Tuesday, 17 September 2013

d100 Monster Babies

Apologies to mothers everywhere these could be curses, mutations, science or sorcery based freak pregnancies. Many monsters abuse women and some divine beings promise to restore virginity of maidens as they are so holy.

Hows Mum?

1 Normal and happy with loving husband nearby

2 Normal seeming, husband missing
3 Oblivious to condition so far
4 Normal but mum wont say secret shame of fathers identity
5 Mum had some funny dreams now this
6 Mum looking for husband fast
7 Mom homeless and lost, driven from home
8 Mum unconscious, oddly marked with tattoo, brand or scar
9 Mum demands urgent medical or religious attentions
10 Mum seems normal but strange and voluminous appetites
11 Mum seeks bloodthirsty revenge on "father"
12 Mum pursued by strange sect she is evading
13 Mum hears voices telling her all is well, feels calm
14 Mum insane and looking forward to her little angel
15 Mum suicidal wont say why
16 Mum insane and hostile
17 Mum in shock, memory loss from trauma
18 Mum in a coma
19 Mum knows daddy a monster doesn't care
20 Mum is a cultist and quite happy with everything

Monster Babies
1 Giant carnivorous worm with paralyzing tentacles 
2 Giant wasp grub, eats then cocoons then bursts free as adult
3 Giant crayfish with aggressive nippers
4 A baby zombie will gnaw out if hindered
5 A doppelganger shape shifter exploits and abuses humans
6 Dominator, psionic mutant charms mum and anyone around her from womb
7 Necromancer, animates dead from womb, mum followed by zombie babies
8 A minotaur monster
9 A beastfolk of a random type or most common in area
10 A giant, huge at first but grows to "adult" human by age 6 then keeps growing
11 A shoggoth like horror covered in tentacles
12 A invisible shoggoth like horror with normal looking twin, a witch child
13 A witch child with strange powers, smart beyond years with strange mental powers
14 A Siamese twin mutant
15 A sub human cave person, strong, savage, fails to use basic text
16 An animal like a gorilla, goat, crocodile, baboon, wolf, dolphin, snake
17 A were beast, often hostile and deadly at birth if mum not a were beast
18 Child is monster messiah and strange forces and other monsters protect it
19 Child is spawn of angelic being, illuminated and wise beyond years, hard to harm
20 A mess of small creatures like frogs, newts, lizards, rats, centipedes
21 Baby part fishman but symptoms don't develop till later, merely odd in meantime
22 Baby not going anywhere, dominates mother with mind powers, happy to stay here
23 A large flexible egg of a snake or reptilian
24 A demi humanoid with elf or dwarf of other fey race like features
25 A changeling with goblinoid features, hideous and cries lots
26 A horrifying part demon looking being, hostile to all
27 A demonic being able to look human but at times assumes true demon form
28 A minor being of divine power, thanks everybody, heals mum then flies off into space
29 A crystalline child with strange abilities
30 A child has a second hidden face and evil personality
31 Furry all over but mostly normal
32 Baby has a single huge snaggletooth and rapidly grows into a horrible cruel brute
33 Baby is reincarnation of evil cult master who's cult seek the evil child to make their lord
34 Baby is reincarnation of a great sage that good monks seek to identify and defend
35 Demons or devilish beings appear and demand the child
36 Strange skin colour but mostly normal
37 Child has a huge chaos gem in their belly button
38 Child is a satyr or a centaur like being
39 Child climbs walls and spins webs, develops other spider like features
40 Child a hermaphrodite or siamese twin, has a talent for alchemy and philosophy 
41 Child cold resistant and healthy, hears voices in the north winds
42 Child fire resistant and pyromaniac
43 Child constantly attacked by snakes but amazingly kills them all, grows very strong
44 Child born with skin hood over face, becomes prophet or seer, sees strange things
45 Baby is a dinosaur
46 Baby is made of vegetal matter with green skin, feels kinship to all plants
47 Baby is an amphibious octopoid who behaves according to its early treatment
48 Baby has a tail
49 Baby has horns (only buds when born)
50 Baby is an ogre and grows to be a monstrous brute
51 Baby is a troll and savage beyond reckoning
52 Baby a reincarnated druid and can shape shift into a animal like a bird or salmon
53 Baby swaps place with monster twin who dwells in other plane at times of danger
54 Baby is a cyclops
55 Happy baby just with a few tentacles and a fang
56 Baby is a gelatinous horror that expands into a living gate that lets monster through
57 Baby is a floating brain with tentacles and a beak
58 Baby is a floating head which shoots rays from its eye stalks
59 Baby bursts into flames in normal atmosphere
60 Baby is a grey skinned huge black eyed freak from the stars
61 Baby is a tiny little human who
can speak as an adult
62 Glowing baby radiates lethal energy when born
63 Poison baby skin deadly to the touch
64 Baby can fly and is as strong as an adult
65 Baby breathes water and loves to swim like a fish
66 Baby has a beard and looks like he understands everything, does not cry
67 Baby has strange feeding apparatus like a prehensile tongue or extendable jaws
68 Baby releases stinking cloud if scared
69 Baby has chameleon skin
70 Baby looks dead and rotten but seems healthy but likes to play dead lots
71 Baby has fangs and drinks only blood till older and loses teeth
72 Baby shoots heat rays from his eyes
73 Baby can teleport or walk through walls at times
74 Baby vomits deadly corrosive acid
75 Baby has savage claws and teeth, can run on all fours
76 Baby is a fleshy pyramid with one eye and wings that tries to fly away
77 A flock of birds fly out never to be seen again

78 A horrible rat creature with a human face
79 A corossive ball of slime hostile to all
80 Looks like a baby but a shape shifting fleshy horror in reality that can mimic objects
81 Child can levitate, has puny body and mind powers, hates less evolved but Mumsy
82 A litter of adorable kittens, puppies or bunnies
83 Baby is a clone of mum from a long line of parthenagenic clones
84 Baby is biomechanical life form
85 Baby is albino with IR sight and superior smell and hearing, likes digging
86 Baby is evil miscoloured dwarf
87 Baby morphs from mother and can fuse with multiple fleshy beings and control them
88 A huge intelligent snake that tries best to flee and hide
89 Baby has fly head and loves rotten meat, later grows wings, likes to buzz people
90 Baby can talk and swears like a sailor demanding access to vice, booze, smokes, etc
91 Baby talks, gives everyone unwanted medical and spiritual advice
92 Baby talks, here to warn of great danger to world, after crisis normal and healthy
93 Baby talks, demands luxury, rapidly grows into sinister adult who abandons mom
94 Baby an inside out looking horror but otherwise healthy and normal
95 Baby has wings: insect, bat or bird, constantly getting into trouble
96 Baby made of precious metal but otherwise healthy and very beautiful
97 A mess of stinging gelatinous tendrils
98 A tiny dragon which tries to escape by flying away
99 An Imp, probably a wise guy starts mouthing off "what are you looking at bub?"
100 A huge croaking frog

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