Friday, 15 January 2021

Silver Highway Encounters


More for my Broken Hill post apoc adventure trail as im running it next after current game melts down. Of course, running stuff in play makes new demands. A brief road trip with stops to Adelaide as an adventure and another one to go east. 

d10 Quick Travellers Types
01 Merchant Caravan

02 Wandering Trader
03 Local Farmers
04 Local Law
05 Wanderers
06 Animals
07 Gangs
08 Tribals
09 Faction Agent
10 Strangers

d100 Silver City Road Travellers
01 Travelling water merchant caravan also sells beer and refined alcohol from a bullock cart with four guards and a caravaneer with a shotgun and drovers whip

02 Scrap merchants with camel train of ladened beasts 2d6 camels, each with a handler guard carrying a musket, 1in6 a clan of desert nomads or even abuman beast folk
03 Armageddon coach service in a scrap built bus with a biofuel plant, takes 12-24 passengers to stops along the highway with crew of five, several drivers, mechanics and two gunners one operating a small black powder swivel gun each end of the bus firing 2 inch steel balls. The crew are a motley lot of wasteland freaks and veterans of outback travel
04 Merchants with biofueled traction engine pulling several wagons with six armed merchant kinsmen in stockmen coats and hats with long muskets and several flintlock pistols each
05 Desert Trukkin Co a large truck with canvas covered trailer full of goods and a d6 passengers carrying post, medical supplies and essential supplies. Driven by ornery old person with a d4 offspring as armed crew with a shotgun and .22 rifles  
06 Koala wagon crew with a giant koala pulling a wagon often operated by a pair of abhumans trading agricultural goods, one will have a blunderbus and the other a flintlock pistol 
07 Tribal persons with bundles of goods hired labourers of a merchant carrying low-value goods like bales of wool, 1in6 the tribals are in chains and are slaves with a d6 extra armed guards with muskets and trader leading them with a small pistol and a whip
08 Ferals with an old ground car pulled by some mutant creature, they will sell curry and drugs to other travellers and by night play loud dance music and get high, they use eco friendly spears and clubs and slings
09 Wagon with cage of 3d4 prisoners with a driver with a shotgun and a d4 guards with muskets d4 1=nasty criminals sold as mine labour 2=to be sold to cannibals 3=to be sold as slaves at market 4=gladiators for fighting pits
10 Ox wagon with loads of cheap goods like lumber, wool, hemp or scrap. Family of six work the wagon and guard it with muskets, chains, machetes, axes, mallets 
11 Wombat wagon with a diprotodon wombat pulling a small scrap caravan where an old swagman tinkerer sleeps and does his repairs. Lots of work fixing fences and farm machines and sharpening tools
12 Huge scabby dog pulled wagon of traders selling salvage pots, pans, and ancient packaged food they salvage from ruins. Often knows where local ruins are that were too dangerous for them to search
13 Tricycle with solar powered freezer selling ice treats and collecting road kill to sell, old person peddling it carries a police pistol and shock baton
14 Old person with trolley of scraps and salvage often has a d6 scruffy pets and a double-barrelled sawn off shotgun. Likes selling shiny trinkets and fashion accessories
15 Traveling carny caravan pulled by sad mutant animal, d4 clowns live in it with 2d6 pets and they put on shows for entertainment. They are ex gang members and all carry machetes, axes and daggers and they often carry d d6 pipe bombs and a d6 molotovs
16 Sad swagman with carpet bag and bindle selling interesting scraps, odd ammo, shell casings, electronics, a few robot brains and cyber limbs, knows a few treasure troves guarded by monsters, carries blunderbus and a big dagger
17 Loner with d4 camels carrying loads of d4 1=food 2=fuel 3=wool 4=water, has a .22 bolt action scrap built gun and machete
18 Bicycle pulling trailer loaded with scrap and trade goods and 1in6 with a passenger
19 Ultralight solar ground car with trailer of electrical parts, driver with a laser and service bot
20 Wagon pulled by large dogs, carries lots of ancient and recycled clothing and has sewing machine and scraps for custom jobs, has a pet and a musket and 1in6 also an armourer with a sawn off shotgun
21 Scrap built car with respectable farmer, wife and d4 children going to a religious or civic event in best clothes
22 Scrap built pick up truck with d4 good ol boys with .22 rifles in back and a d4 hunting hogs 
23 Scrap built truck ladened with hay and sacks of grain, farmer with shotgun drives with child with a air rifle assisting them and a farm dog
24 Donkey wagon ladened with chickens in cages to market with d3 farmers with blunderbuss
25 Farmer pushcart selling fruit and vegetables on side of the road or looking for good crossroad
26 Tractor towing a bizarre farm machine with a shotgun
27 Farmer with a shotgun riding industrial ag mech
28 Jackaroos on motorbikes d4+2 herding triffids to market, followed by chuckwagon
29 Cowboys on horseback d4+2 herding cattle to market, followed by chuckwagon
30 Farmers herding sheep d4 and a sheepdog on foot moving them to a new pasture
31 A scrap pick up truck and a small mob are looking for someone d4 1=mutant 2=child 3=outlaw 4=cantoad abhuman
32 Ranger on horseback with scope and rifle and radio reporting on outlaws and gangs in area
33 Police interceptor patroling highway looking for gangs to eliminate, armoured with machine guns and veteran cops
34 Police motorbike patrol of two armed cops reporting on gangs in the area
35 Police roadblock where local constabulary search travellers for contraband or unwelcome factions or plague carriers
36 Posse on horseback d4+4 riders with muskets looking for an outlaw
37 Bounty hunter cyborg on a motorbike asks everyone if they have seen targets
38 Local militia in scrap built armoured pick up with six musket armed volunteers in back looking for gangs
39 Lone marshal from the distant city on advanced bike, looking for a wanted criminal fugitive
40 Sherif and d4+1 henchmen in a truck with revolvers, will hold up undesirables they don't like
41 Wagon drawn by giant bug with poor 2d6+6 settlers and only a d4 days food and water to find a new home
42 Swaggy with bindle d4 1=looking for work 2=serial killer 3=fugitive living on quiet 4=deranged and deluded fool
43 Feral kids with meagre belongings struggling on road, recent orphans
44 Refugees on foot 3d6 with bags, several are children and old need food and water
45 Elderly mutants d6 struggling to get to a safe new home with a trolley of scrap
46 Mutant with trolley pushing hideous sibling a human eating mutant horror covered under garbage
47 Starving feral travellers with bare feet armed with sticks cooking road kill or picking at a wreck
48 Cyclist with pack and 30L of water and a musket
49 Feral kid eating road kill and collecting scrap
50 Old person with trolley of scrap and d6 large pets d4 1=cats 2=dogs 3=feral kids 4=lizards 5=snakes 6=giant rats
51 Giant lizard waits in ambush d4 1=giant thorny devil 2=giant frill neck lizard 3=giant gonna 4=giant bearded dragon

