Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Planet Psychon Acidpunk Edition

So this was released on my Patreon a while back now. This is a improved version for public release and kind of a birthday present to myself.

Spent a few days cleaning it up and probably introducing new errors. Fixed some broken tables, repeats, added some extra tables for tech and populations. Put some key tables in the inside back cover, added new musical magic items. Big thanks to Chad for editorial help. I ended up settling on UK spelling.

Im behind on a bunch of other stuff so my posting will be a bit erratic till my backlog of stuff has cleared. Am buying some Cthulhu stuff at moment mostly and hoping to get that goodman games reprint book of two oldschool TSR modules.

Will probably do companion for Psychon with specifics on classes and rules to play and some other stuff like more monsters. If you can share a link to this page around it helps me count how many people see the book and this is my most ambitious project yet.

Will do a final big edit before I set up the LuLu print version in a few months. Will do a a3 a4 and a5 version.

Thanks to all artists proofers and supporters of this project over 6 years who kept me going. Sota supposed to be out on my birthday on April the 30th.

Feedback on this project will encourage me to get working on the updates and a KS possibly next year where I will produce a Players and DM and Monster book for this setting. Feedback is very handy as is playtesting which is ongoing. Hopefully Xor will get a similar treatment.  If anyone wants to paypal me some donation money you can through my gmail account konsumterra@gmail.com or sign up to my Patreon page


  1. On page 238 under RPG Inspirations, you mention "Tukemal", I guess that is ment to say "Tekumel"?

    1. yes my non commercial free work has errors

  2. I like the populated Wilderness hexes. I'd add floor plans for one of the tower palaces instead of just silhouettes.

    1. i was gonna design a citadel form with floors etc and perhaps write up a few detailed ones. Mostly players only hang in a hex for 1-3 sessions, longer than that and it feels like a whole setting so mostly overdevelopment gets wasted but a few would be good. Will be in companion.

  3. Just got a chance to download this after the past few days and I'm licking what I see (shocking). It's a lovely chaotic mishmash that as ever hits the spot somewhere on the Venn diagram where 70's posters, RPG-gaming, and zines intersect.

  4. I'm licking what you see too.


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