have awesome deals for you. Wizards too. Sometimes church buys adventurer bodies and raises them and bills them or send them on quests. It is hard to argue with people who bring you back from the dead. Sweet deal for anyone who find bodies and finders get to keep body possessions.

d8-1 Services for a priest

Zero generally used for free to be friendly when preaching
1st must attend d4 church services or ceremony led by the priest
2nd must visit church for a month and perform a days labour
3rd perform a weeks labour for church
4th receive a oath to perform a task for church of up to a months labour
5th receive a quest spell or 3 month season of labour
6th years service to church
7th decade of service to church or join a crusade

Healing especially high level spells like restoration or raise dead popular
some churches offer discount on spells left by end of day or give them to worthy parishioners

d12 Typical Church Missions

1 Collect and deliver a item between two churches
2 Protect a band of pilgrims
3 Assist a travelling priest
4 Assist in the establishment on a new shrine
5 Assist preacher or missionary expedition
6 Swear to fight in a crusade
7 Find and arrest or destroy a enemy of the church
8 Swear to join a religious order
9 Recover a lost relic or scripture or ruin
10 Aid a community face a local problem or threat
11 Hold a religious feast or festival
12 Help work on building a church building or monument 

d10-1 Services for a wizard
Zero small animal like a duck or chicken or several pigeons
1st obtain something for wizard taking about a day, several medium animal 100gp
2nd horse or cow or large pig or three days work often to fetch something 200gp
3rd child or elderly person slave or a weeks service often something with danger 500gp
4th house or ox team or carriage and two coach horses or house, recover a book 800gp
5th house and family of serfs, land to feed one family, collect monster organs 1000gp
6th wealthy house with land for two families 2500gp
7th cost to build a wizard tower or manor house 10000gp
8th small village of 5 families and land or fortified manour 20000gp
9th a palace or large monument or island or mountain or forest 50000gp

Identify and history are common spells bargained from wizards
some wizards prefer gems, jewelry or metal ingots

d12 Typical Wizard Missions
1 Collect exotic item from market or merchant
2 Recover item from exotioc location
3 Gain body part of exotic creature
4 Obtain mineral from abandoned old mine or cave
5 Protect wizards apprentice on research mission
6 Protect wizard enter a dungeon seeking lore
7 Recover text from ruin
8 Steal rare item from private collection
9 Loot crypt of long dead wizard
10 Raid lair of outlaw wizard and get books
11 Recruit a talented apprentice to the wizards cause
12 Perform sabotage on a rival wizards project

My Moola System

30000gp gold talent ingot 30ENC
800gp silver talent ingot 30ENC
80gp copper talent ingot 30ENC
160gp bronze talent ingot 30ENC
400gp iron talent ingot 30ENC
600gp steel talent ingot 30ENC

1gp=36sp=360cp standard
so a gp can feed and house you for a year as a commoner

d100 Servants for Hire

These are for zero level hirelings, mostly young and not too important and looking for paid work. They are desperate with minimal skills and property, having lost jobs in bad circumstances.They often beg for work around bridges, gates and markets. Some cities have specific squares. Many will try adventuring at least once.

These could be for starting characters or hirelings.
Most will work for a few copper a day or food and board
I might revise one day with more details but for now it works
All should have a quote and skills

Typical Zero Level Commoners

Commoner zero level has 1 or 2 non weapon skills and a d4 HP
Man at arms 
zero level has a weapon skill and a non weapon skill and a d6 HP
Magic commoner has one non weapon skill and a d3 cantrips
Some commoners, especially young have no skills

d12 Why are they looking for work?

1 Last master was a crook and a cheat
2 Last master was violent and cruel
3 Last master was a sexual pervert
4 Master was gambler murdered over bad debts

5 Master was a drunk and found floating in river
6 Master got a better servant and abandoned you
7 Master sold everything and abandoned staff
8 Master said they were lazy and useless
9 Master wanted them to marry a relative or friend
10 Master accused them of theft
11 Master had different religion possibly a cult
12 Master was criminal  

d10 Basic Type
1 Employed urchin

2 Common landless country serf
3 Young townsfolk servant
4 Criminal class outcaste
5 Townsfolk class
Merchant class
7 Warrior class
8 Church class
9 Learned class
10 Courtly class

Common desperate urchins
1 Pole boy
keen to see a real dungeon "cor i'd love to see a bugbear"
has a ten foot pole from last employer

2 Candle bearer
"i wont leave you in the dark sir"
box of 12 candles and a tinderbox 

3 Lamp bearer 
"gee i hope i dont see any blood sir"
bottle of oil, lamp, tinderbox 

4 Porter 
"don't mind me I can keep up miss"

5 Rope carrier 
"I can climb all day sir"
with bundle of 18m rope and a grappling hook, climb skill

6 Tunnel runner
"Im not afraid of the dark Miss"
climb and listen skill used to dark and sewers, filthy clothes 

7 Apprentice adventurer teen
"i'll stab em Mister"
with a dagger and d6 torches and a sack, d6HP

9 Beggar
"I can keep an eye on things for a few coins"
Streetwise and begging skills, bowl and d6 cp

10 Torchbearer
"my fire will  light the way"
with six torches and tinder box

2 Common landless country serf
1 Herder
used to animals & outdoors
one simple instrument, stick, sling and a runt baby goat or lamb

