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d100 Dungeon Spirits

This is a extension of a previous dungeon spirit post. The dungeon is alive and can be dealt with like a intelligent but usually malevolent. Yes you could meet the dungeon spirit in a humanoid or monster or spirit form and fight them. Killing such a spirit only makes them unable to assume a form for a week to a month. Some dungeons have a heart that can be destroyed severing the spirits link to the world. This is often in the main treasure area or temple and has guards and even the spirit will manifest to defend it. Most spirits are happy slamming doors, rattling chains, dousing lamps and alerting monsters. Greater ones can move corridors, doors, secret doors, traps and more. The greatest dungeon spirits are entire dimensions nested between hell's or other dimensions or part of the abyss. Big dungeons might have multiple competitive spirits or a boss spirit with sub level spirits.

Lesser Spirit* AC+14 HD3+3 Dungeon Level 1-3 d4 spell like powersDamage typically d4 or d4x2
Spell like powers include Silence, Light, Summon Monster, Cure Light Wounds, Raise Skeleton, Sheild, Phantasmal Force

Medium Spirit** AC+18 HD8+4  Dungeon Level 4-6 2d4 spell like powersDamage typically d2d6 or d8x2 or d6x2 + d8x1
Spell like powers include Acid Arrow, Raise Zombie, Summon Monster, Web

Greater Spirit*** AC+22 HD16+8 Dungeon Level 7-10 4d4 spell like powersDamage typically d3d10 or d12x3
Spell like powers include Fireball, Lightning Bolt, Polymorph Self, Fly, Stonewall, Firewall

