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d100 Necromancers

So Im plodding over enhanced EMO DnD PDF now and then will get redbrick book done and on RPG net. Editing and other persons reading still biggest problem for me as i am dyslexic (slipdixic?) or whatever and make weird mistakes i cant see like repetition and with vowels.

I do have a list of additional Psychon projects but for a break I'm doing some stuff for Gothic sequel for Redbrick. So here is some random bad guys with evil plans to torment your heroes.

A Clark Ashton Smith necromancer filled world might be fun.

d100 Necromancers and their deranged plans
1 Kustarg Durmargis - A middle aged necromancer who
sets his students to work building a defence force of basic undead. From his underground lair he has been seeking to plumb the secrets of a well reputed to hold a fragment of a dead god.
2 Dr Nosterang Barlanth - A portly bespectacled dissections and flesh golem maker has students grave robbing terrorising locals who fear relatives bodies being robbed. A pit filled with reject creations has started to make lots of noises.
3 Lady Pahrzethra Molochi - A beautiful widow has been poisoning young men about town to be her undead consorts, her students procure her the bodies of those who she kills from afar. Locals are living in fear and young men are fleeing the area.
4 Polhardrig Meshtaron has been local undertaker for decades and now feels locals are living lives contrary to the dead in his care. He has adopted the title of death master in his senility and his undead goons kidnap an punish locals for petty sins.
5 Klardrag Menglestien leads a secret black school working on a great undead colossus to rule the land. His students steal corpses and rob graves and rend the parts for the great project. As local corpses running low, they are now on murdering spree
6 Helosia Tremastag a grim beauty dwells in a ruined temple outside of town and is trying to drain beauty from other maidens. Her giant undead ravens kidnap the girls from their beds.
7 Lady Marsia Beradee bathes in blood of young girls to retain her beauty. Her servants are helping her and she spends far too much time with pretty young men to perfect the process. Any men who see her change to her true age her servants kill. Her incomplete research keeps turning up after her destruction, spreading the cycle of death forever.
8 Kiasaar Mendloth had all her kin die in a plague but has returned them as undead to serve her. She tries to cover it with illusions and invites travellers into her luxurious but dusty and a bit stinky home. If they see the true horror she sets her kin to eat the defilers.
9 Pariziah Kogoranth a scrawny old man dwells beneath a ruined old house and has developed a way to create minor phantoms which are spreading around the community. While not actually deadly many live in terror and some have had grisly accidents while fleeing.
10 Dongelldenna Chrastell a deranged student wizard has been trying to communicate with wights beneath a barrow near town. She does not realise she has awakened dozens of wights who will soon arise en mass and destroy everyone for miles. She is committed to her study and believes the dead are misunderstood. When killed she arises as a spell casting wight
11 Largan Arbatt a handsome romantic heart stealer attracts beautiful girls and keeps their hearts beating in bell jars and makes their bodies his zombie concubines
12 Lamardis Parmaj is a local respectable merchant with wife and four kids who daily teleports across world to kill and murder for his colonial empire over tribal people in secret
13 Herizah Matonis is a lovely maiden who steals victims shadows and if bothered releases them as undead Shadows. If driven off by priest they return naturally if killed character loses shadow forever
14 Kandibar Tolloses is a sweet Young woman who has been stealing towns pets and robbing pet graves to make a horde of killer undead critters she loves. If discovered she tries to kill those who find out