2 Farm hand
experienced with hard rural labour - endurance skill
sack and a d4 days of food

3 Hunter experienced with wilderness travel
survival and a missile weapon d6HP

4 Wood cutter good with outdoors
bundle of wood, hatchet d6HP

5 Prospector
good with digging, dark pits and mineral identification
pick, pan, backpack, mining skill

6 Fruit picker
sack and pruning sheers and a days food

7 Gleaner picks food left in fields and wool on fences
good at spotting stuff, has a sack 

8 Horse groom
has set of brushes and a bucket

9 Dog Handler
can groom and care for dogs has hunting dog

10 Bird catcher
can throw rocks and nets and sticks at small birds

3 Townsfolk servant
1 Crier
reads aloud messages or announces approach of employer 

2 Guide
knows streets well and where best 
vice is from
3 Groom
cares for clothing, hair and makeup of employer

4 Footman
has a uniform from household and a wig and hat

5 Coach servant
attends passengers and carries baggage

6 Kitchen servant
has a knife and a hat and apron

7 Privy keeper
has a chamber pot and a toilet brush

8 Chamber servant
has uniform, bar of soap and a brush

9 Gardner
looks after estate house garden productive, trowel and a bag

10 Laborer
has a sack and a days food and beer

4 Criminal class outcaste
1 Pick pocket 
2 Charletan
sells coloured faux potions

3 Gambler
has deck of cards and dice

4 Grifter
Sleight of hand street shows and con artist

5 Scout for house burglar
sneak skill

6 Lookout
worked for a gang, spot skill

7 Street gang kid with sling and knife
8 Smuggler apprentice
knows sneak and hide

9 Apprentice assassin
knows disguise and dagger

10 Number runner
delivers money to bookies and sells lucky numbers 

5 Townsfolk class
1 Messenger

takes messengers and delivers packages
2 Apprentice baker
with bag of flower, rolling pin and d6 buns
3 Apprentice tailor
with sewing kit
4 Apprentice butcher
with old clever and bloody apron
5 Apprentice smith
with hammer and apron
6 Musician
can play and owns one type and a suit for performing in
7 Aprentice potter
has a d6 reject pots in a sack
8 Apprentice carpenter
with saw and carving knife
9 Apprentice mason
with hammer, apron, chisel and gloves
10 Fisher folk
with reel of line, hooks and a d6 fish in a bucket

Merchant class
Shopkeepers assistant
often with specialty skill from shop type

2 Dock worker
gloves and a bailing hook, endurance skill

3 Storehouse worker
stores and retrieves goods in store house
4 Watcher
who keeps ware houses and docks free of criminals, has a club d6HP

5 Street seller
sells goods on streets for a merchant, streetwise and a sack

6 Bar staff 
with pewter tankard and bottle of beer7 Driver
with a small donkey cart and donkey

8 Donkey teamster
pack donkey and saddle bags

9 Sailor
marine travelers may operate a ship, can swim
has a whale tooth, a tattoo and dagger

10 Oarsman
drudge below deck oarsman who learn boating and endurance

7 Warrior class
1 Battlefield gleaner
skilled at rapid looting

2 Squire
cares for your weapon and mount

3 Camp teamster
looks after camp and tents 

4 Armourer
for field repairs

5 Weapon smith
for field repairs

6 Archer
has a self bow, 20 arrows and a dagger, good scouts and hunters

Spear man
has wicker shield and spear and dagger, good at guarding

8 Slinger
skilled with sling and has bag of 20 rocks, good at camping

9 Shield Bearer
has a shield and a club

10 Sapper
expert at digging trenchers mostly, has a trench tool

8 Priest class
 Humble acolyte
beginner in priesthood with holy symbol and book

2 Templar initiate
with mace and wicker shield

3 Monk or nun initiate
robe and holy symbol

4 Country friar
simple robe, wood holy symbol and jug of wine

5 Initiate druid
sickle and bunch of mistletoe

6 Student bard
learning poetry and play instrument

7 Pilgrim
visiting holy places with holy symbol, crude map and d4 holy souvenirs

8 Religious artisan
makes and decorates religious buildings and objects

9 Flagellant
used to outdoors, has a hand flail and crude wooden holy symbol

10 Missionary
collecting money for holy war, begging bowl and holy symbol

9 Learned class
literate, numerate and comes with writing set, wax tablets and reed stylus

2 Librarian assistant
literate with a d4 damaged old scrolls

3 Apprentice glassblower
with d4 glass bottles, gloves and apron

4 Apprentice apothecary
d4 doses of healing drugs and bandages

Apprentice herbalist
d4 doses of healing herbs, pipe and smoking herbs 

6 Apprentice alchemist
d3 stolen recipes for minor potions
Apprentice sorcerer
knife, d3 bottles or wine, dose of black lotus resin

