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d100 Remnants of the lost Empires

Remnants are scrap monuments from ancient times, mostly prehuman times when men were wild animals. Sprinkling these around can give clues about ancient civilizations in the area, That stone wall in the store with funny writing is actually a talking point and good for dropping clues about the area. I like to make it obvious the local planetary crust is thick with dungeons.

The Seven Monster Empire Races
1 Arachnid Empire of the nefarious Spider folk
2 Amphibian Empire of the croaking Frog folk
3 Ichthyoid Empire of the underwater Fish folk
4 Reptilian Empire of the cosmic Serpent
5 Cephalapod Empire of the vile Squid folk
6 Carrion Empire of the fiendish Vulture folk
7 Chiroptera Empire of the horrible Bat folk

d12 Elder Empires of the Dawn Ages
1 Arachnid Empire of the nefarious Spider folk
-scorpion, centipede, segmented worms
, solifuge and ticks servitors
2 Amphibian Empire of the croaking Frog folk
-Newts, salamanders, frogs, toads, axolotls and olm servitors
3 Ichthyoid Empire of the underwater Fish folk
-Eel, shark,catfish, barracuda, lamprey, ray, various fish folk servitors
4 Reptilian Empire of the cosmic Serpent
-Serpent, lizard, dinosaur and draconian folk servitors
5 Cephalapod Empire of the vile Squid folk
-squid, octopus, cuttlefish, nautilus, ammonite crab, lobster,  folk servitors
6 Carrion Empire of the fiendish Vulture folk
-vulture, hyena, crow, condor, jackal and stork folk servitors
7 Chiroptera Empire of the horrible Bat Folk
-vampire, ghost and common varieties of bat folk servitors
8 Fallen Empire of the Insect Swarms
-ants, bees, wasps, mantids, beetles, dragonflies and other servitors
9 Fallen Empire of the Walking Worm Folk
-slugs, snails, worms
10 Draconic Empire of Tiamat
-wyverns, drakes, various types of dragons
11 Jotun Empire of the Giant Folk
-ogres through to titans and jotuns the foes of the gods
12 Elemental Hordes
-sometimes unites sometimes separate tribes of abhumans and cultists and monsters

d12 New Age Empires since the Dawn Age
1 Elven Empires-Various tribes and races, plant beings, faerie folk, goblinoids, lycanthropes, changelings
2 Dwarven Empires-Various tribes and races, animal friends, automatons,
3 Gnome Kingdoms-Various tribes and races, animal friends, tree folk, automatons
4 Halfling Clans-Various tribes and races, animal friends
5 Goblinoid Empires
-kobolds, goblins, hobgoblins, bugbears, nilbogs, norkers
6 Troll Empires
-hedge trolls, cave trolls, hill trolls, chaos trolls, arcane trolls
7 Orc Hordes-various tribes, often lead by a wizard or warlord, will have many vassal monster races
8 Demonic War Bands
-various cults for each demon noble or alliance, favoured beastmen, mutants and monsters
9 Diabolic Empire
-various cults for each duke or noble of hell, orcs, humans, monsters, damned souls
10 Strange Elder Cults 
-various cults for each elder god, beastmen, mutants,
11 Necromancer Empire
- makers of undead and death magic, the first human civilisation
12 Beast Lord Hordes
-elder beast spirits, lycanthropes, beast men, cavemen, barbarians, nomads

d10 Common Monuments per hex
1 Old shrine in hidden dark place
2 Carved border stone
3 Remains of deceleration carved in cliff possibly vandalised
4 Old stone well with carvings opens into a built cistern below
5 Large stone block used in the market place or years
6 Jumbled up carved stones of destroyed building
7 Remains of broken statue
8 Foundation slab and some walls intact ruins
9 Foundation slab and some walls intact rest more recent in other style
10 Ancient headstone remains

