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Myriad Petty Planes of the Multiverse Pt2

Part 1 here
This is one of those things ive needed and trying to make my game run better at high levels currently. So a bunch of plane travel tools. I revised my the previous post to fir in with ideas here. Id like people to have lots of choice about how to explore planes especially worlds between worlds that connect many universes. Each has its own flavour from flying into the night sky or finding exotic ruins or exploring the world tree as in my current game.

d12 Common Beginner Attempts at Planar Travel?
Some are easy some are suicidal
Beg a wizard or other spellcaster use magic or a relic to plane shift
 Entice a powerful being to transport you through the planes
3 Find an old gate created by a mighty magician or god

4 Stowaway in a magical vehicle of the gods often an animal-shaped ornithopter or chariot

5 Find where a faerie circle to reach the fey realm when the moon is right

6 Find one of the places where the veil between worlds is thin at certain times

Jump into a primal chaos portal to randomly reach other planes
8 Sell your soul to a devil for a one-way ticket (especially to hell)

9 Some temples have secret gates used for communing with divine beings

10 Through the use of magical drugs, potions, fruits or trance states 

11 Find the secret of a famous gate nobody can open

12 Many dungeons and ruins are said to have gates used long ago 

d12 What Force Steers This World Through The Ether?
Worlds move, some harmonious others alone or on cataclysmic orbits
1 Follows timely ballet of worlds in harmony with the cosmos for eternity

2 Flies chaotically through the multiverse coming close to other strange worlds
3 Orbits the cosmic world tree and occasionally comes into contact with its branches
4 Several worlds orbit each other and influence each other over seasons and aeons
5 World comes close to some dangerous area and is increasingly under threat
6 Occasionally collide with smaller worlds absorbing them
7 Follows complex paths coming into the influence of other worlds and powers 
8 Trails in the wake of a larger world or followed by a flotilla of smaller ones
9 Damaged and ruined control panel and non-operational power apparatus
10 Stacked serially reachable only in order with a d6+3 increasingly smaller worlds
11 An intelligent spirit or deity of the land controls the motion of through the cosmos 
12 A master control room with a throne and a secondary power control room and magical apparatus, often is under control of a petty god or wizard or spirit

d12 Who Rules This Realm
Is anyone in charge? A king? A God?
1 A lawless land without any authority and locals take law in their own hands 

2 Local residents come together for mutual aid 
3 Locals are part of a close-knit clan or society
4 An assembly of locals meet to discuss important local needs
5 A chieftain was elected in a crisis and remains by might
6 The wisest and most magical being is the ruler of the land
7 A colonial governor of a faction from elsewhere rules by force
8 Two warring factions battle for supremacy could be equal or tyrant vs rebels
9 Multiple contenders from d4+3 in conflict for mastery
10 A monarch rules this land with feudal subordinates
11 The current rulers are puppets of ancient faction or enemy plane
12 The ruler is a minor divinity and has worshipers, temples and servants

d12 Planar Visitations
How often do planar travellers come here?
1 Most unaware of the multiverse or mortal plane

2 In the past travellers brought disaster and suffering
3 Friendly visitors in past, rulers pleased to meed travellers
4 Locals know stories of visitors from old days and wary
5 Visitors are to be reported immediately to leaders and shunned
6 Traders come often to share goods at markets
7 Visitors come directly to see the rulers from time to time
8 Strangers arrive here and a few settle down eventually 
9 Visitors are spies or cultists and must be interrogated
10 A hostile planar faction has been reported sending scouts here
11 A barrier prevents visitors from leaving without lords will or a curse being broken
12 The plane has d4+3 gates to other worlds, most are known to locals