8 Apprentice healer
bandages, hammer, saw, knife, bloody apron

9 Apprentice astrologer
chart of constellations and journal
10 Apprentice wizard
book with known cantrips

10 Ruling class
1 Beadle
two serving a bailiff who serves local magistrate, have a club and uniform
2 Page
serving nobles and learning etiquette

3 Concubine
lover of a noble good at carousing

4 Eunuch harem guard
two handed weapon like a halberd or sword

5 Chariot tender or stable groom
tends horse, repairs stuff, runs along side master with spear as escort

6 Cup bearer
serves drinks to nobles has a tasking skill to find poison and drinking skill

7 Food taster
checks food not poison with skills in taste and eating

8 Standard bearer
holding banner up all day

journal with calendar and seasonal chore notes
10 Companion
servant and confidant of real noble, often good at carousing

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Exilon Hex 006

Crazyivan067 did a hex for my hex land giveaway...
Big fun and thank you very much
Hoping i get some more submissions....

Hex 1:
Shrine with Attendant: The Shrine to the Honored Dead.

Shrine Consists of a well built cut stone building with a gate leading to a small stepped zigurrat. The Zigurrat is topped by a relief wall of Heroic Warriors striking down Monsters and Evil Wizards.

Attendant: The Nameless Warrior. A Warrior Champion from the Free Cities Warrior Cults, he cannot use his name, nor monetarilly gain for the full year. Is replaced anually by a new warrior cultist who ceremonialy defeats him and becomes the new Nameless Warrior.

While on Duty, the Nameless Warrior arbitrates disputes, battles monsters, and upkeeps the shrine. He is fed by votive offerings from around the area.

Hex 2:
Border Town: Population 955 permanent residents

Leadership: Ruler Appointed by Holy Folk: Governor Nikundri

Civilized Wood, and Brick Town

Town Features(4): Protected by a Pallisade Wall, Earthworks and Moat. Famous Market Place: Border Market, Famous Craft Workshop: The Border Cart and Wheel Makers Shop, Impressive Temple: Temple of Ningishzida and Azimunda, and A Garrison of Well Equipped Proffesional Soldiers( Lizardmen Mercenaries under their own chief and a Skakasine Chariot Squadron led by a Noble and accompanied by Chariot Runners)

Terrible Omens: An Eagle was sighted devouring a Two Headed Serpent on the Very Sight of the Founding Stone.

Somebody has been moving border stones: The White Stones that mark the edge of Town and the beginning of Tyranian Territory have been moved east. This could cuarse an international incident. A new senior priest, shamen, or wizard required: Venerable Father Orzodock has fallen ill and has been recalled to Skakasis to recouperate and his successor Father Nikampru has become impotent and unable to perform the duties required as the Husband of Zminzu Priestess of Azimunda. We need a new one Desperately.

Feuding with Torbel town over rights to irrigated land and grazing land.

Dangerous Cult: The Cult of Spider Women has been growing in secret, and have started to breed with young men and boys of the city, spurning their husbands and having already birthed some Spider Face Goblings from wandering Mercenaries, these raise and protect their mutant children in a dissued warehouse outside of town. However the Mutant Children grow at three times the rate of normal Children, and the Cults Matriarch has begun to Mutate Herself.

Raiders have been attacking and stealing livestock: Baboon Beastmen have been causing trouble and started stealing Cattle.

Hex 3: 

Military Outpost: The Red Cloak Braves Camp.

Garrison: 140

Leader: Centurian Cissera

Outpost Features: Protect by Walls, Trenches, and a Watch Tower. Has an Armory and a Corps of Elite Archers.

Red Cloak Braves: Wear Fearsome Wooden Masks, Red Cloaks, Wristbands, Greaves, small Pectorale Breastplates, and Carry Large Shields, Spears, and Short Swords, Arms of Bronze

Elite Archers: From an Allied Wizard Kingdom. Cover Faces with Striped Cloth, Wear Spiked Arm Bands, Leggings, Similar Pectorale Breastplates, Carry Iron Hatchets and have Iron Tipped Arrows.

Hex 4:

Shrine with Attendant: Shrine to Ishtar Venus with Sacred Protitute.

Shrine Details: Brick Building with Sacred Baths and Bronze Image of the Goddess. Off to one side there is the living space of the Sacred Prostitute.

Sacred Prostitute: A Woman chosen from the Cult of Ishtar. Position Changes Monthly, with food and votives delivered by clients as well as the Cut itself. Current Prostitute is very busy caring for the sacred needs of various tradesmen, visitors, Red Cloaks, and the guards of the Archeological Society who have suddenly found religion. Three additional novices have been added to the staff to handle the increase in clients, and there has been talk of expanding the shrine into a Temple.

Hex 5:
Savanah and Grass Land. Acts as Common Grazing Land.

