Friday 22 January 2021

d100 Things in Sheds and Shacks

This is very interesting for post apoc games and even fallout
I like that various cults might have been legit or survive over centuries

Proposed Atomic Cults For Nuclear Waste Management

Also Australian TV Bush Mechanics a good watch for improvising tech
from worlds oldest survivalists and feel of real wastelands

There are more sheds in Australia than people possibly (fact I just made up).
In rural areas, they are everywhere even in long-unused bushland.
So they are a common sight and this is to help explore them. 
Also good just for small ruins you might explore.

Buildings are characters too. 
One thing fallout does do is have letters and evidence of past events in a building.
What tragedy happened here? Whats the story of it's occupants past and present? Some fragment you find in a shed about a missing child might turn up relevant in some town miles away. Gives you hooks in the world and investigative fun.

Feel free to make have occupants inspired by the contents or just some vagrant or a whole gang of killers eating a human corpse. My current campaign has to check local ruins for unwelcome creatures or squatters. Some turned out to be friends one was a damaged cyborg monster. Currently have a trolley of dead robots and cyborgs they are taking to market.

WIndows? d6-1
Doors? d3
Size? d6 things usually at least 3x3m per thing
Occupants? You decide and some entries will suggest occupants
Past Occupants? Tell some story of the past with material trinkets and writing

d12 Structure Types
roll lower dice for more backward or old fashioned places
1 Old wooden shack, planks or logs
2 Mix stone and wood with a corrugated tin roof 
3 Plaster, wood with 
a corrugated tin roof 
4 Scrap built from trash 
5 Stone colonial style with a corrugated tin roof
6 Brick and cement with a corrugated tin roof
7 Sheet metal over metal frames on a concrete slab
8 Plastic designer structure, partly uv damaged
Recycled materials like tires or bottles or vehicles and earthworks
10 Geodesic dome plastic and durillium
11 Streamlined durillium cargo shipping container or several 
12 Formed polycrete semi-submerged designer structure

d12 Condition
d4-1 rolls per structure
1 Fire damaged
2 Flood-damaged or leaking
3 Vermin damaged (termites, rats, birds)
4 Mould and mildew and fungi
5 Vegetation overgrown, pale roots and tendrils inside
6 Dust over everything, possibly sand or soil-filled
7 Vandalised with gang tags, occult signs and inter-faction obscenities
8 Sewerage or faecal matter everywhere
9 Bloody massacre here, remains and blood
10 Used as a lair by a gang of mutant creature which modified it
11 Good condition and mostly untouched by anything
12 Pre-war pristine, possibly maintained by drones or nanites

d12 Extra Features
1in4 shacks have something extra
1 Campsite out front with some rocks and logs around a fire
2 Corpse with intact equipment possibly of some faction
3 Cache of some faction or gang who hid a crate of loot here
4 Antena or dish on roof with remains of electrical appliances or com system
5 Food preparation area with stove, bench and cooking gear, usually unclean
6 Solar power cells and functioning lights inside
7 Advertisement or sign 1in6 still lights up at night 
8 Very well secured with mechanical locks and chains and shutters 
9 Toilet, range from bucket and seat to high tech chem or food recycler model
10 Laundry wash area with tubs and possibly tap or water tank
11 Garbage heaped around shack might have some hidden good junk
12 Trapped with a d6 devices on door, inside or outside. Often baited with goods

d10 Things in Sheds and Shacks Types
01 Vehicle d6 1=boat 2=d4 bikes 3=groundcar 4=ultralight 5=jet glider 6=d6 bicycles
02 Recreational mostly for relaxing holidays and seclusion from others
03 Residence feel free to make any past tense people into the present occupants
04 Agricultural
05 Storage
06 Junk
07 Machinery
08 Faction cache
09 Vice
10 Weird