d100 Dungeon Spirits
01 Kaleg Tor the Rat Spirit, encourages ratty creatures and hybrids of all kinds and rat shrines, rat swarms everywhere. Cult dress as rat and many are rat beastmen
02 Mulag Xoth the Worm God who gnaws at the world encourages swarms of grubs and worms of all kinds and giant cave worms and bugs of all kinds. Cult sacrifice victims to worms
03 Lieroth the Black Wolf who hunts the moors by night, encourages wolves, dire wolves, were wolves and wolf rider goblins. Cult sacrifice people to wolves
04 Zeergan the Destroyer id a goblin hero who skinned humans and demihumans alive. Now his wicked spirit directs his cult to support the currant goblin king
05 Gleeyark the kobold hero mother raised many kobold children that proliferated their kind in the world. This spirit encourages kobolds to breed extraordinarily in fertility rites
06 Gorzyan Tlan was a cult spirit of the orcish warswine and orcs and swine here thrive 
07 Oolran Lor the slime spirit likes to cover dungeons in goop and damp messes. Cult drown victims in slime shrines to become slime zombies
08 Garanlok the chaos hammer is a brutal lord of beserkers and chaos dwarves who tends to attract similar cultures. Bubbling pools of chaos and rage inducing fungus are used by the cult
09 Saredvek the serpent spirit tries to maintain the ancient ways of the snake folk, supporting all kinds of reptilians, draconic and dinosaur beings. The cult resent newer mammal races
10 Kagan Gnar is a patron of monster making wizards and has a way of attracting them and arranging monsters to protect them. Some of the successes act as guards
11 Kulak Tor the bird thing spirit encourages avian monsters and cults often feed victims to bird monsters or bir beastmen
12 Lorgak the Slug Lord is patron of slug creatures and cultists revere slime and hate salt
13 Korlak the blood spirit loves giant weasels and weasel men minions and cults drink blood in their devout rites
14 Simerol the Spider is a arachnid spirit who's dungeons are filled with webs and spiders. The cult sacrifice victims to spider monsters in pits
15 Julran the ape spirit enjoys carnivorous apes and ape idols, often with tribes of monkeys or apes living with monsters. Cults are often tricky and fanciful fighters
16 Rohndan Vorn spirit of cannibalism attracts madmen, loners and cannibal clans. Ogres, orcs and goblinoids find attractive too
17 Oortagan the Goat Fiend Spirit attracts goat men and goat headed goblins and kobolds and evil satyrs to dance in his secret chambers. The goat cult are well known as murderers and perverts and drunks
18 Lan Marg the cave spirit makes the toughest meanest creatures who live within. By bringing darkness it attracts shadows, darkness demons, batmen and other horrible scrawny starving things from the deep
19 Ullr Graklok the ogre mother spirit loves treasure and eating the weak. Ogre priestesses devour living victims as a sacrifice
20 Gortathan the tentacled spirit attracts tentacled monsters, evil tako, squidmen and fishmen and of all kinds of human cultists. Dungeons are often partly flooded often with drains  and cultists use monsters in pits for sacrifices
21 Zereberranon the vile spirit attracts humanoid outcasts with diseases and mutations. Cultists are vile priests of chaos who call swamp demons and undead into the world
22 Elok Wyrmgate is a spirit that will call a dragon or drake or wyrm or wyvern to inhabit it and its cult sacrifice victims to the beast
23 Gurlok Mnarmar the broken grotesque spirit has survived since the oldest times and those who follow it become throwback prehistoric mutants
24 Zorok Keg the tusk spirit who's monsters all develop tusks and brutish behavior
25 Arroid Manzerk the chaos berserker cult of a a horned rage spirit. All kinds of creatures are atracted but many become berserk and grow horns and drink blood
26 The Crypt Terror is a angry grave spirit that over time has taken the dungeon and commands it'd dead and seeks to ally with ghouls or necromancers or cults
27 Great Jack Rumbledungeon hates adventurers and alerts it's creatures of intruders and especially makes it hard for adventurers to escape via portcullis gates or cave ins
28 Belgorath is a ancient evil spirit that has returned again and again in new forms. It is twisted and haunted attracts vile monsters and cults
29 Grotar the Earth Spirit favours subterranean dwellers making them stronger and dig bigger burrows, attracting tasty tubers and grubs
30 Zelonder the mercurial spirit likes wizards and aids their research encouraging even basic monsters to learn some beginners spells
31 Korloth Drune the dark lair lord once served an evil god but their essence bled into the rock where it was killed leading to this ancient tyrant spirit. Now it's cult seek conquest, dark powers and lost relics
32 Goroblar the Devourer, gives all it's creatures fecundity and hunger with everywhere left a disgusting mess. Some obese monsters slower but have more HPs
33 Glorthwarg Darkhelm is a haunted spirit of gloomy darkness whose creatures are tainted by dark faerie magic and fungus
34 Narjeen the Shadow spirit of darkness dwells in the deep with foul mutant monsters and chaos hags plotting anarchy on the world
35 Glorvordja the Chaos Spiral attracts all kinds of creatures and cultists to it's insane dance and repetitive pattern making art. Some are insane and have strange mental powers 
36 Rigon the Silent Killer a panther spirit has its cult and monsters wearing panther costumes and body paint. The cult prize their pet panthers and were panthers are sacred heroes
37 Rolagmog the Relentless torments intruders with vermin, illusions and traps to spare and warn it's monsters. Really hates adventurers
38 Kolak Gravenhand where a great undead died in war long ago this spirit arose and infected the dungeon with reanimated corpse parts acting as vermin within it's walls. Robed cultists reanimate their dead loved ones and pets as undead monsters here
39 Topok Galvarin the great golem died here and remnants of his final band of automatons seek to repair it. The golem's spirit is now the animus of the dungeon. Mechanist cults of law or dwarves or gnomes come here seeking dark wisdom
40 Geerack Vardjan is a orc ancestor who has haunted the dungeon and has always favoured orcish life and chaos. Orcs here develop mutations
41 Gnorrock Swinestien was a pig hero in the past and his spirit is served by orcs, devil swine, pigmen and boarmen and various breeds of pigs. The dungeon encourages wallowing pits ans litters delicious scraps on the floor for inhabitants to eat
42 Weasel Hole Spirit seems to be some dead spirit of a weasel beast lord that has come to absorb a whole dungeon with it's primitive urges. Weaselmen and giant weasels are the favoured monsters and drinking blood is a common rite
43 Cockroach Cavern Spirit is a prehuman spirit of roach kind who live in the dungeon. Creatures here are used to swarms of roaches of all sizes some as big as giant beetles and aggressive. Cockroachmen think the cave is most sacred. Adventurers find it revolting. Locals eat the roaches or ignore them 
44 Zeebrax the Bug Spirit fills his dungeon with giant insectes and swarms of revolting bugs that live in harmony with monsters
45 Klak Akan the Crab spirit attracts giant crabs and crabmen and has pools of briny water teeming with micro organisms the crabs dine on. Swarms of crabs fill some tunnels
46 Kordan Vril a spirit who loves torture and sends it's minions to kidnap and enslave victims to throw in it's dungeons just to see torture
47 Loran Thar an ancient underworld spirit bringing underland species close to the surface to conquer the soft and weak folk born under the sky. Hates sunlit peoples and life
48 Ooranos the Hydra can manifest as a monster guarding a fabled treasure. The dungeon is crawling in snakes of all sizes and serpent men priests and wizards
49 Gebron Harj an ancient spirit form a long lost empire determined to restore the ancient dynasty. By dream sending it lures in heirs and cultists to corrupt them to the cause
50 Elrord Kinarian is the spirit of a ancient wizard who attracted all kinds of wizards who seek long lost spells. All kinds of shreds of documents and carvings on walls are usable as research by a cunning wizard
51 Kukletan the Old One is a elder spirit of sea demons who is loved by fish and squid folk and dangerous cults. The demon sends dreams and visions to lure victims inside

