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Cyblock One Encounter & Decor

Cyblock One Encounter & Decor
Dystopian public housing block usable for my murder highway, dark future, cyberpunk stuff, judge Dredd, superheroes etc. These are for areas between blocks, stairwells, near elevators in run down blocks. I recommend drwho paradise towers story too.

Its a good idea to think about how many floors a building has 10-100 fine

d12 Basics
Use for building, floors or individual floors or resident types
1 Welfare block of pensioners - most encounters mostly 60+ years old 
2 Welfare block of young - lots of youth gangs
3 Welfare block mental health outpatients - residents often medicated
4 Welfare block of war veterans - many armed and trigger happy
5 Welfare block refugees - mostly foreign without many languages
6 Welfare block ex-convict rehab - former prison inmates
7 Project block for workers - run down as jobs lost
8 Project block for the middle class - run down as status and work lost
9 Project block utopian development - formerly idealistic retro future decay
10 Project block mixed retail - lower floors are shops and a mall now partially closed
11 Apartment block arcade - lower floors are shops and mall still functioning 
12 Apartment block high fashion - highly decorated, privileged and secure

d12 Roof
1 Garden
2 Antenna
3 Windmill
4 Solar farm
5 Landing pad
6 Satelite dish
7 Sport area
8 Piles of garbage
9 Swimming pool
10 Bird nests
11 Drone hanger
12 Transport tube connector

d12 Sub Level
1 Car park
2 Plant room 
3 Storage area
4 Link to the underground mall
5 Maintenance office
6 Fighting pit 
7 Tube station
8 Cult shrine
9 Gang hangout
10 Security station
11 Flooded or ruined area
12 Recycling and garbage 

d12 Entry Floor
1 Door person desk
2 Security station
3 Cafe bar
4 Micromart store
5 Bar or pub
6 Takeaway
7 Supermarket
8 Clinic suites 
9 Office suites
10 Charity store
11 Gymnasium
12 Closed off vacant area

d12 Grounds
1 Ball sport area
2 Children's playground 
3 Green area
4 Construction site 
5 Garbage heaps
6 Carpark with some wrecks
7 Statue or monument
8 Mural or graffiti
9 Police or security checkpoint
10 Community centre
11 Courtyard area with seating
12 Kiosk or food caravan

d12 Decor
01 Burn damage 
02 Rubble heaps and cracks
03 Firearm damage
04 Garbage
05 Graffitti
06 Propeganda posters
07 Advertising signage
08 Repaired with scrap
09 Cheap reconditioning 
10 Meaningless decorative art
11 Dual colour scheme
12 Surprisingly good contition

d12 Extra Features
01 Robot cleaners 
02 Robot security
03 Police patrol daily
04 Slumb landlord
05 Corp landlord
06 Powerful gang or syndicate
07 Powerful cult
08 Unique Fashion
09 Local Pride
10 Influentual leader
11 Drugged air and water
12 Drug abuse

d10 Quick Encounter Types
01 Children
02 Residents
03 Staff
04 Juve gang
05 Eldery
06 Vagrant
07 Hustler
08 Criminal
09 Security
10 Tech

d100 Cyblock One Encounters
01 Crying child with toy lost
02 Children follow from afar spying
03 Children playing game
04 Child in superhero costume confronts strangers 
05 Abandoned baby in box
06 Child reports interesting stuff to gang
07 Child with dangerous remote control toy
08 Children escaped guardians up to meddling into schemes
09 Creepy child sits watching silently
10 Children singing creepy rymes
11 Family with groceries or baggage
12 Family with boxes evicted
13 Office worker 
14 Blue collar worker
15 Young couple
16 Person walking pet
17 Parent struggling with children
18 Resident looking for drug dealer
19 Resident gang informant loitering
20 Custodian with tools
21 Cleaners with trolley
22 Elevator repair tech with tools
23 Building manager making inspection with assistant
24 Cleaning robot
25 Maintinance bot
26 Builders reconditioning area
27 Painters 
28 Agent showing prospective tenants
29 Custodian telling off juves or kids
30 Building superintendent discussing problem with resident
31 Students with books and laptops
32 Juve gang bother adults for money
33 Juve gang vandalising building
34 Juve gang reassuring resident for cash
35 Jube needs to kill stranger to join gang
36 Juves high on drugs
37 Juves having breakdance battle
38 Juves playing annoying ballgames
39 Juve gangs fighting
40 Juve gang graffiting walls
41 Old people drinking
42 Old person falls over 
43 Old persons playing chess
44 Old person watching children
45 Old alone person sits smoking
46 Old person looking for pet "have you seen my pussy?"
47 Old person with oxygen cylinder begging for ciggies
48 Old person in wheelchair slowly moving
49 Old people swapping meds
50 Saucy elderly people make lewd offers and double entendres 
51 Dead vagrant 

52 High vagrant with trolley collecting recycling
53 Vagrant making building repairs
54 Homless person searching bins for food or ciggarettes
55 Begger with sign, bowl, blanket 1in6 has a pet
56 Cyborg war vet selling magazines and old campaign medals
57 Feral child dives into an air vent
58 Homeless people cooking a human corpse on burning garbage
59 Homelss person, former celebrity who ruined career, begs for drugs
60 Youth gang threatening a homeless person
61 Hustler selling stolen goods from tresstle table
62 Hustler offers top quality home made meds and party drugs top quality
63 Hustler offers fake name brand goods, you get all the sex with this
64 Hustler wants to rent your apartment or room for a few weeks, professional squatter
65 Hustler offering cash loans even if your credit bad, local gang happy to help
66 Hustler recruiting expendibles for a heist vs a rival crime syndicate
67 Hustler selling cheap gun rego listed as destroyed by police
68 Hustler cant access royal accounts do to a coup offers fake VIP item for loan
69 Grifter running dice or other gambling games with residents
70 Elderly fortune teller offers occult services 
71 Serial killer looking for interesting challenging victim to stalk and kill

72 Gang fight d4 1=brawl 2=knives 3=pisols 4=automatic weapons
73 Gang collecting tax from residents
74 Slaver and human trafficking gang renting out services of prisoners
75 Crooks paying off local cops
76 Gang beating up resident who owes drug money
77 Drug boss giving free samples to kids anf juves
78 Gang running fight auditions
79 Armed gang with ram attacking door
80 Man hunted by armed gang thug
81 Old security guard on patrol with torch, almost retired
82 Security sweep for vagrants, gangs or loitering
83 Private detective working for property agency for breaches of resident code
84 Police hunting a warrant
85 Bounty hunters persuing gang member
86 Security beating elderly person or juve
87 Police detective seeking witness of a major crime
88 Assault cops executing residents who witnessed crime
89 Police in firefight with gang need reinforcement
90 Police guarding a horrible crime scene 
91 Cleaning robot looked like it put body in trash
92 Quarentine seals and security restrict access to area

93 Gang member offers meeting with building crime boss nobody refuses
94 Resident protest d4 1=crime 2=conditions 3=new tenants 4=
 Residents are riotiting over conditions
96 Homeless shuffling about is a mutant or cyborg
97 Cyborg or mutant gang massacre local gang
98 Mysterious killer in hiding d4 1=mutant 2=cyborg 3=mutant 4=robot
99 See replicant dispose of original body it is a copy of
100 Well armed gang cult on murder spree

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