52 Pack of dingos 2d4+4 in area often wait near some abandoned goods they know humans sop to investigate
53 Giant venomous snake
54 Giant trapdoor spider or scorpion
55 Herd of emus, dislike dogs, protective if have babies 1in6
56 Herd of kangaroos, dislike dogs, mostly they flee
57 Huge crazed giant mutant red kangaroo enraged at humanoids
58 Dropbear trees where a d6 of the hairy arboreal horrors lurk over road
59 Lots of rabbits in the area, d100 around in sight until scared
60 Wild herd beast d4 1=camel 2=cattle 3=horse 4=pig
61 Battered gang on foot 24d+4 driven from home, most with improvised weapons and a few with scrap firearms
62 Gang of feral gang riders d6+3 with muskets on beast d4 1=horse 2=giant dogs 3=giant bugs 4=kangaroos
63 Road gang with d6 vehicles, half are bikes others are small buggies, armed with brutal clubs and crossbows
64 Biker gang d6+3 bikes with d2 passengers each, use muskets and crossbows
65 Scrap ground car with driver and four gang members with muskets and a crossbow, driver has sawn off shotgun
66 Lone biker with a sword on a quest to driveby slay as many pedestrians as possible
67 War rig truck with driver and dozen armed goons with muskets and crossbows, followed by a d6 lighter vehicles from d4 1=bike 2=buggy 3=groundcar 4=ultralight aircraft
68 Ultralight aircraft, spotter for a gang will signal allies to attack good target
69 War party with a groundcar with a war leader and 3 goons, plus a d6 other scrap vehicles with crew on way to fight d6 lighter vehicles from d4 1=sedan 2=compact 3=van 4=bus
70 Concealed ambush with caltrops and chains on road, ditches and 2d4+4 bandits with mostly clubs and half with muskets or crossbows 
71 Lone tribal hunter with dog and carrying a kangaroo home

