Monday, 18 January 2021

Wasteland Decor

So im running my Gamma Oz - Planet Psychon game in the future and prep ping and adding some stuff I missed as one of my friends has been off work and we've been hanging watching vids and ineffectively recovering from 2020 and its leftovers. 

So other games I will go for in prepping:
Gammaworld - 2nd ed retro science fantasy and baseline of this gaming genre. 2nd ed box, first 2 modules and the book of tech are probably the best items
Mutant Epoch - amazingly dense content, illustrations and nastiness. I think If I ran it I would make monsters as sexually threatening to male characters, it seems only fair 
Umerica - a gonzo post apoc setting for DCC that is dripping with gonzo world lore
Darwins World - slightly grittier than Gamma World and somewhat nasty by d20 game standards the sourcebook are full of stuff and interesting developed adventures
Fallout - to be fair is my fave computer game

The monster books for Mutant Epoch and Umerica are amazing and some of better monster books ever. Umerica leans into the more magic and gonzo vibe.

As this game will also have dnd spells and monsters especially when characters leave region possibly.  I've considered loosely expanding trade routes to other major cities in reach of Broken Hill. To sunken Adelaide, Undead and gang filled Sydney or mutant warzone Melbourne all as 3folds. 

Ive done tables like this for my roadwar game this is just for quick detail while travelling for a few features I can generate for an encounter or place to meet or rest.

d10 Quick Wasteland Decor Catagories
01 Farm
02 Water 
03 Wreckage
04 Infrastructure
05 Transport 
06 Dirt
07 War
08 Animals
09 Vegetation
10 Wild wonders

d100 Wasteland Decor
01 Rusted scraps of horse-drawn farm machinery
02 Rusted old tractor or other farm machine
03 Fenceposts and tattered remains of fenceline
04 Remains of old rusted farm gate
05 Tiny ruined farm shack d4 1=worker 2=storage 3=animal 4=water pump
06 Sprawling wrecked agri mecha stripped of parts
07 Burned farm shack
08 Cattlegrid on-road 1in6 includes are for loading livestock on truck
09 Remains of straggling crops look like were cared for now wild
10 Ruined colonial stone farmhouse 1in6 lair of creature or gang
Windmill with a water trough
12 Water tanks often rusted or algae-filled
13 Irrigation pipes and weed overgrown fields
14 Irrigation ditches overgrown with weeds and still muddy
15 Dirty ditch and weeds of tainted water 1in6 with skeleton near
16 Huge pipeline covered in graffiti 
17 Outdoor toilet shack with a pit of sewerage underneath
18 Small dam with some reeds d4 1=game birds 2=fish 3=giant yabbies 4= game animals
19 Water trough for farm animals 1in6 animal near
20 Water tower, some concrete, some on stilts
21 Piles of old tyres
22 Badly mangled bicycles and bones
23 DItch with 2d6+6 corpses
24 Bones in a heap scattered over area mostly cattle 1in6 human
25 Scrap built roadblock on trail
26 Rusty barrels partially buried 1in6 toxic or radioactive waste
27 Rubble remains of house and pile of trash
28 Huge pit or quarry full of garbage and salvage
29 Recycling station, partially fenced off and automated
30 Rubble remains of fuel station/roadhouse burned and stripped long ago
31 Antenna communications tower
32 Rows of mostly fallen over vintage telegraph or electrical poles of wood
33 Sattelite dish 1in6 fenced off with a shack
34 Remains of colonial era railway tracks
35 Remains or bridge or raised highway overpass
36 Remains of monorail or high-speed maglev trail line
37 Small emergency airstrip with shack and windsock
38 Solar farm 1in6 a faction here recharging technology
39 Wind farm with d6+6 huge wind turbines 1in6 chance of a lair
40 Remains of an automated aquafarm
41 Burned out car wreck
42 Partially stripped vehicle wreck still with parts
43 Burned out bus or truck
44 Dozen of more vehicle bodies in various condition
45 Industrial mech wreck on building site
46 Chokepoint on the road where at least several dozen car wrecks trapped, some burned out
47 Wrecked cars upright partially buried with crucified corpses and gang tags
48 Rest stop with firepit, d4 tables and d4-1 car wrecks 
49 Light aircraft wreck 1=jetcopter 2=personal flyer 3=farm ultralight 4=crashed drone
50 Wrecked aircraft 1=passenger jet 2=cargo airship 3=space junk 4=millitary dropship
Dirt tracks of bikes from regular gang use or animals often connecting water sources
52 Pit d4 1= filthy water 2=into some complex 3=trapped zombies 4=angry animal
53 Several graves under stone piles with simple memorials d6 possible loot on bodies
54 Area drowned in sand 
55 Huge piles of gravel
56 Small quarry pit now flooded pool with steep edges 1in6 has a old rope
57 Remains of open pit mines d6, some may have tainted water
58 Small fenced off colonial era mine pit with neglected warning sign
59 Fenced off mine pit with warning signs
60 Sprawling quarry site with d6-1 wrecked mining machines 
61 Huge impact crater from war or space junk
62 Craters with strange coloured pools and vegetation
63 Huge sprawling rubble complex with battle damage from the war
64 Remains of emergency checkpoint
65 Remains of a watchtower
66 Armoured personnel car wreck burned in a ditch
67 Remains of mecha battle hundreds of years ago, ruined half-buried mechs
68 Shell casings and spent batteries and signs of firefight
69 Skeletal remains of soldiers looted and scattered about long ago
70 Wrecked tanks, battle mecha and warborgs, good but contaminated scrap
71 Bug swarm d4 1=flies 2=locusts 3=mosquitoes 4=fleas 5=cocroaches 6=spiders

