Monday, 25 January 2021

D100 Random Apoc Baggage (Fixed repost)

Was accidentally posted unfinished so fixed now
Sorry or Invasion day in Australia today
Hanging with magpies in underpants
Warm & humid but not uncomfortable
Possibly might eat chips and gravy
Yesterday had bushfire smoke choking street

As the bombs fell and the robots ran wild and the plagued neighbours turned into mutants, plague zombies and psychotronic thralls of science. Plenty had time to pack, others were in a hurry or just whatever they had when out of their homes.

d20 Alt Bag Types
roll a d10 or lower dice for more common stuff
1 Battered old suitcase with key mechanical lock
2 Large sling bag d4 1-cloth 2=leather 3=polymer 4=flak cloth
3 Large duffle bag or sports bag of fabric with zip
4 Carpetbag with a cloth with wooden handles or recycled plastic
5 Large backpack lots of pockets
6 Small trolley or wire or plastic for shopping, some scrap built
7 Basket with folding lids, cloth or woven scrap or plastic versions
8 Vacuum packed plastic-wrapped bundle
9 Metal case with a removable lid
10 Plastic tub with a removable lid
11 Rigid plastic or metal folding tool case with lid and several trays inside
17 Plastic bubble pod with wheels and handle and electronic lock
18 Rigid designer polymer case with a mechanical key or combination locks
19 Vac trunk, metal vacuum sealed and temperature-controlled pod for space travel
20 Smart luggage is a robot valet carries goods inside, a pod with tracks or legs

d10 Post Apocalypse Baggage Types
1 Juve
2 Youth
3 Labourer
4 Office
5 Recreation
6 Evacuee
7 Elderly
8 Vice
9 Bug out bags
10 Apocalyptic

