Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Gamelog: Gold, Gore & Glamour

Well the party has gone through a few shakeups and changes since looting the great dungeon of the archmage Iggwilv. First the party got back to gnome vale and gave some cockatrice crowns to the gnome king and queen. Divided up gold to 50 000 each and a mountain of gems and items. So party have claimed the mountains of personal property and taken a valley each for a private domain and settled the cave dwelling refugees they met earlier into the awesomely named Mountainville. They are famed collectively as the Mountain Lords.

The artifact was claimed by the Highland King and the Emperor but the Barron of Shadelport sent a well done letter and said he made no claim and artifact wasn't worth bother. So party gave it to the Elfking. Taking the secret Druid gateway to Elfland beyond the mountains he rewarded them with some stat points and some nice items (he is a god). Emy who has loved him from afar got to talk to him as she has 22 INT, he thought her a good conversationalist for a mortal (she has been very lucky).

Linden the bard is an emisary of the Highland king and has taken over the serpent temple as a bard school and resort for the rich of Shadelport near the Marshtown village. Dwarf friends chiseled away all cult insignia and cleaned place up. Saved 20,000 and expects trouble from reptilian cult. Has kept a storehouse in Dwarf dungeon near Whitetower, formerly the Dukedom of Goblin Mountain (goblins extinct there after party visit). Has a log cabin in a valley for secluded writing and privacy. His loyal servant Bambi has a small gang in Shadelport from parties old house. BarBar the Dwarf has made contact with the mountain Dwarfs. Linden kept some shiny jeweled scabbards and bling for himself. Most awesomely has some magic musical horns, a hat of disguise and a cloak of flying (with bat wings). Has new students acting as tutors and  one year old Gnoll named Shannon (Australian gag sorry). He rides a bear around.

Emy the wizard has gone into the postal business, setting up a bird messenger service with branches in 5 places. Also setting up spybirds and has made personal connection to king of Elfland so party may adventure there. Has giant eagle friends, a magic owl figurine that comes to life, two baby troglodytes, two young pet cockatrices and other avian friends. In bad areas she sends undead buzzards. Has her own secret valley inaccessible without flight for her tower were her students train. Douglas her bodyguard (F8) and her shool friend Hel (W8) and two senior apprentices (W4) still serve her and work in her post offices. She has the Demonomicon and spells to seriously mess with evil demons. With her godlike brains not many spells are secret to her for long. She got helm of reading languages and a esp medallion from the Elfking.

Humblezorg has renamed himself Righteous Zorg the first and taken on the evil Black Lotus Cult to a standstill and is now the supplier for the Island. Wanted to go east and take over the cult but actually they have a cruel mountain kingdom of evil monks and sorcerers on the great eastern continent. The city secret police were pleased and and gave him thanks. He has a tavern with a hidden pleasure chamber beneath it in the drains and has a hidden valley pleasure dome for his cult in the mountains. Recruited fanatics over apprentices who will die for his whims. His hellcat departed having failed to turn him evil. Modrons came down showering him with praise and gave him visions of the Modronic plane (a bit like Tron). Wasn't impressed and rejected offers of more power of being a champion of cosmic law. Kept his LE witch clarrissa as his girl and she runs day to day business of his drug cult he doesn't want to know about. He calls himslef lawful indifferent. His old man at arms Garry turned up to serve him now cat gone. Elfking gave him an intelligent teleportation staff and a protection ring.

Bloodknock built a stone circle in a valley by tricking Giants then sacrificed them. Then threw a evil smart sword into a volcano and abandoned his blood druid path. Has a gnome wife and daughter to think of so wants to be nicer so renamed himself Milknog. Has taken all his followers as goats. Built a temple also. Spent his time appeasing new druid order. Has a healing and snake staff in one and some other nicknacks. His gnome allies are pleased and he is a pillar of the community. Still hopes to befriend sea kingdoms and has used water breathing powers to explore sea and subtereanean rivers there. With a little help from divination power.

A few old enemies including the fishcult and whitelady returned. The party followers wiped out the fish cult and chased the leader off again. They also nabbed the white lady and handed her to the Duke of Whitetower and they burned her for her crimes. Party cant be bothered with crap like this now.

We have gotten to major change in play style here more like Pendragon rpg. Party now affect kingdoms and fate of the Island with many enemies. Record keeping and rule checking time for spells etc increasing too. Will keep going a while yet but I believe our desire to play high level dnd will be sated by this. Also increasingly hard to join a game at this stage.

Have a few battles to finish control of mountains then will face the Giant Wars!

Will rewrite classic giant-underdark-lolth adventures and should get party to 16th level over at least 7 sessions. After that will be plane hopping and demigod slaying till 20th level. In my game that means apotheosis. Godling status and retirement.


  1. That header illustration is great...book cover? Tsojcanth by the book with a 10th level party is a bit of a cakewalk. Much of the G&D series is too low for the 10-12 range.

  2. Tsojcanth was not too easy 8th when started - plenty of pets and followers died and were restored and plenty of near kills. Xorn was worst and demons summoning more pals sucked too. No wandering monsters could be changed to make more deadly - plenty of spots to rest in caves. G series is 8-12 and I will rewrite a bit to tie in with characters pasts. Me being unused to how much power these guys can dish out now. Even bard is a menace and rarely bothers with melee now.


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