52 Zadgaroth Is a sleeping elder frog demon and his dungeon is filled with frogs, toads, water and beastmen cultists. The dungeon is filled with croaking chants for frog folk
53 Klorien the Ice spirit has chilled the dungeon and atracted winter versions of inhabitants as well as frozen pools and icicles everywhere
54  Eroldu Raldu the bloody elephant spirit rules the dungeon filled with mad cultists and demons with exotic weapons and exotic foreign vice
55 Mandrune Glorox the Mammoth Demon Spirit turns dungeon bosses into were mammoths and the inhabitants increasingly resemble prehistoric throwbacks. The spirit hates technology and wizardsry
56 Enune Vrul covered in highly ornamental prehuman glyphs from a lost age of wonder, the dungeon is haunted by ghostly wizard spirits mournful of their lost age
57 Garun Arvorg the Guardian Spirit keeps monsters and treasures hidden and safe from humankind, it's safe dark halls are and doors are hostile to humans
58 Ziron Galexon The Spirit From The Stars, who fell from the sky long ago and has dominated the dungeon and guided it's inhabitants to call down more unearthly spirits from the stars
59 Kolu Varn a sorcerer killed by adventurers long ago who's spirit now rules the dungeon treating all the creatures to decadent vice and luxury while raiding all kinds of goods for treats and slaves. The dungeon smells of exotic spices and incense and has many mystical artworks
60 Eroldu Knorrdram ancient spirit of a murderous lord who was burned here by villagers. As the dungeon grew the spirit seized control and now plots against local nobility that it claims are usurpers
61 Memrun Vdor was a ancient necromancer pharaoh who ruled the region when humans were still rare. Dungeon minions and slaves are digging up ancient wight crypts and skeletons to help the spirit conquer the region
62 Vidrik Ulah was a renegade holy leader driven from home who was killed in the early dungeon. His spirit has taken over and the monsters have begun decorating the dungeon in a foreign style and worshiping the spirit like a foreign god with incense, sacrifice and fornication. It's monsters are fanatical and wear exotic gold masks and silken turbans
63 Orok Vordram was a wizard killed by adventurers who's spirit has arisen to dominate the dungeon. It has the stench of a brothel and the monsters are constantly aroused
64 Karana Majestix is a spirit of a savage sorceress ruler of the past. Initially her spirit defended her hidden crypt but took over the whole dungeon. She is cruel and vindictive and takes monster lovers in her material form. Her creatures are highly decorative and tattooed
65 Vlorg Crispthane was a former cowardly tyrant who took over the land by murdering it's sibling then was killed by the mob. The cowardly slimy spirit invites all kinds of evil priests into the dungeon to gain the favour of many cults. The spirit is evasive but will defend it's own shrine in a dinosaur like form
66 Kirri Kallaal the Catfish Spirit cares for several dozen hibernating catfishmen wizards from before human times. The creatures of the dungeon defend the hidden crypts. The dungeon is damp and salt with muddy pits and fish filled streams
67 Urud Khaan the spirit of a tigerman who now attracts tiger cultists and all kinds of felines and has rewarded the boss monster with weretiger form. Statues and paintings of tigers and tiger cultists are common inside. Some creatures use metal claw weapons
68 Anerdon the Dinosaur Spirit  comes from a prior age ruled by reptilian beings so attracts lizard men and other reptiles. Many begin to mutate with dinosaur features and have been divided into clans. They are savage but think of themselves as superior and destined to conquer the world
69 Kun Lar Kar the Wizard Spirit is a dread spirit who often appears to torment intruders in the form of a aged man with long fingernails and a beard. The disciplined monsters in the dungeon ave fanatic and many sub bosses have long fingernails and some are wizards. The spirit demands sacrifices to increase it's powers
70 Tier Kolok the Pallid Spirit is a mysterious phantom who is sadistic and cruel but takes mercy on those in true love, but preferably with some torture first. Inhabitants are often blind, albinos with long limbs and fingers
71 Koldrak the Scarlet Eye Spirit of Doom was a orc ancestor who commands a dungeon of savage raiders and wolf riders. All have red eyes and are exceptionally cruel and man eaters

