Saturday 19 May 2018

Call of Cthulhu d100 Investigators strange experiences

Some past traumas for investigators or NPCs

d10 Quick types of experiences
Cultist exprience
2 Madman experience
3 Cryptofauna evidence
4 Personal trauma
5 Muthos events
6 Dreams
7 Hauntings
8 Survived madman
9 Family
10 Mythos contact

d100 Investigators strange past experiences
01 Found remains of a sacrifice once
02 Knew somebody murdered who feared a cult
03 Witnesses robed killers murdering someone
04 Witnessed robed cultists kidnap someone
05 Discovered a robed sect while travelling by accident
06 Witnessed a cover up from a cult murder
07 A conspiracy nut you knew got murdered
08 Someone you know joined a cult and vanished
09 Someone you know died at the hands of a cult
10 A cult is out to get you for knowing too much
11 Close older family member was a cultist and you dread them 
12 A lone madman kidnapped you once and authorities saved you
13 Someone has been following you obsesivley
14 A crazy ex lover or spouse is a cultist
15 A former teacher or mentor is a cultist
16 Escaped relative from a mental hospital once attacked you
17 Witnessed someone read mythos books and decline into madness
18 Encountered an outre artist or performer or scholar
19 Knew a older professional occultist growing up as a child 
20 Witnessed a medium or witch perform a strange unexplainable ritual
21 Found strange remains of some thing
22 Found strange foot prints in snow, on roof, in stone or somewhere
23 Saw something in a storm nobody believes
24 Found an object made from some strange creature remains
25 Heard some strange buzzing voices talk to you from the darkness
26 Saw something caught in fishing nets that was not meant to be
27 Saw something in the distance in the wilderness that was not human
28 Seen strange people speaking in unknown language
29 Found some remains of something long lost
30 Saw some photographs of something from a explorer
31 Survived a massacre from a madman
32 Whole family died from the war and disease
33 Survived crippling disease
34 Imprisoned in terrible conditions but escaped
35 Survived a horrible transport accident
36 Survived a natural disaster
37 Almost drowned
38 Survived a car accident
39 Survived assault
40 Survive workplace accident
41 Seen strange figures in graveyard by night
42 Found signs of grave diging
43 Seen hideous inbred redneck in the country
44 Seen people dive into sea and not come up
45 Chased by creepy men from some backward coastal town
46 Mysterious foreigner keeps trying to warn you about something 
47 Saw something through a telescope cant explain
48 Found something in a museum you wished you had not
49 Saw a terrible book when young
50 Saw a body killed by something that couldn't be human
51 Strange dreams after seeing an artwork or ancient relic

52 Dream of some past incarnation and tragic death in ancient times
53 Dream of being taken away by strange beings in the night
54 Dream of of strange otherworldly life in a unfamiliar body
55 Dream of strange life in other world
56 Dream of life in witch hunting age of 1600s
57 Dream of being sacrificed by cult to some horror, dreams getting longer
58 Dream of bizarre primitive tribal ritual but wake before something horrible comes
59 Dream of local murder and it came true a d4 times
60 Dream of strange voices talking to you in strange language
61 Seen poltergeist activity in a ritual
62 Seen a medium speak in a strange terrifying voice
63 Trapped in a storm in a haunted house
64 Seen someone possessed
65 Seen a phantom figure moving about
66 Felt intense panic in certain place you never want to return to
67 Feel a hostile house spirit presence
68 Seen someone turn crazy and try and kill everyone
69 Has strange dreams about past inhabitants of a house
70 Have hears angry noises and been shoved in hanted house
 Seen a madman set themselves on fire
72 Saw madman killed by authorities before your eyes
73 Saw madman sacrifice someone
74 Seen madman like they were possessed kill themselves
75 Seen madman trying to cast a spell but they were stopped
76 Saw madman try and summon something but someone killed them 
77 Know a man locked in a building disappeared somehow inside
78 Know a man who disappeared exploring something strange years ago
79 Knew someone died of strange unnatural medical condition that was covered up
80 Saw something strange and horrendous in trunk in uncles roof
81 Discover an ancestor was a sorcerer and was killed by the mob or the law
82 Discover had some sailors in the family of uncertain background
83 Discover family in backwoods country town of inbred hicks
84 Found family tried to cover up a serial killer in the clan
85 Has family in mental hospital and have visited many hospitals over life
86 Had a mad relative who had to be locked up after threatening you
87 Parents killed as a child and raised by creepy elders
88 Orphan abandoned as baby and adopted by kindly family
89 Adopted and mistreated until made own way out
90 Heard old family member tell strange nonsensical stories
91 Seen someone change their shape and blend in among others
92 Read a horrendous mythos book

93 Know someone who returned from the dead
94 Seen a non human creature in the darkness
95 Saw someone killed by something invisible

96 Killed a strange thing by accident and now someone following
97 Knew a teacher who taught about the mythos but disappeared
98 Know someone studying the mythos who went mad then disappeared
99 Someone died before your eyes completely unnaturally
100 Had dream sending from some slumbering horror imprisoned somewhere

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