72 Animal swarm d4 1=mice 2=rabbits 3=canetoads 4=poison snakes
73 Pack of wild dogs or dingos
74 Huge herd of kangaroos or emus
75 See giant burrow of a creature or colony
76 Temporary pond attracted thousands of birds
77 Giant termite nest towers of clay 3-12m tall 
78 Thousands of cheeky parrots eating, nesting, swearing, tearing interesting things apart
79 Shed exoskeleton or skin of some huge hideous creature
80 Giant lizard or frog sunning self on a rock
81 Ancient mutant trees grown to extraordinary height often lair or treehouses
82 Thriving area of forest of exceptional fertility and water thriving with critters
83 Huge tree lower part is a small shack d4 1=prison cell 2=shepherd rest 3=tribal store 4=hide out
84 Herd of tri-frond ambulant plants now wild and aggressive on migration
85 Fields of strange coloured flowers covering vast areas seasonally
86 Strange eerie dead trees
87 Tree has some wreckage in crown d4 1=motorbike 2=car 3=plane 4=boat
88 Tree with crucified victim nailed to it
89 Tree with tribal territorial carvings
90 Pleasant shady trees by road several abandoned vehicle wrecks and bones (lair of ambush predator like dropbears)
91 Small canyon with vegetation and water inside, often a lair or tribe camp
92 Saltflat area with strange coloured deposits that change seasonally

93 Waterfall and flowing creek
94 Tribal rock carvings depicting supernatural beings of Dreamtime lore
95 Strange artwork d4 1=rock sculpture 2=mural 3=graffitti 4=holographic

96 Dried out lake with a boat shed and half-buried boats in the muck
97 Large area burned out in last year by the dangerous fire and some burned out shack
98 Smoke in distance from a local bushfire
99 Strange area of invading ecology d4 1=animated vicious plants 2=animated slimy polyps 3=microscopic life grown to macro proportions 4=fungus
100 Large herd of slowly walking zombies wandering aimlessly in group


  1. I've been a huge fan of the genre most of my life from Apes on up.
    I've been on a fallout kick lately. Playing Fallout New Vegas all the way through for the first time and i bumped off Ceasar way before the game really wanted me to and nothing is different aside from a few people being glad he's dead. As much as I enjoy the occasional computer game it'll still be a while before they are flexible enough to really deal with things RPGs have been able to deal with all along.

    1. i play it once a year
      i still find new stuff everytime
      currently getting arcady follower story


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