15 Vorgnarg Terrill is a frustrated theatre manager who studied necromancy under his uncle as a youth. When his troop performed badly he poisoned them all and made them zombies. His shows hide smell with incense but if exposed he will have to kill audience or any witnesses too 
16 Talask Vorquiem is an astronomer using zombies with abacuses to perform calculus. If bothered he miscounts and destroys dolts who ruin his project
17 Dolazok Maarz a long dead necromancer placed his spirit in a ring found by a yokel ferryman Yars Tlinker. Now Yars has funny blackouts where he tips passengers in and drowned dead pulls them under the river for a future army
18 Maboath Trahn from his ruined swamp sunk palace sends dreams across the world to lure victims into his service
19 Mahalia Terazzovan keeps a pit of undead children she madly believes are getting a second chance at life. She tricks people to search the pit for treasure to feed them. If her children are killed she flies into a mad rage
20 Rolagadad Menzarl runs a zombie sweatshop producing cheap inferior goods. Local merchants and guilds seek an end to this economic peril and seek adventurers
21 Panzarian Kellogmash a pretty albino noble seeks beautiful dancers to serve in his troop of undead ballet performers. A few bards for orchestra needed too. From his castle undead giant bats seize suitable victims his agents find
22 Minaque Kodzolt travelling salesman has been selling undead repellent, if locals don't buy they strangely find zombies scratching at their door by night
23 Varius Mataan found a crypt of mummified cats and raised them as an army to serve him, he dresses in an ancient crypt dressed in finery guarded by mummified lions
24 Tozikhaan Meldoth follows adventurers with a waggon and collects bodies to use in his experiments ", I'm not as bad as bastards who kill them". Has robed zombie guards when follows party into dungeon, always polite to adventurers
25 Kodlizok Bandashikag likes to pit adventurers against his latest undead constructs, if heroes win he teleports away to build something bigger and better till he wins. Then find new adventurers. He dwells in a ruined castle at the end of the world
26 Trollek Barnjtard has developed means of making regenerating zombies and plans to test them on a village one night. He also requires troll blood and has upset local trolls who may aid heroes out to stop him
27 Parnara Willstone a beautiful but evil araristocrat has contacted shadow beings from the other world. Great winged pterodactyl shadows from the dawn age are hers to command. She uses them to slay political and magical rivals
28 Carnaria Danzral A wicked necromancer queen vanished long ago before the mob could find and burn her. Recently her full length mirror was purchased by a young warlock who has been using her techniques. A pocket world in her mirror has everything a necromancer might need but fresh corpses and victims to molest
29 Tarquil Venger has built a tower of headstones offending clerics from all faiths. Inside he has gate to underworld where he plunders lost lore and treasure from the dead
30 Zargan Mackmoth collects severed wizard heads he can extract spells from and talk to. Friends of the murdered wizards have noted Zargan's use of secret spells he could not have developed. In his lair he has attached some heads to bugbear bodies to use as guardians
31 Norath the Unquenchable sends out his undead to kidnap maidens for miles around to present them as a gift to Orcus in return for spellbooks seized by the demon prince long ago
32 Calaria Zanadar has developed a taste for human brains she believes make her smarterer.  Of late she has been laughing uncontrollably and has become morbidly obese. Her undead ambush travellers and seize only their heads
33 Zumdish Cadnaver has been convincing people that undead made from criminals is totally legit. Villages use them as labour and are getting used to walking blasphemies among them. His zombie scribes have published elegantly convincing brochures that have become popular discussion. He has means to control them all and see through their eyes
