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Road to Broken Hill

I thought at some point i could expand my broken hill setting to include trips to coastal cities perhaps on trade missions. So one trail to Adelaide one to Sydney one to Melbourne. So far I have detailed Olary to Broken Hill

All these settlements are at least 20% ruined and unoccupied many are more than half and big sprawls are mostly uninhabited places adventurers can explore. Plenty of existing stuff on these under this catagory in past posts. I might do d100 shed generator as they are more common than houses plenty of places.

Deviating from the trade road is risky for first-timers and there are many unfriendly small communities actually cannibals or cultists and many places do not welcome travellers. Even trade towns might make strangers unwelcome to mingle with townsfolk. Many towns dislike strangers but value trade. 

Just a skeleton now but I'm soloing someone through

Olary to Adelaide route
There is a southern road as well but it spends more time in hostile wastelands and a divergent route through Snowtown, Bumbugga and Port Wakefield. Lots of small towns after tools and selling food. Tribes, bushranger gangs and local militias roam mostly isolated towns. Some like to alternate routes too and from looking for certain goods.

Many towns have remains of rail some from even 1800s.
Often rail infrastructure used for caravan shelters.
Towns on this route all have post offices and a charge is made when item is given to the postmaster and collected at the destination end of the trip. 

d20 Local Problems Table
1 Pesky mutant animal causing problems about town needs eliminating
2 Unwelcome squatters are camping in some ruins sort them out and see them off
3 Bandit gang has been raiding farms on fringe of town
4 Thug visits town for supplies, very rude and threatens all with violence
5 Robot has been rampaging around the countryside
6 Gossip says someone in town is a replicant sent by evil androids
7 Important thing required fast d4 1=parts 2=data 3=medecine 4=ammo
8 Local working on fringe of town has not been seen and others worries
9 Some 
specific item or perhaps livestock has been vanishing last few days
10 A shifty stranger might be a gang spy or worse, find out
11 A vicious mutant warrior mounted or driving vehicle has been menacing town
12 Trigger happy gun-wielding combat drug addict comes into town to make incomprehensible demands and start a fight
13 Someone has found something burried in rubble and ruins best left alone
14 Someone has found a door buried or concealed to some hidden complex
15 Local gang warlord demands something and demands town comply and whole town mobilise for fight
16 Wanted criminal escaped lynch mob and locals offer reward dead or alive
17 Child missing locals all help search strangers and ruins
18 Unruly gang come into town for beer and locals uneasy about armed killers
19 Zombies at a farm property need exterminating
20 Someone needs help to repair some ancient machine with parts and labour, will help the prosperity of town if the device can work d4 1=local weather controller 2=power plant 3=water purifier 4=decontamination booth for food or rad exposed victims 

Yunta +2 days, Pop 90
well-defended trade town with strong law militia and fortifications 
founded 1867 goldrush town peak pop 5000 but in 21c dropped to pop 85
hosts several horse races per year attracting hundreds of extra visitors
hotel, school, airfield for scrap ultralight, toxic waste dump
the Sherrif rules the town and population are loyal militia members with a truck

Oodla Wirra +2 days Pop 50
Four competitive large faction compounds united vs outsiders
each competes for food, water and trade specialities
-McLaren Roadhouse specialize in bbq roadkill and county music 
-Brock Country Kitchen sell various pies, soup, bread, scones and sandwiches
-Ford Family Chilli House is spicy cheap and grimy, often uses mystery meat
-Nguyen's Oodla Noodles sells spicy stir fry noodles and soups
built around rail station 1880 mostly operates for trade and some farming 

Hutton Lagoon Rest Area +1 encounter
Ppopular camp area with pink salt lake and flocks of migrating flamingos full of huge mutant shrimp, salty marshes seasonally dry then flooded. A campsite here is frequently occupied by travellers. It is remarkably beautiful and unearthly