 Things in Sheds and Shacks
01 Remains of vintage vehicle shell and many boxes of random parts 
02 Bad condition vehicle was repaired with scrap and in need of parts
03 Wrecked vehicle needs cases and bodywork and parts
04 Vehicle deteriorated with rotten fittings and plastic panels but structure ok
05 Several badly wrecked vehicles stacked in heap and boxes of parts 
06 A stripped car with boxes of various plates and part identity fraud machinery
07 Plastic automated family groundcar requires long gone network to operate
08 Van or light truck with more shed goods inside
09 Scrap built buggy and parts and tools with insignia of a famous road gang
10 Plastic and the ceramic car has melted down with battery chem spill 
11 Hunting shack with bunks, gun locker with 4d archaic long arms, chamo clothes, webbing, cans of beans and instant chilli, case of beer
12 Fishing shack with hats, vests, boxes of hooks, floats, line, weights, a fish trap and rods
13 Large HiFi, beanbags, carpet, fridge, case of beer, headphones, huge bong
14 Band practice area with d4+1 usable instruments, amp, mikes, stands, cases and posters
15 Dance studio with wood floor, wall mirror and amp, dance leotards and leg warmers in fluro colours and faux gold trophies
16 Pet grooming supplies and cages or aquariums and pet food and novelties
17 Small tv or sound studio for ancient podcaster, cases of t-shirts, cups and pamphlets of some ancient hobby or political faction
18 Hot tub, huge round water bed, mirror ball, mirrors, lubricant dispensers, porn mags, huge tv, a bucket of used contraceptives, d6 outlandish sex toys and d4-1 sex robots or androids 1in4 still in original packaging
19 Greenhouse with highly automated set up but overgrown d4 1=flowers 2=mushrooms 3=
20 Large chair, entertainment console, crates of soda, 3d6 ancient plastic idols
21 Several bunks and camping supplies in lockers and board games and puzzles with missing pieces
22 Some loner lived here for years in secret isolation, body in cot, there is food and a cheap weapon and scrap built furniture 1in6 a former pet is now  monster living here still
23 Family struggled to live here until elders died off and the young left, a journal with many writers tells the clans story and hints of some local factions history and characters
24 Elderly couple lived out final years in seclusion here, letters describe children left long ago
25 Cultists lived here in fear of discovery, regular scavenger clothes and weird robes in trunks, strange daggers, braziers, candles and other strange stuff. Diaries describe abusive family life and quest for victims to murder
26 Small farming family lived here for years but moved on as gangs got worse
27 A clan of feral children lived here collecting toys and junk
28 Prospectors used this as a base for exploring on and off for years leaving tools and long-life food and bedding. Lots of low-value scrap goods but good for crafting
29 A gang lived here for several years part of a larger gang in the area, remains of drugs, haircare products, leather spiked belts, parts of bizarre gang costumes and improvised scrap melee weapons
30 Some people hid her in the final years from roaming undead and plague victims, eventually, they succumbed, Bodies here will reanimate as hungry ghouls if disturbed
31 Racks of eggs and an egg incubator and pens for baby birds or reptiles hatchery
32 Sacks of animal feed and straw that crumbles to mostly dust if disturbed
33 Farmers cloning vat with sacks of nutrient formula and long-life sealed embryo pods from a catalogue of exotic creatures. These ones will probably be sheep or cows or pigs, 1in6 are heretige breeds
34 Animal cages and dried animal skins, collections of butchers knives, hooks and sack of salt  
35 Sacks of seed and fertiliser 1in6 a hostile plant creature like a trifrond or podperson plant has moved in or was even being farmed here
36 Several pens where prise animals were once kept with grooming supplies and ribbons 
37 Cryonic tank with prize livestock inside 1in4 could be brought to life with expert vet
38 Laboratory with remains of creatures in vats and records. Replicant rats in long life boxes here were used for testing to simulate living creatures  
39 An agricultural synthetic worker was kept here d4 1=crude humanoid 2=dum android 3=pod with tracks and tools 4=large box with four legs and sensor turret and arm
40 Farm machinery d4 1=tractor 2=harvester 3=agri mecha 4=ultralight flyer
41 Furniture covered in sheets with boxes of house hold items
42 Several engines from jet cars in various condition
43 Building supplies including bricks, lumber, sheet metal and sacks of polymer paste
44 Boxes of books, 8-track tapes, laser disc LPs, Beta cassettes and other outdated media
45 Boxes of old electrical appliances like hifi and kitchen appliances that were old when the apocalypse came
46 Boxes of stuffed toys from an ancient cult
47 Cleaning chemicals, soap, sanitiser and paper towels in boxes
48 Diet supplements and vitamins promising miracle cures and get rich schemes
49 Sacks of clothing 1in6 has some interesting uniform or costume
50 Boxes of toys, games, action figures and game consoles
51 Boxes of mould covered food that looks frightening