34 Terloc Bonebane has built terrible self mobile seige engines from skeletons that have been tested on isolated villages. His bone tower is defended by skeletons and bone golems. He likes only very skinny women so he keeps several locked up and starving in his dungeon
35 Zaria Hellstrom spurned by men for being scrawny has unleashed terrible famines with clouds that destroy crops so everyone will starve and look like her. The evil cloud creatures guard her and she calls them her babies
36 Targan Nightfang dwells with his pet giant spiders and makes undead from the cobweb mumified bodies they leave after snacking. Many prisoners are ensnared in his tower and he keeps them or conversation, letting his pets eat them when bored of them
37 Dolram Karmung from his castle sends undead to slay the weak, illiterate, diseased or anyone he feels is unworthy of life. His judgements are increasingly bizarre and he claims he makes the local people superior for his efforts
38 Veerkam Meek a school teacher has become sick of being bullied and ran to the hills with some necromatic tomes from the vaults in his town library. Undead now carry off those who mocked him
39 Arkam Zaragang a failed adventurer now leads his dead comrades as undead. He keeps repairing them and bringing them back and together they loot local dungeons. You might meet him one day
40 Modren Kragmoth failed poet fled to the mountains in shame after his last recital was ridiculed. Since then bards and poets in area have all been killed with vampire like wounds. Villagers wisely staked them and debate if Modren was lucky or if killer wouldn't think him talented enough to kill. Modren hoping to be welcomed back as surviving artist became enraged by this and plans to kill whole population in revenge
41 Morkirim Blagthorn, dark elf necromancer turning farmers and beasts into zombies and deliver produce to dark elves, several farms tken over, somebody must find his tree fort and kill him
42 Captain Horton Stagchester a retired sea captain and black magician sends his zombie crewed ship out to trade human captives for fishmen gold. Locals disappear while he gets richer 
43 Caspan Ranadivek a miserly old mine owner drove off his miners so used necromancy to raise the miners from the site grave pit to work the pit. A pleading phantom begs passers by the mine road for aid freeing the damned men
44 Lorinda Katzenkeller has prospered under tutelage of her hellcat and needs to really earn a place in hell. She has traveled the land killing populations of orphanages for some dark unrevealed reason to serve her masters bidding. She poses as a giver of charity and gives poisoned candy and mummy rot diseased blankets. She is guarded by several lesser invisible devils unbeknown to her
45 Haggia Marandra a wicked she monster rides the sky in a flying giants skull, killing travellers for sport. Her favorite schemes involve tormenting, kidnapping and mistreating youngsters, sometimes using their own dead parents
46 Toroth the Magnificent, dwells in a ruined temple of a forgotten god and makes his zombies and skeletons worship him. He insanely believes he has cheated the gods and now demands his "followers" sacrifice the living to him
47 Kajvang Makkaran the great beast is hated by civilised clergy but travels from court to court contacting the dead kin of kings seeking advice. He spreads vice, corruption and evil philosophy and many rulers and young aristocrats adore him and provide for his defence
48 Picaron Mellonwarg a not so horrible man is using undead to dredge the river for lost treasure, from goldstream creek. This waterway cuts through ancient dungeons deep in the mountains. Unfortunately he has found remnants of an ancient warlock and revived them by accident. The evil warlock assumes his form to commit atrocities while Picaron is unaware of troubles
49 Corigaar Kemenos was robbed of his title in a brutal succession and wants revenge. He has spent years preparing a plan to drive the men mad before killing them. Kidnapping their heirs, robing their ceremonial regalia, haunting them with victims of their past murders. The rulers need adventurers to kill Corigar and silence history forever.
