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d100 Calls to Adventure

d10 Quicki Calls to Adventure Types
01 Animal Omens
02 Mysterious prophets
03 Strangers
04 Law commands
05 Desperate peasants
06 Non humans
 Tavern Talk
08 Interesting find
09 Total drama
10 Supernatural

d100 Calls to Adventure
01 A smart parrot lands on heroes shoulder and says "whaddah ya doing?" talks about pirate treasure and very friendly
02 A goat gets close to a human and whispers in common. "Psssst human, there is a dangerous chaos cult in this area beware" then it gallops off to do goat stuff
03 Messenger bird falls from sky attacked by another bird, carries a tiny secret message
04 Find a horse with wounded wealthy knight who was injured by a villain or beast
05 Find a friendly dog with leather armour and adventurers pack with map will lead you to dingeon where old party vanished
06 Catch a fish, inside is a golden scroll with burning letters that reads itself when opened offering a magical benefit if a quest is resolved from heavens 
07 A bird spirit flies down in beast form and transforms into a human, they know of a threat needed to stop a haunted tree or rock spirit
08 Ants form writing with a warning about an evil arrived in the area offending some spirit
09 Many small dead animals found, it seems they were fighting some monster
10 Witness an exotic coloured possibly unnatural beast known by local hunters d4 1=belongs to god kill=ancient curse 2=needed for evil apparatus to work 3=will lead you to a magical door or gateway
11 An old blind woman nobody has seen before spits out a threat to adventurers they are to face a monster challenge shortly and probably doomed after that
12 A travelling fortune teller offers you reading in her tent, after telling of adventure ahead she laughs, vanishes then her tent does too
13 A local soothsayer points and declares these are the heroes I was talking abount
14 A merchant declares you are just like in a dream and an oracle said you must come to the temple
15 A priest offers the use of magical divination sticks and experts to interpret the meaning 
16 Initiates from the temple come to take you to the priestess to hear a prophecy about you
17 A wizard had need of your services and only you can pass through to the otherworld and claim a prize
18 A commoner claims an angel told them to give you a golden scroll, they have attracted a small cult of followers possibly useful in a quest
19 An village idiot comes over strange in a fit, then declares the party by name will destroy local demon cult, that night assassin who heard the prophecy too come
20 An old hermit rarely seen comes into public and declares thaey have seen these heroes who will aid the king in an important kingdom saving quest under the watch of a god
21 An attractive stranger smiles and slips a note with a map and riddle then vanishes into crowd
22  A child shows a ancient stone carving with characteratures of the adventurers fighting a beast on it, the child thinks its funny but characters depictions hold their favorite weapons and pets 
23 Shopkeeper has a box and a message for you to collect ready with some forms
24 Street sweeper returning this map you dropped
25 Guild rogue invites you to meet gang leader who has an interesting heist against a criminal cult and you can get bounty gold and the glory and we get all the books and letters
26 A complaining stranger in a fit complains about a god or demon cursing everyone in area with the gaze of the named entity
27 Child has found hole with cave with paint on walls near a field
28 Local mentions fragments of statue underwater near here from some ancient ruins
29 Black robed man gives you gold to deliver a letter to a castle on frontier woodland mountains
30 Man fell out of a mirror who talks strangeley and local experts need some one to investigate the mirror universe
31 Page from noble demands party follow to the lords manour
32 Servant has lost their noble person, kidnapped by a wicked robber knight
33 Crier announces job at manour for adventurers only, the house has a sinister reputation and the noble is a recluse
34 Wealthy person signals or cries from an upper window for help
35 A love letter from a noble is delivered to an adventurer offering them gifts and patronage if they visit
36 A noble father has a child taken by a cult
37 A noble has an enemy who needs to be killed but not in public
38 A merchant family need a family heirloom that made them rich once recovered
39 Locals mutter a local official or noble has been acting very strange and doing bad things
40 A noble family require a curse to be lifted by heroes [performing a quest and a magical shrine
41 Farmers need hero to stop the wolves near village
42 Peasant child fell down a well and some creatures and tunnels are down below
43 Peasant youths have a treasure map and want to hire some veteran fighters 
44 Some creature in a stream has stopped a crossing and villagers scared
45 Sewer cleaner saw a horrible thing and afraid to go back
46 Commoner says he saw a shapeshifter but nobody believes them and they know they are being followed
47 Meet a cool local who offers drinks and while in company receives cursed idol in a box and is d4 1=possessed by an evil spirit 2=hunted by cult 3=turned into beast folk 4=killed by asssassin
48 Peasants tell that a thing haunts the bath house and they may stay in the building for free and will get a slap up feast and accommodation as reward
49 Poor child offers clans pig if someone helps their father
50 Blind goose girl and her 7 geese (each a gold dragon) gives party a note someone with a nice voice gave her for you
51 Local demihumans need help and offer gifts or a few years service to help their comunity

