Thursday, 5 September 2013

Some Little Rule Mods and Class Struggle

A few ideas Ive had of late

Poison Resistant NWP or a 2nd lv spell mod?
10% off effect durations -1 per dice from damaging poison effects
lethal poisons death = alive 1 hp, cannot heal till poison perged in a month or remove poison spell

I prefer some people surviving as an ability or spell than everybody not being scared and  not caring about poison because you just lose a few stat points for a  few days. Yet is still dangerous it can be dealt with a bit. This could have a duration if a spell 1ur/lv as well if too good and make players rush more to save someone while later spell makes easy to not worry. Cast on a sucker if poisoned to bring them back from certain death by poison (CON Rounds after coma effect). I prefer this to slow poison. I have allowed a healer NWP to cpr a body for hours to save someone with a breathing paralysis based poison that lasts an hour.


Seeing bard in play for a while and playing other DnD and watching bards im tempted to make them able to sing and fight or cast a spell and play instrument NWP plus some power enhancing fx NWP. Bard did seem to struggle a bit at 3-6 but kept up and saved all a few times and language and knowledge good. Letting bard take choice spell list/system was gold. Druidic bard at tenth lv can summon well, rides a bear which he restores to life with a raise animal spell. Has stopped many threatening encounters and has good followers.

Im gonna time warp my party next DnD session a year at least. Has become very handy and now turns humanoids to fight each other. Song got used more and more but probably not a lot early on. Has been fun to test. Monk a bit broken. Rest fine.

Multi Classing for BX
Planet Psychon got me thinking about funny combo BX classes like Elf3/Dwarf3 to be bizarre but if i exclude weird class=race combos it doesn't seem so silly now.

Need a trainer
of name level who will teach you (harder to un-train you dolt!) for first new level until you exceed the old level then you can grow just lie any other character.

INT 13-15 one additional class max may change at 5th level
INT 16-17 two additional class max
may change at 4th level
INT 18-19 three additional class max
may change at 3rd level
INT 20-21 four additional class max may change at 2nd level
INT 22+ change from class to class as please and back

1st level NWP/Languages/WP are the most you ever get in game. When changing class just add all your levels then compare to when your current class says you would get new class skills. Use same formula for saving throws. Spells use level in relevant class for power of effect.

Your new class does not automaticly train you in use of better armour or shields, you have to learn that yourself with WP slots. Otherwise default to your first class armour and sheild use. You must train in the weapons allowed by your new class but may still use any previous armour or weapons. You can use all powers at the level of the class that uses them.

9HD max even if split into multiple classes

Humans can pick a new class but not a race based one in most cases (a wish or a god would help or a reincarnation spell).

Race based classes can pick these non race classes:
Elf -
warrior, bard, druid, priest, sorcerer, wizard, rogue, monk
Dwarf - warrior, priest, rogue, bard, monk
Halfling - warrior, bard, priest, druid, rogue
Tako - warrior, bard, rogue, sorcerer, wizard, monk
Gnome - warrior, bard, sorcerer, wizard, druid, priest, rogue

All living races have Psionics and Shamen as options

Changing back to an old class costs the same as if a new class - require mentor and have a limit on changes ever based on INT, but changing between classes you already have levels in can be changed every level rather than intelligence limit. Races can change back to their own racial class.

I could just keep simple and use int mod for total changes

I have tried in play now - possibly works better for nonhuman and physichal types for 3 levels then go magic or weird. Most classes would suffer a bit really. Monks surprisingly a good option at any stage. Could suit some campaigns and means monster races problem solved. Better role playing choice than raw power mostly but 3 levels as a monk or rogue or warrior then change to a magic class. Could be theme of campagn. Good for beast men, monster humanoids and more.

Elves and bards can pick any spell list. Bards allow races to acess spell types not normally possible.

As my elves
can pick any spell list taking another caster class can can be interesting.
This gives another reason to not have paladins and rangers yet i still keep thinking about them. I like cyclopedia where a warrior can adopt a prestige class type role. Despite my creating now about 3 systems to make irrelevant im still temped. This could let a warrior turn to a priest and be a paladin?

Clever class choices like monks best for WP and NWP at 1st level

This is a great halfway house to adnd seperate class race system

Will save other race projects Beastmen and humanoid races

Best of all makes suggesting interesting villains and characters

17 INT start as elf
changes to
monk at 4thchanges to bard at 4th

finished but...
If he spends level gain stat points on Int....
by 3rd level can
have int 18
and change back to a monk at 11th

did npc follower as 6th level warrior and 3rd level gome that worked well

catman wizard fun too

Class Struggle
Mostly i do things in groups of four, i have cast a wide net of maybes here

Have considered "a book of beast" some good for SF too:
Beastmen - savage animen hybrids made by gods and magicians
Animal Spirits - sophisticated shape shifter folk of spirit world
Sacred Beasts - awakened magical animals from other side
Lycanthropes -
were beast shape shifter killers of many species

Other Dumb Ideas I'm fighting but might do for fun anyway:
Paladin - holy hunters of undead and other planar evil
Ranger - sylvan holy hunters of the woods
Assassin - old school or newschool magic ninja?
Barbarian - every bodies fave berserk wizard killing damage sponge

Put Gnome in with elf, dwarf and halfling and make up a gonzo race group with tako and others...


Maybe this is a silly idea

Considered classes to play gamma world
beast men and sacred beast would work fine here too


I liked dragon 72 version of cavalier, but just take a warrior and lotsa horse skill and weapons of your culture and maybe be an alignment fanatic to represent honour - do same for an elf

Revise my humanoids orcs and hobgoblins will get bigger command radius leadership like warrior also with the multi-classing rules.
Need to revise orcs most.
Considered giants - dumb fighter d12 hd, 1st lv 6 foot tall, grow a foot per level +1 STR every second lv - bloodline powers might be fun

Alchemist can just alt spell casting system really but i am inspired by some art of alchemists creating life and dragons in bottles which i never have seen in fantasy really

Runes or diabalist (paladium) script based magic - scrolls or stones are read or activated
My friend doing a tatoo wizard i have seen a few

I always liked idea of race like character Orlando immortals who change gender but an elf subtype would hit it. Elves probably need a rewrite. Beast men might be way to go as next one i do.

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