50 Trengath Vanz preaches he is an enlightened biomancer, a man of science and reason who regenerates the wounded, heals diseased and all manner of miracles. Actually he is coning them and killing the originals using an artifact that belongs to pre human slavers. He replaces important persons who serve him. Flesh golems, mutants and mimics serve him along with undead
51 Xiarg Krunn is a foreign drug and slave lord who works from beneath the city with his cult the Black Lotus. He is one of several immortal magicians who serve the cult, representing them in this land. He corrupts the city officials and turns the poor districts into criminal gangland slums. The hidden temple is guarded by undead and he personally has several devil guards serving hells interests 
52 Orebus Kantellow began life as a apprentice funeral director who has been studying the black arts on the side. Instead of burying people he makes them do all his chores. If discovered he kills witnesses and his master and accuses them of the crime. Given time he will dominate his field in a large city, with his own underworld undead sweatshop
53 Zandra Kellmorris an attractive adventuress seeks to join parties claiming only the dead and undead for research and any necromancer magic. She is charming, competent and helpful, taking occasional breaks to her ancestral home and lab. She even controls a zombie dire wolf as a pack beast and will carry party treasure, her plans are bigger than the party and they dont rate in the scheme of things so she is always honorable to them
54 Lorrisa Makkesh seeks to end chaos by killing that which lives, following in her uncles demented lawful philosophy. She means no malice but her army cleanses the land of all life and spreads disease. She has many underworld sponsors who wish her well and send her servitor beings to protect her. She wields doomreaper, a level draining scythe
55 Lars Falconstien is a fiendish dealer in secrets and espionage. His undead kill other agents then he questions the dead and sells their secrets. Unfortunately a victims employer saught an oracle and now their is a rich reward on the necromatic spymaster. His lair is filled with skulls that he may see through using a spell of his invention 
56 Karmana Delorian a hideous had likes to curse newborn heirs of the kingdoms so as to keep dynasties fearful of her pay her ransoms. Finally she asked for too much and the nobility of normally hostile clans seek heroes to kill her
57 Zormarg Thunn runs a secret school for black magic and its use is being seen more and more often in cheap, flashy and grotesque ways. Undead are being used for a quick buck. The clergy are fed up and want the school burned and teaching staff killed
58 Henagas Thrumpengarg seeks the wand of Orcus and will kill to get it. He and his students, cultists and undead servitors kill scholars, raid universities and murder respected holy folk in his quest to learn anything he can. A bounty is finally raised offering a great reward for his head
59 Porja Krunkenzel is a cruel mistress of the darkness who has undead agents are hidden by illusions of being living till too late. She is replacing local nobility and working her way up, using her influence to be invited to court so she may flirt with royalty. Once in power and a richwidow or even a queen she unleashes horror on the world
60 Kristobel Sarrithar lost everything when her family were burned for herasy. Spared as she was a child she ran away with her imp familiar and learned her craft. Now she kills those who slew her family then the whole kingdom will pay. She has a powerful high level dawntime scroll she believes will lay waste to the region making all under 1HD life save or die
61 Mogrug Tharjbrut is a thug and savage with more brains than most. Recognised by his now dead master from a gang urchin he learned all he could before killing his teacher and taking his old gang. None know the gang employ death magic and are evolving into a clan of magical assassins
62 Cylena Taveraad rules a tiny cave kingdom hidden in the underland. There she enslaves her mole people and albinos into a hierachy enforced by her undead. The molefolk mine and gather food while the humans serve her and worship her. Recently an ancient well to the surface has opened and she sends undead molemen to kidnap surface people to renew her peoples bloodline. She also steals their youth to secure her beauty
63 Valtar Dysen is obsessed with puppets and theatre but local priests shut hid demented shows down. Now his army of dancing undead beastmen, ghoul princesses and zombie rats have come to destroy the town
64 Aldrass Menyar a sexual pervert has been building flesh golems for his own sexual needs. His undead kidnap women with the most desirable parts and bring them to him to use as parts. His lair is a palace of unimaginable depravity and sexual horror
65 Cadir Harrad has travelled the world and discovered other forms of ghouls from far off lands. Unlike local creatures some can disguise as humans, while others are black hairy beasts of the dark. Locals are clueless about such new monsters and dont even realize undead are to blame. Some of her monster harass party and they witness one of the apparent unconnected violent tragedies which they may find a link
66 Cherop Mandaarzan seeks a lover for his undead master, a foul mummy from the ancient world when men and demons mingled more. With a gang of beast headed mummies he has made they kidnap poor victims for his teacher
67 Zondar Kragnorn has wanderers the world for aeons and now if he cant die then everyone else will. His undead agent are looting sealed ancient megaliths to find fragments of an ancient evil god he plans to resurrect. He hopes it will kill everybody and him too. He was cursed to live and now finds it a maddening burden