d100 Post Apocalypse Baggage
01 Bright coloured backpack with nappies, formula, baby bottle, d6 adorably bad drawings and squeaky plush toy. A d6 jars of long life baby food is highly desired by cyborgs and androids
02 Schoolbag with tablet, notebooks, sport uniform, d6 nutri-chew bars
03 Bag with child sleeping bag, pyjamas, plush toy and pillow
04 Scout napsack with compas, canteen scout book, merit badge passport, pocket knife, weeks compact survival rations, flashlight, electronic lighter, fishing line and hook
05 Rigid travel case with wheels with colourful child clothes for a week
06 School uniform, school rule book, musical instrument, data tablet
07 Plastic carry case with d6 1=plastic building bricks 2=war theme action dolls 3=model vehicles 4=celebrity talking doll with d4+3 phrases they are known for 5=Video console and game crystals iin6 hacked to work without network
08 Lunch box with cartoon characters with long life synthham sandwich, long life atomic apple, nutri-chew bar, vitamin concentrate paste, sensible cheese stick, bottle of memory enhancing cola and d6 packets of pills mostly mood and behaviour altering ones
09 Old case with a collection of child craft including terrible coil clay jars, gold macaroni frame art and terrible seasonal holiday crafts saved over several years marked treasure on front
10 Back pack baby plays soothing music, self-cleaning, temperature control, feeding tubes, and cozy bedding. Has bubble dome with emergency gasmask, some models have fold-out wheels and handles and become a pusher, has copy of "Perfect Baby" magazine and DNA donor catalogue in a pouch
11 Teens sport equipment including uniform, helm, gloves and kneepads d4 1=hoverboard 2=folding memory plastic BMX bike 3=power discus 4=rollerball skates
12 Teen school uniform and gym outfit, data tablet, d6 books
13 Cadet uniform for military school or paramilitary youth group like scouts, airforce cadet, navy cadet or a space cadet. Cadet data slate, light slug gun, truncheon, cadet book, a pamphlet on reporting parents to the secret police
14 Helmet and jumpsuit with d4 1=skis and poles 2=aqualung 3=parachute 4=spacesuit
15 Slingshot, 2d6 rocks, molotov, pipe bomb, t-shirt, gasmask, pamphlet endorsing youth revolutionary army
16 Black backpack with band patches, spare clothes, cup-noodle-doodle, packet of cigarettes, pop magazine, switchblade, leather jacket with patches, hair care products, six pack of beer, light slug gun
17 Sport uniform, deoderant, bandages, helmet, bat or ball, team secret codebook
18 Gothic lolita cat girl/boy costume in tiny "hi-there katya" backpack, book of poetry and dream drawings
19 Skateboard, d6 spraycans, 5d6 marker pens, d100 cool stickers, cool pair of unboxed designer shoes, sk8ers multi tool, d6 joint
20 Cache of d4 6-packs of low alcohol beer, goonbag of cheap wine, goonbag of recycled orange and vodka, bottle pf nasty cheap vodka or possibly turpentine, bag of weed, wizard bong, d3 bottles of alcoholic cocktail mixers, 2L bottle of Grunge Cola, box of cheese dongles, box of toucan crunch cereal, box of glowsticks, d6 fireworks, bullhorn, packet of cheese twisties, bag of raspberry frog jubes
21 Orange industrial jump suit with helmet and toolbelt with a d6 tools and lunchbox with soyagreen sandwich and a can of energy drink
22 Greasy blue mechanic overall with safety specs, a multi tool and a flashlight
23 Green and white jumpsuit with grass stains, gloves, hand shears
24 Grey jumpsuit and cap delivery driver uniform with clip board, bag of cable ties, roll of tape and box cutter
25 White jumpsuit, gasmask, medical uniform, bio hazardous waste disposal tub, rubber gloves
26 Red & white medical jumpsuit, first aid kit, torch, respirator mask with hour air tank, pack of gloves, d3 large training manuals
27 Light blue police jumpsuit with a flack vest, handcuffs, memory plastic truncheon, cable ties, whistle, first aid kit, police data tablet, folding memory plastic riot shield
28 Yellow ABC suit with respiartor and hour air supply, plus advanced filters, giger counter and light rad shielding, spare air cylinder, rad foam (absorbs rads and seals object, comes in spray can with 2 cubic metres of foam, pneumatic drug injector with anti rad drug dose, rad purification treatment dose and universal anti toxin dose, included a biohazzard rated ID
29 Green chamo reserve jumpsuit, plastic army helmet, plastic 9mm slug pistol, 5.56mm plastic bullpup assault rifle with torch and bayonet mounts, military ID and papers, bottle of bourbon, packet of pre deployment meds in sealed bag with experimental ant germ and gas warfare nanites
30 Green agriworker jumpsuit, bag of seeds, bag of weed, hand shears, multi tool, pocket knife, memory plastic spade, hoe, watering can and trowel all fold flat and fit in pocket wallet, pictures of family in farm labour camps
