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Techtonics of Psychon and Wierd Geology

My previous posts here on dungeon tectonics apply in part. This is a specific guide to Psychon but other weird worlds could benefit. As Psychon is a mess of incompatible hexes, and is terraformed often, many changes are cosmetic and skin deep. Previous layers could be only a few years old. Or a layer of dragon fossils might be created freshly for a hex divine makeover. Rolling for colours of each layer beneath the soil. Often layers are just different coloured but some layers quite odd. 2d6+3 layers generally with 1d4-1 rolls on below table.

d12 Base Colours on Psychon

1 Crimson (red, brick, maroon)
2 Magenta (rose, pink)
3 Cyan (sky, light blue)
4 Turquoise (sea, turquoise, aquamarine)
5 Yellow (gold)
6 Tangerine (orange, bronze)
7 Emerald (olive, forest)
8 Green (lime, light green)
9 Violet (Indigo, purple, lavender)
10 Lapis (dark blue, midnight, navy)
11 Ivory (bone, pearl, shell, silver) or roll 1d10 twice
12 Jet or roll 1d10 1d4+1 times

d100 Psychonian Wierd Geology

Roll d4-1 per hex.
1 Swiss cheese of giant caverns with seperate eco systems and civilizations, possibly who hid from terraforming in past
2 Huge cave complex with remains of burried civilization trapped here aeons ago
3 Riddled with caves, often connected across land with some larger caves
4 Underwater rivers network the hex, wells are easy to make and some are navigable
5 A subterranean ocean with islands and long hidden life forms
6 A huge multi chambered cavern with artificial sun and many eco zones and peoples
7 Huge layer of of ancient ruins over whole hex underground, often mined
8 Ancient battlefeild of ash, ruins, skeletons and buried forbidden weapons
9 A layer with many buried corpses infected by necrovirus intact and ready to raise if disturbed
10 A huge layer of buried city with intact buildings and possibly long trapped inhabitants
11 Many bunkers buried in layer
12 Trans continental vacuum train tubes, now ruined may run beneath hundreds of hexes
13 Industrial wasteland full of poison and buried synthetic life like robots and androids
14 Layer of ancient junkmail with occasional buried ruins smothered underneath
15 A great dome built as great refuge but anything could have happened
16 A layer of amazing fossils like giants, dragons, robots or other
17 A layer of ice which would cause chaos if melted
18 A layer of boiling mud and clay that land floats on, occasional boiling mud on surface
19 A layer of toxic chemicalsand industrial waste and garbage
20 A layer contaminated by psychotronic nanoids and nerve agents
21 A layer contaminated by active necrovirus spores 
22 A layer of ancient dead vegetation
23 A layer of ancient dead vegetation that gives off horror spores if opened
24 A layer of Morlock tunnels and complexes with eloi herds
25 A layer of beastmen tunnels for molefolk or ratmen or reptilian folk
26 A layer with Eldren mantaining equipment beneath surface
27 Massive shelters and drain system over hex
28 Magma layer causing occasional volcanoes and lava flows on surface
29 Unstable causes earth quakes
30 Boiling water, rises in steam geysers and springs
31 Flamable Gas
32 Sulpherous lakes, leak in hot springs on surface
33 Contaminated by disease which occasionally gets loose
34 Oil deposits, oil, bitumen and gas found on surface
35 Precious metals seams
36 Metal seams of several types
37 Acidic ground water forms acid wells on surface
38 Coal layer with some gas, some burning for decades
39 Ground water may rise occasionally
40 Huge salt deposits rises occasionally or salt mines found
41 Whole layer paved in cement, bitumen, brick or metal with foundations
42 Remains where surface flew away long ago, rubble from here still floats
43 Magical layer occasionally floats off carrying terrain with it
44 Crystaline layer
45 Gems and jewelery mine  seams (the gods are sick)
46 Huge complex of ancient AI or god, sleeping or active
47 Huge maintenance complex where humanoids maintain all surface
48 Gargantua layer, frequently a beast arises or buries self here
49 Whole layer a force feild
50 Ancient meteor crash area, covered in objects
51 Layer of edible manna, critters might get into and undermine hex 
52 Buried spacecraft, aliens crap or spacetrash
53 Living flesh with epidermis, fat layer then meat
54 Crystalline caverns
55 Crystalline sheet layer
56 Crystalline living beings
57 Solid star molecular circuitry belonging to a god
58 Organic living soup seeks to absorb life if freed into mindless mass
59 Organic living soup seeks to absorb life into collective perverse inteligence
60 Radioactives and irradiated crap
61 A mass of gigantic slumbering shoggoths 
62 Beings frozen in stasis then buried by god for safekeeping
63 Plastic either mass or plastic waste heaps of ancients
64 Tyres, ruined cars and bitumen with remains of drivers inside
65 Layer of Impenetrable Duralinium
66 Network of huge giant veins pumping blood like fluid
67 Mass graves of enormous massacre of ancient humans
68 Mass graves of ancient beasts, possibly extinct megafauna or dinos
69 Mass graves of androids and robots shattered and laying charred
70 Strange wind layer, possibly inhabited by elementals, holds higher layers aloft
71 Mass of squirming huge worms, some are gigantic
72 Glass layer
73 Huge flaming underworld with elementals, devils and devilborgs
74 Frozen underworld caverns of ice with frosty devils, giants and other hoorors
75 Great underworld prison of the dead guarded by devil and borgs
76 Datastacks of the underworld gods where souls and lives of the dead are stored for re-use in a huge supercomputer complex served by devils and androids
77 Primordial ocean of darkness full of spawn of Tiamat

78 Primordial ocean of darkness where where the god Enki data stacks are kept
79 Raw mass of primal chaos swarming with chaos daemons, mutates on contact
80 Layer of bricks with concrete foundations
81 Layer of bricks actually modular robots
82 Layer of bricks actually demons of law that can form composite beings or structures
83 Huge mausoleum sprawling for miles, often crawling with dead or monsters
84 Massive buried subworld ruled from depth by a death machine with a flaming sword
85 A domed garden utopia where playful eldren serve a god who keeps them hidden
86 A domed garden utopia where eldren serve as cattle eloi for morlock master
87 Sandstone
89 Marble
90 Basalt
91 Granite
92 Asbestos (salamander scales)
93 Quartz
94 Psychonian gemstone
95 Psychonian metal
96 Ash, often compressed like volcanic pumice stone
97 Ancient buried nanoswarm
98 Sedimentary rock
99 Limestone
100 roll 1d2+1 more times possibly combine

Using in adventures
A princess calls your dreams from a citadel between a layer of glass and crystal deep beneath your land.

Deep beneath Psychon, past the sleepers frozen like jewels in stasis, past the great sickness carrying glowing rubble, is a band packed thick with undead corpses from the apocalypse. Only necromancers would dig that deep!

Beneath the magenta rubble which floats, there is a chasm world with a artificial sun and strange creatures and beneath that is a eldren paradise that the drunken battered eldren dreams of returning too.

Under the great saltmines there is a buried wasteland of ancient factories and landfill where robots and android bodies are broken and scattered. Below that is a layer of ancient duralinium nothing may pass hiding some secret of the gods forever.

Layers have uses including interesting levels for dungeons or perhaps a miners pit uncovers multiple horrors to face. Prospecting on psychon can be deadly and people in some hexes forbid deep digging beneath scratching soil for crops. A canyon might cut through many layers. A river or well may become polluted by actions of a different layer.

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