Terowie +1 days Pop 65
Farming and trading hub, raided by gangs often
well preserved 1880s buildings founded as a private enterprise to service mines with beer and bread. This role has returned. Hotel, post office and store

Yarcowie +3 hours Pop 45
Large collectivist farm will trade and control area
2 pub pastoralist town around clan compound one pub for locals one for traders
employ lots of tribals to patrol land and as shepherds but there are tensions 
locals avoid travellers and visitors are only permitted marked areas near traders hotel
There is a longer alternate coastal route here too

Hallett +3 hours Pop 120
Large trade town, pastoralist farmers in area
highly feared aggressive Sherrif and deputies run town
three hotels, one for locals one for traders one for gangs with live loud music
many gangs visit and behave as they have deals with sherrif
pioneers in 1870s, one pub and a church town

Mount Bryant +3 hours Pop 65
Farming town with one pub, sheep and wind farm

Burra +3 hours Pop 450
Mining trade and farming hub
Company mining town dominate area
Lots of industrial and mining ruins from 1800
On edge of waste and farm country
Colonial mining town once provided 5% of worlds copper
started 1845 5000 pop in 19c and down to 1000 by 21st
Cornish, Scottish traditions, multiple townships united

Hanson +3 hours Pop 25
Roadhouse and farmers founded 1865 rail town
farmers have trees and wall separating roadhouse
campers not encouraged nor people not spending and loitering
People speculate if there is some secret behind idylic town

Porter Lagoon +2 hours +1 encounter
A strange seasonal saltmarsh often looks extraordinarily weird and slime. Full of giant mutant shrimp that liik like trilobites. Strange stories abound of strange creatures and happenings here.

Black Springs
 +2 hours +1 encounter
Several good ruined farms here attract seasonal squatters or gangs
Outlaying areas reachable from roads here have many small wary farming clans

Wakefield River Crossing +1 hours +1 encounter
One hour before Manoora, biggest river crossing, a common camp for traders, homeless or gangs, aquatic creatures large. Frog, bunyip and yabby attacks common

Manoora +1 hour Pop 90
3 main compound families sheep pasturalists
rivals but united against outsiders
-Burgers & Beef Cafe lots of seared meat items
-Grub & Gulp selves nutricious vegeterian gruels from algae and fungi
-Manoora Hotel with ladies bar and dining room and counter meal daily specials

Saddleworth +3 hours Pop 300
green very horsey cattle town on river
lots of churches, a museum, literary institute, hotel, 
railway station
small river and creek for plenty of water
bustling with trade from local farmers 
gangs and varmits cause trouble and town unite promptly to remove threats, locals becoming more organised as trouble increases

Riverton +2 hours Pop 300
settled 1856
store, police station, post office, hotel, prospectors camp, railway, newspaper
large area for merchants at old train station 
locals are very gossipy and anyone stating more than a night is news
you can hear about weather and conditions along whole trade route here

Tarlee +2 hours Pop 240
school, construction equiptment yards, churches, grain, mill and silo, rail buildings
very charming town with militia and leave criminal corpses hung by nooses just outside of town. Anyone hurting a local is likley to by arrested and hung but officials accept bribes. Hangings are very popular events

Light River Crossing +1 hour +1 encounter
One hour Common camp for traders, homeless or gangs, aquatic creatures large here, frog bunyip and yabby attacks common

Roseworthy +1 day Pop 400
healer school teaches the arts of medicine in ruins of vetinary school
farming, mill and grain silos, winemaking and agricultural science school
locals are idealistic and seek to improve world
mercenaries camped here guard town from troublemakers
most here are literature and several schools for the young operate

Gawler Trading Post +2 hours Pop 600+
Sizable local ruins and enclave of trading scrappers and race track
Take on guards here or hand good to local traders for slight loss
former pop 26000 in 21st century, built to open state interior and rail 
wine horsetram trade ag looting
-Central Gawler trade post area maintained by merchants co-op
-West Gawler includes aerodrome gang with ultralight and allied biker gangs
-East Gawler idealists run schools and farms, members only
-North Gawler is raider gangland except a bunker controlled northmost corner 
-South in a giant hardware store scavenger cult base send expeditions into the ruins
Deadman's pass overgrown with beasts former park with a creek