Hex 6:
Torbel Town: Population 135

Leadership: Leader Appointed By Holy Folk: Adjudicator Merwak

Civilized Herders and Farmers in Mud Brick Houses

Village Features: Protected by Trenches and Earthworks, There's a flock of Guard Geese at Every Entrance, Everyone is Trained in Slings, Village is famous for its large herds, There's a famous food and drink here: The Torbel Plate is a combination of of Bread, Sliced Peas Cake, topped by a mix of Beans, Lentils, Broth, and Boiled Beef with Cream and Onions, often drunk with a local beer.


Barbarian Raiders Taking Livestock and People: Water Elemental Women of the Red Wave Tribe have been using their Horses to steal from the flock and even take girls and young boys. This is forcing herders onto Border Town Lands.

A Greater Power Trying To Sway Village To Join Them: Denkili, an adventurer from Haderad attached to the Archeological Society, is actually an agent of Stormhome, and has spent much of his time lobbying townsmen and even Merwak and the village Matriarchs to cease paying their taxes to Sakasiss, who clearly can't protect them, and instead swithc to Haderad, promising a Storm Tribe Garrison, and an expansion of the population. A new slave and mule for every Townsman.

Someone is plotting to Take Over: Sarod, The Leader of the Mercenaries escorting the Archeological Expedition has been taking liberties with local women. They have filled him with the idea of taking over the Town by force of arms.

Someone Dug Up Something Best Left Forgotten: Ekir, son of Baruk the Herder, went with the Archaeological Society and in a dig found a Ceramic Jar with a Serpent Head. Hoping for a reward, he tried to clean it up first. Accidentally cracking the Jar he released the power of the Brain of Zarkiss, an ancient Sorceror. He now stores the Brain near his Father's home. The Brain acts as a draw for Serpentmen, Mutants, and Cultists, and has begun to Mutate Baruk and his Family.

Witch Cult Operating in Area: The Cult of Spider Women from Border Town have spread into the Torbel Town Area. Under the influence of the local ruins, the Spider Women have added Diabolic Rites to their unspeakable and lascivious practices.

Merchants have had a problem getting through: Due to the actions of the local Baboon Beastmen, Red Wave Barbarians, and just plain rotten luck, Merchants from Sakakiss, Haderad, and Tyranaea have been stopping more often in Border Town rather than coming further to Torbel Town. This Forces Torbel Town Residents to travel to the Border Market, and pay the often exorbitant duties there. Also opening them to raids on the way their or back.

Hex 7:
Serpentmen Ruins

Condition: Broken Down buildings, with the foundations visible.

Built by the Serpentmen

Population: Expedition of the Archeological Society of Sakakiss led by Professor Adrukar, with 8 Graduate Students and 25 Mercenaries, plus 50ish laborers from the sorrounding comunities. They are here to loot some relics.

Buildings: Apiary, Oilhouse, Warehouse, Manor House, Taxhouse, Watchtower, Tents of the Archeological Expedition.

Other: On the Manor House Grounds is a Pleasure Dome, still undisturbed as yet by the Archeological Expedition. Beneath the Watchtower is a Dungeon Complex, built to house the fragments of Zarkiss The Dark Sorceror. The Dungeon has a malevolent dungeon spirit, that upkeeps it. Since the Awakening of Zarkiss's Brain, the Dungeon Spirit has awakened the Tomb Guardians; Serpentmen Mummies, Skeleton Warriors, and a Bronze Serpent. It also attracts the brute things of the world: Snakes, Lizards, Baboons, and Savanah Apes.

d12 Hex Encounters 

1 Carravan of Merchants, with Camels and Mules.
2 Porters Heading from Border Town to the Serpentmen Ruins
3 Baboon Troop (3-30)
4 Ritual Duel Between Fetility Cultists
5 Local Priest Blessing Fruit Tree
6 Tyranean Braves Securing the Border
7 Healer Tending the Sick
8 Dryad Seeking Lovers
9 Spider Women Seeking Victims
10 Procession to the Ishtar Venus Shrine
11 Disguised Spider Woman Seeking Lovers
12 Red Wave Horse Raiders

d12 Serpentmen Ruins Encounters (Day)
1 Archeologist and Grad Students 1d8
2 Mercenaries 2d6
3 Grave Robbers searching for loot 2d6
4 Baboon Beast Men 2d6
5 Serpent Cultists 2d6
6 Dire Rats Scavenging
7 Giant Snake
8 Dryad
9 Savanah Ape
10 Lion
11 Feral Mutated Onager with a taste for human flesh and poisonous fangs
12 Spider Woman Cultists 2d6

d12 Serpentman Ruins Encounters (Night) 

1 Serpentman Mummies 2d4
2 Bronze Serpent
3 Spider Face Goblins 2D6
4 Tyranean Braves Infiltrating 2d6
5 Spider Woman Witch with 2d8 Charmed Lovers and Attendants
6 Ekir and d8 friends and attendants attempting to unearth more horrors
7 Savanah Apes d8
8 Baboon Beastmen 2d8
9 Baboon Troop 3d10
10 Serpent Mutated Onager
11 Serpentman Centaurs 1d4
12 Ghosts of Corrupt Serpentman Nobles and their Lizardman Attendants ride through town on the chariots, and Lizard Horses

Broken Hill 10 Farming Communities

So Im doing a bunch of location types for broken hill like this.

