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Graverobbing Update!

Smash=loot? In every good mausoleum or crypt and even many graves, ceramic and other vessels are common features. Ornaments, sacrifices or supplies for the dead and even cremation remains might be found. Some contain weird stuff. Old multicultural areas will have greatest diversity. Wealth is another factor. Local religion may dictate what such vessels contain and they could be uniform.

d10 Container Type
Probably find most of similar type in same area but you may wish to roll for different sections or historical layers. Perhaps a d3 or d6 types depending on size, age, cultural diversity or wealth.

1 Woven basket from plant or animal fibre
2 Wood or bark
3 Crude ceramic
3 Painted earthenware
5 Finest glazed ceramic
6 Ceramic or stone figurine or face on lid of jar
Copper, brass or bronze
Carved stone, possibly semi precious
Silver possibly just plated
Gold, electrum or platinum possibly just plated

d10 Basic Contents
1-4 Human remains, ash or dust
5-6 Humble foodstuff, probably (90%) spoiled
7 Water, wine, beer, milk, blood or some liquid
8 Some high quality preserved goods like honey or salt or oil
9 Coins d4 1=1d100 copper 2=2d20 silver 3= 2d6 gold 4=all previous results mixed
10 roll on unusual contents table

d100 Unusual Grave Urns and Funery Vases
1 Skeleton, animates and attacked if smashed or opened
2 Skeleton, animates and serves if smashed or opened
3 1d10 Skeletons, animates and attacked if smashed or opened
4 Animated flying skull attacks
5 Phantom spirit or haunt is enraged if smashed or opened
6 Shadow attacks if freed when smashed or opened
7 Swarm of hostile grubs, flies or bugs attacks area 2d6 rounds 1ptdam/ round
8 An angry spirit moans at your sacrilege and haunts for 1d6 days
9 Dust devil of grave ash attacks if smashed or opened
A beastman guardian appears in smoke if smashed or opened 
11 A map to possible treasure
12 Religious scriptures advising the departed
13 Mummified organs
14 Holy symbol and a extra roll on basic content
15 Commemorative poem or speech dedicated to dead
16 A painting depicting underworld
17 A charm protecting grave from undead
18 A charm cursing grave robbers
19 A charm summons a guardian other planar being 1HD+
20 Tiny Idols
Jackpot 1d100 gp in various coins
22 Cheap trinkets worth 1d20 copper
23 Flashy trinkets worth 1d10 silver
24 Impressive trinkets 1d6 gold
25 Ceremonial coins of clay 3d100 stamped with underworld symbols
26 Dried human or animal heart stuffed with thorns or nails
27 Severed and preserved shrunken human head
28 Toy or model house, chariot or animal
29 Creepy doll 1in6 animate follow and try to kill you in sleep
30 A surprised goblin or kobold with no memories
31 Explosives, very unstable from 2d6 damage and 1d4 yards radius
32 Live snake
33 Live scorpion
34 Live Rats
35 Cloud of darkness floods area for 1d10 rounds
36 Cloud of fear gas floods area for 1d10 rounds
37 Cloud of poison gas floods area for 1d10 rounds
38 Cloud of sleep or paralyzing gas floods area for 1d10 rounds
39 Cloud of fear hallucinating gas floods area for 1d10 rounds40 Cloud of cold gas floods area for 1d10 rounds, 1hp dam per round
41 A big fat croaking toad
42 Delicious wine, mead or beer magically preserved till seal broken
43 Fresh blood or milk magically preserved till seal broken
44 Flammable if exposed to air 1d3x10 radius effect, 2d6 damage and sets stuff alight
45 Small corroded 1d4 weapons like darts, dagger, knife
46 Clay deathmask from a corpse with remains
47 Ceremonial robes from religion or cult
48 Skull with clay reconstruction of features
49 Mummified animal
50 Dice, knuckle bones or cards
51 Ammunition for missile weapon like sling stones or arrows
52 Fake treasure made from past or glass looks 1d4x100gp value at first
53 Ceremonial or festive mask from religion or cult
54 Collection of ceremonial cups
55 Stash of narcotics
56 A potion in a vial, might be smashed if urn broken open
57 Comb, razor, soap
58 Cloud of stinking gas floods area for 1d10 rounds, save or helpless vomiting
59 Invisible imp released which stalks and plays nasty tricks on any who release him
60 Huge foot wide spider jumps out at you
61 Crawling with juicy bugs
62 Pigments for painting or makeup
63 Instrument like a small drum or flute or rattle
64 Puzzlebox, roll again for contents
65 Tablets dedicating grave site
66 Dried flowers or herbs
67 Fungus growing on something gross
68 Something used as a chamber pot
69 Perfume or scented oil
70 Holy water vial, may break if urn smashed
71 Monster teeth, horn or tusk, carved 
72 Incense
73 A letter damning a dead person to excommunication and eternal torment
74 Plans of a crypt
75 Silver knuckle duster
76 Tools of commoners trade
77 A collection of love letter

78 A journal of a doomed person
79 Ledgers of accounts, debts or gambling records
80 A creepy worm or bug that tries to escape, larval monster
81 A severed hand 1in6 animated and attacks by surprise
82 Gremlins that scatter if opened to later menace who found them
83 Strange eggs of a monster
84 An illusion to scare away thieves such as a monster
85 An illusion to portray the life of a dead person
86 An illusion to portray the afterlife
87 A magical scroll
88 A petty item like a cantrip wand with zero level spells
89 A glowing gem with permanent light cast on it
90 A batch of ointment that causes lycanthropy
91 Releases a miasma of disease over area if opened
92 A poltergeist haunts opener for 1d6 days
93 A spirit tries to posses who opens it to complete some ancient mission
94 A weird slimy elder relic possibly living with strange powers and curse
95 A ghoul appears in a puff of smoke 1in6 calls 2d4 ghouls instead
96 Skull with magic symbols, who posses it has dreams of elder magicians
97 Living medium animal leaps out if opened or smashed
98 Smoke released forms into long trapped possibly bad magician of some type
99 Mass of imprisoned worms is collective mind of dead wicked sorcerer
100 Human remains slowly reanimate unto undead over 1d6 hours of release


  1. I'll be sure to use this eventually! :)

  2. Now like Diablo pc game you can wander about smashing every thing you see in any graveyard for possible loot yay!


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