d100 Remnants of the long ago Monster Empire
01 Stone slab depicting lizard king executing tiny humans on knees
02 Broken black column with centipede patterns
03 Giant stone bat head cracked open on side
04 Rows of horned goat statues  
05 Black glassy pit left where wizards battled once
06 Stone snake head half buried in ground
07 Worn sphynx or shedu statue
08 Ruined ornamental archways with pattern
09 Crumbled but functional remains of a bridge
10 Foundations of an ancient manor house
11 Entrance to basement of old manor house
12 Long abandoned tomb with hieroglyph carvings full of garbage
13 Ornate water trough for beast of burden with dinosaur carvings
14 Trickling ancient fountain covered in slime decorated with snakes
15 Stone beehive like structure sometimes used as shelter
16 Stone bull headed statue carved into rock outcrop
17 Reclining serpantman 100 foot long statue along rivers edge
18 Stone cliff full of marine fossils with carvings of fishmen priests
19 Huge vulture god statue in cliff face
20 Carving of a horrible giant eating thrall humans
21 Carving of a beastman holding a struggling human in each hand
22 Crude carved monolith of a squid headed demon gold of the olden times
23 Sacrificial altar worn by thousands of years use
24 Vaulted crypt stuffed with non human mummies locals fear
25 Stone circle with sigils of the great monster empires and their gods
26 Arachnid carvings on ancient stone cliff face
27 Border stone with web and arachnid writing
28 Stone of scorpion man king eating someone with alien writing
29 Black squat toad idol worn with millennium of worship
30 Row of ancient pillars with remaining patterns
31 Carving depicting ancient pact to feed virgins to dragons made long ago
32 Carving in rock of men fighting a headless giant with a mouth in it's chest
33 Depiction of giants flinging humans into a volcano in carving
34 Carving of One eyed formarian god king smiting all with his eye 
35 Draconian troops paying homage to Tiamat
36 Huge skull carved into hill top 
37 Dragon carved into turf of hill where dragon was killed in final battle long ago
38 Crumbling boggy mud patch with reeds once was a ziggarutt
39 Broken and ancient small pyramid tomb 1in6 looted long ago
40 Row of several small broken pyramid mostly looted long ago
41 Huge stone spheres, 1in6 cracked open by failed treasure hunters
42 Row of frog statues where water once flowed
43 Giant stone frog fountain in good working order
44 Art depicting parasitic worms being implanted by priests
45 Carving of worm father in the underworld feasting on corpses
46 Statue of a troll carved into hill face
47 Carving of trolls leading humans by chain into the underland 
48 Huge rocks were once giants or trolls
49 Hill known to have been where a giant buried
50 Boulders chewed into troll faces by a gnawing troll
51 Huge Stone sea creature carved in rock

52 Hundreds of fish symbols etched into rock
53 Thousands of loose broken bricks with squiggly marks on them
54 Statue of serpantman with hidden speaking tube for a priest to talk through
55 Carvings of plant creatures and the cosmic tree
56 Carvings of prehistoric animals 
57 Crumbling and vandalised code of occupation from some forgotten empire
58 Huge ruined fire altar where bodies were burned for thousands of years
59 Huge stone bows with lilies and a naga statue and shrine
60 Great stone cube with stairs to top
61 Crumbling ziggarrat with badly worn upper layers
62 Eroded hill half exposed remains of a ziggarutt
63 Stone chamber under a hill with carved scenes of humans paying tribute to seven monster kings who came by ship
64 Creepy old cave with paintings of monsters and humanoids fighting
65 Ancient dirty pit where sacrifices thrown for aeons but now mostly garbage
66 Pond where swords and bodies thrown for millennium
67 Carving of world tree holding constellations in branches
68 Huge relief carving of dwarvern warrior
69 Carvings in hillside stone of faerie orgy
70 Carving of hill gnomes meeting with forest gnomes with pets making friends
71 Carving of the goblinoid gods being carried by worshippers on thrones

72 Carving of great orc king on the stinking throne of a pile of human heads and skulls
73 Amphitheatre with carvings of reptilians and dinosaurs eating apes
74 Huge stone plaza with arachnid designs before a collapsed tunnel entrance
75 Sinkhole opens into cavern temple of the bat goddess ans sacrificial altar
76 Vandalised statue of a crowned lizardman eating a baby whole, looking happy in rich robes
77 Ruined ant castle mound with twisted tunnels and mounds of dirt
78 Carving of fire newt men champion in regalia of long lost empire
79 Carving of humanoids 
80 Huge stone legs on a plinth rest of statue missing
81 Mounds that were once fortified mudbrick walls  around a settlement
82 Great stone steps carved showing primitive humans and others bringing tribute to a monster king
83 Remains of three giant mill houses that would have made flour for a city
84 Strange ruin of great building with copper boilers and metal pipes people come for scrap
85 Strange iron structure and huge chunks of a once giant glass disc that once was here
86 Huge riveted iron frame building and tonnes of shattered glass
87 Huge mound of rubble and remains of tower at base carved in prehuman script
88 Rows of carved rat beastmen statues holding urns of unholy filth
89 Rows of statues of undead from remains of necromancers ruin
90 Vandalised carvings of a gaggle of chaos mutants in a cliff face
91 Carving of a ancient demon who menaced this area made too look very powerful
92 Huge circles carving for summoning ritual in ground

93 Huge drawings on ground from high up illustrate great monster kings
94 Great rune carved into mountainside often demon or devil symbol
95 Carvings of ancient halflings execute human prisoners with some decapitating apparatus

96 Painting under cover or cave of ancient wizards who first wrote on walls
97 Drystone low walls in strange patterns over large area
98 Elemental god symbols on ancient borderstone
99 Ancient stone where beastmen and barbarian kings were crowned long ago
100 Great circular tiled building where once there were inter planar gates built by the elemental heretic wizards ages ago


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