Probably include
-known bunkers
-faction strongholds and 
-warzones and gang turf
-monster lairs & territory
-treasure troves of ancients
-wartime remnants
-black labs and forbidden tech
-trading posts
-garden zones

1 Second Chance Gardens
Southern area all walled and fortified with green houses inside and nearby green for grazing but compete with pioneers. Idealistic settlers hope to restore civilization bit by bit.  Often hire adventurers to keep out riff raff like raiders or the Warlord. Often a few skilled in technology live among the settlers and possibly spies from several factions and vaults. 
 Ruins north of farm squatted by gang members who make trouble constantly. South rival farm community who differ in values but both unite versus raiders or the warlord. Pop 65

2 Hawker Estates Prison Farm
Warlord run farm with mostly slaves and prisoners on a plantation. Slaves often escape or killed trying. Tend to shoot muskets at any strangers who get too close. Wine grapes, giant mutant thistles, mutamatoes, quandongs and nuts are grown here. Occasionally a riot breaks out. Occasionally the Governor for the Warlord hires adventurers to search and clean out rows of buildings outside the fenced off area. Pop 100

3 Shabby Triffid Farm
Shabby Farm herds triffids with a large clan of Mormon settlers unpopular with most locals. As they provide food and fuel the warlord protects them. Wary of strangers but will trade or offer first aid if or food if you labour. Uncle shabby employs tribals to guard his herd and land and he is kin to most of them. Pop 40

4 Mutie Pond
Mutants farming bioengeneered meat plants that grow transplant organs. Wary of strangers and prefer privacy unless you are a obvious mutant. Shrine and collection of hovels but they do trade some relics and occasional valuables. Mostly humans fear mutants diseases and poverty. Even raiders leave them alone. Most here use bows and clubs and look hideously scarred all over with hunch backs and googly eyes. Pop 40

5 Jumbuck Farm
Giant mutant merino sheep also used as pack, wool and meat animals are herded here and sheared and butchered. Hard working family hate strangers and beggars and shoot first. The employ beastfolk as murderous boundry riders. Pop 30

 New Pioneer Village
Settlers dedicated to pre industrial farming, large but poor community that shun technology and mutants. Compete for grazing area and occasionally fight with Second Chance. Some of the larger buildings are squatted by gangs and monster lairs they want cleaned out. Pioneers would pay in food and board to any who can keep out undesirables but no drinking aloud. Pop 140

7 Jackaroo Farm
Quiet small farm with crack shots growing grain and goats, under farm buildings is a hidden bunker with most of the population live in secret. Avoid outsiders.  Farmers outside are highly trained commandos who eliminate threats often with explosives.  Attacked frequently by tribes and raiders who frequently are eliminated. 
Pop 30 (Pop 65 underground)

8 Newcomer Farms
Feral camp with gardens struggling to feed all. Do put on good dance parties and grow drugs and make beer. The warlord has offered his protection and so far they have declined. All kinds of bandits and scum flock here and locals fight tribals over hunting grounds. Parties increasingly attracting wrong crowd and gangs want to take it over as party ground. Locals want to hire some protectors to keep the peace as anarchy failing them. Occasionally crops trampled by ravers. Garbage strewn everywhere constantly. Pop 65

9 Koala Creek Station
Giant wombat and root vegetable farm selling wombats to pull waggons. Underground tunnels dedicated to tuber and mushroom farming hide most of the station. Traders like to visit especially those using wombats.Wombat fights often break out around the watering hole. Tey have also redirected a creek via drainpipes to make their own cistern for good supply. Great brick lined pits are for breeding wombats. Wombat cube poop is a ready made brick when dry and burnable as fuel. Razorgrass which the wombats eat is a hazard for most travellers and common here. The station is named after the drop bear colony which now occupy the shop ruins on the street. A bloody koala god cult leave victims for them. Pop 65

10 Railside Farm
This scrubby poor farm is under protection of Warlord versus raiders and locals hear musket fire daily and sounds of vehicles on the mine mounds and dam tracks. Rows of straggling plants grow between tracks and scrawny dirty domestic giant rabbits lounge around in the sun. Always has warriors on duty here and a tavern locals made to capitalise performs well. Riflemen and snipers here have best ranged rifles and not just crude muskets like most warlords. In part this outpost with a tower and windmill can see anything crossing the train lines for some distance and can report by heliograph to the Warlord in Silver Town in the ruins of Broken Hill South. Most of the farm is build around giant rusted rail buildings with roof gardens. Have a huge cisterns and water supply. Pop 65