31 Cheap business jump suit, jogging outfit, clip on tie, bottle of vodka, lottery tickets, policy manual, office expense claim forms, building entry ID
32 Quality business jumpsuit, silk tie, cufflinks, tie pins declaring aliegences to ancient factions, corporate data tablet, corporate executive ID
33 Business kimono, awesome nightclub pop fashion with neon accessories
34 Suit is a monitor constantly scrolling advertising, can be hacked into a chamo suit
35 Electronic bullet proof case with d6 gold ounces, wads of ancient cash, tickets and brochure to travel to a bunker in isolated location with a pass key
36 Elaborate business robes with head dress, case folds out into display costume to easy putting on, gold necklace, anti aging med -d6 years off appearance, tin with designer party drugs, HUD goggles and business AI in suit, requires power cell, in emergencies suit seals and provides 10 minutes air, concealed laser pistol
37 Cheap office wear, cleaners uniform and factory overall with IDs for poor worker with three jobs to meet ends
38 Cool new wave business jumpsuit, headset com system, HUD display to smart tablet, tin of designer drugs, tickets to day spa, tranquilisers, bottle of gin, crack pipe and rocks, nail painting machine, variable coloured neon hairpiece, exiting business scheme prospectus
39 Expensive old fashioned business jumpsuit with pinstripes and hat (also a flak suit), box of cigars, lighter, corporate tablet and executive ID, walking stick, gold mechanical watch
40 Sexy high fashion business jumpsuit in wild colours with various pattern selections programmed in, corporate tablet and executive ID, bottle of vodka, horse medicine, bottle of sparkling white alco-fizz, cool fashion bag, groovy sunglasses, music player box
41 Bathers, radblock sunscreen, swim goggles, towel that dries and folds into hand size, pair of things (of flip flop to foreigners), memory plastic beachball and umbrella set, six pack of Creepy Cola
42 Cosplay con baggage, d3 costumes and con tickets, signed photographs, real-looking but fake costumes include d4 1=sf hero costume 2=furry toon animal freak 3=literary character 4=historical outfit, outfits have a d3 prop weapons and accessories
43 Sexy bathers, underwear, sleepwear, d6 high tech sex toys, tickets to sex resort ship or bunker, porn mags, d100 one use contraceptives, 6pack of beer, bottle of random pills, fancy ring of keys, sunglasses, sandals, body oil, sterilizer foam spray can
44 Replica military historic uniform and realistic electronic toy gun for re-enacting all the great wars
45 Collection of antique first edition books of the 20th century
46 Collection of beany babies
47 Chamo cloak and battery, advanced zoom camera and ranged microphone, bird spotters book, 1in6 has mysterious ancient foreign documents, wire garotte, and a pill hidden in a ring, a silenced slug pistol
48 Customised gaming console, hud goggles, data gloves, headphones
49 Cryonic packed pet in case, a leash, tins of food, tin of treats, petcare data tablet, in bodybag for disposal
50 Locked combination case with plastic helmet, breastplate and shield, plastic printed M-16 and two magazines (gun breaks after used up), ceramic machete, 6m rope, week military rations, militia membership card, pamphlets of some demented pre-war domestic terror cult
51 UN ration pack for the week for a family of four, vitamins, 4l long-life pure water, vouchers for food relief and travel, search documents for missing family, family photos
52 Family collection of silver, trinkets, jewellery and shiny stuff in hope of bribing border authorities of pay human traffickers
53 Detention collar, vouchers for welfare, spare shirt and socks, space blanket, tin of soup, tiny camp cook set
54 Folding 2-person tent, sleeping roll, lighter, pocket knife, metal pot, dried rice and beans for a week
55 Urban chamo suit, gasmask, ancient faction flag, conspiracy filled data tablet, d4 pipe bombs, map of the local city with x marks, truncheon, survival knife, first aid kit
56 Boxes of hoarded medication many unlabeled and scrap and recycled medical supplies that shouldn't be reused, how to do surgery data tablet
57 Mess of clothes a few family photos, a packet of long life sandwiches, can of soda
58 Cans of soup, sack of long life rice and sack of flour
59 Collection of improvised d4+3 clubs and shanks and a d3 pipe guns made from scrap
60 Bag full of ancient paper cash and banking bonds and hastily scrawled suicide note
61 Bag with several wigs, d4 outlandish fashion dated in ancient times, plastic jewellery, sunglasses, dentures
62 Bag with adult incontinence pants, soap, gloves, moist towelettes, ointment, suppositories, laxatives, bowel care brochure, cybernetic catalogue for digestive tracts
63 Oxygen mask and cylinder, dressing gown, carton of cigarettes, slippers, old faded photos of family
