Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Exile Island - New Villages

As some time has passed in my game world probably about 30 months or 36 including previous party ramblings about and the leading powers of the Empire have chilled out and focused on settling new lands cooperatively. I still have to map the north which is feature of high level giants war coming up. The Highland kingdom and the new mountain lands belonging to the players have to be detailed next. Some other sections of the city can be detailed too like the mariners district. Scale on the city map wrong too. Started writing up new EMO DnD Houserules and looking better than my last attempt. I will make some hard copies with colour maps too.

The party having moved into the territorial phaze of DnD where they can start to change the civilized map. Exploration should be easier with flying eagles. After a years time jump the heroes are rich and more ingrained in Islands politics and economics. I am going a bit Pendragon here with a solo each, some micro management of their businesses and holdings.

Yearly events for cities, kingdoms, empires, villages, religions, syndicates, military syndicates and schools might be handy to develop for high level play. Of course when you make it, old friends, family and enemies tend to turn up. Doing PC sheets for greatest followers now too.

Like Pendragon this Game I am doing a Solo phase for each

Milknog the Druid will face an angry Giant who is unimpressed at his kin being betrayed then killed and sacrificed. This will help kick off Giant Wars.

Emy the Bird Wizard finds orcs menacing Hippogriffs and gets a chance to tame a flock/herd

Zorg the Sorcerer has some assasins after him over his drug empire

Linden the Bard has some Angry reptilians angered over him redecorating their pre human temple

The only real enemy about is a Lich who may try to recruit some of their weaker or dead foes into a new team. Off to read more Gygax gorefests with the giant series. Will modify story of this campaign and use for party to expand mountain holdings before going to the underlands. 20th is as far as I am willing to take my current DnD antics. Apotheosis will take care of players at that point. I look forward to some Psychon games and even a new 1st level Exile Island party.

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