Friday, 29 January 2021

Cantoad Commandos of Gamma Straya

Ive been a bit frog mad this last few months for some reason. I guess its the zeitgeist and i was a big fan when i was young and had as pets (i dont have pets now maybe in future).

I might get some canetoad folk illustrated as they are main bad guys in my campaign. A bit like guys in Hell comes to Frog Town, Ferengi, and Jabba the Hutt but occasionally you meet some that are not so bad.

So when you meet canetoads it is usually in humid wet areas but of course in wet seasons their scouts will cross normally desert areas for new territory in a never ending wave. Places that are too hot or dry they will hide in until conditions are good to breed and take over. Adults often build a underground hatchery and will feed offspring for three months as tadpoles and about 4 years until big enough to hold a weapon in battle. Most come from the great Canetoad Empire of Queensland but many isolated pockets without adults to train them developed their own weird ideas. Even unallied toad factions and ignorant tribals hordes. A charismatic advanced toad can often recruit a less advanced tribe which tend to be young and easily influenced by well equipped and eloquent toads. Some less impressed by superiors. 

Most toads are cannibalistic and will use meat and leather of their comrades. Sinew and glue, drugs and medicine can be extracted also. With the skin removed they safe to eat and are half meat. Cannibalism is used as population control. Parasites in some places make them smaller and scrawny looking and less likely live to be old and sophisticated. These stunted toadlings are rejected by the empire and as food.

Toads who are self-raised begin to improvise weapons and learn from observing fast. The cane toad empire operates at a pre ww2 technology based on biodiesel and electricity. Advanced technology is all funnelled to the toad capitol or to frontline war zones. Long-range flying support and scout craft reach further all the time but Orung enemies to the further north are using jets. Toad industrialisation is dirty and polluting but they do keep away from wetlands where they spawn. Such places are protected and claimed as toad land.

d20 Canetoad Encounter Types
1 Barbarian Toads - 
leather armour, shields, swords, axes, lances and bows
Ride giant toads, wield primitive weapons and roam frontiers of Toadland 

2 Feral Toads- Morale7
spears, javelins, daggers, hatchets, blowpipes, nets
Toads live off the land and expand toads across the wilderness areas 
3 Hoppers Toads - Morale7
flannel shirts, overalls, hats, shotguns, hunting knives, hatchets
Drunken farmers toads with wagon or pick-up 4wd on hunting holiday 
4 Syndicate Toads - Morale7
nappy pinstripe suits, knuckleduster, pistols and occasionally a SMG
Criminal enterprise operate black markets and slave trade with toad enemies Morale8
5 Bandit Toads - Morale7
filth covered clothes, club, dagger, black powder firearm, hat 
Rogue colony up for crime and mayhem, most conscripted or syndicated 
6 Bounty Toads - Morale9
Flak armour, assault rifles, grenaide, machete
Seek fugitives of toad law d4 1=raider 2=traitor 3=mutant 4=spy 
7 Revolutionary Toads - Morale8
camo fatigues, berets, carbine, d6 sticks of dynamite, bayonet
These toads cut off in south wage wars on any armed militant imperialist faction 
8 InfantryToads Morale6
camo fatigues, bayonet, carbine, trenching tool, tent, bedroll
Lazy, unwilling conscripts of the empire, ill-equipped and untrained 
Paratrooper Toads - Morale7
camo fatigues, bayonet, carbine, frag grenade, parachute
Airdropped from prop planes or dropped in transport gliders 
10 Ranger Toads- Morale7
gilles suit, camo net, rifle with scope, two claymore mines 
Deep infiltration, signals and sniping specialists in small hidden teams 
11 Commando Toads - Morale8
black fatigues, SMG, Pistol, huge knife, frag grenade
Infiltration specialists hide and grow secret canetoad armies behind enemy lines 
12 Raider Toads - Morale9
gang leathers, chains, mohawks, piercings, daggers, crossbows
Wasteland toad gangs copying the human raider gang culture 
13 Mutant Toads - Morale6
robe, gasmask, musket, bayonet, chem grenade
Toads affected by mutagens, shunned by own people looking for toxic land 
14 Zombie Toads - Morale12
most unarmed a few with clubs or improvised weapons
Toad are walking dead with rotting flesh, often may lay dead awaiting food 
15 Demon Toads - Morale 11
robes, daggers, knuckle dusters, shotguns or blunderbuss
Toad cultists sacrifice victims for the toad demon-god and to eat 
16 Highborn Toads Lords - Morale7
tweed suits or long dresses and big hats, double-barrelled shotguns
Adventurer toad dandies out to hunt enemies often mounted or with a vehicle 
17 AirtoadsToads - Morale7
leather caps, goggles, flightsuit, pistol
Toads who operate airships, balloons or ultralight to explore for the empire 
18 Road Toads - Morale10
punk leathers, scrap melee & blackpowder guns, crossbows
Road raiders usually with mount or vehicle, follow roads into enemy land Morale8
19  Science Toads - Morale9
white reflect flacksuit, laser pistol, smoke grenaide, gasmask
Toad colony controlled by AI d4 1=aircar 2=support robot 3=APC 4=battlesuit 
20  Cyber Toads - Morale11
black flacksuit, laser pistol, flash grenades, HUD coms
Toad colony controlled by AI have become synthetic enhanced troopers 

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