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Death is only the begining (part two)

When you are killed hopefully your chums will recover your body and take it to church for raise dead or at least sanctified burial in a ghoul/necromancer free graveyard. Sometimes this does not happen and party leave your corpse in a stinking dungeon. I recently took thieves head of party member to collect bounty but he was evil so its ok.

Two tables here - first to see if anything happens to your body which could inconvenience you, your party or even help you. Second a table to see what price is charged by priests for saving you.

Imagine finding fallen friends body in a dungeon a few days later, the joy!

You may think being undead and soul in heaven a difficulty but Egyptians and Tibetans have elaborate physiology of souls where different parts do different things after death.

A funny thing happened to my corpse

Mostly bodies rot or are eaten but this could be handy alternative if abandoned in a dungeon for any period. Roll again if you think ending not enough or definite.
1 Infected by horrible parasitic worms 
2 Infected by rot grubs
3 Infected by flesh boring snakes
4 Infected by kyuss grubs
5 Infected by giant maggots
6 Dragged into lair by giant invertebrate for food
7 Dragged into lair by giant invertebrate to feed young
8 Covered in cocoon and dessicated by giant arachnid
9 Covered in cocoon and dessicated by giant arachnid
10 Dessicated and used as bait by giant invertebrate
11 Eaten by humanoids, scraps left
12 Gnawed on by humanoids, tastiest bits missing
13 Mutilated for fun and collectibles by humanoids
14 Head collected by humanoids or monster
15 Humanoids have corpse on a spit, being roasted
16 Flesh removed in gory heap, skeleton animated
17 Become a zombie
18 Become a ghoul
19 Become a wight
20 Become a shadow
21 Become a phantom or haunt
22 Become a angry spirit seeking body to possess for vengeance
23 Become a poltergeist
24 Become a greater undead type for inept disguise or ritual
25 Parts used in a flesh golem or other construct
26 Humanoids turn into sausages and cured meats
27 Humanoids skin and make into human suit
28 Humanoids use for bizarre puppet show to entertain kids
29 Humanoids use as bait to catch monsters
30 Humanoids use to feed monstrous pets
Necromancer students abuse body for perverted fun
32 Necromancer students loot certain organs or fluids
33 Necromancer students perform public dissection
34 Necromancer students turn into revolting tools, equipment or instruments
35 Necromancer students turn into hideous artwork
36 Gnawed by rodents
37 Gnawed by dogs or wolves
38 Gnawed by lion or bear or similar creature
39 Gnawed by gremlins or goblins or kobolds
40 Gnawed by wildcat or hyena
Pecked by ravens, crows or dungeon chickens
42 Torn apart by vultures or giant bats
43 Eaten by ghouls
44 Occupied by evil spirit on a mission
45 Eaten and replaced by mimic
46 Dissolved by gelatinous monster
47 Covered in toxic mould with dangerous spores
48 Infected with green slime
49 Covered in giant shrieking fungi
Covered in giant explosive fungi 
51 Covered in chaos mushrooms that cause mutations
52 Covered in fungus that turns into mushroom zombie
53 Covered in poison fungus
54 Covered in hallucinogenic fungus (possibly magic visions or crazy illusions)
55 Covered in magic fungus gives spirit sight, healing or other effect
56 Humanoids flay skin and turn into throw rug or nail to wall
57 Humanoids crucify, mutilate and cover in graffiti as warning
58 Humanoids cut off head and stick on pole or spear as warning, roll again for rest
59 Humanoids burn body and scatter ashes
60 Humanoids dismember body in series of party games
61 Buried in ditch and looted by other adventurers or demihumans
62 Buried with full honours and most stuff by other adventurers or demihumans
63 Taken to nearby settlement by adventurers or demihumans
64 Looted and dismembered by adventurers or demihumans who fear undead
65 Taken and dumped by roadside by adventurers or demihumans
66 Found by clergy who bury in sanctified location
67 Head or other part removed to claim a bounty or reward from someone
68 Cremated by clergy to prevent rising as undead
69 Found by clergy, beheaded, staked and buried under rock or sealed crypt
70 Found by peasants chucked in lime pit
71 Found by weirdo taxidermist (possibly not human)
72 Turned into zombie for use as slave or in sweatshop
73 Found by maniac who chucks in a well
74 Thrown in river or sea, roll again
75 Thrown in river or sea, eaten by fishes
76 Thrown into peatbog as sacrifice
Thrown into sea or lake or well as sacrifice
78 Thrown into pit with monster as sacrifice
79 Thrown into ghoul pit as sacrifice
80 Exchanged with local humans for monster or humanoid bodies for burial
81 Crushed into bone meal for ogres bread, flesh scraps eaten
82 Thrown in mass grave with other victims
83 Necromancer keeps to study decay
84 Thrown in acid pit
85 Erected in standing position with weapons as grisly guardian (possibly undead)
86 Cultists collect and perform ritual to feed soul to otherworld masters
87 Dismembered and sold as fake relics
88 Dismembered and sold in pies or sausages or cured meat
89 Turned into jerky for monster rations
90 Mummified or Embalmed for practice or teaching by humans or monsters
91 But in a sack for later collection
92 Bricked up or put under foundations for ritual
93 Taken to local morgue to await collection
94 Cooked in a big pot for monsters dinner
95 Taken to have spirit questioned by some spell casters
96 Raised by monsters or villains so they can torture and question you
97 Raised by demihumans - given quest
98 Raised by clergy - given quest
99 Resurrected by clergy - given quest
100 Resurrected by divine beings - given quest

