Saturday 26 May 2018

d100 Whats wrong with that Space Wreck?

Kinda usable for variety of SFRPGs
Made for my setting but usable in a few places. A campaign of salvage might be good mix of exploration, crime and bughunts.

d100 Whats wrong with that Space Wreck?
01 Pirate trap with a ship hidden near by using ship as bait
02 Plague ship with crew dead and atmosphere contaminated
03 Life support failure crew killed each other
04 Ship abandoned due to catastrophic life support failure
05 Ship abandoned as reactor unstable
06 Robot crew killed crew
07 Alien life form was brought on board which killed everyone 
08 Crewmber turned killer, killed crew and still onboard
09 Crew became drug addicted and died from over doses
10 Virus on ship turned systems hostile
11 AI went rogue or viruses and killed crew
12 Cultist in crew sacrificed the rest
13 Space borne life form killed crew
14 Crew found a wreck and something from salvage killed them
15 Crew member influenced by alien life form killed crew
16 Criminals killed and looted the ship taking fuel and valuables
17 Android crew members revolted or at least one did
18 Infiltrator killed the crew planning on looting ship but accomplices never came
19 Crewman was infected with alien parasites that hatched and killed crew
20 Ship systems failed and crew asphyxiated 
21 Ship systems hacked to kill crew, criminals plan to collect
22 Pirates killed crew plan on returning to collect loot later
23 Political assassin killed crew to assassinate one politician
24 Advanced aliens kidnapped the crew and scrubbed all ship recordings
25 Aliens killed the crew and have left a hostile life form on board as a trap
26 Pirates left the ship empty as a booby trap to kill law enforcers
27 Slavers took the crew, they are monitoring the wreck to entrap the curious
28 FTL drive/coms stopped functioning crew killed each other
29 Crew found a sealed cryonic pod in space and occupant awoke and killed them
30 Cultist ship, crew seemed to have all committed suicide when leader died
31 Frozen berths of crew all failed, possibly some passengers
32 Remains of bloody corpses all over ship, something escaped from hold
33 Hostile forces using ship as bait to ensnare victims for experiments
34 Ship abandoned on collision course, controls ruined
35 Crew have been turned into monsters by contaminant
36 Biological weapon turned crew into zombies as experiment
37 Biological weapon turned crew into mutated cannibals 
38 Crew memories blanked and living as savages
39 Picked up entity in hyperspace drove crew insane
40 Picked up entity in hyperspace that ate the crew
41 Hyperspace accident collided with something that should not be in this reality
42 Hyperspace accident ship haunted and abandoned by crew
43 Someone on board became possessed in hyperspace by some entity who killed crew
44 Ship FTL engines failed and crew long dead but robot or android might survive
45 Insane crewman vented all the atmosphere and ruined life support
46 Pirates killed everyone and reprogrammed robot to be hostile
47 Family owned ship, member of clan killed most crew, some freezer berths still operating
48 Bodies eviscerated by curious alien explorer 
49 Crew taken and converted into hostile cyborgs, one remains to kidnap rescuers
50 Two ships collided and are fused together, lost for generations
51 Large ship systems failed, feral colonist tribes fight to control ship

52 Asteroid hab generation ship, long lost and inhabitants now a cult into human sacrifice
53 Large wrecked ship overrun by alien biological life, inside surviving crew battling mutated survivors and mad AI
54 Ancient miner habitat with mad old prospector thinks intruders after his claim
55 Ship irradiated and crew dead, mystery how became so contaminated
56 Crew have fused into a single mutated horror that wants more to join it
57 Hyperspace accident crew fading in and out of reality want help
58 Passengers sending SOS but actually being used as a trap by pirates
59 Cargo of illicit goods belonging to vindictive cartel who will find anyone who sells goods
60 Ship sends SOS, crew on limited supplies and systems failing
61 Ship sends SOS, crew being killed by something on board, messages soon stop
62 Alien combat robots have been left on ship to kill intruders as a trap
63 After hyperspace jump latent psionic crew member accidentally killed crew then froze self
64 Penal transport inmates seized control but crew shut ship down, killers send SOS
65 Plague ship transporting contaminated passengers has had crew inhabited and AI started a count down to self destruct, crew put out SOS
66 Space yacht of fancy noble, passengers murdered by crewmember
67 Freight ship captain tried to killed crew to save on owed wages but they were killed too
68 Ship collided with life form that is rapidly growing and taking over helpless ship and crew
69 Barnacle like organisms growing on the ship have absorbed crew
70 SOS after ship collided in hyperspace, part of ship out of phaze and many crew trapped in such sections desperate to escape, strange phenomena and entities have them terrified
71 Docked asteroid miner ship and unknown ship. Alien thing ate human miner crew and now sends out SOS messages for more food

72 Wrecked ship collided with meteor, damaged cyborg crewman inside is hostile
73 Plastic eating bacteria destroyed ship systems 
74 Nanoswarm of advanced design killed almost everybody
75 Ai vs virus fighting to control ship systems and have crew trapped inside
76 Reactor in trouble, engines down, crew SOS for help
77 Ship with ruined hyperdrive and crew has traveled too far through time and space
78 Damaged ship with cyborg mutant cultists trying to lure in new victims with SOS and fake damage on badly battered ship
79 Garbage scow ship abandoned with mostly full load of ancient space men trash bound for recycling. Something in the trash caused the crews death
80 Damaged scout ship of hostile enemy force need a new ship so wait in ambush, will try to fix or destroy their ship, will commit suicide to prevent ship capture
81 Ancient battered gunboat with frozen crew from some long forgotten pocket empire
82 Dead freighter full of space refugee corpses leaving only last message of who caused them to flee
83 Damaged ancient fighter craft with dead alien pilot remains
84 Mine pod from ancient war might activate and deploy nuclear cluster mines
85 Miner ship quite old and serviceable but out of fuel, mummified belt miner inside
86 High velocity experimental military craft with liquid interior and built for sustained high G travel before anti gravity available, freeze dried crew in ice mass
87 Strange metal ship or pod contains frozen horrible space shoggoth in humanoid form in block of ice
88 Ship collided with a strange hypersolid black monolith killing everyone on board
89 Mostly blasted apart wreck with salvageable parts destroyed by pirates who monitor the wreck for investigators
90 Mercenary cruiser with mostly empty drop pods and battle damage, all crew killed by combat android commando
91 A collection of wrecked ships of unknown ancient designs, a thing on one of the ships uses as bait to eat astronauts and can move all the ships to other locations
92 A collision of ships from warp space fused together the size of Manhattan and unfathomably old

93 A collection of ancient alien wrecks in a unstable warp zone prone to being sucked into hyperspace for an aeon
94 Alien wreck with a armoured creature on board in stasis
95 Biological alien ship has many possible treasures on board 

96 A ancient stasis bubble possibly from a billion years ago collided with the ship
97 An asteroid hab secret base of ancient pirates with a intact pirate frigate and some smaller vessels painted in pirate colours and pirate treasure under guard by robots
98 A colossal colony generation ship with dozens of habs infected with biological weapons or some alien agent under quarantine and sending SOS
99 A ghost ship that fades in and out of reality of advanced ancient alien design appears in many places across space
100 Appears to be a several mile long habitat module with a ruined city and out of control wilderness built by an unknown civilization

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