52 Goblin tells sad story of humans enslaving their harmless screaming mushroom 
53 A bugbear has been scaring children in area 
54 Dwarf has been robbed by racist gang and sad will get dwarf kind to give up on this place based on human unwillingness to help dwarf visitors
55 An elf needs a unicorn hunting noble stopped
56 Halflings tell of an evil breakaway clan of cannibal halfling clowns who have been getting jobs as harmless fools and village idiots
57 Gnomes need help, meanies have eaten some kinsfolk and offer fine crafted artworks and clothes
58 Orcs tribe of lizard herders have had problems with human prejudice, after meeting one and learning of their camp hear a human gathering a mob to kill the orcs
59 Lizard folk warn that a snake wizard hides among area but locals think lizards just monsters to be killed
60 A fishy looking hooded stalker follows the party, under the hood they have fish folk hybrid mutations
61 Inn keeper has vermin needs killing in brewery d4 1=bugs giant rats 3=wasp swarm nest 4=giant burrowing toad
62 Drunk has been seeing fairy folk on walks home and some even spoke to them last night
63 Aggressive local bully wants a pub brawl after will get the gang to hunt party with a lie
64 Local wants mob to gather to d4 1=hunt a witch 2=drive out homeless stranger camping near town 3=burn a ruin where a monster camping 4=burn down the druid tree 
65 Overhear gang discuss a heist plan for the near future, it would be easy to blackmail them or beat them or catch them in act for a reward 
66 Man selling dodgy goods he found in travellers pockets and has unusual items sold cheap 1=occult book 
67 Painting on pub wall or a local song detailing local myth and scenery in the background and other features can be found in local area and on buildings, details a hero wounding a monster that hid in a dank place
68 Hear an old-timer mention forgotten tunnels locked behind doors to keep critters inside being pests in several local basements
69 Man stabbed has a pirate map tattooed on chest
70 Overhear cultists making cryptic phrazes to communicate in secret about a meeting
71 Find a corpse with magic item and a note in code

72 Find a hidden treasure behind a brick with note and some ancient coins
73 Find a boat with the unconscious prisoner in a sack, quickly abandoned by shifty stranger who sees you
74 Find a fancy noble basket and blanket with a baby
75 A corpse has a strange cult dagger in their back
76 FInd a donkey with dungeon supplies and a treasure map, wants food looks for adventurers who look like own lost party sort of
77 A stone falls from the sky, who ouches the cooling metal gets a vision of a weapon made from it can harm a demon noble and end a curse
78 Grave of an unknown possible ancestor some locals associate with a ruined house
79 Found ancestors name on a memorial to some famous event in area mentioning some people rescued from a secret underground temple
80 Find old timer remembers where a treasure hidden but a monster adopted the place as a lair
81 Meet a lovely youth who seems to like you, spirited away by some grubby monster or magician before your very eyes
82 Men fight a duel and the dying man wants someone to take armour and signet ring to the family and body to the clan crypt
83 Meet friendly attractive person and their insane lover plots revenge with d4 1=poison animal 2=get drunk and stab 3=tricks gang with lies 4=uses poison
84 Drunken secret policeman bumps into party and swears they will apologise or their lives will be hell if they do not 
85 Taxman visits party with bailiffs but will spare you an audit of your books and licences if you do this one job for the taxman's clan
86 Famous person dies under mysterious circumstances and when killer description released adventurers realise they saw this person what must have been a few hours before
87 A relative comes (or pretends to be) but really they are being hunted by a creature
88 Meet a kindly local offers wine and beds in villa but really d4 1=cultist 2=serial killer 3=shape shifter 4=press gang for a ship crew or gladiator pits
89 Meet an old friend or mentor now a slave or in prison needs help and food and blankets and help to get out and possibly a home then
90 Outbreak of an illness causes lockdown, witness a plague cultist with an imp carrying an evil looking bucket
91 Come across inscription implying a monument is a gate and possibly how to open it
92 Hear a sad story from urchins how parents were taken by local cult

93 Cult treasure hunters from rival sects in robes have been seen digging up ruins and graves in the area searching for something
94 An angel with a flaming sword appears instructing you where a local evil-doer dwells and to want the party of tricks and deceit
95 A devil appears offering to released a relatives soul if the hero recovers a diabolic text

96 A local witch-cult practice nice rites have detected a rival tradition moving into the area and want them driven off not killed d4 1=spider witch 2=snake witch 3=slug witch 4=owl witch
97 A strange magic doorway opens to take players to a dungeon far away, seemingly a common door will instead leave to an underground slaughter house full of monsters
98 Door is really a hell gate, a devil at door will try to trick you in d4 1=threaten soul of a person party have met 2=crying voices from within illusionary gate 3-devil offer ultimate power and magic if you choose gate
99 Travelling freakshow and monster circus has accident releasing strange dungeon beast
100 A flying chariot lands and a divine messenger has a mission for you on another plane or kingdom for a rich reward

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