d12 Population (roll then average with d12 Size score)
A rough guide to how populous a realm is
1 Primordial waste with simple life or lesser planar beings
2 Harsh inhospitable wilderness where life is hidden mostly
3 Luscious wilderness teeming with plants and animals
4 Dangerous wilderness looks nice but deadly
Partly settled by small colony mostly wilderness 
Several small villages, colonies or families scattered
Several settlements spread apart with one central largest
8 Several rival culture blocks compete d3+1
9 A dominant culture but a secret second culture is hidden possibly underground 
10 Citadel densely populated with d4-1 other villages over the wilderness
11 Sprawling metropolis with dense housing with patches parkland and wastes
12 Exterminated population only ruins and animals remain

d12 Dominant Natural Features
Could roll a d3+1 times for larger worlds
1 Mountainous
2 Plateaus with d3+1 separate climate regions
3 Grassland
4 Wetlands and water
5 Water
6 Forest
7 Desert
8 Ice
9 Jungle
10 Wasteland
11 Rubble and ruins
12 Craters and pits 

d12 Spectacular Features
Optional feature roll could roll a d3-1 times for larger worlds
1 Remain of the ancient battlefield with bones scattered everywhere
2 Some ancient cosmic being died here and its face is in a mountain
3 Spectacular gems and metal deposits from titans and dragons killed long ago
4 Magical Aurora Borealis in the sky by night looks spectacular
5 Strange celestial objects in sky like broken moons, dead gods or other worlds 
6 Great sinkholes, pits and caves enter vaster underground worlds 
7 Remains of collision with another world long ago
8 Area overgrown with d4 1=carniverous plants 2=fungus 3=crystals 4=living flesh
9 Elemental node d4 1=volcano 2=serene pool 3=huge monolith 4=windy peak
10 Ancient writings, statues and ruins scattered everywhere from past utopia
12 Titanic elder monster here d4 1=imprissoned 2=asleep 3=nesting 4=petrified

d100 Quick Plane Types
01 Elemental
02 Nature
03 Sylvan
04 Faerie
05 Giant
06 Underworld
07 Void
08 Diabolic
09 Demonic
10 Celestial