Saturday, 16 March 2019

d100 food items and events at evil feast

Ok so a evil feast has a d6+2 courses with some kind of event in between
They might be handy if infiltrating the dungeon as mercenaries or spies
Or whats on as you attack the dungeon feast hall
Imagine negotiating with dungeon boss over something
Or infiltrate and heist a dungeon instead of kill everything

d100 Evil feast items
01 Stewed puppy heads
02 Chilled monkey brains served in monkey heads with silver spoon
03 Live monkey brain with monkey strapped in wrack with head cut and gold spoon
04 Roast baby
05 Stewed human hearts
06 Smoked human hands
07 Human innard tripe
08 Human stuffed stomach
09 Human brains in vinegar
10 Almost hatched cooked bird eggs
11 Fermented bird eggs
12 Fermented fish
13 Swan stuffed with duck
14 Turtle soup
15 Human on a spit
16 Roast human hearts
17 Kitten pie
18 Goblin baby and cabbage stew
19 Hog jowls and turnips
20 Beehive with corked holes
21 Plate of newts and toads for licking
22 Bowl of blood being passed around
23 Gorgon milk shots, save or unconscious for a week 
24 Blackbird pie with live birds
25 Dormouse fattened into then baked in clay pot
26 Mole pie
27 Baked hedgehog in clay
28 Baked pixies in spicy sauce
29 Elf and leek stew
30 Char grilled dwarf roast
31 Gelatinous halfling preserve 
32 Head cheese
33 Bone stew
34 Blood sausage
35 Haggis
36 Live frog in noodles
37 Magic mushroom causes lesser mutation
38 Magic mushroom healed d4 damage
39 Magic mushroom causes visions of afterlife
40 Live baby eels or tadpoles in drinking water
41 Pickled orc baby
42 Piglets dressed in pastry clothes mocking good kingdoms leaders
43 Roast possum with d6 candied babies on tail
44 Spiced human fingers 
45 Jellied human foot
46 Human rump roast
47 Man pie
48 Frog legs battered with gravy
49 Snails
50 Turtle eggs
51 Roast snake

52 Grilled giant spider
53 Boiled crab folk
54 Broiled oyster folk 
55 Minotaur steak
56 Gelatin orc head
57 Roast orc rump
58 Massacre stew
59 Roast beaver
60 Roast bison
61 Roast pig with dozen piglets
62 Roast lion with dog inside with cat inside
63 Roast unicorn
64 Giant slug
65 Roast slabs of purple worm blubber
66 Grilled mammoth ribs
67 Roast mammoth head
68 Baby bugbears baked in ceramic dishes
69 Roast goatman
70 Roast pig faced orc
71 Gnome pie

72 Spit roast dryad with garlic and rosemary
73 Roast halfling stuffed with apples and saltanas served with 'taters
74 Halfling and spring onion pie
75 Grilled halfling and turnips
76 Tray of pipes and hookahs with various smoking herbs and fungi
77 Curried kobold
78 Boiled kobold eggs
79 Cow udders
80 Roast cockerel with pastry depicting victory of evil over the sun
81 Lamb heads and tails and testicles
82 Wyvern egg
83 Giant scorpion eggs almost ready to hatch
84 Live snake pie
85 Pickled giant centipede
86 Roast giant rat
87 Grilled flumph
88 Cold pickled Kobold in mustard sauce
89 Roast donkey
90 Grilled huge locust on skewers in honey
91 Worms in aspic jelly
92 Sauerkraut

93 Pickled skunk cabbage
94 Grilled satyr (possibly half a goat and half a halfling)
95 Grilled flayed mermaid with lemon

96 Dinosaur eggs almost hatched size of footballs or water melons
97 Grilled flying monkey often carrying honeyed fruit platter
98 Gold leaf roast beetle, favorite of goblin nobility, size of a chicken
99 Two foot long grilled frog
100 Roast lizard

d100 events of an evil feast
01 Sacrifice to god, demon or ancestor for luck
02 Watch a bear or creature eat someone alive
03 Gladiators fight to death
04 Strip prisoners and auction them off
05 Whip a prisoner
06 Torture prisoner with apparatus
07 Beheading a prisoner 
08 Magician calls on a spirit of the dead for advice
09 Jester goblin fails to get laughs and is murdered cruelly
10 Watch a ghoul in chains kill and eat a bound prisoner
11 Minotaur kills several victims with bare hands and eats them
12 Zombies tear apart and eat a innocent
13 Succubus dances and often kills audience member during act
14 Black lotus powder with pipes brought round for all
15 Soothsayer disembowels prisoner for divination
16 Magician petrifies a prisoner brought in by bounty hunters
17 Doppelganger spy makes a report
18 Visiting cult boss demonstrating how loyal charmed cultists are
19 Wizard selling charmed followers to boss
20 Visiting robed servant of evil tyrant or mastermind
21 Return of hero with loot and captives
22 Toast proposed and everyone drinks extra
23 Demon summoned for orgy with cultists
24 Bull decapitated and all drink blood from bowl
25 Shaman sings jolly drinking and dancing songs with band
26 Prisoners strangled for not being propper slaves
27 Dogs fight a bear or a dog
28 Horse or other large animal fight
29 Necromancer raises zombies from dead enemies to labour for locals
30 Shooting contest with prisoners for targets
31 Prize for who wins a test of skill
32 Duel between two peers but not to death
33 Victim sawed in half
34 Victim disemboweled 
35 Illusionist entertains with stories and light show
36 Fortune teller advises of omens and offers astrological readings
37 Bard belittles and slanders boss enemies
38 Fireworks show by alchemist apprentice drop out
39 Live vivisection show by a wizard surgeon
40 Drop prisoner in pit under feast hall floor rug possible to feed monster
41 Boss announces plan to dispose of and detect traitors
42 Boss has traitor killed in amusing game
43 Boss makes announcement about new promotions
44 Some guests are poisoned
45 Guards who slept on job must fight to death
46 Minions require boss to resolve a dispute in public
47 Hero is heaped with rewards
48 Hero announces they are in love and plan to kidnap love interest shortly
49 Boss sends heroes on important mission
50 Senior minion announces plan of expansion
51 Treasurer reports on loot count and security

