Thursday, 19 September 2013

What to buy and design next?

Times are a changing. Despite my health - been a bit better i have lots of school holiday art teaching jobs coming up and a paid appearance at a zine fair. I should be working on a coloring book now to print tomorrow, worst case is i buy a printer cartridge and make a 1/2 size edition. Hope to do some DnD zines or versions of my PDFs as limited run zines on hemp in future which will get me some media attention. I could milk the old school DnD angle as young hip nerds think its cooler far more than modern DnD gamers.

I wanna do 3 colouring books. One of fake comics, one of my puffy octopoid cuties and another one of octopuses in dungeons which kids like lots. So Ill be quitting a few games im playing in. I will keep up herbies 70s paranormal agents game and tonight we playtested his reverse Cthulhu con game. We play house servents of our untrained in magic new mistress who keeps being tempted to chase boys and buy dresses. We protect her from island of sanity in the cruel cosmos - the local village. Tonight my gardener burned all the dress shops in the village to keep her safe. Us cultists keep trying to convert her to our god and then she will lead us to conquer/destroy the world. Big fun. Just a few more weeks till  Sydcon. Got to design my player aid hand outs for Planet Psychon and maybe a gamer zine or some stickers for this site might be good giveaways.

Might get to DM something while other Keeper away in Jakarta pitching toy deals. So Psychon or RQ or post apocalypse/carwars/cyberpunk/dredd type thing or sf game or supers might be viable...

Went to game shop to stare at stuff. Ended up getting Cthulhy New York Source books. Will get some more Cthulhu stuff and some 3rd party gear is very good and even laid out more like old cthulhu stuff. Magic world i stared at. Seems like old stormbringer rules really. I really find big type a turn off but a maybe. Amber Coast tempting but i find crusaders, samurai and ss death camp guards really unappealing as game material (history ok).  BRP Iceland looks good but once again slightly big type. I feel dumber reading big print or something. Mutant Future RPG is super dense and as a designer I dislike layout bloat. Although well stocked with good sales my local shop has only a few games I would buy, mostly Cthulhu, BRP and still tempted by eclipse phaze. Id snap up right history books in a flash. Looked at A-Z Dungeon book and would rather PDF than book. I can make wacky tables myself and have some fine peers on blogger doing it to.

Have a online want list, half by independant bloggers

Gothic Stuff
Gothic game stuff in production and necromancer piece jumped to 6th biggest page Ive done in 2 days. So something to think about apeal of that one. Good to mix with redbrick elements and very useful in game at moment. Gothic+dwarf table worked well to improvise a dwarf ruin in play.  Lots of Gothic projects done but more still:

Rich mans pockets
d100 Grave Urns and funery vases - smash=loot?
d100 saint relics - bits and items of great holy folk
d100 Dungeon Decor Table - dress up dull dungeon
d1000 curses
d100 Tragedy table
d100 Haunting table I did reasons for haunting table - overlaps with tragedy one
d100 religious items - religious drssings, probably lootable
d100 Things in Coffins
d100 Corpses
d100 Commoner's pockets
d100 Wealthy pockets
d100 Random Crypt Table
d100 Random Corpse Tables
d100 Non Corporeal Undead Encounters
d100 Corporeal Undead Encounters
d100 in the graveyard at night
d100 Weird old Houses
d100 Forbidden Castles
d100 Doomed Immortals
d100 Necromancers
d100 Towers 1 and 2
d100 Crossroads
d100 Islands

Castle Geomorphs
Manour Geomorphs
Crypt and tomb Geomorph
Mousoleom and cathedral Geomorphs
d100 Strange Graveyards
d100 Grave lone grave
d100 Necromancer Relics
d100 wandering holy folk, hermits and hunters of unholy

Planet Psychon
Needs more play i have done heaps. But some ideas include:

Techtonics on psychon - weird table to apply to a hex for interesting stuff underground
October – my Sydcon Module
Space Gods and aliens
Elder Gods and pre human horror
Mutations and mutant characters class
Beastmen character class
Robots and synthetic characters class
Spaceman characters class?
Ancient character class?
Organizations and other creeds of psychon...

Gammaworld recycling a bit but I wanna run my Spacefleed DnD sometime for a bit and want to see it rise up in my top10 again. Some of this stuff will overlap with psychon and gamma world in space.

crew, hardware, gunboats, setting intro

ships, encounters, random colonies

Plenty to keep me going plus:
Revise cthulhu 1490s sheet
Mapof Shadelport
Exile Island high detail map or at least map of mountains and highlands

Cthulhu 1490 been a hit but might have a SF Cthulhu interlude break for a change soon...

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