d50 What price is your life?
When a priest or god return you to life they dont just do it to be nice. Most demand some price if not from the recently deceased then from whoever partitioned them for help. Some may not suit some faith so reroll till something more appropriate if DM deems it.

1 Convert to faith of the god if not member already (if so re-roll)
2 Donate 10% of everything you make for life
3 Donate 10 000 gp
4 Donate 100 000 gp
5 Donate 1000 000 gp
6 Reclaim lost temple or shrine
7 Find lost priest or missionary
8 Find holy scriptures
9 Find holy relic
10 Find holy artifact
11 Find remains of holy person
12 Free imprisoned holy person
13 Free imprisoned outer planar servant of god
14 Free petty god ally of cult
15 Slay enemy of faith
16 Recover stolen goods of temple
17 Slay traitor to church
18 Burn a rival church
19 Build a temple in new territory
20 Guard a shrine from harm for one year
21 Cleanse area of undead menacing a village or graveyard 
22 Guard worshipers on pilgrimage
23 Guard missionaries in new lands
24 Rescue holy person from imprisonment
25 Cleanse a town of a vice frowned on by religion
26 Accept brand or tattoo of god on face or hand for life
27 Abstain from an action or vice frowned on by religion
28 Donate land to church
29 Spend a year as a hermit in prayer
30 Make peace with traditional enemy
31 Must devote spare time to charitable acts and deeds 
32 Must concert 100 persons to faith
33 Must convert 1000 persons to faith
34 Every monster you kill do so in name of god in public
35 Must always protect members of faith
36 Dedicate souls of slain to god
37 Must marry member of church
38 Must raise your children as church members
39 Give one of your children to church
40 Go on a crusade killing enemies of faith till released from service by church
41 Explore and find new lands for missionaries
42 Kill monsters that will not convert to faith
43 Find long lost outpost of faith
44 Carry faith into heart of non believers to preach
45 Reclaim holy site occupied or built on by another faith
46 Commemorate holy days with substantial feasts, donations and charity
47 Sponsor yearly missionaries or pilgrims, 1000gp or 10% total wealth if possible
48 Scourge self with flagellation, scarification and self harm
49 Free slaves whenever possible and insist they adopt faith
50 Offer enemies choice to convert or die in battle


  1. What is that art from, Chris? Looks like Kentaro Miura's Berserk a tad...

  2. Great minds at work...

    Well I suppose it's actually great minds thinking about play. Bodies don't just stay put all by themselves.

  3. art is but arthur adams article i nabbed - could be one of so many horned sorceresses like magic from new mutants and way too many others - marvel jerks for what they did to her this is great - wish id thought of carrion crawlers but i guess invertibrate covers them - i like monsters fighting over body, ants and the bard ones and wish i had thought of them

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