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d100 Dungeon Illusions and Phantasms

These are illusion type traps planted in dungeons by illusionists or other magicians or even spirits. Making a fake trap that avoiding it in fact triggers a different trap is the most common use. Or just hiding it.

d10 Why did they bother with illusion?1 To hide a trap
2 To act as bait for a trap
3 To scare or warn people
4 To simulate attack or danger
5 To hide a treasure
6 To hide a door or passage
7 To make intruders uncertain
8 As a wacky joke
9 To use as a alarm for locals
10 To act as a test or challenge

d100 Dungeon illusions and phantasms

01 Chattering skulls flies towards intruders laughing 
02 Snakes pour through cracks and cover floor
03 Flies swarm out covering faces and getting in eyes 
04 Swarm of rats panicking
05 Area dripping with slime and dissolved corpses
06 Swarm of bats darken area with chaos
07 Spirits and phantoms swarming everywhere
08 Stirges  swarming hungrily
09 Furious gremlins swarming everywhere 
10 Imps and tiny devils cackling and pointing lewdly scuttling everywhere
11 Explosion of burning flames
12 Arcing bolts of crackling electricity
13 Wall of ice and waves of chilling air
14 Blazing wall of fire blocks area
15 Fog cloud rolls out filling
16 Green vaour pours out and looks toxic
17 Black magical blinding shadows reduces everyone's visibility
18 Bright magical blinding lights reduces everyone's visibility
19 Hail of daggers or darts firing everywhere
20 Swinging bladed pendulums
21 Charging humanoid warriors
22 Huge monster warrior
23 Shield wall of humanoids with spears
24 Dozens of archers
25 Armoured warriors with crossbows and halberds
26 Evil templar warrior priests
27 Robed wizards casting spells
28 Fierce beserkers
29 Armoured warriors
30 Demon or devil 
31 Charging hell hounds
32 Giant frog
33 Giant snake
34 Tentacled horror
35 Gelatinous ooze creature
36 Giant insect  
37 Animated statue or golem
38 Animated floating weapons
39 Elemental being threatens all
40 Roaring dragon breathing fire
41 Stone wall
42 Pit with spikes
43 Burning pit
44 Snake filled pit
45 Mound of rubble
46 Portculis gate
47 Iron bars
48 Heavy door
49 Something ordinary hidden by illusion
50 Something ordinary hidden invisibly
51 Waterfall
52 Boiling water
53 Steam geyser
54 Bubbling pool of acid
55 Pool with swimming monster 
56 Pool with giant octopus
57 Healing spring
58 Well dropping into depths
59 Pool with giant frogs
60 Liquid monster oozes from a vessel
61 Attractive maiden beaconing for help
62 Prisoners bound and moaning
63 Urchins seem afraid and cower in fear
64 Wounded human
65 Pile of gold coins
66 Pile of silver coins
67 Treasure chest open with loot
68 Pile of sparkling gems
 69 Rack of weapons and armour
70 A big black cauldron or stave
71 Piles of barrels
 of crates
72 Exclusionary light source like candles or fire place
73 Pile of coffins, funerary urns or sarcophagi
74 Pile of old shoes or clothes or old armour from bodies
75 Bundles of firewood or huge oil urns
76 Doors or gates that look functional
77 Trap door or pit or well
78 Pressure plate barely observable
79 Sagging beams or roof as if about to collapse
80 Large egg, possibly about to hatch
81 Piles of rotting corpses
82 Piles of skeletons and bones
83 Piles of desiccated and mummified corpses
84 Piles of gore and offal as if from horrible massacre
85 piles of worm ridden rotting flesh crawling with maggots
86 Horribly tortured corpses in apparatus, crucified or chained up
87 Mounds of skulls heaped in
88 Twitching, bloody and squirming human guts, limbs and other organs
89 Piles of severed heads
90 Piles of eyeballs
91 Magical demonic glyphs appear
92 A magical mouth makes some kind of threat or warning
93 A magical mouth swears, moans or sobs
94 A scream or alarm bell or gong sound that alerts creatures
95 Floating eyeball observing intruders
96 Shimmering gate appears and some planar beings look out
97 Horrible phantom or other impressive looking undead horror
98 Great gate opens and some horrific alien being gazes through
99 Demons or devils torturing victims look gleeful to see fresh victims
100 Illusion of dungeon boss or deity being threatening

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