Thursday, 26 September 2013

Gamelog: Giantkillers

So the slaughter continues. Party left some flunkies and orcs to mind bodies and start looting while they chased the chieftain. His secret doors and decent to dungeon led him well away from party and mobilize entire bugbear force. Many of the surviving giants were not inspired and fled. Party found manticores in cage. They threatened party to let them out or else and come close so we can bite you or we will get you.  The bard linden glamoured the leader to attack one that Emy sent to sleep with spell. Party sat back as other manticores watched leader fight in what they thought was a domination battle till he tore out the submissives throat then they turned on him. They just beat him while druid stone shaped past bards and party finished them off.

Went back upstairs and let casters rest while orcs and bodyguard followers kept looting. Finished off the top floor with entangle spells and swarms an hails on dire wolves while heroes killed giants. Linden found cloud giants talking giant slaying sword. Druid and gnome got flaming smartswords too. These made a big diference and Linden killed many more giants. Every time he tried song or spell the sword would complain. Controlled him when was reluctant to kill young giants and explained human giant war and how giants enemies of the gods and must die. Sword tells Linden he is a destined hero and will join the honour roll of all the other dead heroes who have wielded it before.

Went back down and surprised bugbear force with two entangles and an ice storm. Hel lightning bolted the leader and a few bugbears then the Druid with magic lept over the bugbears and attacked the wounded leader. All dead. Party freed prisoners and recruited 120 orcs to live in one of their territorial valleys. Let troglodytes flee and found evidence that a few giants escaped via the cistern. Ignored weird ruined temple and other crap. Found massive hauls and returned to surface and carried loot home.

Party items talking while party sleep. Three swords and a staff of teleportation.

Divide up loot and level up next session.  Im gonna rewrite the decent to the depths scenario and make fire giants underworld born invaders.

Added a few days later. Actually the pacing of this adventure flawed. Downstairs easier than upstairs. Should have mentioned two long lasting followers almost died (and some bears) but as I give WIS bonus in extra rolls per session I let players use them to save flunkies. People very worried when Barbar the Dwarf choked on yellow mould.

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