72 Group of women tribals gathering grubs and berries and snakes
73 Group of male tribal hunters 2d4 instructing youths in traditions
74 Tribal mechanics d4+1 working on fixing a car with scrap and strange materials
75 Angry tribal hunters in body paint 3d4 looking for a murderer
76 Tribal men tracking a wanted fugitive always happy to have help d4 1=kidnapper 2=murderer 3=arsonist 4=cannibal
77 Tribal wise elder with an entourage of 2d4 assistants on way to a spiritual location
78 Tribal children dragging a huge dead animal they somehow caught d4 1=bug 2=lizard 3=bird 4=canetoad
79 Tribal nomads on the move, 2d6+12 with goods and children looking for improved seasonal home
80 Tribal who hates outsiders on land lays in wait throwing sticks of dynamite at travellers
81 Traveller with pack beast with goggles and hood with long range musket, secretly reports to d4 1=bunker 2=AI 3=local gang 4=secretive cult
82 Sniper nest watching the road d4 1=law officer picking off scum 2=lone bandit 3=spotter for bunker 4=android
83 Robot traveller d4 1=selling soda cans 2=one armed bandit on way to casino 3=freight truck moving goods mysteriously  4=spy drone
84 Synthetic agent d4 wants to join humans for info 1=bio replicant pretends to be from bunker 2=cyborg assassin 3=friendly sex android 4=human with tracking and brain implant that someone can use as a spy 
85 Loner limping with bag of scrap, contaminated d4 1=by plague 2=by radiation 3=with parasites 4=fungal spores
86 Non-humans use a fake as bait for ambush, seems to be wounded or confused d4 1=plant creature wearing human clothes 2=bug resembles person in trenchcoat from distance 3=fungus abhuman horror in clothing 4=exterminator with metallic skeleton encased in living flesh 
87 Wasteland gang demand toll and have set up a tollbooth and roadblock
88 Vigilante outfit with three 4wd scrap jeeps and a dozen men with muskets searching for anyone looking like a gang member or synthetic or mutant
89 Mutant travellers with wagon of scrap, will buy contaminants and will proselytise to any mutants they meet to join the mutant church
90 Pilgrims marching mostly look peaceful d4 1=robed cannibals 2=demon culti 3=ancient religion 4=AI worshipers seeking a new god 
91 Seemingly dead travellers on road d12 but actually fast undead pretending to be dead
92 Slowly lumbering undead zombie d4 1=more sleeping near 2=explodes when close spreading necrovirus 3=cyborg being animated by technology remotely on some mission 4=fungal zombie waiting to burst into spore cloud 

93 Wrecked vehicles with scattered goods and loot, really a ghoul ambush
94 Light military vehicles d4 1=hummer 2=hover car 3=buggy 4=bike 5=Armoured Car with 6 crew 6=Armoured Personel Carrier with squad belongs to d4 1=androids 2=
95 Flying craft seen in distance 1=Orung abhuman piloted U2 spyplane from far north 2=cantoad henly-page 4-toad biplane from Queensland 3=Road gang scout ultralight 4=android helicopter gunship with squad

96 See a distant spacecraft d4 1=primative rocket into orbit 1in4 explode 2=returning capsule from wrecked orbital crashlands 3=ancient aircar landing or leaving to orbit 4=automated launch from surface installation AI to deliver goods to an orbital AI
97 Airship seen d4 1=balloon cluster habitat with d4x10 pop 2=lone scrap balloon with basket and d4 crew 3=cargo airship of some advanced dome people 4=cargo scrap airship 1in6 are also spies
98 Hooded and robed mutant cultists on a pilgrimage, prefer being shunned and often fake having plague
99 Robot merchant trailer truck, parks and truck open into a storefront with the animatronic clerk d4 1=fast food grown in lab micro lab and organics recycler 2=conveniance store 3=muskets and 3d printed plastic firearms and ammo (all guns reduce quality every magazine spent) 4=selling booze and cigarettes and meds
100 Hostile robot d4 1=police robot on abusive rampage 2=infantry robot operating on dated orders just woke up with laser attacking travellers 3=flying spy drone operated by a bunker or AI 4=rogue scrap repaired ag or industrial mech gone rogue attacking travellers for spare parts and for biofuel 


  1. The only feedback I can give, besides loving these generators, is that I wish you tagged your posts. I would love to be able to see all of the post-apoc and Broken Hill posts without needing to dig through the other stuff.

    1. most older gear has tags

      my sidebars have all broken hill posts in a list you can reach one click and scroll. Most broken hill stuff is in a book on my patreon - half of everything iv done is in compilation books many free by links in sidebar

      blogger is broken about way tags are done and no bulk editing options like say flickr that lets me edit thousands of posts easily. Last year blogger made changes and made tagging worse and i could spend minutes tagging and the tags wouldnt work so I gave up.

      Posting this reply blogger broke and i had to rewrite this reply

      I find my own stuff by google all the time in game even untagged stuff

    2. Yeah, I can see that. Tags are just the first thing I look for, but it makes sense if they're breaking. Seems that since google took over blogspot has gone steadily downhill.


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