Wednesday 31 January 2018

Evolution of a Murder Hobo Shantytown 4

Original Idea
Think DnD meets "Paint your Wagon" but nastier like europe in 1500s or "Bonnie & Clyde" but turning into more "My darling Clementine"

Phase 4 
Town attacked, burned, becomes a ghost town briefly
Current map is after the attack showing ruins and tunel systems
Removed names to make more visible and because townsfolk gone

Into Phase 5
Church, State and Family Folk Move In
Noble takes over and starts to build a stone keep
Cathedral moved from another ruined location

Farmers arrive, many immigrants from many places offered land


So the town has new features, government, history and respectable settlers.. New stone walls rounding off the northern part of the city with construction of a stone keep and a small stone cathedral. These buildings have been shipped in from abandoned ruins and repaired and probably take about 4 years to build.

War on Nature and Outlaws Finally Won

The Valley is fenced off and animals no longer go where they please and water access for animals is harder and tainted. There was a night where humanoids attacked, started fires and the druids helped them. Druids were ignored about the threats to nature and breg badgermen and giant badgers that undermined the town. The Druids brought the humanoid leaders together. Humanoids turned nasty, especially when Hoboskull started to take waggon loads of their corpses to the sprawling rendering plants. Since the big fight those druids have been chased away into the countryside and other less troublesome druid sects have moved back in. The area has gone from frontier to civilized. The town survived the attack and that's when nobility and military came in and Lord Mycroft has been put in charge. Duran runs the "Adventurers Guild" which most of Duran's gang members and businessmen are members of. 

News of a fort and church atracted lots of immigrant arrivals from abroad, the city and other towns to foster their family interests. So common farmers and labourers have been arriving and convicts have been brought in to help clear land and cut stone. Wizards created lots of stone walls to speed the process up. So druids and the badgermen tribe have fled the area but plan revenge. The state control the slave trade selling humanoid slaves or rendering them into fat if they don't comply. Troublesome slaves and prisoners of war go to mines and hardest labour. Others enter household service. It was as if goblins and kobolds were bred to be subservient when living in your above ground dungeon house.

War on the Dungeon

At first there was one big dungeon everyone was attacking. Several more smaller ones were found in the area and several smaller ones have been destroyed and stripped utterly even of bricks and rubble. This contributed to the second  and third growth spurts. When the big fight night happened and the humanoids from three dungeons united and the druids helped them breach walls. Also most don't know that the hills had been hollowed out in prep fro the big fight and a network of tunnels was left underground and the new Church and Keep used them in their designs. Lots of Ex Imperials from the continent area and the church also has Links to the Empire which is unusual for the Barron's territory.

During the night of the big fight it was discovered the hills had been hollowed out and dug under and into the town. It was also found in the big push the local dungeons connected to hill tunnels forming a super dungeon complex 5 square wiles and over ten levels deep.

Under the city now the tunnels are regulated, used for trade or sweatshops. You can get a guide to take you through a pub cellar into the catacombs and get a guide to the start of the dungeon. You can walk between the dungeons all underground now and the monsters do the same. A certain amount of respectable monsters and ex slaves or trusted slaves run businesses suitable for wonderland creatures like a few shops and bars. So welcome humanoids live in the hills and tunnels under the town. Secret police from the city are here regulating this and the barron even has humanoid spies among slaves.

The Barron

The undercity is funded by the Baron who is the first human to employ so many orcs and goblins and kobolds that it has made his economy and army boom. He wants their to be a mingling of peoples and eventually trade and civilize barbarian humanoids. He seems to be leaning on local humanoids and make them join him rather than destroy them. If they resist too hard he does destroy that tribe. Shadelport is almost as advanced as the warring states and use gunpowder far more than the empire do. The masked Barron is over 700 years old so it might be true about his global ambition. He is a devil worshiper who serves Hell and serves in rituals with the arch-dominator at the Cathedral to Asmodeus in Shadelport weekly. There are the Hellions too, a rich gang of devil worshiping nobility who hold secret parties and go on lawless rampages with guns in Shadelport. The Barron has led them for hundreds of years before he was the masked Barron of today. He built the worlds biggest open magic university when he took over to train navigators and make magicians. He did this to make Pirates great.

The scholars also plundered and studied the ruins of the city some sealed for over 5000 years built by pre humans who kept dread forbidden lore. All this has provided more magic items for war and status symbols and helped advance the city state. The island is full of dungeons and lost empire remains waiting to be plundered and in some are great weapons that might win the world one day.
His navy was superior to the empire When Mad Emperor Dorian the 31st thought 400 virgins on a navy ship was more important than wizards with fireball spells. Since the the Pirate Barrony has been bought of and been used as a navy for the Empire. The 30 year long civil war on the Imperial Continent has made the Barron stronger and has the empires boot off the throat off many old enemies. 

Future Stuff
Will do a map of Skullfort phase 5 after all this also the hill and under village tunnel maps, possibly before and after the big fight.

A timeline at end to tie it all up. A post on the attack would be handy after tunnel maps done. Not sure I should specify the local dungeons or let readers use there own or do people happily like reading other peoples ideas and then do there own thing?

Encounter tables on the cavern maps obvious but local dungeons worth considering in that mix. Possibly a revised town encounter table for the post law and order era too.

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