d100 Small Planes orbiting the Central Cosmos
01 Primordial evil swamp where huge mutant animals and daemons live 
02 A shadowy world of strange angles and silhouette nightmares
03 Blasted world of skeletons, ash and rubble where the undead roam
04 Mirror maze folds in on self eternally with mirror monsters and evil clones
05 World of living flesh with hairless creatures and strange mutant life
06 Huge glowing crystals withtToxic auroras and emitting strange rays 
07 Thick jungle of ambulant carnivorous plants some hunt and farm animals
08 Ancient blasted strange lit waste of ash and glass and twisted metal from some prehuman war
09 Volcanic waste where flaming beasts feed from flesh and sulphur pits
10 Blasted frozen waste where fearsome cold and ice elementals roam
11 Island in a sea with dinosaurs, lizardfolk, cannibals and demon cultists
12 Sprawling ruined lifeless empire, the elites are crumbling undead who have eaten subjects over aeons 
13 A flying cloud castle clan of giants and their subordinate minions and pets
14 Ruins of past civilisation and temple palace of the god-king being reclaimed by wilderness and monsters
15 Bubbling pools of chaos and coloured pools where slimes and ooze creatures roam, the chaos portals are random planar gates and the pools cause mutations, horrible mutants lumber about idiotically
16 Silver citadel of a plane travelling astral elves, withered and white-eyed from aeons in the void consider land their conquest and rarely tolerate guests, building strange silver stelae and experimental lesser species here 
17 Civilisation of clowns, carnies and mutant freaks, secretly run by clown demons
18 Rotting flesh landscape where demons and parasites and larvae dwell 
19 Jungle where insect beast folk battle ferociously for their patron bug demon lords
20 Inside some colossal flesh creature where each chamber is a remnants of some civilisation, the great beast is an elder god of the outer void devouring the multiverse and souls
21 Pleasant island with fisherfolk and ancient temples, descended from a petty god or hero ages ago, a sect on the island plot to d4 1=aid demonic invasion 2=awaken a titan 3=call an elder god 4=take over the greatest ruler of the world
22 Small rural villages on a forested land where small halfling sized beastfolk dwell in peaceful villages but one clan has a reputation for naughtiness and wicked deeds but turn out to be huge berserker beast folk abumans instead
23 A delightful manicured forest with statues, ponds and flowerbeds where centaurs, satyrs, dryads and nymphs dwell drinking, dancing and celebrating, the world provides all drink and food
24 A desert with a single oasis in a fortified palace wall, a clan of djinn live here and appear mortal to guests as a game. If pleased will aid your planar travels and may trade
25 A bubbling lake of flaming magma around a pillar with a brazen citadel of efreeti atop where their nobles meet and trade slaves and drugs and magic with demons, ogre magi, devis and rakasha
26 Underwater faerie world of spirit folk of fish and plants, ruled by a celestial dragon, all can appear human and if mortal diplomats are convincing may offer hospitality or if displeased their dungeons. There is always intrigue and dragons rulers often have a few jobs for adventurers
27 Ruined jungle palace where serpentine creatures and demons dwell, remnants of some civilisation
28 Black rocky mist-shrouded wasteland with great stone vaults with arcane seals, inside forbidden spawn of the old ones are contained
29 Endless open pit mine wasteland with d4 1=gnomes 2=dwarfs 3=goblinoids 4=orcs
30 Sprawling dump and endless garbage rains down from gates above to other worlds, scrap built mobile cities below harvest and fight over waste
31 World of pristine buildings inhabited by race of golems who outlived creators, animated magical machinery is commonplace here
32 Craggy ruin populated by cyclopses with lightning javelins rule over slave one-eyed orcs who herd sheep
33 Race of gnomes toil over a great machine they are building with magical automated engines
34 A dark shadow covered forest land where dark faerie and elves dwell with goblin and orc minions 
35 A slime covered waste with occasional hot springs creating huge colourful mineral and bacteria deposits
36 Lemon sand island with pink water under ringed planets and moons in the cyan sky, occupied by beautiful bejewelled elongated streamlined animals
37 Reptilian civilisation with domestic dinosaurs amid a steaming bug filled jungle
38 Black rocky island with scattered bones and caves. Ogre clans live here and have many gates they use to raid slaves and treasure, ogre magi kings know the gate secets
39 Misty damp wasteland of quarries and rubble with statues everywhere and some creature responsible
40 Island of humans brought here by a planar creature as a larder, people from many times and places, the ruler has a secret lair and enjoys pitting castaways who think they are on mortal world and can escape by sea 
41 A mist shrouded walled estate with a great sprawling haunted manour within, at times it seems occupied then deserted then back, cursed inhabitants include many supernatural beings
42 Inside the seeming infinite interior of Baba Yagas chicken-legged house, hundreds of rooms connected in inconsistent arrangements that natives can use to their advantage. A few pets, imps, demons, adopted orphan daughters learning magic, bound supernatural servants and animated furnature 
43 A quaint village on a hill with a spiral path with a village on top, once the village is entered the only way to leave is to go through hell, locals in the pub will tell travellers the bad news
44 A lonely village on an eternally recursive moor, occasionally weird creatures and even whole ghost villages are stumbled across
45 A tiny quaint coastal village with a fishfolk cult and a cult kraken cave underneath
46 A moody black forest with a storm shrouded castle, inside a deathknight has prisoners made into their undead servants 
47 A necromancer magic school for students of evil across the universe operated by undead serving a lich, a gothic monastery university complex
48 Craggy rock island where a shaggy troll of a long-extinct breed tends its highland cattle and wants to be left alone and not share its secrets of the cosmos
49 Frigid land surrounded by glacial mountains, frost giant clans live in mountains and pliestocene megafauna and cave folk 
50 A pleasant hobbit village surrounded by pleasant hills and forest, they were placed here by a nature goddess and tree folk will come to their aid if threatened
51 A circle of coastline with scattered ruins and monster lairs, a few new city polis have emerged and adventurers are exploring the ancient lost ones of an earlier age, most commoners fish or trade or farm with metal coming from ancient ruins 