68 Krissiara Thantan was spurned by a cad and now wants all men dead or undead period. Her army is growing but none suspect her, a rich noble widow of being to blame. When people realize only men being killed males panic and go on withch burning frenzy if she isnt stopped
69 Cinnibar Moontree has been summoning other worldly lovers to her bedchamber. Fed up with mere humans not respecting her romantic epics about herself, she has called on the deathof the leading writers and literate persons of the land. Scribes, bookmakers, printers all in the written trades are her victims. Most become undead monsters and run riot till killed. Locals are turning on the literate
70 Chrassus Bloodtoungue a sophisticated cannibal seeks to taste all races, ages and creeds for comparison and exotic adventurers might just be the thing. His lover the ghoul queen supports him with ghouls in droves
71 Hrastus Nightspear wields a terrible black level draining staff that feeds her power. She has been on a murder spree but in between dwells in a city crypt with her mummy lover
72 Ganron Fragglaris specializes in making undead burrowing insects which he uses to break walls down for his orc and beastmen allies
73 Noisetta Palengmar was tired of being told to be quiet by male necromancers so she developed means to ritually torture a elfmaid to create banshees. Her first use when she killed all her rival members at their all male club. Now she has been doing it to wipe out frontier villages then raises them to be her slaves - she will only deal with female spell casters
74 Herog Ghaantrey is building a land leviathan of stone, bone and twisted flesh to lead his armies, a mobile Ziggurat of necrotic evil power. He is preparing and army to escort it but plucky do gooders might stop him before it becomes mobile
75 Vorsus Blackfang is a master poisoner who uses unseen servants to poison others then he robs them. He started small but works himself to killing small towns with necrotic gas. Nowdays he uses undead to hurl barrels of venom into wells by night. He may even pretend to be a victim of poison to throw of investigators
76 Mysteriosa a sadistic masked beauty who steals from grave goods with her ghoul servants. She revels in the wealth and mostly hordes it. She has just begun to run out of rich pickings and now seeks rich travellers
77 Kaeg Maalor has developed use of human skin vellum undead skin like scrolls, so he has been skinning victims and making skinless zombies his servants. Locals dont apreciate his innovation.
78 Bhuttran Gehesporg has erected a huge quivering tower of living flesh filled with undead infested slimy tunnels. He lives in his horror ecology of undead meat to the living world outside. The tower has been moving and has crushed several farms raising attention of locals
79 Funesirra Doneseris lives in a sunken funeral barge thanks to his ring of water breathing. He now sends his monsters to raid coastal and river side areas. His sea undead ride undead dolphins and bring him riches and more loot. He uses sea elf spell book making techniques
80 Vothrang Arbest tried to befriend elves but they found him a repulsive loser. Now he hunts and kills them for undead and has even made undead from sylvan creatures, plants and more. In his lab he building a horror from many beings he believes will host his spirit some day
81 Serra Vrontarg keeps undead wolfs to steal livestock and kill peasants who complain about him. His terror increases over the area and vampire lords have sent him two vampire wolves to serve him.
82 Penell Grumfrug has zombie and skeleton labour on his farm. Occasionaly a pig eats a zombie but business is mostly good he thinks with no wages. Chickens peck chunks off zombies and cows lick salty excretions on skeletons. Bits of workers drop in and contaminate the food. His inferior corpse tainted products have caused some health problems and sickness and a lynchmob want party to help them end this
83 Dorrisa Klagwar thinks zombies just need a makeover to make acceptable, she soaks them in fragrant oil and spice, does their hair with ribbons and flowers and gives them nice frocks. Villagers still not impressed so she now plans to kill hem all
84 Mortserg Blatzentarg has evidence world is made from corpse of a primordial beast killed by gods and plans to restore it to life. He has been gathering artifacts and remains of gods to aid his research. So far he has just caused earthquakes but local priests have dreams that the end is comming
85 Kalam Orrives has raised several undead giants and is gathering more. Locals don't believe he means well and have raised a puny reward to stop him
86 Rystella Junidrang a great beauty had her favorite pony die and has become a necromancer. Now her skeleton tended stables are full of undead steeds. Pleased about this and angry at world for letting ponies die she leads her nightmare cavalry to lay waste to villagers. Her own pony has been enhanced and even has a huge bone horn like a parody of a unicorn. Druids and elves have put price on her head, while other world craving necromancers seek to woo her to gain cavalry force
87 Eristrara Behthoroth has her zombies enhanced by hobgoblin smiths with spikes, amour, built in weapons, and even suicide models with explosives. Building her experimental army of necrocyborgs but needs testing by killing travellers
88 Adiqqua Morsoth is builting a tower made of zombies and skeletons, bound by sinew and skin and bone to the moon. He hopes to conquer it and stay there. In the meantime he needs thousands of bodies and nobody wants to volenteer. What is a poor necromancer to do?