72 Vorstag Tule the Destroyer is grim spirit who every few hundred years raises a force of monsters and lays waste to the countryside. The dungeon is filled with crude art depicting destruction and vandalism. Stolen signs, monuments and shrines are scattered over the dungeon
73 Eargarn Ranstar spirit of a mercenary who died hiding treasure in dungeon. Now the spirit rules the dungeon and the monsters have been hiring themselves out to other monsters and have a reputation for dicapline 
74 Orax Quill a knowledge hungry sage who died tracking information has as a spirit goaded it's monsters into seizing books, kidnapping scribes and practicing vivisection
75 Erak Varngas was a holy monk who helped the sick and when they died they came to be the spirit of the once dungeon dwelling charitible order. As monsters took over the spirit now helps prisoners and innocents escape and would help adventurers to cleanse the place of wickedness. Various broken shines can heal and bless good people who leave offerings
76 Gargax the Fire Lord is a elemental being who has attracted evil wizards and sorcerers and cults as well as pet fire monsters. They crave murder, wealth and power
77 Sornan the Earth Lord is a elemental being who has atracted druids and giant animals. They resist the spread and affluence of local humans and by night expand the orest with magic acorns the spirit helps the druids make. Monsters in the dungeon tend to be neutral and majestic crystal growths bloom is the deeps 
78 Velunedar the Air Lord is a bird headed spirit who ponders the mysteries of the universe and has it's bird creature minions hunt philosophers and thinkers that it keeps in the deeps to question. The many monsters here are philosophical and poetic even as they kill and rob and murder
79 Morlan the Water Lord keeps a damp dungeon filled with aquatic creatures and beastmen and slimes.
80 Zoran the Unbelievable a former masked poet and magician was strangled here long ago and the spirit has come to take over the dungeon. Many of the creatures wear theatrical clothes, masks and makeup and speak and move in a strange theatrical way. Prisoners are forced to rehearse terrible forgotten plays
81 Kelorax White Hand is a foul spirit who's monsters collect and wear severed human hands. Even the floors of the dungeon have reanimated human hands everywhere like vermin. Monsters wear a white handprint symbol
82 Galabras the Vampire spirit was destroyed as a vampire centuries ago but his damned spirit lives again trying to find formula and magical means to be retored to vampirehood and free of being a spirit bound to the place. Vampire cultists and monsters wear a fanged pair of jaws as a symbol
83 Zarad Gnor the Vile Spirit has a depraved cult of monsters who eat human flesh and wear human skin
84 Gorlax Cruz the Burning One attracts ogres and orcs who love arson. the dungeon is smokey and the monsters keep hellhounds for pets and keep holy fire shrines
85 Sezeron Kha an ancient warlord some say was supported by serpentman hybrids. His spirit started from his tomb and monsters are drawn to it's serpent banner. Serpant men in disguise still influence the dungeon inhabitants from secret. Most think the warlord was just a clever barbarian
86 Eideroth Vedra the Spirit of the Scarlet Gem which is hidden deep in the dungeon gre from a spirit who was greedy and guarded the magic gem. Over time monsters have been increasingly serving the dungeon and raid outsiders for other loot
87 Zorian Vetta the Spirit of the dungeon loves traps and breeds kobold trappers and guides them into building secret service tunnels. Other monsters are employed as guards and traps. The dungeon lures in innocents and tests them by sealing them inside and finding an exit
88 Cyrindra Chartram the Spirit of  the Great One, serves a unknowable horror of primordial times. When they died as a dungeon priest and has grown in power
89 Klorion Adex the Alchemist Spirit died as adventurers smashed his dragon brewing apparatus hundreds of years ago. Since the alchemists have come seeking scraps of recopies or the secrets of the smashed apparatus. Strange oozes, mutants and strange hybrid creatures dwell here
90 Ziegnull the Dragon Spirit is where a dragon was killed some say the dragon was the river spirit but the river is also gone. A cult of dracomancers come here with their pets and dragon like creatures and even draconian lizard men
91 Vozer the Dank Lord rules this dungeon full of filth, torture and depraved humanoid fiends. Many are pierced with chains and hooks in honour of the dungeon spirt
92 Emad Klaw the thing in the Dark, a prehistoric creeping thing from the bottom of the sea has had its spirit survive aeons and now the place is damp and full of vermin especially arthrapods and insects and worms and disgusting oozes 