52 A glass citadel with faerie folk that is bigger on the inside with vast chambers and even forests within for elves, the citadel can travel to otherworlds or even sink to the undersea faerie land
53 Inside a great cavern beneath the earth are giant citadels in ruins where orc, goblinoid and trolls wage war. Great subterranean wetlands and lakes support lots of subterranean life, passages in and out connect many lands 
54 Desert and wasteland with ruins and bones of dinosaurs, at night the undead arise
55 Spawling bubbling marsh where inbred swamp cultists battle toadfolk
56 Titanic monster corpse with population built precariously on remains and living off strange 
57 Mistly plain covered in millions of worms over every surface, bigger creatures feed off them and like variety
58 Land where orcs and humans battle over wasteland between their settlements where there are many strange haunted ruins
59 Misty mountain valley where lycanthropes really rule over humans they see as cattle
60 A village of insect folk who are friendly and happy to trade especially new songs
61 Kindly orc village and monument to the orcs that died killing the wizard who made them    
62 Lilliypad filled lakes of frogtopia where kindly frogs live sleepy humble lives 
63 Blasted ruins and ashen scorched silhouettes of victims of some prehistoric war, by night undead shadows arise hungry for the living, they fear sunlight
64 Island treasure vaults of the gods guarded by titanic automatons and golems some shaped like gods other as monsters, if treasure broken out gods will curse thieves. Goats and wild grapes are found in rubble and wastes
65 Toyland full of colourful automatons and golems, playthings of child gods now retired here, highly advanced and benevolent, occasional bad toys or nightmares try to take over
66 Pleasant fields lit by golden light, peaceful grazing animals and springs, several imortals and petty gods come to rest here as it is holy to an earth goddess and is left alone by those who offend her
67 Silver citadel of the cosmic balance, a fortress utopia where champions of the balance dwell but occasionally will allow temporary allies in to help them grow sympathetic to the balance. Philosophers and warriors and wizards train here for the cosmic struggle
68 A great rift valley surrounded by desert winds and sand, inside is lush water and forest and homes are carved right into the cliff walls by the idyllic people who live here
69 A luscious garden where mythical hybrid animals, satyrs, nymphs, poets, bards and philosophers dwell having pleasant parties with feasts, wine and conversation. A few petty gods like to visit to debate too or listen. Some guests disappointed the parties never get drunk just full of sophisticated witty conversation forever
70 A blasted giant citadel, a few former slave orcs now live in free villages, but giant babies, descendants of the old giants crawl about chomping or sucking on visitors babies see, especially if in colours. Orcs try to hunt babies and wish the babies gone and are open to new religious teachings as long as they can keep their traditional hunting of babies 
71 Troll ruined citadel and blasted rubble, insane trolls roaming the surface are insane cancerous chaos trolls who destroyed troll civilisation ages ago. Beneath the ground ancient troll folk of all sorts and types as you might attribute to faerie from long ago in hiding here 

