Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Gamelog: Smackdown of the Hill Giant Cheiftain

So the heroes faced personal attacks.

Milknog the reformed druid was in his holy hidden valley with his followers raising baby sylvan monsters whe a hill giant arived seeking his 3 dead brothers. When he was still Bloodnog he tricked them into building megaliths then killed and sacrificed them. The newly reformed Druid confessed as he wont lie now and showed the remains rotting in the woods. Giant was outraged and Milknog offered to reincarnate them. One as a kobold, the other a gnoll and one a orc. Giant not impressed scooped up his brothers and took them home muttering. The druid has found passage to sea and scouted the semi tropical volcanic jungle island off the coast from afar. Crawling in dinosaurs and ruins.

Linden was enjoying a full house when alarmed students said lizard men outside. Put on his crown of reptilian speech and walked out. They demanded their temple and gods crown back and accused him of sacrilege. Had a duel with lizard hero and won. Charmed lizard men leaders with song, convinced them to be his friends even though he killed the Naga they worshiped. They abandoned their god and will now be his allies and worship the Goddess of local town in her serpent form. Helped the lizard men and heard from king of Highlands of giants driving wildmen into his lands. These had never been peaceful before and were now begging for protection from giants.

Zorg the no longer humble was in his pleasure pit with city rich youths when several died. After third time he detected evil to find an assasin. "Your poison is too mild for me" said the sorcerer. The angry cult assassin attacked and Zorg melted the hit mans dagger, burning his hand. Then sent him to sleep with a spell. Found poison tooth capsule and replaced it with truth serum. Revealed the Lotus cult unimpressed with him seizing their western dealership. Wh cares thought Zorg and went back to party. Someone get those corpses out of here.

Emy had a giant eagle tell her of Hippogriffs besieged by orcs in a cave and with Sir Douglas her guard and Her School Chum Hell, they flew via eagle to the site and blasted 70 orcs with multiple lightning bolts. With her superhuman brains she does best lightning ricochets. Blasted Hippogriffs free and they all hunted and killed all the orcs. Hooray. One had scroll mentioning bring hippogriffs to giants HQ written in dark elf. Emy had heard from eagles of two hidden forest lands to the north. She asked Lindens Elf Wife about them.

Giantland is a primordial kingdom where giant tribes met to wage war on man, the gods, dragons, elves and everybody. Every thousand years the become enraged and attack everyone. Now is about due. The other land was an important kingdom in past but elves and men of that land all killed when that kingdom fell aeons ago.

So party jump on giant eagles and ride to opening of giant land for a peek. See huge wooden hall. With drink sodden guards and orc slaves hauling out buckets of giant vomit out back.

"Those giants love their grog!", remarked someone
"We should get them drunk and sneak in while they are messed up", said Emy
"You mean just like they are right now" replied someone

So murdered first few sleeping guards, got int0 servant passages and grabbed an orc. Orc let them in on situation and offered to help. Party attacked kitchen and killed ogres and giantesses and freed the orcs.

Then into the feasting hall, with giant nobles and other breed ambassadors at one table. Two tables of hill giant warriors and some ogre butlers at work serving them. Milknog tried advocating peace and letting them be but gave in to party beating his drums of terror. This scared away orcs but Linden called a horde of 22 zero level men at arms with his magic horn, other beasts like wargs and giant rats were summoned including several elementals.

Wave after wave of magic blasts thinned the giants who killed almost all the militia men before Linden blew again. Emy and Hel got excellent blasts frying all the dignitaries seated, killing several stone dead. Party was a magical wave of fury. Eventually everyone hurt and Hell nearly killed. Dwarf best armoured in party barely got a scratch. Monsters killed totaling over 70 deaths in room. Leader escaped. Most over the top fight in my game yet.

My next trick is to convince them to keep looking around despite wounds and lack of spells, to stop the chief. Should finish module next session. Actually i really like this format 12 pages + maps + cover. Gonna be printing zines on hemp this year.

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