52 Boxes of junkmail, newspapers, brochures and business cards
53 Thousands of cans and bottles hoarded for recycling
54 Hundreds of tins of old paint
55 Drums of medical waste
56 Drums of plastic pellets for recycling
57 Cases of recalled long life food with "to be disposed of" stamped on every packet
58 Boxes of bottled wine all turned to vinigar
59 Piles of stacked recycled fence posts
60 Boxes of posters and fan collectables from ancient d6 1=boy band 2=politician 3=internet conspiracy scholar 4=preschool children's cartoon 5=fast food toys 6=sports team
61 Generator and 1in6 has fuel in reserve most empty, runs off biodiesel
62 Recycler machine with hopper produces refined pellets d4 1=paper 2=plastic 3=metal 4=ceramic/glass 
63 Biofuel plant where farm waste and manure where turned into fuel for the farm. Required a living culture to operate 1in6 chance a long life canister is here. The bio-slurry smells revolting
64 Mining equipment often inexplicable and ancient or of more recent construction from scrap
65 Water purifier removes impurities, rads, salt, unwanted chems and fits on a truck, needs power supply
66 Well cap, cistern access or bore pump, water might not be drinkable 
67 Micropile power plant, might be operational 1in6 or require a new atomic fuel cell or possibly repairs and replacement parts 
68 Industrial MIcrofoundy can print various items from data base most specialise and have locks against weapons that may require a hack or clever design to bypass d4 1=polymer plastic 2=duralinium 3=biological 4=ceramic require raw materials and power 
69 Alcohol Distilery required fuel, water and other ingredients and a d4 hundred bottles and some old tubs. Ancient ones need power scrap built need gas or wood fire
70 Light industrial mecha wreck and parts
71 Sacks have been left here or ration packs and d6 waterskins with a faction symbol on them

72 Case of ammunition, a pistol and a d4 pipe bombs and a first aid kit with a faction symbol on them
73 Case of d6 muskets, d4 handguns, d4 daggers with a faction symbol on them
74 Medical case with lots of first aid supplies, a bottle of vodka, doctors bag with a faction symbol on them
75 Cases of beer or wine or hard liquor
 with a faction symbol on them 
76 Sacks of flour, grain and legumes with a faction symbol on them
77 Case with a scrap built .303 scoped rifle with box of 50 shots and area map with some x marks and a pair of binoculars
78 Drums of fuel with a faction symbol on them
79 Sacks of quality sorted scrap with a faction symbol on them
80 High tech locked cases with android and cyborg food paste and d6 energy cells
81 Drug lab built from scrap and recycled parts and sacks of unpleasant chemicals
82 Bullet mill and gunsmith workbench can make various ammo types given time and parts
83 Workshop full of strange ancient scrap someone has been trying to test or operate 
84 Robotic hacking lab used by terrorists or viruses robot revolutionaries, d4-1 unmoving robots
85 Greenhouse built of scrap growing drugs with faction markings, requires weekly maintenance to operate
86 Cages with chains for humans kept here by slavers or who knows what
87 Cult ritual chamber with candles and goat skulls and occult wall scrawls
88 Gambling den operated here with card tables and a now empty bar
89 Fighting pit was here where people were made to fight while others watched, possibly this was just for training or initiations or tormenting prisoners, animals often used too or humans and animals
90 Cannibals kitchen with butchery and cooking tools and human bones
91 What seems to be a perfectly intact UFO or aircar but is hull only prop
92 Workshop where someone played with high energy weapons of the ancients. Lots of scraps and schematics and a semi complete weapon

93 Crate with d4 1=robot 2=android 3=replicant 4=cyborg d4 1=defective killer 2=virused betrayer 3=ready to obey who activates 4=self aware person 
94 Laboratory of fringe scientist with incomplete non-working prototypes and useless schematics and hundreds of letters of rejections and debt collectors. Lots of good scrap but also lots of time-wasting potential or worse you end up thinking like them
95 Meatgrinder and d4x1000 sausage skin casings 

96 Dried preserved meat hanging from ceiling, some creatures and cuts familiar
97 Vending machine d4 1=snacks 2=soda 3=beer 4=3d printed one use polymer pistols (d10 left) but may request to scan your ID or bank card
98 Bomb lab of ancient terrorist with all kinds of unsafe materials and half built bombs. A manifesto and map on wall with pictures of celebrities and politicians to execute
99 Mutants have built some deranged idol of one of their hideous gods with deformed human bones and skin. An altar before it has signs of rotting offerings and sometimes a few trinkets or coins or bullets
 Enterance to a bomb shelter or bunker complex

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