52 Visiting cult leader requests space to hide cult from law
53 Visiting thieves guild agent requests alliance
54 Agent of foreign land offers support for dungeon fighting locals
55 Robber knight seeks amnesty from law
56 Berserkers offer fealty to boss to the death
57 Dancers perform victory dance
58 Bards having a duel, loser gets killed
59 Merchant comes offering cheap defective weapons
60 Famous prostitute come to visit with entourage, steal everything of value while on job
61 Shaman torments prisoner with zombie versions of their family
62 Priest reanimates roast animals on table that attack guests
63 Monster ally hero comes seeking aid for tribe
64 Visiting monster ambassador, haughty but helpful to boss
65 Wanted traitor to the kingdom welcomed as a guest
66 Visiting evil wizard demands certain goods, offers cast spells as payment
67 Two cultists argue show faith is best then boss requests they fight
68 Two women fight over ownership of a baby dressed as showgirls
69 Monster adventurer trying to sell captured virgin for sacrifices
70 Priest conducts a sacrifice
71 Priest makes divination requested by leader

72 Visiting monster or cultist seeks to buy all slaves and kidnap victims the boss has
73 Gremlins burst out from various dishes, then shit everywhere as chased around feast table
74 Table regular insists on duel with newcomer for sport only
75 Which prisoner has a gold ring in their stomach? contest
76 New child of boss or hero presented at feast, boss gives gifts to parents
77 Boss throws lots of coins to servants and silver to guests
78 Boss announces austerity measures, new tax and loot division system
79 Two monsters ex friends duel over contested treasure they both found
80 Woman with multiple suitors will marry winner of a fight as sport for feast
81 Hero or sub boss marriage, granted gifts and have set up a store room as a love nest for the couples day off, lots of cheering, drinking and speeches
82 Sub bosses declare betrothal of their newborn children
83 Visiting bard brings news from various dungeons and evil courts
84 Bard performs at spear point, if show disappoints boss has killed
85 Monster bard screeching battle song with follower drummers
86 Crowd cheer as older wounded hero veteran returns from recent near death wounds
87 Giant rat fight, many guests bring their own fighting rats
88 Guest gets stirge pie with live stirge that attacks any who open the crust
89 Zombie roast chickens perform a dance while roast goose honks
90 Giant rat pops out of one of the dishes outraging guests
91 A guest falls dead from parasites that try and escape body, mostly worms
92 Everyone at feast exposed to fleas or bed bugs or ticks

93 Boss shows off extra rental slaves for a after feast orgy
94 Boss shows off love interest and heaps them with gifts in public
95 Visiting boss seeks alliance versus another dungeon

96 Traitor of kingdom presents monster invasion plan and tells of human wealth
97 Roast hook horror brought out stuffed with four goblin jesters who sing funny songs
98 Charmed human brought out to meet everyone before taken to kitchen for cooking
99 Guest vomits up a gremlin that flees into a rat hole
100 Boss gives important lecture about dungeon hygiene issue 

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d100 Crap in a Necromancers Lair

