Tuesday, 24 September 2013

How 30 Day Challenge Ruined My Life

I started looking at doing 30 day challenge then stopped myself. Ive said this stuff all before. I could have just linked to my past blogs for most. So when I finish work or are bedridden and I wanna kill some time I look to my peers to entertain me and concluded the 30 day challenge spoiled this pleasure and made the blogscape repetitive and boring. Just the same way my favorite FB groups have been killed by people selling their commercial product, boasting about their latest purchase and waxing lyrical about some sentimental product of the past. Gaming for me isn't about product. It is about ideas and creativity. Products are good for ideas, just having one doesn't magically do much. They are just frameworks. Dying with biggest collection of product doesn't make you winner.

So rather than just knock something like my Dad I propose the questions I wanna see from my peers and only have a dozen so my blogger comrades can get to what they really are best at. Entertaining me with wild ideas and creativity. Furthermore If you wanna do it in one go good. System and genre neutral.

12 Questions from the Octopi Lord:
  1. What is your favorite villain you ever challenged players with?
  2. What is your favorite organization behind wrong-doing in your setting?
  3. What is the most interesting location you ever staged a battle in?
  4. What is the most interesting chase scene you ever had in a game?
  5. What is the most evocative scenic location you have used in a game?
  6. What is the most interesting one-of-a-kind unique monster in your games?
  7. What is the most tantalizing artifact, relic or tech you have ever used in game?
  8. What is the most world shattering thing a player has ever got up to in your settings?
  9. What is the strangest death of a character in game you have run?
  10. What is the most intriguing challenge, trap, or non combat obstacle in your games?
  11. What is most interesting ability or character option you have added to your game
  12. What is the strangest mash up or weirdest system hack you have made in gaming?
Ill do mine next time as this much awesomeness is too thrill powered for me right now.


  1. Asked and answered, oh quivering one:


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