89 Klerndar Rumdash a clan of evil wreckers headed by this villain sink ships and send out undead to drown survivors and help loot ship. Sharks were a problembut now some undead ones serve the clan. From their hidden cave they meddle with lighthouses and place false signals to wreck ships 
90 Robyn Nightbane a former bard turned to necromatic arts, played with an undead orchestra but disappointing. Has kidnapped audiences she keeps in animated skeletons built as chairs that hold prisoners and force them to watch and clap. Prisoners are force fed and if die become new band members or chairs. Off beat undead are sent on kidnapping patrols
91 Gondra Snaggletooth is the last of a clan of wicked magicians driven into caves generations ago. Cannibal bandits often degenerate and inbred or even mutated are all that remain of clan, only he still casts spells on human skin book deep in caves. He has new ambition for clan and they have been grave robbing to build an army
92 Eldremstarg the wizard of Dungdale village claims they are haunted by an evil necromacer and pays them to kill him. Only problem the villain is his own split personality who by night makes the streets unsafe. The evil personality is prepared for the party and knows plenty about them. When evil he wears a black hood
93 Grundlaff the Black uses zombie halflings to do his bidding, stealing magic treasures and delivering them to him from all across the world. He pretends to be a kindly old codger who hangs around fringes of hobbit areas when really he serves a dark god and has promised him an evil relic if found
94 Radi Pemnock has perfected means of creating undead flying severed heads and has created many variant spells. Locals tormented by flaming skulls, snapping zombie and ghoul heads and more. Other necromancers sending aprentices and gold to buy these important discoveries
95 Volrus Kantigen a fabulously obese man with a palanquin hauled by skeletons. He likes to eat roast zombie animals while his army raise villages to find him new foodstuffs. If killed his huge corpse bursts into a mess of parasites and surprised looking imps
96 Honourius Sangfen was a teacher who's students so disappointed him he made them undead. Over years he has been attempting to teach more intelligent undead spells with mixed success. Recently alarms when out when village priest killed by ghouls with magic missile spells. His black school fallen into ruin and he dwells in cellar teaching ghouls and wights and rewards them with cutlets made from villagers, curious visitors and troublemakers
97 Karag Slagfen has travelled to north and made zombie walrusses he has taken home and set loose in the swamps. Locals live in terror and Karag wondering what other exotic undead species relocations he can try
98 Talinda Crowstharn turned to craft when her familiar Mr Bunny killed. Now she surrounds herself at home in undead monsters - her new "bunnies". She hires adventurers to get her monster corpses and should take some time before she shows her demented true nature. She might even flirt with a animal loving adventurer. Restoring Mr Bunny to life might make her reform
99 Herogi Patamis started making undead on sly as student to do his chores and went on studying forbidden lore for years before killing his master and taking the black books in his collection. Party sent by other wizard to seek information from book to find wizard and most students dead and books gone
100 Goram Gorak has been using undead vultures to trade spells across world with other necromancers. Good wizards are alarmed by progress of evil necromancers over last few years and spread of dark and lost ways. If hunted and killed in his tower, roll 1d4+1 other necromancers on table who try to avenge or resurrect him

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