Elizebeth Sprawl Trading Post +4 hours Pop 300 
Residential sprawl full of gangs and road
Escorts are required and way includes gangs and mutant vermin

d12 Gangs of Northern Sprawl
1 Mercenary working for traders eliminating gangs
2 Airhawk gang scrap ultralight drops burning incendiaries or pipebombs
3 Sandgrub gang use area to prepare wasteland raiding parties
4 Graverobbers - wear skull masks and carry lots of guns, a new mystery warlord leader
5 Wotans Raiders - a human supremacist org but tolerate dogs as second class citizens
6 Ice Fiends - drugged up gang mutants into violence and have plenty of angry freaks
7 Ratlings are small beastfolk mutants good at digging and curious about technology
8 Scraplords - prospectors who formed own gang to exploit ruins and control markets
9 Androids - mostly snipers and occasional fights over recovering technology
10 Gasguzzlers - road gang scrap ruins to operate their raider force
11 Hellhounds - dog abhuman gang fighting for territory and food
12 Steel Town Brothers - gang of industrial worker robots formed an anti human union

d12 Creatures of the Northern Sprawl
1 Giant possum hungry for scraps or attacks
2 Giant scorpions lurk in rubble
3 Giant redback spider in web filled hole hunts over area
4 Swarm of cockroaches come from sewers
5 Mutant pitbull pack roaming streets
6 Giant lizard lays in rubble concealed 
7 Giant feral cat (as lion) hunting
8 Giant preying mantis hiding in vegetation or rubble depending on chamo
9 Trifrond plant herd shuffling about
10 Kangaroo herd grazing
11 Emus flock grazing
12 Swarm of rats or from sewers

Adelaide Sprawl Trading Post +1 day Pop 800
Huge flat sprawling city ruin include gangs and monsters
Large areas between city centre and coast have flooded and seasonally wet allowing canetoads to establish a revolutionary army. They hope to recruit other abhumans. The coastal city is plagued by marine mutants and crab abhumans

d12 Gangs of North City
Mercenary working for traders eliminating gangs
2 Cult of Apocalypse - demon worshiping robed cultists sacrifice victims in former parklands
3 The Brethren - sinister inbred albino cannibal cult living in former mansions 
4 Crow Eaters - warlord cult based on an ancient sports team, consider selves city rulers
Chromers - chem addicted scooter gang who all wear silver and often brain damaged, quite a few have energy weapons from somewhere
6 The Masters - militaristic cult who kill and enslave lesser beings who they despise
7 Cantoad revolutionary army a force from QL started a colony that became zealous communists fighting those monopolising power and resources
8 Bluetoungues a clan of lizard abhumans living as tribals wary of humans
9 Demon Goats - are goat abhuman tribe who worship demons and hate humans
10 Glen - is a gang of clones all of glen who are networked by implants after technology 
11 Warhogs - tribe of wild boar abhumans hostile to humans and feared berserkers
12 Steel Town Brothers - gang of industrial worker robots formed an anti human union

d12 Creatures of North City
Dropbears in trees
2 Giant shingleback lizards hide in rubble
3 Pack of giant frogs hunting
4 Swarm of tiny flesh shredding finch 
5 Flightless giant bats escaped from black lab
6 Terror birds escaped from zoo
7 Giant mutant hound 
8 Carrion worm seeks bodies for grubs
9 Giant wasp aggressive to carry off victims
10 Giant huntsman spider often ambush from high
11 Pack of giant rats size of dogs
12 Giant carnivorous carob beetle often carry a d4 red fist-size mites

All-natural pink salt lakes make the journey rather memorable

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