d100 Crap in a Necromancers Lair
01 Mummy case with mummy inside
02 Crocodile suspended from ceiling
03 Mummified cats in boxes
04 Ancient canoptic jars of mummified organs
05 Funeral urns each with cremated remains and burned skulls of deceased
06 Ancient ornate headstone
07 Old chest of diseased mummy wrappings 
08 Pile of rotting coffins with cracked wood with rotten corpses inside
09 Crypt with 2d6 wall niches where dead are stored
10 Cages with mummified bodies hang from the ceiling
11 Big black chair with skull motif
12 Fountain of skulls and demons but with with blood instead of water
13 Statue of a demon prince of underworld on throne
14 Ancient rock with with hieroglyphs telling of magical history
15 Statue of ancient death god
16 Prehuman cult idol worn smooth from aeons of worship
17 Mural of skeletons in underworld parodying some aspect of human life
18 Skeletal relief carvings over every surface
19 Bones worked with mortar covering all walls ans ceilings with human bones
20 Statue of winged skeleton with scythe
21 Goat head on wooden pentagram candelabra wall hanging
22 Blackened skull with inlaid silver pentacle
23 Coat hangers with multiple robes and box of ritual paraphernalia
24 Black prehistoric obelisk with evil designs
25 Ornate four poster bed with cage underneath and manacles
26 Wooden frame for flogging victims on 1in4 occupied by unconscious near dead victim
27 Iron maiden 1in4 occupied by near dead victim 
28 Oubliette caged pit with hostage inside
29 Black altar with scenes of sacrifice
30 Statue of a demon being worshipped
31 Vivisection journal
32 Dissected zombie on slab twitching
33 Heart beating in jar of fluid
34 Rack of saws and blades for dissections and surgery
35 Jars of brains and organs in fluid
36 Collection of skulls of the world and elaborate callipers and phrenology bust
37 Eyeballs and brain in jar of bubbling fluid
38 Corpse suspended on wire frame in glass tank of chemicals
39 Dissected human hand with drawings of veins and sinew
40 Dissected dog with beating heart, digestive tract and head in apparatus working
41 Cauldron full of human body fat being rendered on fire
42 Tables of bones being assembled into skeletons from crates of parts
43 Hulking corpse stitched together from monster scrap parts
44 Shelves stacked with human body parts and bones
45 Flensing tools, stretched human skin on a frame being made into a spell scroll
46 Huge mortar and pestle grinding boxes of bones into sacks of bone dust
47 Candle making stove, moulds and pots of human tallow
48 Barrels of salted human flesh packed as military rations
49 Collection of decorative objects all made from skulls, bones and sinew
50 Framed human skins with tattoos of demons and evil sigils
51 Books of anatomy and vivisection

52 Books of soothsaying and divination with body parts
53 Books of burial customs of many lands
54 Books of underworld devils and demons and gods
55 Books on esoteric planar lore
56 Books of famous necromancer histories
57 Books of family trees, births and deaths
58 Books of immortality research and lichdom
59 Books of depravity and sadism with printed plates
60 Scrolls of forbidden lore in unknown language
61 Potion that animates up to d12 skeletons who serve for 24 hours
62 Potion that animates up to d6 zombies who serve for 12 hours
63 Potion that animates up to d3 ghouls
64 Drug that grants visions of the ancient past when world ruled by monsters
65 Drug that lets you see spirits of the dead lingering around where they died or bodies for a hour
66 Jar with burned bones if shatters skeleton appears top aid user for an hour
67 Fleshy sack of organs if you can eat and keep down with save add d4 HP
68 Brain in a jar if eaten gain skill for one hour, labels 1in4 on jar 
69 Brain in a jar if eaten gain fragment of esoteric evil lore
70 Brain in a jar if eaten gain insanity if fail save from an ancient madmad
71 Talking skull in a box, a chatty old noble sage of past 

72 Cat mummy case with animated cat mummy inside will serve owner hour a day
73 Demon skull with name engraved can be used to call lesser demon once
74 Skull and bone instrument that can play for a turn a day 
75 Box with swarm of carnivorous insects for stripping meat off bones one use
76 Soul orb with trapped spirit of someone who wronged a wizard millennia ago
77 Animated severed hand servitor will attack
78 Box with permanent darkness spell centred inside, if opened releases darkness
79 Horrible puppet, actually construct made with evil spirit
80 Skull with ancient spirit will speak once a month about olden days for a turn
81 Skull helm grants +1 protection and can see in the dark
82 Black iron dagger +1 +2 vs living
83 Deaths Darts d3 vs living d6 vs undead, come in bundles of d4+2
84 Hand of Glory, human fat hand candle with five one use sleep spells 
and a knock spell 
85 Sheet ghouls draped over old furniture
86 Sealed coffin, undead stored inside it awakes
87 Cursed berserk sword holding soul of ancient mass murderer and evil hero
88 Chained casket with dangerous non corporeal undead has been trapped in for aeons
89 Sealed bronze chest, contains fragment of a long dead god which the cult want back and necromancers want to study or use it
90 Staff bone breaker 2d4 damage, magical to hit but no pluses
91 Corpse dust form a 20m line that can form a circle a bit over 3 radius, zombies and skeletons cannot cross it
92 Golem servant expecting master to come home

93 Mirror allows contact with planar being who offers advice for service
94 Black Sphere used like a crystal ball but exposes user to spiritual assault from evil each turn of use, requires a HD of blood sacrifice per minute of use and 800gp of 
black lotus incense per use 
95 Iron Crown can communicate with other crown wearers over the world but most are liches who dominate the living scrounging for lore, necromancers use it for hours a day
96 Black Brew of Orcus, is used on dead person brings them back as a zombie inhabited by fragment of their spirit. Will seem to be alive but over a d4 days become increasingly just a ferocious zombie inhabited by a evil spirit and normal movement and initiative, often bottle has a label with label claiming to be a raise dead potion
97 Sacrificial obsidian dagger, once a day slitting a throat of a sacrifice will cause them to arise a a zombie servant
98 Silver torc, allows a mindlink with sight to a single undead servant for a turn per day
99 Glowing green worm in crystal if released crawls in a corpse and creates horrible outbreak of hostile infectious undead
100 Skull of necromancer, can commune with spirit by touch once a day for a question about necromancy