Friday 11 May 2018

Dungeon Subplots

so the dungeon might or might not have a mission or goal attached. Maybe the party found it on way to the dungeon they were supposed to but found this one on the way. So as story is the only thing that matters (?). This table is to make some plots and goals on the fly inside a dungeon. You could present them through clues

Dungeon Subplots
01 Scrawled up ransom note found regarding prisoner in dungeon
02 Interfaction graffitti and threats on walls
03 Wounded adventurer has lost all their friends
04 Prisoner escapee talks of plight of other prisoners
05 Monsters talking about the great sacrifice lots as enter fights
06 Older idols broken, older devotional art replaced by new cult artwork
07 Raiders from another rival dungeon out to shame locals
08 Cult trying to proselytize local monsters
09 Evil missionaries healing monsters and gifting locals with zombie labourers
10 Goods marked with insignia of upstart faction in the kingdom
11 Locals mistake adventurers for arms dealers they expect
12 Locals mistake adventurers for crooked merchants visiting to trade
13 Locals mistake adventurers for mercenaries working for them
14 Locals mistake adventurers for here to exchange cash for ransomed hostages
15 Locals mistake adventurers for more evil clergy come to convert them
16 Locals mistake adventurers for allied bandit gang (humans all look the same)
17 Locals mistake adventurers for servants of a famous evil wizard
18 Locals mistake adventurers for crime guild helping to sell monsters loot
19 Locals mistake adventurers for drug dealers delivering their fix
20 Locals mistake adventurers for shapeshifting creatures helping them
21 Monsters all looking for something urgently lost in dungeon
22 Child looking for pet in dungeon
23 Monsters desperate for a resource like water or some goods
24 Monsters are desperate refugees from worse monsters
25 Monsters are short on mates and desperate for love
26 Monsters are on payroll of a foreign power seeking to destabilize area
27 Monsters have kidnapped local children to raise as their own
28 Monsters are breeding and planning a new colony
29 Monsters have discovered literacy and have been having a intellectual renaissance
30 Some monsters believe their leadership has been compromised by a cult
31 Some monsters believe their leadership has been compromised by shapeshifters
32 Monsters fearful of undead and very supersticious
33 Monsters are vindictive to humans who stole their traditional land
34 Monsters weary of mind control and illusions from past experience
35 Monsters developing new food supply
36 Monsters developing quality weapon and armour manufacturing
37 Alchemist has been assisting monsters develop new weapons
38 A shapeshifting demon or devil has been driving monsters to wickedness
39 A evil familiar has been advising a dungeon boss or wizard
40 A blasphemous book of evil lore has got into the dungeon hierachy
41 Important documents have fallen into the hands of monsters who don't yet realise it
42 Some fiend charmed a innocent and brought them to live in the dungeon
43 The place is cursed and was once good and could be again
44 Spirits here need to rest in peace and require proper burial
45 Monsters have been faking ghosts to scare away intruders
46 Something else in the dungeon is eating monsters who are on the edge
47 Some meddling kids came into the dungeon and monsters have them prisoners
48 Scholars have been seeking to copy ancient engravings deep in the ruins
49 Hidden door in the dungeon has a lost treasure which has atracted many doomed adventurers
50 Old wounded adventurer seeking a lost relic but is dying slowly
51 Monster ambassadors from other dungeons are here to unite against humans

52 The monsters are busy preparing for a party to celebrate a monster holiday or event
53 Monsters are busy preparing the dungeon for fancy important guests 
54 A human leader is visiting to recruit the monsters in evil plan to usurp a noble clan
55 Monsters are recovering from a drunken party and many are sleepy or sick or have headaches
56 A human cult on the run is hiding among the monsters in return for healing
57 Human fugitives are hiding among the monsters and paying the boss for shelter
58 The monsters have been building a fake dragon to try and scare villagers by night 
59 The monsters are wearing warpaint and robes to look more fearsome but it is just part of a ruse
60 The monsters have a lesser thrall race who would love to escape the masters
61 The monsters are breeding a type of dangerous creature as part of their plans
62 The monsters are digging into the depths seeking something long burried
63 The monsters have opened a mine into the deep and hope to start putting slaves to work
64 The monsters are forcing a wizard to make them a golem or other automatons
65 A magician has been trying to summon evil beings to aid his grab for power
66 A ancient sealed cauldron is to be opened in a ritual shortly by evil magicians
67 A wizard has been getting monsters to kidnap youths they test to be apprentices then eat the unworthy
68 A monster sub boss is planning a coup to lead the level and their plans are almost ready
69 One creature has a hidden reptilian bloodline and seeks to help a reptile kin take over
70 A magician in the dungeon has been charming more inhabitants in a scheme to take over
71 A monster has been getting it's peers addicted to drugs for personal gain and many are strung out

72 Monsters have seen strange lights and heard odd noises and are wary of spirits
73 Several monsters are using forgotten secret rooms to run a sly gambling racket hidden from the boss
74 A former famous warlord has moved into the dungeon in hiding from enemies and has dangerous ambition over the region
75 A polymorphed spy from a enemy of the dungeon has infiltrated the monsters
76 Monsters are evolving into new sub species and they struggle to cope
77 The dungeon is doomed from a flood, collapsing or vermin so inhabitants plan to flee
78 Gigantic bugs keep burrowing in and eating inhabitants of the dungeon
79 Find part of a lost book or some tablets more could be in the dungeon
80 Find body part of a ancient saint perhaps there are more
81 Find one of four shrines pointing to a hidden treasure store
82 A crystal coffin requires a key to be opened and is lost in the dungeon
83 Part of a famous evil relic are found and evil must never get it
84 Cursed hell gem found, all in party save, bearer becomes paranoid others covet the gem
85 Cultist is looking for a demon talisman to help summon and command it's true owner
86 Succubi/Incubi will reward you with love if you find her soul gem lost by a wizard
87 One treasure of a famous set is found, candlestick holders or cutlery or ring
88 A painting has a spirit within who needs a task done to free their soul
89 An imp will serve you if you can find three lost larvae from hell hiding from him
90 Some of the monsters have contracted a lycanthropy like affliction making some kill and eat their kin in secret and transform into a monster
91 A dragon is sending in cultists to see if any good dragon lairs are in the dungeon
92 A shape shifter has been robbing the monsters and has hidden treasure
93 Adventurers map marking where they hid loot during a crawl

94 The dungeon has a secret sub tunnel network where small monsters rest, heal and change costumes for various roles
95 A magical doom is coming with clues to some terrible count down and great treasure
96 Monsters of different factions are in love and there is tension in dungeon
97 Many monsters abusing drugs and not very alert, some one is profiting from this
98 One faction of monsters plans to make a final all out attack on a rival faction
99 Monsters have found a otherworldly portal and found strange treasure, monsters and trouble
100 Monsters gossiping about a secret lost dungeon level or hidden sealed off section

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