64 Folding wheelchair
65 Biorobot companion animal unopened in box with care manual and treat tin
66 Tins of various unlabled medications and lots of pairs of glasses and dentures from different people
67 Very old military uniform with tattered flag and some photos, bayonet, medals, severed enemy android head
68 Bionic parts d3 in sealed travel case each requires and atomic cell d4 1=hand 2=arm 3=leg 4=heart
69 Memory plastic folding walking frame, stimulant, bone-strengthening nanite treatment dose, old newspapers, ball of found wire, back of peppermint candy
70 Clothes for an elderly couple travelling a few days with a brochure for a luxury old folks bunker with bingo, swinging and rock and roll dancing
71 Bags of white powder, d4 kilos and wads of paper currency used by criminal classes
72 Bomb vest, baggy raincoat, detonator, death to human oppressors brochures
73 Submachinegun, 5.56 2 clips ammo, silencer, two smoke grenades, 2d4 fake IDs of service workers and building staff
74 Electronic locked briefcase with documents of massive criminal land grab and government bribes
75 Credit transaction machine but hacked to skim a few % extra cash for mob
76 Electronic counter security kit for high tech burglars
77 Two one shot rocket launchers, patriotic hat, bottle of bourbon, hunters knife, letter about joining in city riots
78 Locked case with brochures and hats of opposite ancient factions with bags of cash and opera and sports tickets, a bullhorn, several fake IDs
79 Portable drug lab but chems depleted and a few bits missing but can be improvised
80 Locked case, ammo printer takes polymer and ceramic recycled pellets and turns into low calibre pistol or rifle ammo usually 5mm or 5.56mm, requires a fuel celss
81 ABC suit (Atomic bio chem resistant), with respirator, plastic printed assault rifle and 4 clips, bag of anti plague and chem meds and radiation drugs, filter canteen
82 Black paramilitary fatigues, plastic printed shotgun and 30 rounds, machete, first aid kit, anti zombie medication, undead survival and warning sign brochures
83 Stealth suit suppresses thermal or electrical detection, shocc batton hacked to stun robots, d4 magnetic mines with timers,
84 Tinfoil hat with wires and battery, brochures and books warning of psychotronic mind control weapons with map of hiding places, secret world government locations and a underground city for alien vivisection
85 Tent, sleeping bag, camp stove, month of rations
86 Quality camera in rigid case contains footage of every day life and ends in riots and nuclear blasts then looking for food in rubble after
87 Nuclear waste policy manuals detailing local waste sites, symbols and transcript of need to build an atomic cult to protect waste 70 000 years in the future by scientists in case civilisation collapses
88 Air raid warden uniform, helmet, danger stickers, posters warning public, bullhorn, trucheon, torch and packet of caffeine pills
89 Tins of long life ration canned food for two months, no opener
90 Sat com terminal, folding radar dish, needs power but can signal orbitals or things in space
91 Old business suit, strange cult robes, mask, demon cult medalion, a bible with the smaller book of blasphemous lore inside
92 Body bound in cable ties long mummified 1in6 is undead
93 Terrorist bomb with timer and trigger detonator with old sports clothes on top
94 Suit, bathers and clubbing outfit, grooming kit, concealed communications device and foreign or terrorist code book, maps with a few x marks
95 Locked plastic case with authorisation document pouch declaring sensitive electronics, actually is a stolen strange isotope in a sealed pod inside
96 Hundreds of bodybags and marker to record bag labels, trench shovel, gas mask, gloves, overalls, week ration pack, a brochure on what to do after the bomb
97 Spacesuit, extra life support pack, spray re-entry shield and parachute, duralinium cable, laser pistol with d6 shots, crashed astronaut hid this?
98 Case of radiation absorbent foam to cover 12m square
99 Firefighting helmet, thick fireproof coat, respirator and air filter mask, fire axe, torch, fire extinguisher, ablative spray on fire resistant foam 4d4HP vs fire last an hour, calender of naked firefighters with dalmation puppies
100 Suitcase with electronic optical and DNA lock, security documents inside destroyed if opened, shows locations of bunkers for politician to head to in emergency. Other documents indicate government broking into factions as riots and plagues and undead and android revolutions begins


  1. This is timely. I'm running In the Light of a Ghost Star. Always looking for more artifacts.

  2. Your output is incredible. regularly yoinking this stuff for my own post apoc game. The Mad Max cult runs strong beneath the Southern Cross.


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