72 Blasted heath and swampland with strange creatures and witches homes, beings come here for advice and sageley lore
73 Barren land where naked saints sit on poles preying, they are guarded by angels who sometimes let a pilgrim see a saint for advice or a healing miracle
74 Garden of unearthly delights with wonderful smells, flowers, flowing milk and honey, friendly beasts and copulating spirit folk and minor deities
75 Garden of speaking animals guarded by angels, several deities meet here for secret affairs, any witnesses in great peril 
76 World of giant bugs with a complete ecology with grazing ants for deer and even insect beast folk tribes
77 A citadel of cosmic law where knights in service to the archons and lawful daemons of geometry, very few are allowed in without various binding oaths are made, inside is a technological paradise where omniverse is scanned for khaos outbreaks or things from the void
78 A desert shrouded river plain city where great cities of the ancient style and people serving ancient city-state gods at mighty monuments like ziggurats or titanic statues of gods or monsters
79 Simple tribal folk in this wilderness worship a mighty kaiju titan keeping it asleep with songs and berries, strangers visiting may foolishly interfere with natives and awaken the mighty god-beast   
80 Colony of mutants living in a chaos tainted slime swamp, horrified by non-mutated creatures they find hideous aliens
81 A great machine god in a temple in a city rules world, worshipers feed the gods furnace in the great temples. The city cult hunt wilderness for tribal victims
82b A cluster of islands and reefs with ruins of ancient fish folk from aeons ago, inside the reef are intact fish folk temples and marine monsters
83 Spirit folk and monsters live in friendly harmony 
84 Powerful nymph rules a large island with her palace and abhuman servants. If visitors are boorish they will be turned into more servants. Interesting guests may be allowed to live here until the nymph is bored. Besides being a mighty witch her parents are vindictive sea divinities
85 Mist shrouded valley with village in centre and a lordly castle overlooking all in mountains. The locals have a terrible secret and the powerful secret ruler keeps planar intrusions away
86 Sprawling abandoned gothic city with walled courtyards and iron spiked fences. Devils once used as a staging post and prison but now only petty devilkin and diabolic pets roam here still. A gate to hell is here
87 Lowlands simple demihumans in uplands a race of giants live who occasionally come to lowlands to catch food and slaves. The giant castle on a 
 cold and barren plateau but has several gates to elemental planes and giantland
88 Sprawling planar tavern that loops on self seemingly forever, occupied by monsters and planar beings and adventurers, has gates to many planes and operated by a drunken sleazy demigod
89 Rolling hills and forest, at the centre on a hill is a huge feasting hall of a demigod who welcomes strangers then tests them, slaying those who fail or break the mutual rules of hospitality
90 Ethereal palid world part fairy part lunar celestials, from their sprawling white palace overlooking ancient ruins and lunar craters. In the eternal night sky the moon looks down on the mortal world
91 Mechanical realm of law occupied geometrical beings and archons, from this world they work at some great project like time travel or stasis
92 Cold realm of magical darkness where no light works, inhabited by blind grasping things that devour intruders and eat souls

93 Goblinland where millions of goblinoids live in a dense trading city that folds in on self to feel infinite, a great goblin market, a mighty goblin king (demigod) and goblin monuments. The scrap city is built on semi reclaimed ruins. The goblins here mutate each generation and evolve for their niches in the infinitely complex goblin caste and tribal kin systems. Their technology includes alchemy and golemcraft and domesticating monsters  
94 Ruined wasteland, frozen desert with sprawling ruins of a servitor race of the old ones wiped out long ago. Inside the city the normal laws of space and time are distorted and huge shambling fleshy shoggoths roam protecting the ancient relics strewn here
95 A great bronze library in a desert guarded by djinn and elementals, thieves are destroyed and the wicked are punished

96 Grat wasteland where giant worms devour any careless beings who walk on the wrong terrain the worms favour. A few survivors live in mountains in squalor and keen to escape
97 Vast world of sprawling tombs where undead armies wage eternal war
98 Vast swamp with flaming gas eruptions, undead, trolls. Ruled by a minor demon noble from the fortress in the middle preparing for some future cosmic war
99 A great plant elemental being grown in the centre spreading roots across the world rich in strange vegetation, inhabitants worship the tree and are convinced outsiders are enemies of the tree as many demons tried to kill the tree long ago
100 Stone building of vast proportions with many gateway doors, most are one way. The ruins from a prehuman civilisation who conquered multiple planes long ago. Creatures from all kinds of strange lost beings stranded here. Ouside some harsh or deadly terrain inhabited by strange planar creatures, demons and golems 

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