93 Zargron the Horned One is a angry jealous god of underground evil to its people. The cult live in a great chasm under the dungeon with a whole micro civilization of mole mutant folk
94 Creeping Chasm Spirit so named as the tunnel entrance can move and does every few years. It is full of goblinoids, fungus and giant creepy crawlies and vermin. The chasm spirit brings new conflict or escape if needed. Some hunted it for years
95 Ultarran the Beastlord spirit of furious creatures and nightmare monsters. Unnaturally twilight lit inside and those who die become undead damned shadows. Shadow monsters and pet and other creatures of darkness are atracted

96 Thanzourial the Magnificent the great dungeon spirit puts on spectacular scenes and spectacles to impress other spirits, petty gods and demons who frequently visit. The monsters and cult are all drilled in cult symbols, clothes, protocol and ritual to avoid certain magical traps
97 Primord the Degenerate is a spirit who brings murky water to dungeons and primordial ooze that all kinds of strange mutant beings arise from. They range from slimy blobs with eyes to things that look like they might live in sea or the first amphibians.
98 Enakron the Unseemly has a dungeon attracting the most lewd, unclean and smelliest monsters, many with parasites. His inner faithful are free from disease and parasites but mutated
99 Kamergorgamok a great stupid demon slain long ago now spirit of the dungeon rules. There are demon hoof prints in some of the corridors built by demon cultists long ago. The spirits minions are rewarded with mutations
100 Eaol Vodraken servant of Tiamat occupies dungeons and turns them to the cause of hell and bringing dragons to the world. Various hellmouths and orafices in the deeps here to enter hell or at least the sewer system of hell. Eaol great guardian and gate 

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